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April 2018 Energy Update with Lee Harris

April’s Energy Update from Lee Harris speaks to purpose on a whole other level than what you thought you’d be doing, which involves reinvention and identity change. This can involve your career, lifestyle, or way of relating and can potentially bring grief up this month with the shifts taking place and that are needed to go to the next phase of your life. Be willing to get curious with yourself and what your feelings are around change. Where you feel sadness inside or outside of yourself is where action is needed.


Purpose is Presence


Everything you do can be a spiritual experience.

If you find yourself currently in an experience, job, etc. that is not what your heart dreams of, rather than let the mind take over and create misery with its judgments, allow the heart to see every situation’s potentials for spiritual growth and soul evolution on your journey.

You are in the perfect place right now and PURPOSE is the PRESENCE you bring to that moment.

When you wage a war upon things, the battle you experience is only within yourself.

Relaxing into the journey and being present to recognize the gifts along the way, will provide guiding lights of transmutation your heart can then embrace.

Life is an experience you choose and create each moment.


~ A Different Perspective on Purpose: What if Purpose Looked Like This?


I know that many of you are in constant search of your PURPOSE.

And you define yourself by something outside of you that you do in order to feel a certain way about yourself that if removed, would leave you feeling empty.

Or, you try to piece together what you think you should be doing in order to fit a certain idea.

I’ve shared that search for challenging and exhausting years myself.

And it wasn’t until I stopped searching, and started being present with myself and what was naturally moving through me in the moment that I relaxed into what was showing up in the stream of energy.

This stream of energy was always the present undercurrent, but I was struggling to swim ahead of it.

This stream of energy may shift, but being present within it and what is showing up supplied my purpose.

From there I simply could choose what flowed with that energy stream and felt joyful and in harmony with it.

Whether that was creating something new from that energy stream or showing up more within my current experiences with all of me, there was no essential difference.

Purpose resides in the grace of presence.

Purpose is your showing up in complete presence with this moment and every moment thereafter.

The rest naturally unfolds from there.

I shared this photo, as it reflects the state of sweet presence.

And in that present moment they (Cosmo and Dave) are fulfilling their purpose.

Mornings have become our favorite times to anchor in “being” for ungauged periods, because this helps us to be in that state of presence and awareness, setting the tone for the day.

There’s no greater guide in my life for this than precious Cosmo who is ever-present and embodying purpose.

Mornings spent just holding him, as he sleeps, stirs and licks us, brings us into peaceful surrender to that presence.

Nothing else matters but that eternal and potent moment of rich presence of being.

And all things become clear.

Cosmo is my cherished teacher for all new realities in creation.

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