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Rainbow Bunny Blankie of Love!

rabbit blanketA quick little joyous post of gratitude, tickled surprise, and snuggly warmth all wrapped up in a bunny blankie!

I’m so grateful for this love-infused blanket received in the mail as a surprise gift for Cosmo and Joy from one of my incredible clients, turned dear friend whose always so lovingly supportive in every way of my journey.

She has been following their story and felt inspired to send them their own new, RV house-warming gift for the new adventure ahead.

How thoughtful is that?

So this lovely blanket will be their bed in the new home.

blanketBut what I also love about this is the rainbow chakra explosion of ecstasy that emanates…mirroring the path of ecstatic living begun and also the beautiful synergy of love that the little ones share.

Big love and appreciation!

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