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What Does Rabbit Have To Share With You Today?


Magick is afoot!

I know a lot of you are feeling it too!

Something definitely amped up since I returned from being with the horses, birds, and Faeries in British Columbia. The Faeries have sure been seeing to my wishes I blew into my dream seeds of the dandelion they gifted me.

And yesterday, this little one you see above, was literally waiting for me on the path, just as seen in the photo captured. Not at all fearful, seemed relaxed, but definitely deliberately connecting and wanting to communicate. It felt like a transference of energy and activation, but also showing up to message me in confirmation that everything was unfolding and to keep trusting and moving forward. As the appearance was right after some cool things had taken place surprisingly.

I was reminded of Cosmo, as this little one was lean with long legs, face, and ears just like him, but there was also some Nestor energy of cosmic wisdom shining through.

We connected for a while without either of us moving, until some people off a ways, began approaching and the little one dashed off into the bushes before the people got too close to see.

Rabbits carry so many messages, of which some include new life, new beginnings, rebirth, fresh ideas, growth, speed and agility, creativity, harmony, luck, abundance, prosperity, vulnerability, receptiveness, skillful perception, reflection, intuitive wisdom, high awareness, magick, mystery, and transmutation.

They are deeply connected to Mother Earth and primal energy, and with this very pure, eternal, and sacred spirit of the Earth element, they remind us to stay balanced, grounded, and fully present, but also help us to manifest dreams.

They also hop and jump about on impulse and when their hearts are joyous, reminding us of childlike playfulness and lightness to bring into our experience to balance us into a more relaxed way of being when maneuvering through life.

They want us to nurture the intuitive messages and instincts that our heart and soul are telling us. Nurturing these into development of discerning actions for the highest good of all concerned is needed and we must trust we have the tools, gifts, and support to bring things about.

And since they love to, and continually need to, chew since their teeth continuously grow, this reflects our ability to and our need to process things – repetition, consistency, deep contemplating, breaking concepts and ideas down into tangible and digestible components.

They eat a very light and green spectrum of food as their diet, which has also implications of health, vitality, and prosperity.

Rabbit warrens with their tunnels of mazes underneath the Earth message us to retreat, go within, and regroup, for what’s ahead.

How does rabbit speak to you when you look at the photo of this little wise one?

What nudges are you ignoring or pushing off?

How can you bring more joy into your life right now?

How can you nurture yourself and your dreams more today?

Where are you holding fear and how is it debilitating you in unhealthy ways?

What are you holding onto that no longer serves you?

Get still and invite rabbit into your experience to share with you reflections that you most need to know right now.

Then ask rabbit and Mother Earth to help you transmute those energies, as you lovingly release them through your feet into the Earth below you, both letting go, as well as receiving….and fortifying your new roots with grounded balance for the new journey ahead.


And don’t forget, we aren’t islands unto ourselves. There are times when asking for help, or reaching out will serve you greatly. Rabbit teaches us there is strength in vulnerability.

Be the Master Creator of Your Life ~ Invoking Your Inner Rabbit with the Energy of the New Moon

girl-in-the-magical-forest-anime-wallpaperAs I shared in my recent mid-month newsletter, rabbit energy has been abound…showing up in several potent dreams, inspired messages, nudges, and quite literally around every corner in my life.

Synchronously, I’ve learned they have been showing up for others too, as I received messages in response to that newsletter about how rabbits have been getting the attention of others or have become part of their lives as animal spirit guides.

Rabbits embody the energy of rebirth, transmutation, luck, prosperity, creative potency of the Universe, quick-thinking, high fertility of mind, body, and emotion, agility, receptiveness, Lunar cycles and cyclical life, sacred and regenerative fire of the Phoenix, dawn, Spring, enlightenment, balance, eternity, androgyny, inspiration, genius, and herald a kind of waking life resurrection and realization of increased vitality, energy, or a new-found excitement over life. Phew!

Rabbits bring a message of nurturing your intuitive impulses and nudges from your heart and soul. They are the Cosmic Egg birthing all life.

To me, the rabbit energy is collectively heralding a call for inspiration, imagination, and creativity to channel through, bring forth, and embody. It’s so important to really activate this energy now and begin today to create your own reality, which will provide expansiveness, fulfillment, and new possibilities to your life and the world at large.

Don’t wait for some desired epiphany to hit, simply begin creating with all you already have in this moment to fuel you.

And with today’s New Moon in Aquarius, and the first SuperMoon of the year, it’s all about embodying your inner visionary and being the master creator of your life! A great time to invoke your inner rabbit!

It’s a year to empower yourself, truly embrace your challenges as gifts of opportunity to go to new heights and lengths you’ve only imagined, to take “now” action, and create a new reality and life path from the release of all of the old and the closing of doors behind you fully.

Time to take those risks and challenge yourself to go a little further into the unknown with trust. You have the ability to innovatively create anew. Do the unconventional. Think outside the box. Go where you’ve never gone before and dare to make the impossible possible!

Anytime someone tells me they can’t do something, I simply don’t except it. I ask why not? Within your answer is the key to why you can’t AND why you could.

rabbit holeDown, down the rabbit hole we continue to go…


Spiraling round and round, creating, imagining, transmuting, expanding…

Down taking us up, up taking us down, above and below reflecting one another, they way in is the way out….

Perhaps then you come to know how to be in the world, but not of it.

This for me has indeed ignited a continual deepening journey for myself. Challenging me to listen even more through all of the voices, and to let go of who I had thought myself so far to be, while also undoing everything I uncover that is limiting.

I am shown where I hold myself back – things that are easy can seem to be the way, but if the easy isn’t challenging me and it isn’t feeling invigorating as it did at one time, then that doesn’t for me mean I should keep doing it. I could easily just be hiding behind that, and unknowingly self-sabotaging.

I choose conscious and heightened sensitivities, like that of a rabbit, in order to seek myself out.

I constantly feel the potency in inventing/birthing something new, which isn’t necessarily something “new”, but a richer embodiment of what’s innately within me being activated.

In that process I find that it is potentially more challenging for those around me than it truly is for me because I find peace in constant change and others may attach to any given point of who I am in that particular moment or time period of my life.

I find there to be expectations and attachments that simply don’t resonate with the freeing experience of creative love I choose to have.

And so that is something those of us that choose to embark on transformative and visionary journeys will need to come to terms with…finding peace within and not seeking it from outside, as only you create your experience. And then being okay with the fact you may not be understood, that others could be challenged by what you reflect, and then realize that is THEIR journey and you can’t micro-manage everyone’s life choices.

This also helps to create doorways of possibilities for others if we hold the energy of being okay with journeying there as pioneers with only our vision and trust to light a way into the darkness.

The truly loving thing is to act with responsible accountability for the choices you make and the honoring of your authenticity you seek to embody as example. The rest is a journey we each get to have to the rhythm of our own choosing.

While this journey deeper has included shifts in my personal relating to myself, others, and what channels through me, it also very tangibly translates into actual shifts I know are vital to embrace even within the work I express. And it has included both richer connections, as a result of going more within and connecting with myself.

This is why this is a time very much about my personal expressions and journeys that feel most supportive, expansiveness, and fulfilling. And by nature of that naturally channeling, it is of service in a highest good way that I feel is more powerful than trying to do something in particular to be of service or sacrificing parts of ourselves/energy in the name of what we think is service – which is like forcing your round peg to fit into a square hole. It may have worked before, but it won’t work any longer.

Authenticity of your essence is calling. All-encompassing love is the unifying source that we each creatively express through our whole uniqueness. The richness of life will come from the full exploration, curiosity, and vulnerable embrace of both the dark and the light.

For me that’s why I’m throwing out the familiar and welcoming some very ambitious new visions that are incubating. I’m in process of restructuring my life and life’s work on all levels, deepening the relationships that reflect this and letting go of the ones that don’t, inviting more personal passions – all while listening to the harmony of my heart.

And that has indeed included rabbits, symbolically and literally. (I’ve started volunteer work at a local rabbit rescue and through very synchronous events through a friend and another rabbit organization, a special little bunny may be joining our family).

Rabbits are all around me and within me…and in fact I would go as far as to say I am coming to more fully embody my own inner rabbit and magician – becoming the rabbit’s magician of my own life. Getting my Triple Rabbit tattoo certainly has been integral to integrating its potent energy into my life.

Rabbit inspiration, creative magick, and love! Are you also finding a bit of rabbit enchantment in your own?

On today’s New Moon, invite rabbit energy to inspire that sacred, regenerative fire within you to create wildly!

Cosmic Egg of Boundless Potential


Spirit by Tania Marie ~ Element #5 in the series “In Lak’ech”


There is a place the Rabbit knows…of paradox and contradiction…humility and fertility.

Only one that is still enough, yet agile in Spirit can hear the whispers that they murmur.

The Ancients revered and sought this Mystery that only these Sacred Embodiments of the actual, Universal Creative Powers could mediate.

By the illumination of the Mother Star their Sacred Fire both destroys and recreates the Heart of All Life.

The Cosmic Egg birthed of their inspiration is the Jewel you seek.

And yet to See it, one must Be it.



Fears Unfounded – Rabbit’s Message of Support

After having a dream with my sweet and magickal rabbit companion, Joy, in it last night, I was guided to reblog this article from 2012 that I wrote, which conveys some of the powerful messages that rabbits convey to us. The message in this post feels energetically timely again in support of the current collective experiences.

I loved how in my dream Joy was laying with me and rolling on her back with paws up in her most vulnerable position, but done totally at will and in joy and peace to share that intimacy and trust with me. Not only did it demonstrate our bond, but she, like all of my animal companions, always know how to send powerful messages for mom.

Yes, we can learn to feel safe, empowered, and in knowingness through our willingness of surrender to, and trust of, our intuition and hearts.

We are being asked to more deeply embrace “knowing”, without the need for “understanding”.

Tania Marie

Rabbits would, by most, be thought of as extremely vulnerable “victims” out in the wild, at the mercy of many dangers and predators. Yet, rabbits hold an important message of groundedness and humility, teaching us to listen to our instincts, to be quick-thinking, and move through our fears. They show us that we do not have to be, or remain, “victims” of life and circumstance. We can maneuver through the changing currents of life by becoming more in tune with our intuition, trusting more in what we can feel and not quite yet see, supporting those feelings, and doing it all more easily and rapidly with practice so that it becomes second-nature to feel and react in harmony with those feelings. It can make all the difference in stressful times, especially when timing is of the essence.

Intuition is key and is something we all have access to. We are…

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Dreaming the Dream Alive – Integrating Hare Symbolism


Hare from sunset hike – click on images to enlarge

Animal spirit guides always seem to show up when I’m out in nature, likely for many of you too, but I’ve been especially loving the animal spirit wisdom coming through recently and their synchronous timing.

Between the two Rattlesnakes (yes two, as Sunday a Red Diamond Rattlesnake this time was so sweetly coiled resting in the shade on the hike path), a celestial Swallowtail Butterfly on the same day just before the Rattlensnake that gracefully floated and landed on a flower infront of us while my friend and I were in poignant discussion,  and two bunnies last evening on a sunset hike – one a smaller Cottontail Rabbit that scurried off, and the other a magical Hare that boldly engaged us as long as we desired and was not afraid, I’m really feeling extra supported and connected to the nature of me, as well as realizing they all have a common theme running through them – especially that of transmutation, creative potential, and renewal.

hare2The Hare was especially memorable and I felt a strong presence of my beloved Nestor around and coming through. Nestor has Hare connections from previous lives and the way that this Hare engaged us reminded me of Nestor’s bold and courageous nature, unafraid of anything, wise, magical, and inquisitively endearing.

It especially felt powerful and worth noting because just the night before seeing the Hare and Cottontail, I had that very active dream sequence night with my Andara under my pillow, as I shared in yesterday’s post, and one of the dreams involved a Hare. So to have just dreamed of one memorably, and then having such an interesting dance of connection the very next evening with one, seemed to be trying to get my attention and/or awareness of the symbolism taking form in my life.

hare6It is also not coincidental that I had meditated and reflected the evening before the dream, and the next morning after, about some core themes that felt to be processing out and integrating, as part of that deep release we are all going through, and felt very collectively tied to something important in need of shifting. Just simply engaging the awareness and embracing its meaning was powerfully transformative. And the shifts are being represented through the manifestation of these symbolisms.

My dream was very involved, but part of it had to do with coming across a large Hare that was either injured or sickly, and it seemed to struggle until I came upon it and allowed me to gingerly scoop it up in my arms, as it rested in stillness, feeling completely safe, and cared for, and trusting I was going to help it and do no harm. I ended up carrying the Hare in my arms for the entire dream sequence, while I was engaged in many things in the dream. All along very conscious of this dear one in my arms, never dropping it, never ceasing to cradle it with care, and able to go on simultaneously with things taking place, as if I had more than two arms and the capability to actively be engaged with the Hare’s needs, while also supporting the things around me. I never once forgot about the Hare and it knew its needs were, and would be, taken care of and I felt a calmness in tenderness in being able to do so.

hare4A part of what I took away from the dream was of course seeing the Hare as representative of myself and an integration taking place symbolically of supporting the parts within me – that inner authentic child of the Universe – while knowing from this place I am able to support everything else and am of thriving service in wholeness in doing so. This is a common theme I’ve also been hearing/feeling.

Interesting to note also that the night before, the Hare in my dream was weak and sickly and by end of the day, the Hare I came upon on the sunset hike was alive, thriving, engaging, and partnering in an energetic dance with me. Not only does this feel to be symbolic of my integration of things, but directly a renewing symbolism that occurred with the Hare after my consciously tending to its/my needs. 🙂 The Hare also happened to show up at the very end of the hike (in which I’d been engaged in channeling very flowing communication of so much I have been processing lately into a collective message) very near where Sunday we’d seen the Red Diamond Rattesnake.

Hares are symbolic of rebirth, luck, prosperity, creativity, quick-thinking, self-sacrifice, high fertility, agility, receptiveness, and speed, to name a few things. They herald a kind of waking life resurrection and a realization of increased vitality, energy, or a new-found excitement over life.

Creativity is also a form of fertility and of ripening, fresh ideas so Hares can bring a message of nurturing your intuitive impulses and nudges from your heart and soul.

Hares showing up or running can be symbolic of your experiences calling for agility or to stop over-analyzing things and over-use your mind for everything. Time to allow your intuitive processes to guide you.

hare5The symbolism as self-sacrifice is not as well known, but it stems from Buddhist tradition where the rabbit sacrificed itself in order to save a starving Buddha. This seemed poignant to my dream and things I was reflecting on, as well as specifically is connected to things in Nestor’s soul experiences.

If the Hare appears sacrificially or is thin/dying in a dream or real life, there may be a personal connection to your own feelings of being a sacrificial object or that the sacrifice is unnoticed and unappreciated in a hopeless cause of giving yourself away.

Synchronously, I have found this to be a recurring theme floating in the collective current processing and something many of us have had to, and are, learning to rebalance in our lives in a productive way. I know I have definitely had to integrate this in my own experiences, carried forth from past lives, and create healthy boundaries, as well as strengthen and cultivate my own aliveness so that what I give out comes from an authentic place that is part of a harmonious circle of natural giving and receiving.

hare8Remember, we each have to take the journey and only by being as thriving as you can be, do you actually help others.

I am still feeling remnants of yesterday’s Hare connecting. And am constantly being mindfully grateful of the messages being received.

From a past post, you’ll remember me sharing how Hares/Rabbits are powerfully profound in their transmutational energies. The Ancients found them one of the most mysterious and perplexing beings, thought to be hermaphrodites (male one month and female the next), with powers of self-impregnation. Since Hares reflect the idea of balance between masculine and feminine they are highly regarded as sacred, mediators of the sacred, and embodying actual creative powers of the Universe.

Hares are also associated with the Moon, lunar cycles, and cyclical life, are considered creatures of fire – the “Sacred Fire” that is the same regenerative fire of the Phoenix – thus destruction and recreation of the heart of all life. They are connected with the dawn, enlightenment, Spring, the Cosmic Egg from which the Cosmos is produced, and embody balance, creative potency, eternity, androgyny, genius, and inspiration.

I am grateful for my rabbit connection and choosing to live a conscious life.

Happy Halloween! – Some Fun Symbolism to Explore

Nestor at Halloween 2007

Wishing everyone a mystical, magical and revealing Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, Samhain, as the Celtic neopagans and Wiccans know this Gaelic festival to be, or whatever resonates most with you.

Having this day follow the very powerful Taurus Full Moon, indeed lends to the energy of transformative endings,  seeing more deeply to the core, understanding the product of your inner harvest, and reaching through the veils to the heart of your values and beliefs to create the new.

For a few fun, brief insights about some of the most popular Halloween symbols perhaps you’ll enjoy Avia Venefica’s “Meaning of Halloween Symbols” from her awesome site that shares a plethora of symbolic meanings: .

I happened upon photos of my dearly departed Nestor from her last Halloween on this Earth and being that she is so literally and symbolically magical (you can read about hare/rabbit symbolism here: Hare Symbolism for the New Earth – Birthing the Cosmic Egg) and always helped me to look beyond the veil, I felt to share one here.

Enjoy the magical alchemy of this now experience.

Pixie, kobold, elf, and sprite,
All are on their rounds tonight;
In the wan moon’s silver ray,
Thrives their helter-skelter play.
~Joel Benton

Fears Unfounded – Rabbit’s Message of Support

Rabbits would, by most, be thought of as extremely vulnerable “victims” out in the wild, at the mercy of many dangers and predators. Yet, rabbits hold an important message of groundedness and humility, teaching us to listen to our instincts, to be quick-thinking, and move through our fears. They show us that we do not have to be, or remain, “victims” of life and circumstance. We can maneuver through the changing currents of life by becoming more in tune with our intuition, trusting more in what we can feel and not quite yet see, supporting those feelings, and doing it all more easily and rapidly with practice so that it becomes second-nature to feel and react in harmony with those feelings. It can make all the difference in stressful times, especially when timing is of the essence.

Intuition is key and is something we all have access to. We are just more prone to use our minds and intellect first, rather than in combo with our “sixth sense” gut instincts. Intuition just hasn’t been exercised as much because we often believe that if we can’t think through something and find a logical, reasoned conclusion, then we haven’t analyzed enough and therefore don’t have enough information to make a choice. Yet, sometimes there is no thinking and understanding involved and while information and mentalizing is nice, sometimes answers come to us as fully formed “knowings,” which we have all experienced at some time or another.

The following quotes from Einstein, speak volumes, coming from such a man and mind of science who is known as a great “thinker” of his era:

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why.”


“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plan of knowledge but can never probe how it got there.”


“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

These are pretty potent thoughts on “non-thought” from a big time thinker.

Sometimes all the stimuli in our environment, coupled with mass projected consciousness in reaction to that, can really play havoc on our abilities to cope with life. Shifting energies, major transitions and changes, and what seem like dramatic upheavals to our human bodies, (which are already taking on way more stress than they were made for), can really be trying and feel as if one has been thrown out in a field of wolves and left to fend for themselves with nothing to use as protection except for what we have within. And so we can let our minds run wild and attach to mass fears by others who have allowed fear to take over their abilities to choose a more peaceful and supportive way, and get devoured by the plague of wolves closing in on us. Or, we can choose to take a moment and listen within to what our intuition and hearts are trying to tell us, but the noise of our over-processed and fear-burdened minds are drowning out, and discover a precision perfect path to the calm and peace of our magical safe “Shires.”

We have all been conditioned from childhood to use our thinking skills and respect logic, yet to that we need to add our ability to receive input from our intuition and heart, then we get to a place of not just understanding, but of “knowing.”

There is a way to experience things differently than what you see others experiencing around you. There is also a way to “outwit” your own fears and those of others by going within and finding YOUR OWN truth and living by and supporting it despite anything you see or hear around you. What you believe is what you create and not everyone experiences panic, fear, unpleasantries, stress, worry, and poverty consciousness, even though there seems to be a lot of it around. Ask those who are not experiencing the fear, nor the results of it, and you’ll find some interesting and helpful answers.

These are different times and they call for different ways of “being.” These limiting experiences, processes and beliefs are of the past. They do not belong to the now and the New Earth we are creating. 

You can be your own masterful rabbit who knows just how to maneuver safely in the light of day or dark and stillness of night. The point being, if we allow panic to take over then we will surely find ourselves cornered and devoured by the very thing we were fearfully running away from. The panic causes one to either exert enormous effort to stand still, not able to move at all and unable to make the necessary shifts to rise above the fear, or to mentally let our thoughts run wild with every imaginable possibility. We think of all the things that “could” happen instead of being in the moment and quieting long enough to intuit “our” truths to trust and follow, which would hence create what “will” happen. We do this so much so that we end up running in place and expending energy in every unfounded direction just “in case” it will happen and it either never does, OR actually does happen because we focus so much energy and thought into it that we end up creating it. We then live a daily experience of running and tiring from our own thoughts, allowing the wolves to easily devour and control every step of our lives, which in turn become joyless, stressful, and unhealthy in every way.

We are in some very different times and breaking from the old can be challenging at first, yet we all have the ability to change the way we experience and process things. And the more people shift their perspectives and ways of operating, the more things will shift collectively, as it is always a domino effect in terms of one light creating illumination for all. Never think for one instance that you don’t make a difference. If we all thought that way, then there would be no new creations and inventions. As more of us turn within and live from our essence and trust what we find within that experience of our truest heart’s joy, the easier it gets for others to do the same. It is a choice of responsibility, love and joy to ourselves and ultimately for everyone.

What do you want your life to look and feel like? After you answer that question, then create the intent to have it as so, and choose accordingly. Be mindful of every thought you have and every feeling that comes up, especially when amidst mass projections. It will soon be clear how it is you have been co-creating your experience and how you can now take back your power to co-create differently.

You are not alone. Many are on the same path to own their power and together we can create much beauty for all, as we all have a part to play in the bigger picture. One is powerful, but the power of many is great! You have seen this already in the opposite of ways; in how many people that ARE in fear CREATE mass fear. So why not tip the scales? Something to ponder…..

Rabbit Symbolism – The Magic They Bring to My Life

I keep being nudged to share about rabbits, so when last evening a group of friends were talking about animals and rabbits came up, as one person mentioned them being the most amazing little ones to have in your life, I felt the call to dedicate a little blog to them.

I have been blessed with three dear little bundles of love in the form of rabbits in this life. Always having been drawn to animals more than most anything else since birth, and communicating with them telepathically since a child, I so soulfully desired an animal companion, which we were not allowed to have in the furry form I wanted. We had fish and parakeets and turtles and fun little amphibious friends, but it wasn’t until I was about 13 that I found my first little love bunny, Twinkie. He only graced my life for a summer, but oh how I loved and adored him and we were inseparable.

Then came Nestor for five years, at age 30 and Joy, when I turned 36. And life has never been the same.

I adore at my core being-ness, ALL animals and have special places for many in my heart experience, but for whatever reasons, I find myself so drawn to rabbits as companions. Therefore, I would have to agree with that remark my friend made that they are such amazing little ones. Synchronously, I have been contemplating this a lot since my connection in Bali with the little one in my profile photo on facebook and here:

Bali bunny and me

and feeling deeper communication with Joy and Nestor lately. They truly are magical and require a certain kind of person to allow their potent mysteries and teachings into your life, as they do require more intuitive presence to care for.

Joy and me

Normally, I’d write some long expression from my heart, but I’m choked up with the love and emotion that these little ones bring me and will let my photos speak for themselves.

Nestor and me

I find a theme of total love and joy these little ones bring to me, by looking at these photos, and that I always hold them close to my Heart Chakra. mmmmm….I know I have a photo of Twinkie somewhere, but not loaded on my computer, as it was pre-computer days! LOL! Will share one day when I get them from my parents. Interestingly I had short hair in it, just like in Nestor’s photo. And interesting all three of my bunnies were lop eared.

But I did find this very cool article by Sandy Koi for House Rabbit Society that I felt compelled to share. I LOVE what she expressed and perhaps others will find it of interest and value too:

Rabbit Symbolism

And here is a little rabbit wisdom from a favorite animal shamanism site:

Rabbit/Hare’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Guile
  • Paradox and contradiction
  • Living by one’s own wits
  • Receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages
  • Quick-thinking
  • Humility
  • Moving through fear
  • Strengthening intuition
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