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Accelerated Reiki 1 and 2 Class in Costa Mesa, California

I usually don’t post Reiki classes, as I teach mostly on request and usually for private individual or group classes. When those that have scheduled a class with me are open to others joining, I then will post the class in case others may feel energetic resonance and synchronous timing. Reiki classes always create the perfect magic and mix.

So, it is rare that I make class advertisements and the Bimini Reiki, Raw Food and Dolphin Retreat for August is one of those exceptions. I always follow what I feel guided to do.

For anyone in the area, or who may be traveling in the area, I have an accelerated Reiki 1 and 2 class scheduled to teach on Thursday, June 21st from 10am -4pm in Costa Mesa, California. There is space available. If interested in joining the class you can message me for more details at

I look forward to supporting you on this empowering journey – a loving gift to support the energy of the now for self and others, as 2012 continues to unfold.


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