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“Springing” Back Into Your Essence & Branching Out


While it may be Spring, there are pockets of areas, like where we are, that are experiencing a slower transition from Winter, with snow still making an appearance and brisk days and nights still our companions.

It’s a beautiful thing experiencing the Spring snow while still seeing all of the wildlife celebrating, offspring enjoying their first immersions of life, and trees, plants, and flowers all peeking through.


I love the contrast and I love how it mirrors our own unique journeys that at times will be both inward and outwardly focused, need introspection mixed with action taken on the guidance received there, and may seem like not much is happening on some levels when a whole lot actually is and is getting ready to leap forward.

Because of these reflections today and the sights I saw on yesterday’s hike on Sheep Creek Trail, which we started in the evening at 5pm and ended at about 7:30pm due to the extension of light at this time of year, I was moved to share the message I wrote for April’s newsletter on this 1st of the month.


So for those of you who don’t receive my newsletter, here is the message, accompanied by some photos from yesterday that show contrasts of light and dark…Winter and Spring:

We just celebrated a change of seasons this month with the Spring Equinox on the 20th and are now experiencing the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra on this day of the 23rd. And don’t forget the Solar Eclipse in Pisces that took place on the 8th.

A powerful month of revealing revelations indeed that can uncover the seeds of your soul’s true path.

Words that come to me are surrender, equilibrium, integrity, trust, and renewal.

In what areas of your life can you surrender and stop trying to do and control it all? What can you let go of to make room for allowing and receiving?

How can you maintain your equilibrium, and remain balanced? Are you fortifying your source of energy and learning to shield yourself from all externals that knock you off your axis?

Are you being consistent with the integrity of your life and making it a priority as to your vibrational resonance you embody? Where might you release things, people, and situations that aren’t reflecting the same integrity? Are you ready to invite higher discernment into your life with the choices you make? Are you living authentically in expression of your inner truth and essence or is false ego running the show creating illusions and lack of self love and self worth?

Do you operate solely in your head and forego the knowing in your heart? Are you willing to cultivate more trust in that gut feeling, or are you more happy allowing all of the “stuff” out there to determine the course of your life? Is fear your friend or enemy?

Can you commit to letting go of the old with love, gratitude, and compassionate understanding for the way things have been, but no longer need to be? What are you willing to release in order to have the new experiences you want? Do you talk about things rather than do them?

Renewal is yours if you are willing to lovingly close doors, take action, and open to receiving new portals of experience.


It all boils down to how seriously you are willing to make different choices and back them up with action. The first step is the most challenging, but it all gets easier from there.

We are just like energetic coils, spiraling through the cycles of our life and able to “spring” back and regenerate ourselves.

You are more resilient than you think.

What you believe and the actions you take in support of those beliefs are shaping your experience and either bucking the natural harmony of your coiled embodiment or flowing gracefully with that spiraling essence.


Asking questions right now feels even more potent than simply sharing inspirational words, as it engages you to partner more in the empowerment you seek.

If you are willing to honestly answer the hard questions, then the next question is, are you willing to take the actions in support of helping you toward different answers you perhaps may seek to experience?

Only you can do the work.

Only you can make the changes.

I can’t do it for you and neither can anyone else.

We can only help guide you back to you, if, and only if you are ready to go there.

There is no wrong. There’s only choice and free will.

There is no timing to meet except your own soul’s gauge.

To reclaim your sovereignty you’ll need to reclaim it.

How that looks is up to you.


If you feel you’ve lost your way, yourself, your innocence….you can always choose a different spiral of experience. True, it may take time and it may not be easy, but neither of those are reason to turn a back on yourself for.

Nature has many mirrors for us of challenge and resiliency, of symbolic death and renewal…and yet it goes on as that is the nature of its reality that knows what it is here to do and doesn’t judge it against anything else.

The nature of your reality is that you, too, are powerful beyond measure, are beautiful in all of your seasons of inevitable change, and no matter the roads your journey takes you, you are and always have been an embodied miracle.


The truth of it is, there is no magick.

Magick is simply when you are surrendering to your essence.

Magick is when you express your creative piece of life force energy moving through you.

Magick is simply you being you.

And when you are embodying your essence expression and trusting in the knowing of that beyond all else, everything you touch is a process of alchemy creating alignment, abundance, and grace.

That’s the “magick”. It’s a natural process.

When you aren’t being natural you don’t experience this.

It’s that simple.

From being in the core essence of you, you are then able to branch out into new things from a stable, solid, and sustainable energy source that isn’t being depleted by having to manage frustration, inner torment, or having to support inauthentic, contrived, conditioned, or illusory ideas of you, what you think you should be doing, or how you think you need to look to others.

For myself, I have come to a place of great clarity through letting go of personal stagnation I was feeling, although to the outside world would not have been detected.

This has resulted in cultivating and nurturing those key themes I mentioned at start: surrender, equilibrium, integrity, trust, and renewal.

And setting off on our RV adventure is the literal and symbolic vehicle for moving the energy I chose in action to take to support the needs I had personally of embodying my essence to the fullest possible.

This has come with knowing what I need to do without knowing and seeing any outcome whatsoever.

It’s come with letting go of EVERYTHING that doesn’t mirror the integrity I’ve become ultra sensitively discerning about.

It’s like a complete update and upgrade, which ultimately is a total renewal.

So, not only is it Spring time for the next quarter cycle of the year, but this whole year feels for me to be a year of allowing new blossoms to open from the work done all of these years, while also planting tons of new seeds and working them fully.

I’m trusting and surrendering to “knowing” solely, branching out by following new aspirations, and creating ultra focus and mega boundaries due to exponential sensitivities arising – all in response to life shoving me up to passion in all areas of experience.

We left Sedona on Sunday the 20th (the first day of Spring) and once again she’s proven to be the manifestor and regenerator that I’ve known her to be in my life and for anyone who is ready to embrace her potent energies of potential.

I’m cleaning my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical house literally and symbolically.

I’m living from a place of saying “yes” to my inner truth.

And I am tending to my inner garden of blossoms, while planting like crazy.

Time to branch out into new areas that aren’t tied to anything but essence ecstasy.

How about you?20160331_194337_resized

The Changes That Have Taken Place ~ All Services Ceased, Health is Great, New Creations On The Horizon To Share

For those of you who don’t receive my newsletter, this was an important announcement I made in my early April one for this coming month that felt worthy of reiterating here, as it pertains to how things have evolved with the services I was still offering.

I already announced that most of what I used to offer was being ceased for the time being, but I was still open to a set amount of hours a week of Intuitive Guidance Coaching sessions and had shifted over to offering a set amount of Private Immersive Retreats at destinations along our RV adventure.

However, while in Sedona I received the message that all of this was to cease and so I fully surrendered to that knowing that came through me. Perhaps they will return at some later time in a new way, but that’s not for me to know or wonder about right now.

I will solely be focused on my creative projects and integrating the energy of all of our experiences at the destinations we arrive to, infusing what I receive into my new work, and continuing to retrieve parts of my ancient voice and essence.

This doesn’t mean I’m dropping off the face of the Earth or pulling away completely like I did when on sabbatical, but it does mean that I’m remaining focused with my energy on what I feel I need to be doing.

My life is very public and while I share much of it and doing the videos is a way to connect more intimately with you, I am being guided that I also need my/our time in a much bigger way right now that feels balanced and supportive of my own needs.

And I’m so grateful to be at a place in my life where I have manifested the ability to do so with total support, which came through a lot of hard work.

This is something I just know I need to do. And my service right now is in channeling the authenticity of me and the love I feel through my essence expression.

I’ve already returned deposits received for retreats and continue to field requests for services and products I once offered. I’m so grateful for everyone’s supportive love and understanding with all of this, as I know it has come somewhat abruptly and surprisingly.

I assure you it is a natural progression of coming to closure with cycles within my life and as a soul in general, completing contracts.

It’s been interesting, as I’ve even been receiving requests for a lot of things I have stopped doing for a while, and not just things I’ve only just recently ceased. Requests for crystal pendants, crystals, custom paintings, in-person Reiki sessions, you name it….

This is once again a sign to me of the cleansing process doing its thing, as when we are letting go of the old, we tend to call up the old as it moves through us.

This doesn’t mean we’re meant to keep doing those things since we are manifesting what seem like opportunities (although that’s for you to check in on personally and decide for yourself).

However, for me, I see it as the moving out and sometimes also as a test of my boundaries and strength to say “no” to what I don’t want and “yes” to what I do. As if I don’t, the endless cycle of stagnation would continue on as long as I let it, or until my body gives out.

A few people have inquired, asking if I am alright in terms of my health or anything else. I guess they are wondering if I am making these changes in response to a health crises and only thinking I would make such choices in the wake of serious challenges.

I understand where these questions come from, as it has been a conditioned way to decide to make changes ONLY when you’re up against a wall.

However, you DON’T have to wait until you hit a crises in order to make major changes in your life. If you embrace the flow of energy when it moves through you, shifts can happen gracefully.

We all feel the signs when that energy first appears. The challenges come when we ignore them and think we can outrun the energy stream flowing in.

I’m happy to report my health is in great condition, especially with all the outdoor exercise daily, and I’d like to keep it that way, which is why I know what the path is that I need to take to ensure it stays as such. I’ve learned my lessons!

I do know that I had lost my personal feeling of spark and with everything coming to closure on soul levels, it is why I had come to a crossroads a while ago of being able to choose if I wanted to continue here on Earth or move on.

A choice that I seriously considered.

But instead I have chosen the path of renewal, here for the time being, and this has been supported by All That Is sharing the gifts that have been manifesting in my life since – beginning with the RV, clarity, deepening into all areas of my life, manifesting the opportunity, and now the inspirations channeling through.

So, for an unknown period of time I will be channeling my energy differently and within my own experience of creation while we are on this RV adventure.

Anything can change at any moment, as it always continues to, which I will honor when it does. But for now, I remain in cultivation mode of new creations to share with you when they are ready to emerge.

In the meantime,  I will continue to share monthly newsletters that will mostly be of inspiration and messages channeling through along with any updates that manifest along the way. I will also continue with regular blog posts and videos when inspired.

I still remain on Facebook, where my newsletter, blog, and videos are uploaded for my friends there, however there will be minimal ability to interact there that much and only when it doesn’t interfere with the time and energy needed to focus on my creative projects.

That said, if you need to message me, it’s always best to email me rather than message me on Facebook. At any time I may feel to pull energetically off completely, only leaving my pages there active for the updates to be shared, since I know some people only connect via that avenue and don’t like subscribing or emailing.

If you do choose to, you can subscribe to my blog or YouTube channels here:

Tania Marie’s Blog

Tania Marie’s YouTube Channel

This is my way of remaining connected, to share the inspirations and new energy that move through me, to bring the world, nature, and the sacred closer to heart to others through the images and experiences shared, and to provide reflections that may be supportive to anyone interested.

There will be more to come via videos that won’t all make it to newsletters, as this platform continues to grow as a means of connecting what channels through me to you.

Again, I thank you all for so much loving support and for the connections we experience together.

I hope that in some small way you might find inspiration from any of the things in which I share, as I find from so many of you.

Soul Purification at Avila Beach

avila beach2.jpg

Well, we landed again in our new temporary home of Avila Beach, just steps from the ocean.

We weren’t sure if we’d end up here, as the rv park isn’t one you can make reservations at and up until about a couple of hours before we came, it was full.

But we just ventured forward along the path and put out intention, trusting that where ever we were meant to be, we would be.

There were a couple of other spots we could go to in Pismo Beach, or near by….they just weren’t quite like this one where you had the potential of being basically on the water.

We checked in via phone when we were about two and a half hours away and the woman said that there was one spot open on the bluff above looking over the ocean, but she couldn’t hold it.

So I sent out energy to save a spot for us for the highest good.

We checked in again when we were about a half an hour away because if it was full we would go to another beach rather than wasting time driving there.

At that point she said there were now two spots open. One on the bluff, but now also one on the beach.

Things were looking good.

When we drove up, they were still both available and we got to choose.

Being that we’d already been up above on a bluff overlooking the ocean, I chose the spot on the beach when Dave said, “you choose.”

And so we landed here, just a few feet from the water’s edge.

avila beach

As as soon as we arrived a large type of vulture landed just in front of the rv by the rocks you see in the photos…renewal/rebirth, cleansing, protection, high awareness and new vision abound.

Vulture reflects a time of purification, perhaps new and valuable insight, trust in patience for alignment, and knowing how to use our power effectively.

Another interesting and meaningful piece of the story about being here is that I’ve spent time here twice in my past, as my parents had a time share that we were able to transfer anywhere and chose here twice.

One time I went with them and the other time I spent a week by myself.

The time I was with my parents I had Nestor with me too. So she actually has spent time here in Avila Beach with me.

I remember her loving to sit by the open sliding glass door and look out at the ocean and breathe in the ocean air.

The synchronous thing is that from where the rv site we have is, I can see the resort where the time share that I stayed at with her is up on the cliff across the way.

Ironic, as she would have been looking out the way where I am now.

It’s almost like a dimensional doorway transcending time and space where we are sharing the same ocean and looking through it to each other.

It’s really special to be here again now after all of these years and having Joy and Cosmo here with me.

Interesting that vultures do help you with new perception on things including the past, as well as embody that cleansing for a rebirth.

I’m sensing that I will do a sacred ceremony and throw some of Nestor’s ashes in the water while we are here.avila beach3

As soon as we were all set up, as there’s a ritual of preparation both for leaving and coming, we enjoyed some appetizers and refreshments, giving the fur babies some snacks too. Then, relaxed watching the water until the sun set and we’ve continued enjoying the ocean with all of the lights off as evening’s glow rolled across the dark watery abyss.

Looking forward to waves as my lullaby tonight.

And seeing what Nestor may have to share in dream time, as I do sleep with her sacred box of ashes just to the left of my bed.

Sweet dreams.

Infinitely Creating Me

Cello in dream like landscape

Cello in dream like landscape – Image source:

Every day I listen for the music of my soul and I compose a new melody that harmonizes with that flow.

I am endlessly creating myself…..

Hitting the Reset Button ~ My Upcoming Move & Sabbatical

Since many of you are not subscribed to receive my monthly newsletter, and this month’s updates seem important to share, I am going to repost June’s newsletter here for all of my blog readers and friends, as it pertains to why you won’t be seeing me online for an extended period of time beginning September 1st, and yet you’ll still know I haven’t fallen off the edge of the Earth (at least not yet 😉 ).

I’ll simply be on a personal sabbatical for several months, which entails my unavailability on all accounts, which will overlap with my moving. So this pertains to services I offer, which you may want to take advantage of before then, otherwise I won’t be able to assist you until I return. I’ll post two separate blogs following this, specific to how this pertains to workshops and sacred tattoo design consultations.

As I replied to a dear friend this morning who was sharing similar experiences and asking how I was:

“I’m doing well…just getting clearer and lighter. And taking advantage of the windows presenting themselves…following where I’m guided and doing what I need to stay true to myself and my path, which ultimately is for the highest good. I’m in a mode of needing to pull back from everything, as my contracts are done and I now am in a place of creating from a clean slate.”

Here’s my newsletter update:

I’m a bit behind on June’s newsletter, as we are already slowly approaching the half-way mark of this month – incredible!

And while there is SO much that has taken place this first half of the year and upcoming, I’m going to keep things as succinct as possible.

Some of what I have to share may come as a surprise, but if you really know me, you should know by now that I’m constantly moving and reinventing myself and don’t intend to stop that ever.

As we approach the Summer Solstice, I am envisioning revitalization for everyone’s current experiences. Remember that this is a time of blossoming, celebrating, embodying self-awareness and your Higher Self, releasing the old patterns of suppression, and recharging the mind, body, and spirit to bring what you desire into your life.

And that only comes if you are willing to release ALL that no longer serves you.

I recently made the declaration out loud in the presence of an intentful, intimate gathering, that I was moving forward and saying goodbye to everything old and hindering in any way. This included creating new aspirations, as even the ones I had just months ago, no longer stand.

I needed to create brand new ones, am continuing to purge everything from my life that doesn’t align with that energy, and am investing in me and only the now-aligned and cherished experiences I choose.

It’s a time of the Divine dance, union, and balance of the Feminine (Earth, Mother, Moon) with the Masculine (Sky, Father, Sun) energies. And this is something experienced WITHIN me.

It’s a time that the Mayans believed to be for spiritual initiation and change, creating ceremony to balance the Earth’s energy – “balance” and “harmony” always definitely being key.

This is an opportune time where we can invite the Sun’s energy to connect with our Higher Self and to follow inspiration and dreams, while tuning inside and realizing the alchemy of “as within, so without”.

Yes, it is time to fully embody yourself as the Sun, the Light, the All That Is – you are the creator creating through the heart and soul of you. When you truly recognize and live this, you will just know.

And if you’re feeling anything similar to what I am, that Light cannot hide any longer, without creating challenge and pains.

So choose wisely and choose from the heart.

This update will contain a bit more of the personal, but I always feel that this enables others to identify with similar experiences and to find comfort and connection through them.

That said, I have been mentioning an upcoming move and while we still do not have the exact date yet – since a huge amount of things are all being orchestrated right now, I’ll be working a lot of energetics, and awaiting windows – our projected timing is October or thereabouts 4 months from now. 

At least that gives you a better, more concrete idea, as I’m not sure people have taken me seriously about this, but I assure you I’m quite serious I will not be here in Costa Mesa, CA for much longer and have been saying this is the last Summer here. 

People keep asking where we’re moving to – and to that I’ll say, there is no specific place at this time that we are moving to, as we will be moving around for quite a while until/or if a specific place calls to touch down again. Until then, we’ll be exploring like gypsies in an RV.

As mentioned, this has been an incredibly busy year for me and I’ve been traveling nonstop – all with great intention and each trip has been hugely supportive, nurturing, and activating for me. I just returned from Sedona, and Goshen just before that, and between the two of these a ton has shifted like overnight.

Everything is amped up – you might be experiencing the same – instant manifestation, deeper knowing, alignments, divine support, and increased intuition, visions, connection, and energy enhancement.

One of the only challenges that presented themselves were my bunny loves going through some things recently, but that immediately corrected itself when I was reunited back with them. And in the end I now have two special, special needs bunnies – Cosmo with his spinal disability and Joy with one blind eye.

Yet those challenges were so supportive to both them and me in unseen gifted ways. They always know what mom needs and because of them I got in touch even more deeply with myself and integrated a lot. That experience also drove home that I want only to cherish this moment doing and being with what is most important to my heart only.

The other challenge has been that I’ve had email issues for months now, which I believe I’ve addressed. I apologize if you’ve tried to email me and had your emails bounced back, or never heard from me because I never received it, but apparently the Universe was filtering my emails, preparing me likely for the next announcement.

I will be taking a personal sabbatical starting September 1st. Right now I’m being shown that it will be for 3 months, but I’ll be taking heed from Spirit on that and following intuition, as I’m guided. 

What this means is that I will not be available for anything during this time. You will not see me online in any format – no social media, no blog articles and posts, no services offered, and not answering questions.

What this looks like for me is that I am going underground for a bit in order to create without any distractions or things pulling at my energy and time. I have some new creative projects I am being guided to work on and the only way I feel this can be done the way I want it, is to fully immerse myself into my “Tania bubble” in order to do so.

I also want to spend personal quality time in ways that I need right now only, and as I shared, am working a lot of energetics for what is being created.

It feels like I’m hitting a reset button in my life on all fronts and I have to say I so LOVE it.

That’s why a lot of things this year have shifted so much and I started seeing the focus that Spirit was directing me, was about self-nurturing, creative cultivation, recharging, and major downloading.

So several events and trips cancelled and have been cancelled, or were shifted into a different focus – all divinely orchestrated. This is why I just embrace things and am not attached to any outcome, as I know there is always a silver lining and amazing reason to discover from changes that take place. And I believe this is why so many things have flowed with a great sense of grace and peace…because I just moved with the energy, not against it.

So, that all said, I’ll still be putting out another two newsletters before I disappear 🙂 and I’ll still be winding down things and available between now and end of August for scheduling and requests.

For more details on these offerings, along with a “Create Your Own Workshop” opportunity, due to this announcement and my being away for a while, please see below.

Wishing everyone an invigorating Summer Solstice! Sending out love and creative magick to all!


The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.  ~Hans Hofman


To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else.  ~Bernadette Devlin

Cherish Your Life…Cherish Your Body ~ Holistic Living From the Inside Out is Not a Luxury


Today’s lunch: spring mix of romaine, swiss chard, mustard greens, arugula, and radicchio with sweet grape and heirloom tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, sunflower seeds, coconut bacon, and Japanese miso horseradish kimchi, sprinkled with ground black pepper, collard greens powder, and a splash of shitake sesame dressing with a side of carrots with chipotle hummus – all organic…all delicious!


The more I embrace and flow, rather than resist….the more I feel grateful and embody the ideas I’ve come to personally learn, cherish, and believe…the more I find beauty, magick, and grace in the simple, but oh so potent things.

I don’t particularly lead an extraordinary life or have an extraordinary level of “things” by some people’s standards or ideals, but I feel extraordinarily blessed and I feel my life to be an extraordinary and abundant gift.

I was just thinking yesterday about the sweet simplicities in my life that move me so, when I randomly stopped in at CVS to pick up some quick pens I desperately needed and some cotton balls and randomly found some $5 jammie pants with cosmic moons and stars and owls on them – oh how that tickled my heart with a smile.

I find it is the smallest of things that move me most greatly like the smell of my pillow, a hot shower cleansing and massaging my back, the velvet kiss licks of my bunny loves and the love they reflect to me in their eyes, the way Cosmo falls asleep on my chest like a newborn baby and how Joy watches over us all like a guardian, the sparkle of my crystals when they catch the light on my desk, the fragrance of tangerine blossoms and jasmine outside my window, the smile that returns my own when I pass someone along my day, the amazing taste of a ripe avocado eaten straight from its open cradle, my morning smoothies I crave, the sound of waves at the beach, music reverberating deeply in my soul, seeing cosmic nudges of support in every day encounters, cuddles with my love, giggles turning into uncontrollable laughter that make me snort and cry, and simply the silence and expansive freedom of being by myself with any choice available to make in that moment.

These are some of the things I cherish…and there are so many more because every little thing often taken for granted by most, is magick to me, and is truly special if you believe it and experience it as so.

And then all of this always comes back to realizing that none of this magick and these simple, sensual pleasures would be possible to experience in their totality, nor possible to share with others, if not for having my health and well being, which keeps me alive and strong.

While we are expanding our conscious awareness and spirituality, we mustn’t forget our temple bodies.

They provide the integrative ability to merge the supernatural and natural into an exquisite experience of the senses, emotions, and elation of spirit, as experienced through the physical.

This is why I have come to realize that the most important thing is to take care of your body and your holistic well-being. Creating and regaining balance and being mindful of what we allow into our bodies are cornerstones for health, longevity, and vibrant living.

I hear people share how much they want to do this and that, be of service, take care of their families, and have these amazing goals and dreams…however, none of that is possible if you do not have your health. Which is why what you put in your body, not just in terms of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, but ALSO what you eat, is crucial.

This conversation came up while we were in Peru actually. The way I ate, while I was away feeding and nourishing my soul, provided the body nourishment to undertake everything I set out to do and to do it with greater ease, clarity, and vitality. Which is why I never change my eating habits no matter where I am. If I need to bring snacks, so be it. But I’ve found that it is always possible, if you desire to simply ask, to eat healthy and keep to your needs no matter where you are. I also happen to find simple, whole foods to be amazing. So, I’m never feeling deprived.

If you don’t stand up for your own health and well-being, who will?

I always say that the one thing you CAN’T have luxury to skimp on is your food and nourishment. Cutting back on other things in life in order to eat healthy and get the good organic freshness into your body is an important choice to really consider making and actually incorporating into your life. There are many ways we can make adjustments in our lives in order to be able to incorporate more organic foods into our diet. One must decide if the every day Starbuck’s coffee, dinners out every night, cable tv, or name brand, status-evoking items (for instance) are more important than organic goodness in your and your family’s meal plan, which will have an impact on the longevity of your life, as well as cut down on medical costs.

And this goes for your animal companions as well. I say, if you wouldn’t eat it yourself, why would you feed it to your animal babies? I buy my rabbits organic veggies, as well as rinse them before feeding. I also give them things like Goji juice in their water and it’s also why I go to all lengths to provide holistic care for them, and am trying what ever I can to help Cosmo with his disability.

These are the things I find important in life to spend my money on, and there are things I’m happy not to have in support of my long-term well-being versus instant gratification, because life, and the quality of it, is invaluable. I will do what it takes to embrace and provide the most out of this life experience I and my loved ones have chosen, because that’s the least I can do to honor the gift of my body I’ve been given.

And in the meantime, I know that my choices are also honoring our Earth Mother, Terra.

Two days ago it was the 12-year anniversary of when my beloved Nestor gifted me her physical presence in this life. Her life was very short and through my experiences caring for her, and what she taught me about the value of my life, I have learned the importance of doing all that I can to ensure living a balanced, conscious, healthy, and aware life, as well as how to support the same for my beloveds. She is a constant reminder of many things for me, as my greatest teacher – one of those things being to honor my temple body.

Life is fragile and so are our bodies if we don’t nourish and love them, as they deserve. We can only go so long before our resiliency will no longer bounce back. That may not mean much, if you don’t cherish your human life or find instant gratification to be more valuable. But if you do cherish life, or in fact you must since you’ve chosen this experience, then you may want to consider how you can honor and have more gratitude for the life you live, the Earth that provides you a home, and the body you reside in.

Spring is here and Spring cleaning is always a great way to renew our lives on all levels. Perhaps you may, like myself, find it beneficial to do some actual cleaning out of the old in your life, or releasing that which no longer serves you. Some also enjoy the freshness of an actual physical cleanse or detox at this time of year.

Whatever you feel called to do, I wish you renewing vitality and deepened respect for your life and all that you do have and can’t see.

As we experience the building energy of this Saturday’s total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra, which also happens to kick off the Buddhist New Year, let us be vulnerably open to a healing opportunity through honest self-exploration that can lead to greater freedom and invigorated renewal.

Your body is your greatest asset to carry you through the life, and life aspirations, you hold dear. Let these not be separate ideals, but a unified force that can bring you into more alignment and balance with all of life, and in effect, bring you greater connection to understanding and feeling the simple joys and pleasures that make life magickal on a daily basis.

Endings are Beginnings

crystalsNot only have I concluded another sacred journey, but a cycle in my life has also come to closure, as well as this year in general for me is a #9 culmination time period for me.

All of this pointing to a new, fresh beginning…or rebirth – something we can always embrace in every moment we are willing to embody the renewing truth of this potential offered to us.

I bring this up, as yesterday was a big energetic shift while I parted ways with two dear and powerful friends – my giant Crystal beings. They have been with me since 2008 and yesterday they were picked up to prepare for their journey to their new mom and Crystal Guardian to begin a new journey along the path of service they will all be sharing.

Our work had come to closure and this also represented a huge release of things in my life, including the full embodiment and realization that there is nothing I need outside of myself to be empowered. While things assist us and are wonderful to cherish and honor as the natural and invaluable beauty they are and what they have to share, ultimately, we are all that we need.

This was huge because the two of these Crystals – a giant Lemurian Seed Crystal and a giant Amethyst Geode Rabbit (both 150 lbs+ each) – came into my life at a major transformational time period in my life, supporting me all these years since with the work I was facilitating personally and collectively.

amethyst rabbitThe giant Amethyst Rabbit channeled Nestor and at the time was very comforting having physically lost her.

I got both from a dear Crystal Keeper based in Northern California and I giggle remembering how Laura, myself and Seann somehow transported and got the Lemurian in my SUV – 3 wee Fae ones.lemurian

It was a time period when I had just moved out on my own, was in process of a divorce, had just seen my beloved rabbit, Nestor, pass into her eternal essence, was going through major spiritual recalibration and expansion, and was beginning the foundational work that has brought me to where I am now.

I used to live in literally a Crystal Cave when I first created my new little sacred sanctuary above and looking out on to Lake Tahoe – my little home filled with Crystals and love, which I shared with my tortoise, Gaia, and my new bunny love, Joy.

These crystals have held the space of all that I’d been creating, were part of the grid here, and my little ones also adored them.

So seeing them off yesterday was nostalgic, as I honored each, energetically prepared them for the journey, gave them a bath of Crystal Elixir spray and a deep, soul and heart kiss.

It was also a very empowering moment, continuing in the vein of what I’ve been deepening into recently. I told them that we will continue our connection and work, but no longer would we need to do that within physical proximity. Our connection is timeless and boundless.

It feels different here at home without them, but it is not an emptiness. It is an expansion and lightness. The energetic footprint they have made in my life remains, but now we are free.

I am so pleased they are going to such a loving home where they will be honored by someone I hold dear. I look forward to seeing them again in May when I co-teach a Crystal workshop with their new mom and Guardian in Florida, as they will be holding the space for this.

It is only the beginning.

Renewal Is Constant Even If You Don’t Yet See It

IMG_2901Don’t despair too much if you see beautiful things destroyed, if you see them perish. Because the best things are always growing in secret. ~Ben Okri

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