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Another great post share from Laura Bruno I felt guided to repost here. Today, Laura and I both simultaneously, literally at the same time, posted videos from two visionaries sharing the name Alex/ander today, which we giggled together at the synchronicity again. I really like these videos by Alexander Barry – aka Patrick Dixon, as he touches on things (especially in the first video) my brother and I have spent hours, over the years since my early 20’s, discussing in the very same light. This is great stuff, as Laura remarked, that is “undeniably integrative.” I also love and agree with Laura’s share, in tandem with Patrick’s discussion on the Lucifer Archetype providing us the ability to look at surfaces: “The whole New Age movement is just fluff, but it’s based on some actual Truth if you dig around long enough, just like any of the world religions. The problem with the New Age material, for the most part, is that it’s been co-opted and just slightly misses the mark or keeps the deepest secrets hidden but then presents itself as giving all the secret answers beyond the ‘traditional’ religions. It’s very deceptive. That said … the reason it’s able to be so deceptive is because it does keep a fair amount of Truth hidden in plain view. That attracts seekers. Very few continue to observe themselves and observe Nature to be able to sort out which things are fluff and which things are valuable.”

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Today I’m posting two videos featuring actor, scholar, poet and speaker, Alexander Barry, aka Patrick Dixon.

Video 1 gives an overview and context of various beings associated with Human Evolution at this time. It contains fascinating information about Archetypes and their interplay with the evolutionary drama on this planet. “The final frontier is really the awakening and the perception across the threshold of the so-called dead who are not dead. And that’s coming. More and more children are being born who can remember past lives, and that’s what’s coming for humanity. … People who can see across the thresholds.”

Taken together, these videos almost feel like the time-lapse unfolding of a plant, from seed to sprout to leaf to flower to seed to winter to seed to spring — a continuous growth cycle of ideas. I’ve had the privilege of reading some of Alexander’s writings and found them simultaneously mind…

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