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Moss Landing ~ A Soft Place To Put Stress To Rest

20160121_161331_resizedAs we continue our journey, for those who are following along or just interested in different areas as either an already RV nomad, intending one day to be, or simply curious about areas to travel to, I’ll continue to post photos and little tidbits about each spot, along with what inspirations and reflections come through where I am.

20160121_161211_resizedWe came to land yesterday in Moss Landing, just 19 miles north of Monterey, CA. The RV park is different than our previous ones with views, but still quaint, park-like with grass areas, trees, and shrubs, very roomy and quiet (likely since off-season), and very well-situated.

We can see the tops of boats in the marina, still hear sea lions barking, and sea gulls all around.20160121_160845_resized

After touching down yesterday and setting up, we decided to get the lay of the land, which revealed how lovely our location was with a bunch of things all within minutes of walking.20160121_171213_resized20160121_171249_resized20160121_160258_resized20160121_171123_resized20160121_171132_resized

There’s this eclectic, old little town (where Hawk greeted me), a few small galleries, the marina (where sea lions were swimming), a bird sanctuary reminding me of the Back Bay in Newport Beach (Great Blue Heron showed up along with a pair of giant white Pelicans and many smaller birds, Sand Pipers, and Cottontail Rabbits), and a wonderful wide sand beach looking out at the vast ocean that has a sand bar that breaks the waves far out.20160121_165157_resized20160121_170513_resized20160121_170630_resized20160121_162158_resized

We even came upon an area where it appeared someone/others had just recently done a little sacred ceremony with Pelican feathers.20160121_164120_resized20160121_164214_resized20160121_164228_resized.jpg

A long walk just taking it all in with gratitude ended with stopping at one of the two Mexican restaurants – The Haute Enchilada Cafe ~ Social Club & Gallery – that are on either side of the RV park, for some happy hour appetizers and refreshments.20160121_171232_resized20160121_171503_resized20160121_171546_resized

They had fun brussels sprouts, squash blossom flautas, and guacamole topped with pomegranate seeds to accompany the chips and salsa – all local organic produce and some vegan and gluten free options. They even had a very spicy ginger beer for me. Woo!20160121_172853_resized

Both the staff at the restaurant and the RV park were all very sweet.20160121_171823_resized

The other Mexican restaurant is supposed to have a fresh fruit and veggie stand outside of it, so I’ll be sure to check that out today. We’ll only be here through Sunday, so plan to get into Monterey tomorrow for a little exploring on the Full Moon.

Until then, it’s another on and off rainy day here, which means another great day for work flow.

It also lends to deepening in reflection, which began yesterday on our walk, about the theme around stress.20160121_161821_resized

I’ve become so aware of who I am naturally, which is not the stressed, easily overwhelmed, nervous anxiety sensitive I learned and used to allow myself to be.

If I get moments of stress now, I am SO aware of it being a foreign presence that has temporarily come to visit my natural, flowing zone. Whereas before I would think and feel as if it WERE actually me and allowed it to control my life.

Now, I’m the constant observer of my life and recognize the energies and triggers that float in and know how to quickly have them flow right through and out again – thanking them for their gift.20160121_163728_resized20160121_163906_resized

I’m navigating the boat I sail and know how to shift my sails to go with the currents and wind. It’s taken years of work, but it’s paid off.

Stress isn’t an invader or something I fear, repress, or try to run from. Stress has become a helpful friend that reminds me instantly of what truly is important, gets my focus back on the here and now, and allows me to see any healthy fears I can simply turn into the courage to be more of myself by embracing and embodying.

“How you think and act can transform your experience of stress. When you choose to view your stress response as helpful, you create the biology of courage. When you choose to connect with others under stress you can create resilience. Now I wouldn’t necessarily ask for more stress in my life, but you can see it as another access to your compassionate heart and to your pounding physical heart to give you strength and energy. You can trust yourself to handle life’s challenges and remember you don’t have to face them alone.”  ~Kelly McGonigal, Health Psychologist

No matter what it is, whether stress, how you feel about yourself, or any part of your life, beliefs will play an important role in repatterning. It’s not the only piece to the puzzle, but shifting perspectives is a huge key to revealing more ease, more answers, and providing more empowerment instantly.

Of course there are other parts to this that play a role and different ways to help yourself process the stress, including the importance of balance, not purposely taking on a crazy amount of things thinking that you’re invincible, nor taking on things out of unhealthy reasons like guilt, victimization, self-sacrifice, self-sabotage, or martyrdom, for instance.

Yet what Kelly shares can begin a new inner dialogue of holistic support that will help to promote reduction in unhealthy stress perceptions that will lead you to healthier perceptions and increased connection, which ultimately puts you on the track to overall well-being.

When you become aware of something, you take back your power to be the “whole” person that you are and realize the perfection inherent in the bigger picture.

Here are pieces of my own experiences and insights on the perception of stress working “for” me and the importance of it leading me to connect with others in my post from a couple of years ago:

Stress, Overwhelment, Anxiety…Spirituality Isn’t An Immunity Pass, But Does Seed You With The Alchemy Of Awareness To Shift It

20160121_162225_resizedThe more we’ve been RV living, the evermore I’m deepening into embodiment of who I naturally am and for that I’m grateful.

Every time we land somewhere new I’m retrieving parts of myself and brightening the heart light within me.

Life has increasingly become balanced, peace-filled, integrative, and natural.

The gifts I’m learning and embodying, I know will continue to live long after this adventure comes to closure.

But in the meantime, I’m seeing how it’s supporting me to the next level of living in natural harmony that I needed and desired.

As I see these beautiful environments, the animals, Nature herself, and the creative expressions and myriad of experiences around me, they are all reflecting what’s innately within me.

From there I know I have the power to do with them as they were intended….return to me.20160121_164437_resized

There’s a soft, but potent energy here – I felt it as soon as we arrived with energy in my Crown – which has softened another layer of my understanding “stress.”

I hope that in sharing the wonder I am seeing through my eyes, that your own collective eyes will find the pieces of your truth in their reflection too.

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