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Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: What Are You Waiting For? Just Let Go


Both Astrid and I have been feeling this Scorpio Full Moon in the days leading up to it quite strongly. I wasn’t paying attention specifically to it, but Astrid just like all rabbits, was hugely attuned to the Moon and the Cosmic frequencies pulsing through Earth. She gave me her wise and endearing look when I had that a-ha moment of connecting dots to recent experiences with the energies abound. She knows I don’t need confirmations of things, but that it does put reason to the rhyme of cycles that take place seemingly out of the blue.

There is definitely a collective release taking place and a ton is shifting on the subtle inner landscapes, which I feel is what is happening to so many people I’ve heard from where there’s a mix of intensity surging through alongside breakthroughs. It’s also what’s playing out on the world-wide level.

I recently explained it like this to a dear friend after my post about releasing the In Lak’ech series of Five paintings:

After posting that yesterday, I found myself done for the day. It was kind of a collapse or surrender. I am feeling the collective release it involves, which I feel is taking place right now across the globe, as we enter greater depths of these shadow parts finally. They are awakening to the conscious level more, or at least starting to surface or break away… this reminds me of cleaning a caked-on greasy pan in sink water. The more you scrub, the dirtier and murkier the water gets, and it might take a while to scratch away at it, but small particles release and eventually surface before everything is wiped away. It feel like the collective is at these stages of scrubbing and releasing stuff into the consciousness pool and now we’re all figuring out what to do with them and what kind of clarity we would like to see come from it. And individually, we’re doing this too for the collective…Although I know we are constantly cracking these codes to free us of conditioned enslavement, the impact on these subtle levels is so tricky. We may see it, or not, but then to actually do something with it is a whole other thing.

We are left with a dilemma, when once we tap into more of our true power, as to what we want to create from here on forth.

Astrid and I have both been going through a huge purging on the outer landscape, to reflect what we’re shifting on the inner landscape.

I shared about it on my Instagram and that’s what the photo above is about, which felt so fitting for Astrid’s post message today about letting go.

This was the caption I used for it:

After a year and a half of enjoying her royal throne, with only small redecorating touches recently, she decided to follow in mom’s footsteps and completely go wild with change. She’s been watching me with wide eyes, as first I did tiny changes (and so she mirrored that) and then I undid both our shared office space and my bedroom closet, throwing things on the floor and bed big time (and so she did the same), as I completely revamped everything with the biggest Spring purge and reorganizing I’ve done to date. Immediately in response, Astrid decided to go crazy on her chair and not only broke through the pretty adornments I’d added for her from her last redecorating choice, but took out the foam insides into bunches of pieces! I couldn’t do anything but laugh when I saw her laying like this so proud with evidence of her work all around her, as if to say to me, “look at the work I’ve done too so I can embrace the new!” So, I’ve since redecorated her center rug without chair, which she’s feeling out and enjoying so far. I did find another chair, in case she decides she wants one again, that I think may work very well for her without need for “redecorating” but am holding off to see how she likes the new set up first and will go from there. Gotta love her! We’re so much alike!

We are both enjoying the fresh openness created by these changes, which allows for the new to flow in more freely and easily. It’s also enabled us to draw in what is frequency-aligned because of our shifts, while also holding an open free space for the unknowns we can’t see yet to find their way to us.

Sometimes we don’t know what is to come or what something looks like that we want, but in letting go, we clear our energy fields so the clarity of that authentic-now inner voice can bring to us the perfect things we had no idea with our minds would be for our highest.

A clear heart draws in clarity.

We become the abundant beings that we are and the way to draw in something aligns all on its own because of taking that action of trust.

Every time we trust and release, abundant energies continue as they are meant to, by flowing in and out.

This Scorpio Moon highlights letting go, regenerating, deepening, intensifying, creating more intimacy with all of our parts, reclaiming our essence and inner wisdom, delving into the mystique and magick of the inner labyrinth, invoking greater courage, clarifying more understanding, making way for the new, and reviewing or perhaps even renewing any intentions you may have.

A flooding of emotions can definitely be part of this, as fears, deep unconscious and shadowy stuff releases into light.

I’ve noticed that since Astrid’s chair was removed, she’s spent a lot of time on the center of her round sparkly green, grass-looking rug under her favorite black iron butterfly sleigh where magickal things sit atop the three platforms that float above her.

It feels to be like an etheric rabbit tunnel of that deep mystery, magick, and Cosmic abyss she is harnessing for transmutation.

I get that she wanted some more open space right now as a clear slate she and I can create from.

Astrid shares, “As you write your new story, so am I. And yet, we are writing it together. One that tells of many journeys yet to share in ways creativity has yet to birth. We are engaging a Cosmic excavation accessed deep within our hearts and it connects us both to the heart of ourselves, and to one another – to include all consciousness. Most importantly it connects us to the heart of creation that is ours to weave anew. So what holds you back? Although time is an idea, there is no greater moment than now to begin. It doesn’t matter what has gone before. With every discomfort and stretch you dismantle the hold of roots awaiting the elixir of your love. What blossoms is of your making.”

I don’t know about any of you, but I for one have enough of anyone writing my story for me. And that includes the stuff I carry as both past fears, perceived limitations, and shared ancestral and collective conditioning.

Astrid is a protector of the sacred, embodied in a strong, courageous, and enduring rabbit body. She walks the worlds of both light and dark. She is both warrior and harmony keeper. She is a bridge of understanding and compassion because she has walked in each reality and can move in and out when necessary. She is action-oriented and also eternally patient.

She is a warrior of unconditional love in its highest form.

Today happens to be Cosmo’s birthday – my sweet rabbit son in the stars. He would have been 13.

He is an ambassador of love and compassion in pure essence.

Astrid is like the great guardian or protector of what he stands for both because she is the same AND because she has extra layers that enable her to merge into worlds he needn’t step into. He is the energy and she both is that energy as well as protects it with the ability to engage on levels that invoke the seed of potential to stir.

We all have different gifts and to embrace with clarity what they are is part of this letting-go energy through self-reflection that permeates.

If we are willing to see the hidden, which can be engaged with curiosity and a willingness to simply observe it without judgment, we can begin to bridge a new and more clear understanding of what stories have been our motivations in life.

We can see what has been working overtime in the background simply because we didn’t acknowledge it.

To have that willingness to see something creates a click within.

Just because we see it, doesn’t mean it can hurt us.

It only hurts us when we don’t want to see it, so it sabotages our lives because it can.

Astrid and I send our deepest love to you during these reflective and intense energies. You are not alone.

The “Stage of Life” Illuminated by Scorpio Full Moon – May 14th, 2014

buddha moon

Buddha Moon by Robert Carty

Intensities abound indeed…I know you are all feeling it in your own unique way. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard from who are in the midst of some pretty “wow” experiences that feel to be “out of the blue” breakdowns and shake-ups, and yet it’s just the core stuff surfacing with a loud blaring siren and red stop light in order to say, “hey, you haven’t been able to hear me before, but perhaps now you will”.

Time to slow it down, stop altogether even, so that you can go within and learn how to harness these “surprises” into creating catalysts for change and breakthroughs to what you’ve been wanting all along, but were afraid to look at, or unable to, for one reason or another.

What I’m seeing is that the energy constantly playing out is the same “drama”, but the director’s hats just change in terms of how we’ll get to the plot via the different influences of each directing energy. In this case, tomorrow’s Full Moon is being directed by Scorpio.

So when we introduce ourselves to Mr. or Ms. Scorpio, here is what we will be focused on in our new Scorpio-focused role currently.

Deep emotional truth.

Yep, there’s a need to be honest and vulnerable here folks, with integrity that is consistent with your essence and not your temporary costume. Scorpio helps us to remove more layers and reveal fresh skin through deep purging. It will take the form of symbolic or literal deaths in some cases (interesting I discovered a sweet little dead bird today that one of the cats had brought to me – I just finished giving it a proper burial and blessing).

It simply just is time to take accountability for choices, or no choices, that you have or haven’t wanted to make. And the thing is, these “surprise” intensities you’re experiencing are simply because your soul is calling out to be more actively engaged in empowered, consciously aware choices that are guided by your heart.

So if you’ve chosen not to choose before, and pushed things aside, now you’re having the opportunity to choose again, and perhaps with the wisdom of experience that glaringly understands your well-being relies on it now.

Your Scorpio director will bring out a volcano of eruptions from within (helping you to understand the depths of you), especially in terms of emotions, but truly he/she just wants you to partner more in the dance and start taking more proactive lead roles, rather than being an extra on the sidelines.

Tendencies around addictive emotions may blare out, unhealthy attachments, insecurities, doubts, fears, and toxic ways of relating may, or will, all be surfacing at this time. You have the potential to experience some big emotional reactions or over-reacting, as well as feel like people are lashing out from out of no where. Buried feelings and undealt with “stuff” is rising from the depths and it’s all just to assist you in processing them so that they can be transmuted into productive creative energy, rather than these energy drainers working from behind the scenes, like an understudy who vies for your role.

Re-evaluate, relinquish, release, recycle, renew….

Time to let go of controlling every aspect of your life in tyrannical and anxiety-producing ways and ease into divine flow guided from your Higher Self/Source. The past is over and done, and so is the old you, if you choose to let it be so, that is.

So while intense emotions are being called out of you by your Scorpio director, facing the truths and awareness revealed from the core will provide as valuable tools to put you in the starring role of your life, as authentic and empowered you.

Look out for many powerful endings to exciting new beginnings, of which you may not see from the other side of the fence right now, but I assure you awaits once you take the leap of faith. It will open up new doorways and potentials you didn’t know existed, where you can be happier, freer, and more expansive than you thought you might be, getting what you “thought” you wanted.

I am seeing how people who have done the work are not experiencing these intensities in quite the same way. For them, while they may have some major shifts and shaking going on, it’s creating amazingly beautiful new opportunities and excitement because they are ready to say yes with every fiber of their being. No fight in them. Uh uh.

As with any Full Moon, we always have dual roles of polarity to work with, which means there is a second director running the show by the name of Taurus. And the gifts Taurus brings in partner with Scorpio are in helping us to balance self value with perceived value from others or projected onto things outside of ourselves. So we’re asked to focus on our spiritual vs. materialistic values, work with both the subconscious and conscious, moving in and out of “mine” and “yours” differentiating, and how to transform things into new forms…so breaking down and deconstructing old ones so we can rebuild from the core up and out.

We can’t neglect either energy, but we will be asked to both delve into the meaningful complexities of abstract things, while also finding peace and joy in the simplistic, tangible stuff. In reality, as we look at things deeper, we realize their fundamental simplicity and that by breaking things down, we can get to the really core things of value that are lasting.

So if you feel that things have been building, well, in fact they have. And if your volcano hasn’t erupted either in joyous celebration or intense challenge, you may find that this could come about, but your perspective and conscious choice will make the difference.

Making authentic, emotional declarations from your heart is important. And as you speak this truth you’ll soon come to see what that means for you and how life will evolve in support of it. We’ve been collecting things long enough. It’s time to share and be ready to responsibly accept your role you’ve been dreaming of having.

Our wonderful Scorpio director is bringing to “light” some new ways to express ourselves so that we may “illuminate” the stage of life we have so beautifully chosen to experience and share. Remember however, it isn’t a dress rehearsal, as this IS the show, so be mindful as to how you want to exercise your choices so that the performance given is consistent with the core of who you are soulfully, AND is in alignment with the values and spiritual beliefs that you have chosen as your experience in this life.

Things are in process of shifting and so the best you can do is to give your best in each moment. And even though things may not make sense yet and are still unfolding, from the old being repatterned as they are processing through you, just by being willing to show up on the stage of life with all of you, you will find yourself gifted in support from the Universe with a standing ovation for your courage and vulnerability to show up and “be” you.

As Astrologer Patricia Liles shares, “Practice letting your head bow to your heart and open to the lessons of loving what is.”


Buddha in the Moon – Elephant Journal

Tomorrow, 5/14, is also Wesak – a Holy day with inner significance – which in the East marks a celebration of Gautama Buddha’s birth, attainment of Buddhahood, and His departure from the outer physical body. It is a day of reunion, pilgrimage, and joyful expectancy, which is celebrated as a festival that focuses on good virtues of kindness and generosity to all living things. Sutras are chanted in unison by monks and there are candle light processions, as well as decorative celebrations of Buddhist monasteries with flowers, Buddhist flags, and lanterns.

If you’d like to join in the sacred honoring that reflects your own inner Buddha nature and consciousness journey, while actively supporting the intensities and shifts experienced, you may find Deva Premal and Miten’s FREE brand new 21-Day Meditation Journey to be of benefit. It’s a wonderful way to help create change on a DNA and soul level by intentfully chanting sacred and potent Mantras. This begins on tomorrow’s Full Moon in Scorpio of the 14th of May.

You can sign up for free here to join me and thousands of others across the globe in collective synergy:

21-Day Meditation Journey

Love, blessings, and graceful flow to you.


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