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Magick Monterey

20160123_160702_resized.jpgYesterday we spent the day in Monterey.

After the powerful dream I had the night before last, meeting the God of the Sea, Neptune, the day felt like a freeing gift for my courage.

monterey (15)monterey (12)monterey (13)monterey (14)Full rainbow that lasted a half an hour, sea lions, sea otters, dolphins, Whale Fest, history, and of course vegan yums.

Some days you just feel like you’ve made leaps and yesterday was one of them.

monterey (21)monterey (22).jpgEach time I wanted to manifest seeing something, it happened, right after the giant arching rainbow bridge appeared. All things being framed right below it.

I wanted to see sea lions. There they were.

monterey (7)Both at the end of Coast Guard Pier and all along the edge of the beach and rocks feeding. I’d never seen the colonies of sea lions in groups of like 20 or 30 that swim together as they feed. There were several groups all feeding as such with pelicans and cormorants all around.monterey (23)

Once we saw them I said now I just want to see sea otters, and literally 2 seconds after that one popped up from having gathered lunch.

monterey (25).jpgWe sat watching him for quite a while…so much fun and such flow. And more continued showing up after that along the sea weed beds.monterey (3)monterey (5)

Dolphins would be nice too I thought.

Then two dolphins appeared right near the beach in an area of sea otters and sea lions.

Monterey is so richly abundant with sea life.monterey (16)monterey (11)

It was all such a gift.

monterey (20).jpgWe spent a little time exploring the piers and streets lining the waterside.monterey (9).jpg

Saw some artwork and even came upon a sculpture monument dedicated on my birthday two years ago. Another symbol of rebirth and renewal for me?monterey (18).jpgmonterey (19).jpg

Checked out a couple of shops. Picked up some interesting spicy mustards, hot sauces, bbq sauce, and salsas.monterey (1)

And enjoyed brunch at Julia’s Vegetarian Restaurant, which is all vegan and vegetarian and very quaint and sweet. Their menu says, “We feed the creative minority”. 😉monterey (17).jpg

There we had a vegan potato and veggie scramble and a vegan pastry lorraine with their two soups of the day – a veggie and lentil soup and a spicy corn chili. I loved their hot cider with fresh pressed apples, cinnamon, ginger, and clove.monterey (26)

My tummy and whole body and soul were feeling warm and fired up.

On the way back to Moss Landing we stopped at the large fruit and veggie stand in front of the RV park and picked up some things…beautiful oranges, avocados, leeks, potatoes, portabello mushrooms, veggies for the bunnies, and even another thing I’d been wanting to manifest since Malibu when I got the idea – blueberry fig bars. Yum!

And finished off the day with dinner at Haute again enjoying vegan mexican specialties and a walk back under the Full Moon.monterey (6)

This is a lovely little area I know many love and is another great area to check out if you’re looking for places to explore.

Being oceanside for quite some time now….since we moved into the RV actually in October…has been very supportive for cleansing and renewal.

But we are very ready to head to the mountains now and some higher elevation.

Today we say goodbye to the ocean and make our way inland to the forests, mountains, and snow. I’m looking forward to that very much and how the energy will shift.

Ocean Magick Reflections

A beautiful send off from Avila Beach….

From sunrise to bedtime, sea lions were barking all day yesterday. They carry such beautiful medicine: Sea Lion Wisdom

All the ocean creatures were out in playful splendor to say goodbye.

20160121_070024_resizedAnd sunrise right now, before we pack up to leave, is like the colors of the erupting volcano in the book cover I completed while here.20160121_063722_resized

From starfish and oceanside birds, to sea otters and sea lions….Here’s some ocean magick to help you connect with the powerful messages they reflect for you.Avila Beach Sealife (20)Avila Beach Sealife (2)Avila Beach Sealife (1)Avila Beach Sealife (3)Avila Beach Sealife (7)Avila Beach Sealife (4)Avila Beach Sealife (5)Avila Beach Sealife (6)Avila Beach Sealife (8)Avila Beach Sealife (9)Avila Beach Sealife (10)Avila Beach Sealife (11)Avila Beach Sealife (12)Avila Beach Sealife (13)Avila Beach Sealife (14)Avila Beach Sealife (15)Avila Beach Sealife (16)Avila Beach Sealife (17)Avila Beach Sealife (18)Avila Beach Sealife (19)Avila Beach Sealife (21)Avila Beach Sealife (22)Avila Beach Sealife (23)Avila Beach Sealife (24)Avila Beach Sealife (25)Avila Beach Sealife (26)Avila Beach Sealife (27)Avila Beach Sealife (28)Avila Beach Sealife (29)



Eternal Life Celebrated ~ Thank You Nestor For Reminding Me of My Song

tania avila beach

After the morning showers yesterday, the weather turned into a perfect blend of sunshine and mists, but lovely temperatures that had me peeling off my “Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman with a Rabbit” sweatshirt quickly on our stroll.

Although I did work yesterday, I discovered that everything was really focused around Nestor and that it was meant to be a day of celebrating her.

Since this is truly our official new leg of the journey, being out of the OC and LA areas now, it felt aligned that Nestor would want to also celebrate and inaugurate with us.

The number of our RV site also happens to be a #1 in numerology when broken down – new beginnings.rv

Just before lunch we took a walk all along the beach and pier area here. I felt called to take Nestor’s ashes with me and so I had her in my pocket the whole time. I was also feeling out where I would spread a pinch of her ashes, as I felt that this would be a place for that, especially being the kick-off of the journey and due to our having been here together.

The walk was beautiful and again so many animal friends were showing up…from a group of turkey vultures with their transmutational energy and a solo one that seemed to be specifically connecting and wanting closer to me, to some frisky squirrels, playful wiggly sand crabs, and many different varieties of sea birds.20160118_122355_resized20160118_122449_resized20160118_122458_resized20160118_122500_resized20160118_123739_resized20160118_131248_resized20160118_131251_resized

Everything seemed to be lively and playful…including the waves that were crashing on the rocks before me and reaching high in the sky.20160118_121017_resized20160118_120944_resized

I even stopped to take a photo where you can see the terra cotta-colored resort on the hill just behind me to the left, above the beginning of the pier, where I’d stayed with Nestor.tania avila beach3

I held Nestie in my hands.tania avila beach5

It was like I mentioned in my post from two days ago when we first got here “It’s almost like a dimensional doorway transcending time and space where we are sharing the same ocean and looking through it to each other,” as when she was with me she would sit by the open sliding glass door looking out at the ocean in the direction I would have been now.

Synchronously, there was a sign when you first enter the pier that I ended up spreading her ashes from, which I photographed the title of here:


Incredible right?!

We walked from one pier to another, but the timing didn’t feel right. I felt that sunset would be. So Nestor remained in my hands and pocket.20160118_124602_resized20160118_121149_resized20160118_122910_resized20160118_130546_resized

I’ve taken her ashes with me on journeys across the globe where I felt called to spread them in sacred ritual for collective Earth healing. Just a pinch in each place I intuitively got the nudge.

And I feel that along this journey there will be a lot of places I’ll continue to do so.

Several months back I purchased a special Victorian style bottle handmade in the Czech Republic that is emerald green in color like the heart chakra.20151014_094652_resized

It happens to also be a pendant on a chain you can wear. I searched high and low to find the right little bottle that would securely seal, but that would also so regally honor Nestor’s energy.20151014_094645_resized

I have felt called to put some of her ashes in the bottle to keep with/wear on me always, as I felt that eventually the rest of her ashes would go back to the Earth in service for a higher good. And only what fit in the bottle would remain with me.

I’ve had this bottle for months, as shared, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I felt called to fill it here in Avila Beach.

And so I did very gingerly with a tiny funnel and with a slow methodical process so as not to lose any of her ashes and to be respectful.

One tiny piece got stuck in the funnel near the end so I put my lips to the top and blew. I then had a light coating of dust on my lips and felt the sweetness of that…like kissing sweet Nestor and us merging.

After the process was complete I decided to let Joy and Cosmo connect with Nestor’s ashes, as they have both worked with her out of body.20160118_144555_resized20160118_144835_resized

It was interesting to see how they sat quietly and nosed the bottle, then just seemed to be honoring her.

I continued to do my work, which included painting something that was Cosmically connected – how perfect – until right before sunset.

I wore my pendant with Nestor’s ashes at my heart.

I then knew it was time.

So we walked to the first pier, which is the one I felt was where I wanted to spread her ashes from the end of it into the ocean.

It was now chilly, so back on my rabbit sweatshirt went, but everything was aligned.

As we got on the pier this display from the sunset is what appeared suddenly and vibrantly in fluorescent pink. On no other evening recently have we seen a sky like this at sunset. Sunsets have been mostly subdued and soft and without display like sunrises have been.20160118_172031_resized

But the pink shot up and arched across the sky behind the mountains, creating a bridge from Sky to Earth.

It jutted out from near the rock called Smith Island (curving in formation that points in direction from/to Morro Bay) and even played with the Moon.20160118_172315_resized

Morro Bay is just on the other side of this rock, directly in line with where I was on the pier, and the whole area is quite magickal.20160118_172040_resized20160118_172511_resized

I knew Nestor was so strongly with us and even the pier was full of sea lions barking that had come to rest on floaters surrounding it in the ocean.20160118_172301_resized

They were also below the walkway of the pier, which we were able to climb stairs down to and literally watch them from just 6 to 7 feet away all snuggled in for the night.20160118_172434_resized20160118_173253_resized20160118_173228_resized

What a celebration of life.

I got so excited like a giddy Faery and made my way to the end of the pier where I did a little blessing and intention for the Earth and spread a pinch of Nestie over the water.

It was such a joyous and light experience. I was smiling wide inside and out.

Nestor lives on vibrantly in every experience I have and in every part of life in and around me.

When we recognize this truth, the reflections become more profound.

It was such a difference from other times in the past without hint of mourning anymore or sadness, but simply love, playfulness, celebration, gratitude, and joy.

A new experience has emerged from the integration I’ve embraced.

A new story has been written.

A new journey has begun.

And it is a journey that vibrantly celebrates eternal life within all experiences and at each point in the cycle.

Nestor reminds me to sing my song courageously from the heart and live life out loud, as the expression of All That Is that I Am.

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