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Land Fill Harmonic

I posted this video on my Facebook page a little while back, but when I saw my dear friend Laura Bruno posting it this morning, I was like, “Yes! That is such a timely video/message worth reposting.” I love the empowering and inspirational symbolism that it shares. Not only is it literally so beautifully demonstrative of our creative potentials when nurtured, but also is an example of working at the deepest levels with the challenges and old rubble and turning it into new energy and beauty that has far-reaching effects. Pure alchemy at work and integrative healing that “sees” the light in all things. Not only is music so healing, but it bridges and unites, as it is a universal language, just like the heart of love it is created from. ❤

Laura Bruno's Blog

Wow! This is one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen and heard in a long time. It’s like a bija mantra or seed sound with ripples of implications into so many areas. Thanks to RMN for this inspirational and poignant piece!

A note from the Land Fill Harmonic below the YouTube video:

“If you liked the teaser, will you consider a small pledge of $1 to help make this project a reality? For more info, please visit: | If we all join together for small amounts, big things are possible…”

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