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Back Home in the Mountain Forests

20160124_164757Yesterday we came to rest at 3144 elevation in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains surrounded by the forest.

Just driving up the highway – an old passageway for me back when I lived in Lake Tahoe and Reno to visit Laura for Faery feasts and fun and the way to finding Joy and crystal friends – was invigorating and feeling like I was home again.20160124_154915

We’re now in an area called Dutch Flat, which is a good place to be without getting too high in elevation and snow, since we don’t have the RV winterized, yet still can be in the forest and mountain energy and close enough to drive in to where ever we feel called.

I’ll also be able to visit my family in Reno.

We had a glitch with our towing mechanism yesterday – maybe a fuse, which was good to happen before actually getting on our way – so rather than take a chance I drove the SUV and Dave drove the RV.20160124_143740

It was actually a really cool perspective and with me behind, I felt like the strong anchor and guardian, protecting my home and family…safely getting them to our next landing.

20160124_151403And I was actually sending energy all along the way – to guide them, as well as to infuse everyone’s hearts with peace that were inside the RV.

I also enjoyed driving on my own, as it reminded me of the many drives I used to do, which gave me time for a lot of reflection and receiving of insights.

I saw over 60 hawks along the drive…I lost count. I wondered if anyone else paid attention to these magnificent ones that were perched in both visible and not so visible ways. Like a hawk, my eyes locked on to them easily. And of course I wasn’t surprised, as a hawk is part of a sacred tattoo design I’m creating today.

It was our longest drive so far, as we’ve been taking our time in increments so as not to do more than 2 – 3 hours at a time…yesterday was about 6 hours with a stop at a rest area to make lunch.

Kind of a lot for the little ones, yet we felt a straight shoot and not stopping just for a day somewhere we didn’t really want to be made more sense. Plus, we really just wanted to get to the mountains.






It was worth it, as I was really craving being in the forest and mountains and it ended up as lovely as I had hoped. Everyone is really happy.20160124_164603.jpg

The park is very quiet with mostly full timers living here and we got to choose our site, which is by itself surrounded by trees and has a trail literally steps behind it.20160124_165231

After settling in last evening, I prepared a homemade vegan potato leek soup from the produce I picked up at the veggie stand in Moss Landing. That felt like the perfect cozy meal to enjoy for our first chilly night in the forest.20160124_210918_resized

We will be in the outlying area of Lake Tahoe and Reno for the next three weeks, but my schedule is pretty full between designs, clients, prep for one of the first private retreats taking place at our next forest stop, end of the month stuff and February’s newsletter preparation, and visiting with both my family and Dave’s family who are coming up for our yearly ski trip week. Woo!

All of that mixed in with the day-to-day and some balance of nature time for ourselves hiking and snow shoeing, etc., will make for quite the full experience. We’ll see how much I can blog, although I usually put aside my mornings for emails and blogging, alongside caring for the babies.20160124_164658

So I don’t have the ability to do any other private retreats in this area, as the only time I could, has been filled.

Again, that is on a first come first serve basis, so for anyone who has placed a deposit or is thinking of creating one of these with me, you’ll need to please make your desires known as to the type of locations and the time of year preference so that I can arrange putting days aside for you.

I didn’t plan it as such, but today is a special day, which I’ll share in a short separate post.

I’m so grateful to be here and to celebrate this day in such a perfect place.

20160124_170748For those of you who share a love for trees, the forest, and mountains, I hope these images are inspiring and invigorating for you, perhaps solidifies a calling you have to go visit the mountains too, and will light the fire within you to do so.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” ~John Muir

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