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Raw Honesty May Deepen the Bliss Into Actualization and Full Embodiment

shaman-heart-lemurianI’ve consistently been receiving information that something is missing from a lot of what I’m experiencing from others out there. This is a constant message that comes through and is what I have been discussing with close colleague, and touching upon in conversations and classes. I’ve also been sharing snippets in my posts and likely will continue to expand and reiterate this topic, as it feels so important to me to share.

The theme is around really living the ideas, not just talking about it, being able to throw out intellectually grand metaphysical explanations and “key” words, or inadvertently pretending to live it.

What I share may not be mainstream thought in the spiritual realm, but I have to share what I am feeling and experiencing. And given that I have my own 25 + years of experience in this realm, I do recognize the traps and the processes, since I have gone through them myself.

shaman-heart-lemurian3So, what I’ve been observing, feeling, and hearing from people is a lot of all the “so-called right words”, (and this comes from some of both spiritual leaders and the New Age community) but on an authentic energetic level, which is where my heart immediately pierces through to, I can feel there is simply something missing. The consistency and depth is lost in translation and staying stuck on the surface. People are looking like and talking the information, and even have moments of bliss, but it’s a bliss that seems to be more induced or trance-like, rather than in full conscious and deepened embodiment.

The mental faculties of concepts are all there and the fast forwarding to a Unity consciousness too, but the core foundation and deepening of this into integrated fullness is lacking. Therefore, this is also why many New Agers are unable to fully manifest and instead spend a lot of time in the bliss states and in the upper chakras solely.

There is no right or wrong in any of this, yet when I hear people coming to me with the same challenges, don’t embrace the answers they asked for, talk in metaphysical circles they aren’t aware they are doing, are having unyielding struggles, are unsatisfied when parts of their life are not in full operation to their liking despite them saying they’ve done what they have learned to do through their studies, reading, and workshops, are having things seemingly hit them out of nowhere that they thought they had already processed and healed, or find themselves leading two different lives where they experience a tug-o-war inside themselves between the part that knows and the part that can’t integrate it, then that is pointing to an opportunity in your evolution to another part of your experience to look at and embrace.

shaman-heart-lemurian4We each have our own experience so, again, there isn’t any wrong or right, nor anything in particular to attain to, unless you specifically have a desire and intention you are trying to create and find yourself unhappy or unfulfilled. Life is experience for experience sake – all of the so-called icky and nice – it’s all perfect. And, what works for one is not the same for others, and I do believe we are moving into a time where things are much easier and can happen quickly. It all depends on you.

But if you, yourself, behind closed doors, or when you approach a friend or help you’ve sought out, are not happy and intending for something more, then maybe there is something being overlooked.

And that being said, I get the sense of some new structures being built upon old and weak foundations and feeling many are “faking” it through and not even realizing it, which is taking up much more energy than simply coming back down to Earth and into the body and emotions to really move the energy through in its entirety – not just stopping at the mental level. It also is about coming into the truth and not hiding from yourself anymore, nor placing blame elsewhere.

There is an energetic, nonverbal portion of experience that sends out its own frequency and it may be very different than the frequency some “think” they are emanating from the place of bliss they have learned to maintain and feed. Sensitives will pick up on this immediately and feel that there’s something not consistent in the delivery and what they sense from you.

This has to do with how many use spirituality to avoid things like the shadow aspects, fears, and pains – called “spiritual bypassing”, how it is possible to lose yourself behind “spiritual fluff” or to over-dose on positivity without integrative grounding as a means of avoiding and repressing your inner truth and, ultimately, your inclusive Divinity being revealed, and how you may be convincing yourself you are beyond something and yet perhaps all you have done was run the other way or are just regurgitating what you “think” you should say or do spiritually, but without having fulling embodied the essence of what that truly means.

shaman-heart-lemurian5So yes, what comes hand-in-hand with this theme is not just about speaking truth to others, but in being completely honest with ourselves – and this can be done with humor and gentleness, so as to make the process one of fun rather than punishment.

If you keep having a recurring challenge come up, couldn’t it just be possible you are missing the mark that is something you don’t want to look at and address? Could it be that at this point in the game, there isn’t anything or anyone anymore to blame, and really it is that you’ve shifted that energy onto yourself and attacking yourself, but out of avoidance of responsibility are unable to acknowledge this, as this would mean your life would shift?

That can be very scary for some people to know they now have to live up to the highest potential and wholeness that they are innately. So many fears surround this, even ones we don’t want to admit, as how could you possibly be afraid to step into your fullness?

The fact is, nearly everyone is, or has been at some point in their life. But once they do step into it, they realize how silly it was to have ever lived anything but from that truth and wholeness. We fear that which we can’t see, or what it means in terms of the changes that would need to be made that alter the lives we have become accustomed to accepting, even if uncomfortable. It’s easier to do known maintenance, than to explore a whole new world of adventure where each moment is unknown.

So it is easier to project onto things and people than to actually say, “Yes, I’m the one keeping me from me.” If you’ve done everything and you know it all already, then what else might it be?

Again, there is no fault in this. It’s just truth shining its unconditional love on you saying, “Come into the light fully. You are Divine. You are loved and always will be. You’ve done nothing wrong, but it’s now time to live in the light of you.”

We have to be willing to let our ego and stubbornness step aside, to truly have courage to “see” and embrace what we ingeniously are hiding from. It isn’t enough to say, “Yes, I know that”. If we truly did, then there wouldn’t be an issue, would there? There is a slight, sometimes so subtle perception, acceptance, release, altering, that can make the difference. And indeed that can sometimes be to say, “I don’t have all the answers” and “I’m the one self-sabotaging myself”.

This is a subject I feel very passionately about from that Universal place of seeing everyone in their wholeness. I honor where everyone is in their own chosen evolutionary experience and I honor the truth you feel in your heart. But I also honor the parts you may not see and that you’ve shared are not fulfilled, and it is from this place that I share this so that one day it might open an inner dialogue within that begins a new journey of exploration for you.

This post is one, as I shared, that is based on an important theme message that keeps channeling through to me, but was inspired by a crystal friend whose energy speaks to the heart of this and the process.

Yesterday, I was sharing a crystal with a friend that was interested in any new crystals I may have available. I hadn’t yet put it in my shop, until this morning. Because of the inner promptings and the fact this crystal’s energy was brought into my awareness yesterday, I felt this was another nudge to write on this topic. The crystal that I’m sharing is a supportive tool to all of this and more.

shaman-heart-lemurian6It is called a Shaman Heart Lemurian and it is an amazing being that I adore and honor, but definitely only for a soul ready to really embark on a powerful journey without fear and to honestly face the necessary steps to bring everything you “know” into actualization. This is a time for no longer just talking about something. It’s about walking the walk. This crystal being will help access that transmutation if you are willing to really put your fears behind you.

Shaman Heart Lemurian Properties:

These unassuming looking Lemurians call to those who are ready to take the next step in the process of integrating higher consciousness on Earth by grounding it for expression in our lives and bodies. Shaman Heart Lemurian Seeds from Brazil activate the connection between spiritual consciousness and the powerhouse of light energy within the human heart.

The Smokey Quartz reflected in the base, as well as the iron and lithium on their surface, help these stones to bring higher frequencies down into the heart, then express them through the lower chakras into our physical reality. They also allow access to the higher frequencies more typical of Lemurian Seed crystals. Instead of simply sending you “out there,” however, they assist in the integration of higher frequencies on a physical level and are therefore very useful for those who wish to express these higher frequencies through their everyday activities and, especially, for those in the process of changing their life structures to reflect a higher awareness of their path.

The Shaman Heart Lemurian is one way we can support the process of integration and deepen that into “embodying” the higher frequencies you have come to love, in a way that encapsulates the full picture and will support you into “living” the concepts and manifesting your desires.

If you are interested in this piece and the courageous journey of integration it can support you with, you can find it in my Etsy Shop, Crystal Illumination, here:

Shaman Heart Lemurian

This crystal is one of many ways we can support the process of integrating all parts of ourselves in alignment and consistency – to really “be” that which we speak of enduringly, and not just momentarily.

If this post speaks to you, wonderful. And if not, that’s perfect too. But do pay attention to the subtle feelings you feel when you read it, as if you find something triggering you, listen to the words you say when that happens, and the feelings you feel when it does, and then do with it as you may.

Always honoring you in your wholeness only. ❤

Bitter Sweet Journeys – The Last of the L.O.V.E. Seeds Move On

We just connected and are about to send off our last 3 magical Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds. These amazing crystal friends have been such a joy for us to help find new homes for. It is sort of a bitter sweet end seeing our very last ones off, being that we have nurtured these little ones to prepare and support them for their missions. What an honor it has been to facilitate their journeys.

It has been the same for each of the crystalline beings that we have assisted on to their new keepers. We see them moving on quite rapidly in this time of shifts. Another piece that was quite moving for me to assist to its new keeper was the giant Smokey Quartz I have posted before.

Giant Smokey Quartz

I was both excited and teary-eyed to see off the giant and most amazing Smokey Quartz (which many were not only drawn to, but received healings and openings just by his photos) to his new friend just this Monday. I know that he is going to an amazing soul to do some extraordinary work, and that fills my heart with joy. At the same time I was saying good bye to a beautiful friend, seeing him off on his next adventure! Full circle giving and receiving is the bestest!

And when we are in our hearts always, this naturally takes place.

Having one each ourselves of the L.O.V.E. seeds, Allison and I are ecstatic to be connected with the whole collective family of 50 friends we started off with. It’s been such a beautiful experience all around. Thank you to all who have honored the calling and for welcoming these powerful beings into heart and home.

Each crystal has their own unique energy resonance and are equally as powerful in their own way. It is best to let your intuitive heart guide you in choosing, as aesthetics do not necessarily mirror what is for your highest good.  

If you are in love with the Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds we do have a limited quantity of them available as pendulums. For those taking our Pendulum 101 class on 10/21 you may be interested in purchasing the one you work with during class. You can order your L.O.V.E. Seed pendulum here: Pendulums

Much love to all who have shared the journey with these 50 amazing Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds. 

A Magickal Journey of Healing Activation in Lake Tahoe and Reno

Lake Tahoe

I just returned from a long weekend to visit my family and places close to my heart. I was excited both to return and to share with friends for the first time. It had been a while since visiting Reno and Lake Tahoe (two places I used to live – Reno for a year and Lake Tahoe for 3 years – before moving back to Southern California), other than the quickie, whirlwind trip I made in the Spring to pick up my paintings and some items my parents were storing for me, with Allison (partner in Joyful Earth Crystals). I have found that the Reno/Tahoe area is one of those energy vortex areas similar to Sedona that will either draw you in or spit you out and you either resonate with it or you don’t. Laura Bruno and I have both experienced this and for a while she was actually banished from Reno. (Laura and I met in Reno, while I was living in Tahoe and she in Reno, but we both have lived in both areas in N. Nevada, including have both lived in Sedona and Seattle and California – we seem to be on the same trajectory) I loved living both in Reno and Tahoe, but especially have missed Lake Tahoe, since on the last trip there with Allison, we were only allowed to come in, get my stuff and quickly exit before a major storm was hitting that would have trapped us. Even when we first landed that time, the sky was so ominous and it wasn’t inviting as it usually energetically is.

Allison and I, second day at Lake Tahoe on the floating pier

So I was never able to show Allison my beloved Lake Tahoe on that trip, nor spend time there, since I’d moved. So I’ve been anxious to return indeed. That all changed this last weekend and the energy was completely different! In fact, it seems Lake Tahoe did not want me leaving, period.

I love visiting my family, as I am very close to them and actually lived at home until I was 29 (and even returned to living with them briefly around 31). We have a very different dynamic to our family and while it has its interesting twists, turns and challenges, we have this bond and unspoken commitment to work together on stuff – at first, the parents teaching the kids and in our late teens to early twenties having that reverse.

My parent’s house front yard – a mini castle in faery land

back of house from the rock garden

My parents run the best unofficial B & B there is. They have a lovely Zen feeling home, all Feng Shui by my mom and brother with beautiful front and back faery yards, between a view of Mt. Rose and the Sierra Nevadas and the Virginia Range its nestled up against. Another lovely gift their home provides is the ability to connect with the wild mustangs that roam down from the Virginia Range, right through the wash beside and behind their home and all along the marshlands that surround them. We were blessed on this trip, twice, to see one of the groups of wild mustangs – 6 of them – that wander through. So beautiful! My mom is a great cook, and although not vegan, she always makes us awesome vegan meals, makes sure to stock up on things we need for our smoothies and snacks, and they even got a beautiful vegan chocolate cake with raspberry filling from Whole Foods for their 44th Anniversary so that we could all celebrate with yummyness. (Our trip this time happened to coincide with their anniversary, which was very cool.) And my parents home is a sanctuary to our beloved little ones who are no longer physically with us – Nestor and Chuck – as my parents have all of their photos in the family room (including photos of Joy and Gaia, their current grandchildren), Chuck has a special burial in the yard, and Nestor’s photos can be found in several rooms. 🙂

back yard with rock garden and view of mt. rose and sierra nevadas

meditating frog statue in garden that i gave my parents

some of the many gorgeous flowers in the faery rock garden – these were my favorite

Chuck’s special burial ground memorial

some of beautiful flowers my dad picks daily to make lovely bouquets for the house – he loves cultivating his garden and mom works the energies, loving to connect with her faery friends

Nestie, Joy, Gaia, and Chuck – all of my parent’s grandchildren being honored on their library shelves in the family room (I love how you can see some of the many New Age books my mom has that they are near. I see atlantis, numerology and crystal bible – the rest are on the upper shelves)

Peacock and Buddha statue entry – I loved how the glass front door to the house showed in the peacock painting, like a secret portal within and how my left side appears coming from that glass portal doorway as i take the photo

wild mustangs at sunset in the wash just behind and to side of parent’s house

wild mustangs walking through the wash pass by house

group of 6 mustangs greeting us in the morning. the stallion stays ahead to watch out for the group

Our trip kicked off with a couple of days traveling up and around the lake, since it’s only about 45 minutes (or less, by Tania mountain driving time) from my parent’s home and easy to drive to, and ended, as it began, in Reno. We enjoyed an awesome lunch of creative, vegan sushi and did some hiking, then time spent down by the water to connect with the energy. Allison and I split off from our partners to go to the water’s edge and relax for a bit, before we all headed to the Shakespeare festival that evening at Sand Harbor, which is a cool outdoor venue with the lake as the backdrop. There ended up being reason for us to be there alone.

vegan sushi and key

I was so happy to show her one of my spots I love and to dip my feet and legs in the refreshing and magical waters. Faery sparkles lit up the water’s surface, as usual. The lake was very beautiful and just as I remembered her. We were down by the water not long before I discovered my parent’s car key was gone. Interestingly, when we were at the sushi place in Incline Village, I had taken a photo of one of the yummy rolls and the car key, unintentionally ended up in the photo. I jokingly posted it on facebook, saying “the key to yummyness.” This same key turned out to be the key to much more!

I had placed the key on the rock while taking in the lake and when we got up it disappeared, even though it sat right next to our two cell phones and they were still there, but no key. Simultaneously, a wave had come in from a passing boat and so it seems the waters swallowed up the key. We looked and looked, even with the help of others that were around, but to no avail. It likely is trapped in crevices of the rocks under the water where we could not see or reach. It became clear the lake was sending me a message – she did not want me to leave and where last time we were kept away from her, this time we were being held her willing captives. 🙂 A very powerful sign for me indeed.

Allison and I at Lake Tahoe – Hexagon energy and orb on and coming off of me

I had to call my parents to save us – requiring them to drive up and down the mountain just to bring us a spare key, but they did and in the process of waiting we had more time with the lake and chances to take some photos that revealed some interesting energies indeed, once Chris (Allison’s hubby) joined us by taking a taxi to where we were.

As you can see in these photos, there is a very clear hexagon energy that appears on my torso with an orb of light coming off of it. It seems to move from these two photos, but the photo taken directly after it shows nothing. We noticed that several photos taken at the lake over the two days displayed some interesting energies.

Close up of the Hexagon and orb energy on and around me – this is the second photo taken and you can see how it moved from it’s more centered-on-me position in the previous photo

this is the third photo taken after the first two with hexagon and orb, but as you can see, it is now gone.

The lake has always been very magickal and healing for me during some of the most major time periods of my life. One full moon, when my mom came to visit me, she and I had gone down to the lake at nearly midnight following her arrival from the airport, and we did a special sacred ceremony for Nestor who had recently passed. We spread a tiny bit of her ashes in the lake (something I have done at many of the sacred energy vortex places in the world where I have traveled to imbue her magic into the Earth and to assist healing and activation through these energy spots with our depth of connection and her very potent energy). So the lake is alive with Nestor’s energy, along with the both powerful and calming energy she already possesses. I get the sense this hexagon energy somehow is connected with her and even shows up in a pale blue color – blue being a color connected with her and me.

me and my beloved lake tahoe – see how the energy coming off of my crown chakra looking like the faery sparkles on the water are radiating towards it or from it

I can’t begin to tell you how lovely it feels to sit by the water and have my feet in it. Very healing indeed and a healing actually did take place.

I’ve written about breaking my foot twice over the last several months and experiencing tailbone issues that I never have in the 11 years since breaking my tailbone. I knew it was connected to things I have been processing and integrating, along with all the shifts and energies currently taking place that are recalibrating and affecting our bodies. But this new daily pain from (in terms of physical trigger explanation) what seemed to be compression and it being either out of place, not healed properly, etc. (coccydynia it’s called that can create excruciating pains and problems from sitting down, getting up and any sitting/laying maneuvers that put pressures on the coccyx area) has been a last reminder of energies to focus on.

I had been working on the other levels to integrate and balance the issue and even had a special cushion to sit on to assist physically, as I don’t let anything bring me down or prevent me from living my life and doing what I am here to do. Not even my foot stopped me and it now is completely healed after I’ve integrated the energy behind it. I was ready to try physical things to help my tailbone, very reluctantly I might say, as I just didn’t really want to go that route unless I needed to. My plan was to look into either acupuncture or chiropractic support and had just gotten info from Allison on a good acupuncturist in the area to contact when back from this trip. Secretly though, I was not liking the idea and intending I wouldn’t have to go.

Well, it seemed I got my wish. As for now, it appears that I have received a miraculous 360 with it, just from the one visit where I lost the key. I didn’t notice it until we went to the Shakespeare show and were sitting in the plastic chairs on the sand hill. Not the most comfortable chairs and to top it off mine was sitting half flat and on a rise. Normally something like this without my special cushion would be very bad for my tailbone and getting up would have been horrible pain. But when we did get up, I was suddenly amazed to find I had no pain. And this continued on the drive home – no pain.

allison and i goofing off at the waterfall in above emerald bay – see a rainbow energy to the left of me

we took several shots and the energy persisted but moved – see how it now is more golden and has moved directly over us and in that root chakra area – notice we haven’t moved our position, but the energy has. the energy here over the root chakra, the previous hexagons over my lower torso area overlapping the lower chakras – definitely something assisting my healing

111!! activate and manifest! – i didn’t notice how bizarre this photo of me was until a good friend of mine on facebook pointed out that it was weird how this photo makes it appear i have no tattoos and how odd that is, since they have become so much a part of me. very strange! i even look different energetically in this photo. hmmmm

The next day we visited the lake again, spending time all around it to show Allison and Chris the lake since they never have experienced it, and I took some time just for me to sit with my legs in the water at the end of the floating pier bar of the Lone Eagle connected with the Hyatt in Incline Village. We even got to explore an area I hadn’t where a waterfall was at Emerald Bay, which was beautiful. So that was great and we managed to get some shots there that showed some more energies. Allison also took a fall for me, as we climbed down some rocks to get to the waterfall. If I had gone first, we both feel I may have easily slipped like she did and either hurt my foot or tailbone again, but she went first and buffered the fall more than I likely would have. Thank you Allison! And again, after the whole day of driving and sitting, still none of the compression pain. Of course I kept testing it and rocking back and forth on my butt to see what was up. 😉 But the regular daily feelings I had experienced for months had disappeared.

I have noticed that it seems an adjustment naturally took place, as there is only a tiny bit of bruising kind of feeling, but it has moved in its location and it is not a pain or compression feeling. So it seems, for now, my tailbone is in its process of integrating and balancing this new healing it has received. yay!

kayaking through the tahoe waters and prehistoric stones – view from my vantage point at head of the kayak

Needless to say, the time we all spent at the lake was really wonderful and made me realize how much I love and miss it. Allison and I both found very similar stones, each on our own while stone hunting at a beach we all kayaked to, so we each took a little Tahoe home with us. Kayaking the lake waters was amazing and I just loved the refreshing, silky feel of the water on my skin and to be on the water itself. Reminds me time and time again just how much of a water sign – Pisces – I am and that I belong in and on it. I used to dream of and intend to live on a boat, as sea sickness is not something I ever experience and to be in a floating mode all the time, is so natural to me. Perhaps that intention will one day come true, like it almost did twice before. The first time the thought came to me was when I lived in Sedona and I have found that many things that have come to me while living there, have been telling of future things. Who knows!

I was so happy that Allison and Chris had a chance to connect with my brother while visiting too. He provided them mini astrological readings about their personal placements in their charts, as well as other information and entertainment. LOL! They would be up until 2 or 3 am each night receiving downloads of infos (I had to get to bed earlier and not stick around like I normally would, as I could tell how much I was processes, healing, and integrating things, which was making my body need extra rest and feeling depleted from the previous week and these super highs I kept getting with rushes of massive energy that would be like an amped up batter charge boost. Then I’d kind of energetically crash like my computer and cell – another reminder for the need of nourishment, rest and balance while all these varying degrees of energy waves roll in and out). It was all meant to be, as I feel it was important for Allison and Chris to connect and receive the information from my brother and that for me, I needed to be doing my inner processing in dream time.

The first night we were there was the only night I stayed up really late. I stayed up until 2:30am with my mom and brother discussing energetic things that I also feel were tied to the Root Chakra/tailbone stuff and that by my going to even greater depths in reiterating and realizing things in order to share with them (my mom in particular) I feel that that also aided in my healing process with my tailbone. Along with the Lake energies and whatever the hexagon energy on my torso was connected with, and feelings of integration and balance for the entire trip that I was working with – these all made for quite an experience. I found myself holding balancing energy and helping to shift energies. I also became extremely wiped out from all the intensities of things transforming. I have also been finding more and more magick than normal taking place and my intuition getting stronger and more clear. This is definitely a time to follow nudges, as alignments are taking place more than ever. Allison has also been experiencing this, as of late. (Synchronously, I had everyone pull a tarot card on the onset of us all coming together the first night, to set the stage for where our energies were at, and I pulled the Justice card #11 – equilibrium, harmony, restoration of balance, neutrality, order restored, accountability, integrity, carefully considered choices, clear vision – themes I was energetically working with). The ability to find “peace in chaos,” is a theme and motto I always say.

my lovely smokey quartz heart

We definitely all received a lot of activations and empowering new perspectives and experiences, relative to each, and upon our last day we visited a favorite crystal store where we each were drawn to one special crystal that called to us to take home. (Actually, Dave got two cool fossil stones, millions of years old) Mine is this lovely smokey quartz heart with amazing rainbows throughout (only one pictured here). Seemed perfect, as among other things, smokey quartz is good for strengthening adrenals (always been an issue for me), balances, is mildly sedative and relaxing, initiates movement of kundalini, dissipates and subconscious blocks, grounds, centers, great for meditation, dream awareness and channeling abilities, and is connected with the root, naval and solar plexus.  🙂

My brother and I had talked a lot about the lower chakras, but the Root in particular and how important these energies are to integrative healing and is a piece that many forget in their quest for spiritual awareness. Reconnecting with the “Root” of who we are on deep levels and understanding the energies of this Chakra can help to liberate us.

beautiful tahoe meadows

faery fields – tahoe meadows

yay faery land! – tahoe meadows

ahhhh lovely – tahoe meadows

path way to the otherworld – tahoe meadows – love the energy on the right of path that showed in the grass – faeries welcoming me as i enter!

baby tree sprouting – yay!

just breathtaking this faery meadow is

this tree was so awesome up at lake tahoe – reminds me of the Ents in Lord of the Rings – ancient shepherds of the forest and allies of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth during the War of the Ring – talking tree entities – this one was so alive and ready to walk forward – notice his two arms – one extended to the left and one curved and raised to the sky

I was happy that Allison and Chris got a chance to experience and see everything, including having the wild mustangs come visit the house twice – yay! For me, I wish the trip could have been extended, but at the same time, I feel the time spent there and all that took place was perfect in every way. I do hope to return again and spend more time in the faery garden of my parent’s home and up at the lake and in the faery forests. I was happy to hike Tahoe Meadows the morning before we left. Truly a gorgeous faery land, as you can see from the photos. Lake Tahoe and the mountains and forests surrounding are truly one of the most beautiful and magickal places in the world and energetically one of the resonating spots for me.

Upon returning I am inspired with new energy to finish a tattoo for a special client I have been working on in pieces. I have not rushed it, as I have learned to do, as I know the energies I experience and timely shifts assist in the creation process. Same goes for the #5 painting that has been sitting waiting in unfinished form for the last 3 weeks. I now know I can finish it as well and the energy received, was what has been needed from my last two trips to mountain/lake/forest areas in Tahoe and Big Bear.

I will continue to work on the integration and balancing energies, which do ultimately assist in helping one to thrive in any experience no matter what and to diffuse anything that is presented to us as well. I believe my little smokey quartz heart will be assisting this process to work through my heart and clear remnants of things to continue moving forward in wholeness, rather than with any feet or parts left behind in another reality that is not the one I am intent on continuing to create and experience.

Love and Magick to everyone!!!

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