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A Little Full Moon Snake Dream Activation

snakeI hope everyone is doing their best to absorb the Cancer Full Moon’s supportive energy, as you move through change and learn to embody more of your authenticity and live from your personal frequency at its highest.

It’s been unusually warm here and continues to feel like a lot of mystery and potency is thick in the air. That sense of pending “something” has been the seed space where I draw my inspirational guidance and nurtured faith from.

This is a post about a personal experience from last night that I share in case any of you also find the symbolism I speak of to also be showing up for you in your own unique way, and also to express the power of Reiki and intention.

I had a particularly average “Tania” day yesterday and did do a few distant Reiki sessions that happened to fall on the Full Moon, which added to their own potency. I then ended my work day with my own Reiki Healing Attunement, which I like to do for myself now and then, but on Full Moons as well, since I have a strong connection with the Moon.

I focused intention on several things, much of the time the intentions are more symbolic in essence and carry a range of meaning with them. I like to focus on the essence of intentions because it then has the ability to create an outcome that would be of highest good to all, rather than me limiting it.

Anyway, as usual, a couple of the things instantly started manifesting, (it’s 11:11 as I wrote that 🙂 – I took a break for lunch before ending this post) and one of them got carried over into dream work/experiencing time, which is where a lot of powerful things are processed, integrated, and put into action, since there is no separation between waking and dreaming hours.

I love the one particular dream from last night that I clearly remember, as it directly was linked to one of my intentions – that of “My Voice is Strong”.

This has multiple layers of meaning for me, but in essence speaks to empowering my own personal frequency expression, which I believe so strongly in, as being an important key to cultivate so as to live by example and be of greatest benefit to the collective. Your individual “voice” needs to be heard. And understanding, knowing, revealing, and sharing its individual resonance with the world, however that channels through your unique gifts, is vital and valuable. And you learn who you are as a self within this collective web, when you heal from the inside out and discover what it feels to truly be you without the conditioning learned.

What happened next in my dream (or what I feel to be another dimensional reality of my total experience that melds with waking life) I am so grateful for, as the symbolism and experience is more than I could have hoped to create. The dream was very clear and very real. Without going into detail, basically there were a lot of snakes showing up around me, but they would show up one at a time and they seemed to have an agenda, which was me. 🙂

It wasn’t a threatening feeling however, although they were all venomous snakes. They seemed to be different Asps, which come from the Nile region of Egypt (a very key element for me in association with the intent and my personal soul history). Anyway, three came at me, but from a hovering position in the air where they would extend backwards like a boomerang, aim, and then shoot towards me. The first one was like in slow motion and I moved almost in Matrix-like slow motion to avoid it. I’m not sure where it was aiming, but I felt compelled to contort away and so it just grazed my left arm, as it shot passed me. But the next 2 were on point and I didn’t seem to move from them either, as if part of me knew what was in store.

The first of these 2 was a smaller Asp and the second, a much larger one. I don’t remember how, but they both successfully got inside my mouth long enough to bite the back wall of it on the right side of my tonsils (right actually made more sense than left for me energetically) and leaving their venom before boomeranging back out. I remember I could see the two round wounds from where they bit me, each were a bit larger than a quarter and almost feathered at the edges as if like petals of a flower with a large round center.

The venom did not kill me, but seemed to be like an alchemical potion of induced activation that was mixing with my energy to create further transmutation.

How’s that for “strengthening my voice”?

Rather than go into the depth of meaning for myself, as we will all take away our own and it’s actually much too long a story, I believe this demonstrates enough of the symbolism and was quite a gift from my Full Moon Reiki Healing Attunement I gave to myself.

Today, I woke up with a different feeling – one I can’t explain, but I know is part of this activation unfolding and will continue to.

When I was in Egypt for the first of two trips I made in this life, it was a personal kundalini activation like no other that initiated what this gift from the Asps has expounded upon for the next leg of the journey for my own empowered personal frequency. There is a reason I wear an Egyptian Asp on my right hand 😉

I’m telling you, your intentions, coupled with commitment, belief, and willingness to do what it takes, not to mention the power of Reiki and aligning with the rhythms of Earth and Cosmos does manifest as changes you wish to create.

Anyway, in case any of you might be seeing snakes, are going through some “skin shedding” into a more authentic frequency of you, or are reading this and going through what snakes herald in your life, so the timing of their message speaks to you, I will repost the messages and medicine of snakes again below (as I’ve posted on snakes before), so that you can see what it means for you.

Snakes symbolize transmutation, cycles, rebirth, resurrection, patience, wisdom, fertility, creation energy, eternity, connection to the shadow worlds, secret knowledge, pointed focus, assertive power, primordial life force, search for balance, cunning, intuition, awareness, initiation, healing, intellect, protection, solemnity, rejuvenation, transformation, the hidden or occult, knowledge, male/female duality, and kundalini energy.

Snake totem is the power of creation and embodies immortality and psychic energy. The snake has fire energy which translate emotionally as: charisma, intellect, power and the intellect, spiritually as: connection with Spirit, wisdom, wholeness and understanding, and physically as: vitality and passion.

Snakes can herald unexpected changes abound and the need for cautious, careful planning, while remaining as flexible and versatile as you can (like the Snake) in order to flow with the changes and strike at opportune and aligned moments. If you are able to ride the transformative waves by embracing the energies present, you can aid a return to balance and harmony, rather than get caught in the imbalances – all to help you evolve.

Snakes also symbolize a time for deep transformation and healing, major out-of-the-blue changes, a time for reflection, going within, and withdrawing rather than being involved in tons of social situations, in order to focus on steady, methodical progress, details and serious responsibility.

This is a good time for “shedding” the very deep-rooted old in order to release and begin anew, realizing that hidden aspects may surface for your gentle integration. Having all of your senses on conscious-awareness-high-volume will aid you in not being taken by surprise, as well as assist in understanding the perfection of the unfolding. This is a great time for physical healing of the body as well as moving into a more spiritual way of life, if you haven’t already. Or, you will start integrating more of this into your life in deeper ways – having it become your way of being, rather than a novelty or side focus.

“When the world turns and we operate at our own personal vibration, it is in our power to withhold our dignity and integrity at the highest possible frequency, with this as an active force, we can command our reality in the physical realm. Justly, we shall take all the opportunity that manifests itself in arms reach. To be one, and to have and do what we dream is concurrent only on a high wavelength, and operative to those who seek a higher sense of self. Are you ready to expand to these levels of operation? Have you taken the steps? Step forward and release all your fears.” ~Will Barnes

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