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Life Lessons from Spawning Trout

I took this video of spawning Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout at Trout Lake in the Lamar Valley of North East Yellowstone National Park. I’m sharing it, as I find their journey to be so reflective of how perspective can be both limiting and freeing.

I was completely enthralled by their upstream journey and it made me contemplate so many things, including how our limited perspectives and prejudices would have our ego perhaps judging their process as incredibly challenged, exhausting, frustrating, and wasteful hard work.

However, we misunderstand what to them is simply their natural process, which is an ancestral and biological instinct that is part of their evolution and not in the least bit questioned by them.

It is their natural rhythm.

It is their nature.

What might this teach us the next time we are faced with things that seem like challenges?

For one, perhaps viewing all things as simply part of our natural rhythms and flowing with them rather than judging them, might make the journey more freeing and bring greater inner peace to the process.

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