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Women’s Tattoos in History – Form of Rebellion, Taking Back Control of the Body & Self Empowerment

This is a cool, short article Dave brought to my attention from TIME Magazine, written by Olivia B. Waxman that I thought was interesting to share on the history of women’s tattoos. Every now and then tattoo info hits the scene and I love how it brings to light more of the energy dynamics that I’ve integrated for myself. I love learning of how things have evolved and in this particular article found an interesting connection with Winston Churchill’s mother Lady Randolph Churchill, who is said to have had a snake tattoo on her wrist (like me!).

The article shares, “Tattoos were an early way that women took control of their bodies.”

Here’s the article link: The Surprising History of Women’s Tattoos


I was alerted by one of my readers that were unable to access this article link, saying it was only for subscribers. I’m not a subscriber and had been able to open the link myself, but just in case others have the challenge too, I am copying the very short article below:

Circuses and sideshows may not seem like obvious places to look for stories of female empowerment, but experts say the performers who appeared in such acts played a surprising and important role in women’s history–in large part thanks to their tattoos.

The height of sideshow and circus popularity in the mid–19th century came at a time when women had few opportunities for economic independence, and providing for families was largely a man’s job. Not so for the female sideshow performers, many of whom capitalized on the fascination with body art by voluntarily tattooing themselves, enabling them to make their own money. (Though some were forcibly tattooed.)

Ink liberated Victorian-era women outside the circus as well. Wealthy socialites, for example, got tattoos as a form of rebellion. At the time, social mores required these women to keep their whole bodies covered. And so–influenced by tattooed British royals–they started summoning ink artists to their homes to give them designs they could hide. Winston Churchill’s mother Lady Randolph Churchill is said to have had a snake tattoo on her wrist (easily covered by a wineglass or sleeve); by the turn of the 20th century, roughly three-fourths of fashionable New York City ladies had gotten similarly trendy tattoos, including butterflies, flowers and dragons, according to the New York World.

As Cristian Petru Panaite, curator of an exhibit on the 300-year history of tattooing, open now at the New-York Historical Society, puts it, “Tattoos were an early way that women took control of their bodies.”



A True Inspiration


This share comes as a beautiful interlude between posts that truly takes my breath away and reflects such inspiring energy that messages to us how life can be truly lived at any stage and beauty is embodied in those that embrace free-spirited expression.

These photo captures are simply incredible and reveal the true beautiful spirit within. Knowing Mari Braveheart-Dances quite intimately over the last few years, I am witness to how much she’s broken through and applaud and honor her courage to reveal her inner magick.

At 62, she oozes vitality and the determination to stand in her authenticity at all costs.

I’ve had the true pleasure and honor of cocreating seven sacred tattoo designs together with Mari – including two major pieces that sit at her chest and upper back, draping her in potent adornments worn by a true goddess and warrioress.

You might remember this post about her journey, which was mid-way through our creation process: An Inside Look At One Soul’s Sacred Tattoo Experience


Well, today I received these stunning and enchanting photos from her, which she had taken by the amazing Heather of Fairyography in Athens, Georgia, as a milestone marker and celebration of her life and how far she’s come along her journey, to express her true beauty she is feeling most powerfully at this time in her life, and as a welcoming of dreams she is drawing into her experience.

I love these photos because they capture the magickal lightness and love that Mari has been peeling way the layers to reveal more and more for all to see what was always within her.

Heather is a photographer, greatly in touch with the magickal realm since she was a little girl, and has created a profession around that realm she still holds dear as an adult who shoots fantasy photo sessions.

She’s been featured in national publications like Professional Photographers Magazine, Model Life Magazine, and Canon Online Learning.

The kicker is, through the unique style Heather has developed, her clients have always ONLY been little girls.

But Mari got Heather to dance with expansion.

Here’s what Heather had to share about Mari on her professional Facebook page:

“Something a bit different! 62 years young and utterly delightful. She says ‘My life really started after 50.” She emailed me asking for a fairy session, I told her I don’t take anyone over 14 years old. She replied “Meet with me and I’ll change your mind..’ She did. :)”

I told Mari that she’s definitely demonstrated her transformational energy as a catalyst for change, as not only does she share with me how her tattoos are received in such embrace by others, but she managed to support Heather in expanding into new realms.

Heather’s Facebook page was flocked with hundreds of likes for Mari’s photos posted, and people shared how amazing, beautiful, and inspiring they were….some said they were the best photos and their favorites of Heather’s, and how they hope to look like Mari and exude that kind of joy for life that she does at 62.

Heather went on to share:

“More from this special client. The shoot was amazing and she’s such a fun person to be around. My assistant that day (normally I don’t have one but I needed someone to throw the dress) who is also tattooed said “She’s living the dream! Hope I look that good at her age!”

“The absolute joy she has for life at 62 years young is contagious. 🙂 ”

I hope you enjoy Mari’s contagious embrace for life and personal self expression, as much as I and so many others are coming to see of her through these images.

A true inspiration for us all.

Thank you Mari for shining your light and for your true gift of friendship and sisterhood that has developed from our first coming together as client.

I’d like to thank also the full collaboration of everyone that has supported Mari to live life out loud and reflect the expression she so desired to embody in all ways. She and I always discuss the amazing beauty of this co-creative venture and so I’d like to mention the wonderful Bethrah – the amazing tattoo artist that has brought my creations to life on Mari’s skin and has been the creator of her own designs that Mari also wears.

Bethrah is currently focused on piercing these days and only tattoos for her long-time clients. She owns both Pain and Wonder and Virtue and Vice.

Then of course there’s the magickal Heather, which I shared her website above.

And Hair & Wings by: Blonde Beauty Bar & Crone Designs





New Sacred Tattoo Designs & Rates for 2016

Aymey Sacred Tattoo Design

Sacred tattoo design created for over the Heart Chakra filling middle/upper back to reflect her essence and deepening into her heart


Beginning today, I’ll be sharing some of the sacred tattoo designs I’ve been working on since returning from my sabbatical in batches of 3 or 4 at a time, so you can see the new energy that’s channeling through with a new year upon us.

I don’t have the time to share the in depth symbolism anymore for each design, but I do believe that everyone receives the message, reflection, and symbolism perfect for them when viewing these, regardless.

The energy continues to be potent and the process for me continues to deepen and lengthen due to the amount of pre-work I invest in it that takes all of me to emerge in and “draw” forth.


Sacred tattoo design created for entire left arm. The bottom portion on the inner forearm, extending up to the whole upper arm. I only created the left half of the upper arm (the darker portion), as that part had to be integrated with a tattoo she already had there which included her Dutch heritage (coat of arms and tulips along with Dad’s name) and reverence for her father on the right and center (the lighter portion). She wanted to integrate her new journey that has opened with Reiki and the expansive path ahead of service from being more in her essence, along with connections with family and love.

And designs continue to align with energetic things on the collective or personal landscapes, which is always such a magickally synchronous unfolding.

Nikki Sacred Tattoo Design

This is just the forearm piece of the above design, as I created it in two parts since this one opened the flow for the vision on the second upper arm piece that unfolded in clarity, as we journeyed deeper in dialogue after the creation of this one. The inspiration actually came to me in the shower. I am constantly working!

So, it has taken me longer than it used to, to move through designs, not to mention, my life is much fuller with the increased balance I’m creating for personal and service.

This is ultimately all tied together since my optimal condition reflects on the work I am able to do and provide for others.

Because of the increased amount of work involved with these designs that begins the moment someone commissions me and continues as a thorough exploration through the extensive life journeys I read from each person where I then help people to bring to life the most optimally integrated symbolism for empowerment, I’ve been guided that my rate had to increase in reflection to my personal investment on all levels.

Kris Sacred Tattoo Design

This sacred tattoo design is quite large and so deeply rich of her life’s journey, challenges, and transmutation of it all into the essence of who she is today and continues to become as a result of her growth. It fills the upper and mid back and extends through right shoulder blade and up on to top of shoulder to connect with an already there lotus my client has sitting on the front of the shoulder, and then it wraps and flows from around solar plexus area through waste and some of ribs.

I’ve been sharing that this would happen come the first of the new year and it is now in effect.

I understand this may affect some people’s ability to work with me, however I believe the people meant to will, and being that I can’t possibly take on all of the inquiries I receive on this, it helps me to be able to balance and focus my time on other areas of my work needing my attention now too.

I am currently booked until March, but if you decide you’d like to embark on this journey with me to co-create your most beautiful reflection of you, as an embodiment of “spiritual skin” you can find all of the necessary information to understand the process, along with new rate and how to place your deposit to get on my waiting list, here:

Life Changing Tattoos

Farewell For Now ~ I’ll Be Offline September 1st Through November 30th

GAM_9836 webI thought about how I could likely write a really long post as this last one before I head offline on my 3 month sabbatical, but am guided to make this brief and instead share a simple message to leave with you in the form of the video below that speaks a message of the heart.

While it seems like long that I’ll be gone, with the way time moves like a flash, before you know it I’ll be back again, although much will have transpired not only for myself, but I know for each of you as well.

When I return I’ll share about my process and experiences during these months away, and will look forward to catching up on yours.

A few simple reminders as I leave, along with clarity on this time away, as I’ve received a lot of messages where it seems people haven’t understood what this time means for me or some of the services I offer.

This three month personal sabbatical is about just that….it is for personal things, of which involve creative projects, personal nurturing and listening within, and now also a physical transition from house to RV living, which just so happened to coincide with this time off, but was not planned as such.

I am NOT embarking yet on the grand RV adventure, although perhaps might do small jaunts here and there for several days or a week at a time, but I’ll still be stationed in Orange County at a beach-side RV park, until further pieces unfold. It’s all a process. In the meantime, I’m so looking forward to simplified living and following my heart.

I won’t be online, so basically off-grid to everyone, and unable to answer messages, emails, and questions. I am basically creating a Tania bubble without distractions or energetic pulls.

In terms of services, they will all (at least the ones I will continue to feel called to offer) be available when I return beginning December 1st. I will be offline September 1st – November 30th.

There will be new offerings upcoming in the time I return that will continue to evolve and be presented at the times I feel guided to offer them. I’ve gotten hits on how things are evolving and so I’ll be sharing that little by little when I return. I may also be shifting gears with focuses, as I am following the energy of the collective’s needs, coupled with my own energetic shifts, so greater emphasis will be placed on specific offerings, as well as new ones that have shown up, as mentioned.

In terms of sacred tattoo designs. I’ve received an influx of messages in the last few weeks, right before heading off. So to clarify those questions being asked, please visit this link, below, for more important information on details about working with me on co-creating a design when I return. It addresses the waiting list that is now at Januray 2016, upcoming rate changes, and how you can still schedule a design with me while I’m away:

Answers About Sacred Tattoo Designs For While I’m Away

I’ve already been asked to teach a Reiki 3 Master Teacher workshop in December when I return and a Crystal Magick workshop, so I’ll keep you posted at that time on those and their dates here locally from a new location.

I’ve also been asked to offer other things and been needing to support people and the energy showing up in myself in different ways. So I’ll put that into play and/or bring them to you more upon return.

I may also know then, more about the evolving plan for the adventure. Right now it’s a day-by-day process that calls for trust, patience, and listening for the alignments.

When I do return, I’ll be sharing and working from my new abode on the RV. The new space will create its own shifts with things.

While I’ll miss connecting with you, honestly, I am very excited to have this time to myself, as it is much needed and being integrally guided.

That experience of feeling comfort with physically removing myself and being on my own more or altogether, comes from having a sense of peace within myself, and also knowing and experiencing the unity and love no matter where I am and if I’m alone.

I know that distance never separates us, regardless, as the connection is always experienced in the heart and soul no matter where one is on Earth or beyond. A good reason for, and exercise in, practicing telepathy! 😉

Telepathy is something I use constantly with my dear friends, clients, animal companions, and souls off-Earth, and especially my Faery sis, Laura. She and I are always going through mirroring things (whether exactly or in relative ways), or experiences that balance out one another at different spectrums that unite, despite our rarely ever connecting in person or even by voice on the phone. You can likely keep up with energetic things that may be evolving with me during these three months, by following along her journey at her blog. 😉

I’ll leave you with this video message, shared with me today by my Cosmic brother, Amaru, whom I’ve journeyed with in Peru and beyond. A perfect, simple, and beautiful expression of what I feel in my heart.

Here’s to it really being a good day…EVERY DAY that you are alive in your body on Earth.

In love and creative magick always.

See you soon.

Answers About Sacred Tattoo Designs For While I’m Away

Eric Sacred Tattoo Design

This last design I completed feels like the perfect send off before heading out for activating and igniting new beginnings from the core essence within.

I’m sharing it along with some answers to questions that I’ve been receiving, so that hopefully things will be clear while I’m unable to assist.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about sacred tattoo designs in these last weeks before I head off on my 3 month sabbatical, even though I’ve posted several messages on it.

So just to help clarify things for everyone, as likely timing hasn’t aligned for everyone to see the messages, I thought I’d share details again.

I will not be available for questions, emails, and messages regarding tattoos beginning tomorrow.

That said, while I am away between September 1st and November 30th you can still place a deposit for a tattoo design at my website here:

Life Changing Tattoos 

There is a waiting list that has already started for when I return, which will be December 1st.

I can maybe squeeze in one more December client, if you’d like a design done by end of the year, but we’re really looking at January of 2016 for booking.

Don’t wait until I return to schedule a design, unless you don’t have any time restraints on when you need it, as people will have continued booking on the calendar while I’m away and so you’ll be placed next on the list, from where ever I’m booked out at that time.

There is likely going to be a rate increase when I return, beginning 2016, so if you place a deposit between now and December, you’ll lock in the current rate.

If you have a budget, we can work around that to ensure supporting your needs, but just be aware that this limits the size and detailing possible. I have been able to successfully stay within budgets when that is provided.

Size and detail will determine the amount of time it takes so I can only provide guesstimates on this from my end. So if in fact you have a budget, just let me know that when you place your deposit in the comments and we will discuss details when I’m ready to begin working on your design.

I create designs. Your tattoo artist will do the inking.

I only work in pencil. Color will be chosen between you and your tattoo artist.

Consulting is part of the process so when you place your deposit, we will then discuss all details when I get to your design, as I do them in order of deposits received.

I work in flow of the energy presenting itself and sometimes even time scheduling may shift slightly, as I can’t determine how things will progress with the channeling, how long the consulting will take, and when I hear back from clients. It ALWAYS, however, and I mean ALWAYS, aligns perfectly.

Any other questions likely are answered at the link above in the comments about the process.

Please read the details so you understand how it all works, as chances are, the answers to your questions can be found there if you take the time to read through them.

Thank you so much to everyone for your interest in my design work. It is something I am very passionate about supporting people with in co-creation and I look forward to continuing that journey when I return!

The Uniqueness of Sacred Tattoo Designs ~ Reflecting the Colors of the Rainbow that We Are

Sharing a couple more recent sacred tattoo designs I’ve had honor to co-create with some incredible souls.

While again, I’m not sharing the intricacies of the symbolism, due to lack of time, but also feeling that the images speak volumes for themselves and allow people to get what is meant for them to receive in their own way when viewing them, I did want to share these two together.

I’m finding that less is more and wanting to empower people to tune into heart and intuition in partnership with mind, to find their own messages and answers, rather than focusing solely on left brain and mind alone.

And afterall, a picture paints a thousand words.

These two pieces are both powerful in their own ways, but oh so different in style, reflecting the unique souls they are created for, showing you how beautiful each spectrum of the rainbow we all are, providing richness to the whole by authentically shining the light of our uniqueness.

The first is an incredibly large, epic piece that will cover my client’s full back – he happens to be 6’6″! It represents who he beautifully is in essence and all that was, is, and is to come. Wow is all I can say!Jim Sacred Tattoo Design

The other will grace my client’s right upper arm/shoulder and curve all the way down towards her lower inner arm, where another design we created already sits. So I was working with an enhancement to that one to reflect a branching off of a new path along her journey. This one has a graceful Maori tribal influence that spoke to her essence and life path, mixed with a little personal and organic flair to symbolize specific things – magickal!Lynne Sacred Tattoo Design

I can’t express enough the honor I feel to be a part of these channeled co-creations. It is a gift that keeps on giving and has aligned me with soul family connections that are so valued.

I’ll be sharing another shortly, but for now, just a quick update on sacred tattoo designs,as I approach going offline beginning September 1st – just one more full day remaining tomorrow!

I’m pretty much booked for December in terms of sacred tattoo designs. I might be able to squeeze in one more if someone really needs a design done by end of this year.

Otherwise, we’re looking at January of 2016 for scheduling designs.

Again, although I’ll be offline and unavailable for questions beginning this Tuesday, September 1st, you will still be able to place a deposit and schedule your design for when I return, which is a good idea to do rather than wait until I’m back, as the calendar will continue to book up.

For support with co-creating a sacred tattoo design please visit this link for details and how to schedule yours: Life-Changing Tattoos

If you have any questions, please inquire before September 1st, as I won’t be available for emails for 3 months starting at that time. You can contact me here: Contact Tania Marie

More Magickal Sacred Tattoo Designs

Nora Sacred Tattoo DesignAs I expressed in an earlier post, I will not be sharing any information about the recent sacred tattoo designs I’ve been working on over the last month or two because I haven’t the time to with everything going on and wanting to focus energy on the current pieces I AM working on.

Today, I’m sharing a couple more really magickal ones and as always, I hope you enjoy what ever they reflect for you, as while the designs are custom created to each individual’s soul, that always carries a beautiful collective energy that others connect with and are affected by through viewing them.

I’m continually amazed at what keeps channeling through and always so aligned with current collective energies abound, as I’m sure you can see in the designs.

The first so reflective of a New Earth energy we are integrating, activating, nurturing, and healing. The second of course really synchronous with Lion energy being so prevalent these days with the passing of Cecil, our entering the Lion’s Gateway on 8-8-8 and yesterday’s Leo New Moon.

So it’s pretty amazing that they are also reflective of the individuals they were created for. Dual-packed significance always!

Ana Sacred Tattoo DesignI will have one or two more shares by end of the month, as I complete the last designs I’m working on before heading off-grid beginning September 1st.

So grateful to be able to do this work with such amazing clients who honor the sacred process and have all been so wonderfully patient.

Remember that although I’m fully booked through August 31st for designs, you can book a design with me for when I return.

I have a waiting list already started for December – December is actually almost full – so if you’d like to co-create a design with me you can place your deposit and lock in the current rate at the link here:

Life-Changing Tattoos

You’ll be able to continue scheduling design work with me while I’m away for the 3 months by doing that. Just be aware that I will not be available to discuss designs, but you can reserve your spot.

I work on a first-come-first-serve basis, based on deposit commissions received and must honor that.

There is likely going to be a rate increase when I return, so that’s something to keep in mind. If you place your deposit before December, you’ll lock in the current rate, which will be honored.

If you have any questions, please inquire before September 1st, as I won’t be available for emails for 3 months starting at that time. You can contact me here: Contact Tania Marie

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

A Montage of Sacred Tattoo Designs

Hillary Sacred Tattoo Design

A large right shoulder blade design

As you know I’ve been working away on sacred tattoo designs alongside everything else here…life is full indeed and SO RICH!

I’ve shared how much more involved designs have been these days, reflecting a lot of potent shifts and energy being embraced and activated. And I don’t like to rush the process and never force things…it’s all about aligning with that perfect flow that then lights the way with clarity.

Nancy Sacred Tattoo Design

A large upper, center of back design over heart chakra

And between everything, including my having been away a lot on top of the increased time needed with each client, I haven’t had time to post each individual design, as I usually do.

So, being that people have continually been asking to see more designs and what is possible to create, I thought I’d compile a little montage of just some of the designs that I’ve been working on for you today.

These are not only very powerful pieces, but incredibly and deeply embedded with very meaningful symbolism that I honor so deeply to be able to be part of supporting and bringing to life.

The designs are reflections of the souls they are created for and deserve utmost reverence.

I’ll share more again near the end of the month when able to.

Sacred Tattoo Design Wrist

A full left inner wrist and forearm design

I will not be sharing any information about them, as I haven’t the time to, but I think you’ll see by the images…just how powerful and layered the energies have been and hopefully you’ll enjoy what ever they reflect for you, as while the designs are custom created to each individual’s soul, that always carries a beautiful collective energy that others connect with and are affected by through viewing them.

People are always surprised, when they see the designs, by just what can be created and symbolically layered into a tattoo design that will shift your energy when worn and embodied.

Joelle Logo Design

Dual essence/business logo and potential tattoo design

I thank all of my clients for their patience both with their designs and email messages that I need to address one at a time these days due to their involvement. It’s really wonderful to have such conscious clients that understand the perfection of divine unfolding.

Things are moving along, as there seems to be a real opening right now with all of the energy and so I’ve been moving through each of the rest of the designs quite rapidly – doing more a week than I ever have.

They will all easily be completed by end of the month before I begin my sabbatical on September 1st.

So, if you’re waiting on yours, it’s on the way!

Remember that although I’m fully booked through August 31st for designs, you can book a design with me for when I return.

I have a waiting list already started for December, so if you’d like to co-create a design with me you can place your deposit and lock in the current rate at the link here:

Life-Changing Tattoos

You’ll be able to continue scheduling design work with me while I’m away for the 3 months by doing that. Just be aware that I will not be available to discuss designs, but you can reserve your spot.

I work on a first-come-first-serve basis, based on deposit commissions received and must honor that.

There is likely going to be a rate increase when I return, so that’s something to keep in mind. If you place your deposit before December, you’ll lock in the current rate, which will be honored.

Sacred Tattoo Design Back

Large lower back design with partial circular waves framing sacral chakra and design flowing down to upper butt cheek and then flowing up gracefully to the left all the way to bra strap

If you have any questions, please inquire before September 1st, as I won’t be available for emails for 3 months starting at that time. You can contact me here: Contact Tania Marie

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

Rhonda Sacred Tattoo Design

A large left hip and side of thigh design, flowing down and curving just over the knee

Limited July & August Bookings Available for Sacred Tattoo Designs ~ Once Filled the Next Bookings Will Be For December & 2016

Sacred Tattoo Designs

I’m currently still booked through mid-July, but if you’d like to get a sacred tattoo design done before I take my sabbatical, you can still schedule one to be completed by end of August. So there’s still a month and a half open for bookings.

Of course my moving doesn’t affect my ability to continue supporting clients with sacred tattoo designs, as I do this work completely by distance via email.

I’ll just be taking a 3 month hiatus from creating designs.

However, if you really feel you want a design co-created with me that you’ll be wanting to get inked before the end of the year, then you’ll want to schedule something for July or August, as I will be taking three months off of all services offered.

While I’m off, you can still request bookings and get on my calendar for when I return, by placing your deposit here: Co-create a sacred tattoo design with Tania Marie

This is also the same link where you can currently book a consultation with me by placing a deposit and scheduling for July or August. I’ll get in touch with you on the timing when I receive your deposit.

But if you want to wait, just know that I will not be back to creating until December of this year. If by any chance things shift and I need to extend my sabbatical to the beginning of 2016, I’d contact you to let you know.

Just be aware that once July and August fills, I will automatically be scheduling out for December and January, to accommodate my personal time off.

Sacred Tattoo Designs Things to Know: The Process, Waiting List (Booking for Week of July 27th), Referral Gift Program ($100 off Plus Free Crystal) & Book




As you know there is a waiting list on sacred tattoo designs and with my current clients I’m now booked until end of July.

Sometimes the scheduling shifts a bit, as clients aren’t always ready when I get to them, in which case I let the person know that is next in line and continue forward, taking the client that needed extra time when they ARE ready, and after I’ve completed work on the current design at hand.

I try to provide a guesstimate on the timing when you commission a piece, but due to clients that have needed more time with their ideas and clarity, as well as some clients being ready when I get to them and others not, things tend to readjust on the timeline with all the shuffling. I’m open and flexible to this and when there’s an opening, I will move on to the next client on the waiting list until I find one that IS ready. And once the client who deferred their place becomes ready, they will receive priority once I’ve completed the current project at hand.

That said, if you have a rush job, due to a tattoo appointment or something else important to you, I will do my best to fit you in on off-hours, but remember that this will equate to a higher hourly rate reflectively. I can’t always guarantee being able to do rush jobs, but you can contact me with your requests and we’ll see what is possible.

Remember that in order to commission a design, I require the first hour deposit upfront, as all tattoos take at least one hour, and the balance is due upon agreement of its closure. This deposit both holds your space, AND is applied as the first hour of the design process.

The design process (the actual pencil to paper time) is $175 an hour.

I don’t charge for the consulting, my tuning in, any research, and writing up the symbolic meaning for each client. There’s a lot that goes into these designs, which is why I can’t always predict timing and have to be conscious about my need to pace myself energetically.

And sometimes I move through things quicker than anticipated, but also sometimes the energy creates the need for more time. I will contact you if the timing shifts to sooner or a little delayed.

That said, you are free to, and encouraged, to send me your thoughts, ideas, and anything pertinent to what you’d like to be creating with your design as soon as you send me your deposit. This assists in having the energy percolating before I get to the actual designing, but also helps with timeliness so that when I get to your design we are pretty much ready to go and don’t have to go through the whole process at the point I’m ready to be designing.

It’s such an intuitive and feeling process, so I’m always grateful that my clients are on the same page with me in terms of embracing the journey.


triple rabbit



Now and then I receive emails that lead me to feel there might be some confusion on some of the aspects of this process, which I’d like to help clarify.

  • Remember that if you are interested in co-creating a tattoo design with me, you will need to place a deposit at the link here: 
  • This will place you on the waiting list. At the link you will also find details on the process and likely answers to many of your questions. If you find anything not to be clear, or you would like assistance in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask.
  • I’m more than happy to answer questions about the process and to generally provide an oversight in regard to what you would like to create, but please understand that I can’t provide lengthy consulting about ideas, or help to come up with the idea, unless you have commissioned me to work on your design with you and I’m ready to begin that process, as that is part of the whole design consulting journey we embark upon. It is a very involved process on my part that goes beyond even the email exchanges that I have to tune into, research, etc. I do welcome you to send me all of your thoughts and ideas before the time we actually will be working on it, so the energy is percolating in the background and we can pinpoint some of the important aspects that give me an idea of the groundwork in terms of size, placement, and essence of what you desire. The time leading up to actual designing is for this preparation, and once I am ready to begin, I can delve more in depth.
  • My saying that I’m available to new clients at the end of July does not mean that if you contact me at the end of July that I will be able to start right away on your design, as in the interim other clients will have placed their deposits for their commissioned pieces.
  • If you absolutely need the design before the available time period, I do offer rush jobs in order to meet certain time-frames. Please contact me to discuss details and to see if I’m capable of working off-hours to assist that, which would equate to a higher rate fee, reflectively.
  • Also, ALL design consultations are done via email with my clients internationally. I find it most effective for the process and provides opportunity for the magic to take place. There is no need to meet in person, nor discuss things via telephone. It’s an energetic exchange I can access by distance, is best accessed when I have time to tune in energetically over the course of our exchanges and in between them, and which has enabled me to work with clients across the globe. The emails provide me a log of our discussions to work with and reflect upon, as well as provide each person the opportunity to get their thoughts, feelings, experiences down in writing, which seems to be very healing and valuable for most people.
  • Remember I do not do the inking. I am a tattoo “DESIGN” artist, specializing in sacred symbolism and spirituality to create “essence” templates that your tattoo artist will be working with and from.
  • The design process is much more than simply drawing something. It is very involved and usually I need a little recharge time between designs. It’s not a process I like to rush, if not necessary. I find that the flow is always perfect when we embrace that and it allows for the process to unfold naturally. Sometimes that is a very quick process and other times, due to energy I am sensing, things take a bit longer.


tattoo expressions



I continue to receive an influx of powerful commissions for sacred tattoo designs that keep me gratefully busy amidst my other work. I am always open to ways to give back and so several months back was inspired by a few clients to create a referral gift program to do just that.

Here’s how it works – When you refer a client to me who commissions a sacred tattoo design you will receive 2 FREE Gifts:

1st: Receive a FREE Reiki-charged Crystal

2nd: Receive $100 off YOUR own sacred tattoo design (that’s nearly 60% off your 1st hour’s deposit)

If you’ve already commissioned one, this savings will be applied to your next one – Not transferable

How To Receive Your Gifts:

Make sure that the client you refer shares with me, upon contact, who they were referred by. Once they decide to commission a design, I will contact you about your gifts.






If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me here: Contact Tania Marie

There is currently a waiting list, but you can easily make your deposit at the link provided below to embark on this journey in partnership with me. Now scheduling for end of July.

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: Life Changing Tattoos

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

I always add shading and detail to the drawings so that you can get a taste of what it might look like tattooed when details come together. But usually tattoo drawings by artists are done in just the simple outline of the piece and the details come together during the inking process…but this gives a reference to assist the tattoo artist and it helps you to envision the possibilities.

And remember, there’s a Tattoo Design Referral Gift Program too!


Thank you for embracing this process with me. It truly makes a difference to be able to work with such amazing souls that understand and value the beauty of this journey.

I don’t think people have fully yet realized the layers to just how much this sacred tattoo journey is life-shifting for those who are drawn to it as their path, and how it can be a way to embody the new, embody your essence, integrate and embody the shadow/light – whole…..but now this is increasingly coming into conscious awareness.

Tattoos are these gifts that keep on giving. At least that’s been my experience and the experience of others who have shared with me their evolving journeys since creating their designs and getting them tattooed.

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