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Taurus Full Moon: Come to Your Senses by Astrologer, Jessica Shepherd

This is a gentle and calming share of wisdom by Jessica Shepherd of Mooncircles about today’s Full Moon energies, to help ground you during perhaps intense, challenging, and stressful energies you may be experiencing. Having the presence of Scorpio Sun and Taurus Moon is a mix of revealing deep truths from the abyss of your unconscious – perhaps reveling in the mystery or fearing what it uncovers – while you look for a way to take a patient step back, center and ground yourself, so that you can more securely handle the simple steps that will prepare you for the more complex from a balanced perspective. Time in Nature and connecting with your sensual “nature” will definitely will help you to get your bearings on things in a healthy and holistic way.

Here’s Jessica on the Taurus Full Moon:

“When I’m experiencing mental anguish, when frustration and anger threaten to send the rest of my life spiraling, I slow down. I get still. I listen to the gentle tumble of the clothes in the dryer, the soft breath of my sleeping puppy laying next to me, the steady pecking of the chicken outside my office window, the silkiness of my pajama bottoms against my skin, the warmth of spicy tea going down my throat. Sometimes I bake chocolate chip cookies just to feel the sweet taste on my tongue, or I take a walk. From the trees turning colors outside my window to the stillness of silence surrounding, I ground myself in the gentle steadiness and comforts of this Earthly life. These are the things that transport me from ground zero back to solid ground.

Scorpio season churns our emotions with our truths, our bottom lines, and the intensity of our own emotional experience can overwhelm our body senses. Taurus, as a counterbalance, is the archetype of safety, calm, pleasure and beauty. A Venus-ruled Earth sign, Taurus best restores our sense of calm and ease through the natural world. Taurus reminds me, always, of my Taurus friend who when deep in the throes of a Pluto-Moon transit, teeming with icy hot emotions and despair, went for a run in the forest, planted herself next to a tree, and surrendered. While the tree supported her and the Earth absorbed her emotions, she experienced a surge of emotional purification. By connecting with Earth and her body, by going into her senses, she came to her senses. Mother Nature, in her bastion of stillness, calm and support, returned her to solid ground.

In periods of emotional intensity, irritation -and confrontation- it’s easy to lose connection with our basic sanity. Talking to my other astrologer friends: people appear to be particularly prickly this Scorpio season, especially on social media. When affronted, we want to react, defend our self, even if in the past the results of doing so proved unsatisfactory. So we (or at least I) simmer on a slow burn, plotting revenge. I think there’s something primal in each of us, maybe reminiscent of our caveman DNA, that secretly wants blood. Yet that response always hijacks our intelligence. Science says we all have a reptile (triune) brain that is triggered by “reptile issues” such as territoriality, and when the reptile brain is in control, we don’t have access to our frontal cortex (which explains why we why, after a stressful argument, we smack our forehead wondering why we were unable to say the thoughts we can clearly articulate now, during said fight). To remain in control of our faculties, we need to be the Buddha (also recently circulating on Facebook), whose advice on letting go of our attachments instructs: Buddha, you’ve got to let that *hit go.

We can do this by recovering our safe zone, a place to come to our senses. Taurus Full Moon invites us to sit in a forest, by a stream, next to a tree or on a cushion and discover our solid ground again. What do we stand on? What do we stand for? Can we allow our true values to support us when the wind, and our hot emotions, blows? It’s a time of year for honesty about this, because, let’s face it, our truthfulness sometimes conceals deeper, hidden motivations; our actions and words do not always reflect humane values of kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion. When our emotions churn, can we be as unshakable in the firm, kind confidence of our truth as a Great Oak? In keeping with the spirit of Taurus, we don’t have to do much. We can be lazy about it. Simply noticing the pleasures of this Earth and this body allow us to feel supported. In the clothes softly tumbling in the dryer, in the hum of a teakettle, we can build repose, confidence, sanity, trust and safety. How easy is that.”

Happy Halloween! – Some Fun Symbolism to Explore

Nestor at Halloween 2007

Wishing everyone a mystical, magical and revealing Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, Samhain, as the Celtic neopagans and Wiccans know this Gaelic festival to be, or whatever resonates most with you.

Having this day follow the very powerful Taurus Full Moon, indeed lends to the energy of transformative endings,  seeing more deeply to the core, understanding the product of your inner harvest, and reaching through the veils to the heart of your values and beliefs to create the new.

For a few fun, brief insights about some of the most popular Halloween symbols perhaps you’ll enjoy Avia Venefica’s “Meaning of Halloween Symbols” from her awesome site that shares a plethora of symbolic meanings: .

I happened upon photos of my dearly departed Nestor from her last Halloween on this Earth and being that she is so literally and symbolically magical (you can read about hare/rabbit symbolism here: Hare Symbolism for the New Earth – Birthing the Cosmic Egg) and always helped me to look beyond the veil, I felt to share one here.

Enjoy the magical alchemy of this now experience.

Pixie, kobold, elf, and sprite,
All are on their rounds tonight;
In the wan moon’s silver ray,
Thrives their helter-skelter play.
~Joel Benton

11-11-11 Personal Portals to Empowerment Specials

November Pre-Holiday Magic!
Embracing the Dragon ~ The Magician’s Way

Happy Taurus Full Moon and Pre-11-11-11 Celebrations!

Here are some magical and sacred “personal portal” specials I’ve been nudged to offer, as I open my own new personal portal into the collective with the birthing of my new dragon tattoo.

Please read the link for ALL DETAILS and significance with the energies now and upcoming! Great for gifts for self and others. No limit on how many you can purchase, but must be purchased by 11-22-11 and can be used any time. With the potency of where we are and we’re headed, and with holidays and a new year around the corner, these are great ways to harness those energies in a transformative, healing and empowering way towards your intents in alignment with the now!

Embrace your own inner magical dragon!

Special Offers:

Magical Reiki Healing Attunements – $11

Sacred Tattoo Design – $111 (up to 3 inch by 3 inch design)

FREE “Spiritual Skin” Book with Commission of One Regular Priced Sacred Tattoo Design (any size)

Sacred Personal Portal Paintings – starting at $222

Get all the magical details here: 11-11-11 Specials 

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