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Embrace Right Now With All Of Your Heart, As That’s All You Have

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Embrace Every Moment


Photo I took at The Arboretum in Pasadena, CA


If you are truly living each moment fully there is no need to rush anything, you’ll never be missing out, and your life will always be abundantly enriched.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~Lao Tzu



Letting Go Is Natural – We Make It Hard

Me at Crystal Cove BeachMake “letting go” as natural as the ocean washing over your footprints in the sand.

While what you once did left an imprint, as soon as it was done, it was gone….only to return back to the wholeness from which its finiteness momentarily emerged.

EVERYTHING is simply the passage of experience, ever-recreating itself from the fresh Unity of each moment.

Even though something stands out as significant now, we are shown how brief its true existence is when the Universe instantly and loving embraces it back to its Source.

Presence of the moment provides opportunity for renewal, over and over again. Nature reminds us of this constantly.

You are just a changing thought and feeling creating a now experience.

Rewriting Your Habits – Make “Being” the New Routine

We have learned to make a practice of many things out of habit and yet we aren’t in the habit of “being.”

We also don’t realize how every thing we say, do, think and feel have become habitual, which detracts from our innate abilities to “see.” Without being present in the awareness of the now, you lose conscious awareness that in each moment you actually have the opportunity to choose differently – new ways of speaking, behaving, doing, thinking and feeling – and to turn the tables of perspective. What is “out there” that is bothering you that you aren’t acknowledging “in here” about yourself? Everything has a message.

If you take a moment to briefly view yourself when you are about to do, say, think, or feel something, you can instantly create a powerfully pivotal potential for a probably reality that is more aligned with your natural authenticity.

If you make it a regular practice to choose with conscious awareness then it will become your way of life, just as everything else has so far. We are definitely well-versed in the habits of doing, as in routines we have been conditioned into, and dwelling or brooding, as in holding to or indulging in things rooted in the past or future. Yet, we have simply forgotten how powerful we innately are and how to “be” this.

Everything seems to have this finite quality, that makes no sense in an infinite universe. Is it any wonder why things don’t flow when we operate completely out of context to the realm we are naturally and collectively part of? And the more we don’t have the courage to even be curious about exploring something outside of our comfort zones, the more we blindly follow the herds of other unconscious decision-makers.

Whether conscious or unconscious, it all still is a choice that we make on some level. In any moment we can snap our fingers, pinch our cheeks, shake our heads and say, “This is the moment, I choose to write a new chapter” and then proceed to do so.

Me at the sacred ruins of Machu Picchu

Our ideas of time play a pivotal role as well. Everything seems to have these time limits run by a clock that has nothing to do with the natural harmony of things. It simply creates shackles of stress we carry and become tied to relentlessly, until we realize our ability to break free. Our concepts of time also ingeniously create the reason for “not living for the now,” putting off everything, and not living your potential. You give yourself the out and excuse for not being all you can be and shining your light because it’s just not time yet. But just when exactly is that magical time you can give yourself permission to “be” you?

I used to experience similar when I was operating from a limited, conditioned perspective and creating unnatural stress demands to fit into this notion of time. However, I have interestingly noticed the concept of “time” shifting, especially in dream “time.” There is definitely an acceleration taking place, but I’m also simultaneously experiencing the eternal moment that is drawing out time into a new experience of limitlessness. Likely this is mirroring both personal and collective shifts taking place.

In the past I’ve always felt like I hadn’t gotten enough sleep and the night went by in a flash and if I woke in the night and saw the clock, it was like, where did time fly? I wouldn’t feel I slept that long and that time had passed me by, and here I was exhausted and with another day of things contrived to do in time schedules.

However, this has reversed. I wake feeling like I slept long, greet the day in good spirits, and when I wake during the night I feel I’ve slept a whole night or for hours and that so much has taken place, and yet the clock has shown me asleep only an hour or two at a time. It leaves me in awe of how much I accomplished in my dreams and how deeply I slept in a short time period, still feeling refreshed and rested. This has carried over into my “waking” day as well.

All concepts of time are not part of the new experience. It is just the eternal moment that is. And in that eternal moment, to be present with how we are “being,” and choosing consciously and authentically, as well as finding the beauty, miracle and perfection of things now – not thinking how they will be perfect, when, if, etc.

Things are rapidly shifting indeed, and are channeling in different ways for each. Aside from noting that dream time is slowing down, I lose track of what day it is, the time, and can’t even remember simple things that just happened a couple days or hours ago, because, as we’ve heard over and over, this moment is so prevalent and is the only point of power. Everything can be shifted and transformed right here and now. And it is!

This is the reality in my own experience of life on all levels of work and personal relating. So many amazingly beautiful things have emerged and are developing, all from being anchored presently and consciously within my own experience and reality, despite anything, everything, and everyone around me and living my “beingness” more and more. Every aspect of my life has shifted and anything that my ingenious self-sabotaging ways (as we all have cleverly devised to avoid the really powerful core stuff) were amplifying for me, I took heart of their message and courageously faced, enabling me to harness creative alchemy into a mirror of my relationship with self. And the more this takes place, the more everything I desired is, and will continue to keep, manifesting. We all have this ability. It just needs to be exercised.

Staying rooted in the habits we have created that are unnaturally produced, can rob of our ability to be in the moment of our fullness and to feel the joy in even the smallest of things or from the most unusual of places you wouldn’t think they’d be. The awareness of simple pleasures reveals the miracle of life and the abundance of magic always present.

Wouldn’t it be of benefit to cultivate heightened awareness so that you embody the “habit of being” and find everything in life to have meaning? The only reason everything may seem to lack meaning is because you haven’t discovered the root of the meaning within yourself.

You can rewrite your book – including all of your experiences and ways of relating with self and others – by willing to courageously receive the good that is in front of you and start anew now.

The other day a man asked me what I thought was the best time of life.  “Why,” I answered without a thought, “now.”  ~David Grayson

Transformation can only take place immediately; the revolution is now, not tomorrow. ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

We are always getting ready to live but never living.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness. ~Abraham Maslow

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