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Time to Change and Create Your Own Reality By Example – A Channeling

Whether you believe in channeled information or not, isn’t really important. What is most important is to listen with your heart to any information that comes through, whether channeled, in a book, through a talk, a conversation with a friend, family member, someone you meet for the first time, etc. and see if the message speaks to you. You are the power in your world to weed through what feels most resonant to your frequency and what you decide to do with it. Please exercise this power and don’t be led by following what you think you should follow…rather allow your heart to be the gauge that lights up when it meets the same frequency match.

There are seeds of wisdom and teaching that can be found from everywhere. Even in messages that don’t resonate, you have been drawn to it for a reason and are being taught something simply by your hearing it and choosing how to process and integrate it. It’s always up to us what we take away from things, and letting things sit and percolate will create shifts. If something brings up a fight, ask yourself why? Are you being challenged into the evolution of your heart or are you having something mirrored to be a gauge for how far you’ve come?

A dear cosmic brother of mine shared this video of Bashar, a multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future. He has a profound, fun and poignant type of humor that cuts through things and the way his messages come through may not be for everyone, but again, listen to the message and see how it meshes or what it brings up in you.

I am posting this particular message because it happens to mirror my own beliefs and it feels very poignant for everything going on right now. It’s something I actually find myself sharing a lot with people, long before I just saw this video a couple of days ago. I only post things that resonate with me and that I feel have something valuable to teach. You can choose for yourself if you like what you hear. Again, I’m not particularly interested in “who” says something, as much as I am with, “does the message mirror my feelings?”

It’s not often I share channeled messages, as I know that people sometimes get hung up on “channeling” or who is being channeled. But when I feel a particular message has importance, then I follow the nudge to share it. I think it’s important also to learn to weed through things, not get caught in definitions of words, and to also not get hung up on following any one particular person. Everything is merely a mirror of your own wisdom and Divinity. Exercise it.


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