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Astrology for the Soul June 17, 2015 ~ Tom Lescher/Kaypacha

This report from Tom/Kaypacha is super resonating for me…speaking directly to things I’m experiencing. Thank you Dawn for sharing it. Hope you enjoy and find your own resonance.

The mantra for this one is:

I can complain and criticize,
Finding fault with you and I,
But I would rather spend my time,
Learning how to fly.

Tom also added a note in the comments below his video post to add some more he had forgotten to speak about in the video. Here it is below, which also is very aligned with my own experience, as I have been investing in myself this past week and upcoming:

Oh yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about! One thing I forgot about in this report is $! This is a particularly lucky week and if there ever was a time to go for it NOW is the time. That may include that in order to make some money you need to spend some money! This is not to say you should foolishly throw your money away, but with consciousness, invest in yourself and your creations with the intention that their full value will be recognized by others and your energy returned.

Astrology for the Soul ~ Tom Lescher

Another on point message from Tom Lescher/Kaypacha, given what so many are experiencing. Telling it as it is and made me laugh out loud a few times.

Tom’s Mantra that encapsulates the message:

Sometimes when I think
I need to fix this or that,
It’s really just trust
In Spirit I lack.

Current Energies to Close Out 2014 & Kick Start 2015 ~ Astrology for the Soul with Tom Lescher

Some thoughts to reflect on from Tom Lescher/Kaypacha, as we put closure to 2014 and prepare for the new energies of 2015.

Here is a short summary of the highlights:

Anything holding you back, now needs to go.

All sense of known, familiar, security, and who you think you are is being stripped away.

Freedom and liberation from the known, past, and familiar is at hand from this letting go.

Birthing of new identity, relationship, job, paradigm…all requires liberation from the old and that is happening now for us all. It can be scary, but that’s only because you can’t see what’s on the other side of the birth canal, which is greater expansiveness and fulfillment.

Everything is happening in the now, not in the future, so be very present and feel into your body because it knows what’s good for you.

This all calls for decision, change, planning, and doing! So it’s time to design your new future and let go!

January heralds a huge time of change…should you stay or should you go? You CAN’T take it ALL with you.

When you get deeper into your authenticity, you have to release, make tough choices, and cut chords in order to create your highest, fullest, truest future.

Take only the most nourishing with you.

Astrology for the Soul ~ Tom Lescher on the Holiday Energy 2014

This is another great share from Tom Lescher/Kaypacha for the current holiday season and energetic environment. Thank you sweet Dawn for sharing.

There are a lot of good reminders in this that can provide that shift in perception, hence shift in experience.

As Tom expresses, “The mind and intellect never knows…if you want to know yourself, you feel your feelings because your feelings know.”

Triggers will come up especially during this busy holiday when you are showing up for, and feeling drawn to be there for, others at gatherings and lose yourself in doing so..

“Be in integrity, be authentic, speak your truth and this will serve everyone better in the long run.”

Tom Lescher ~ Astrology for the Soul, December 10, 2014

Thank you to Dawn and Laura for bringing this report to my attention. I agree with both of them that this is a really good one and perfect timing.

Change is happening!! Make the change! We must release, let go, and drop things, in order to have the new. There are a lot of extremes being felt and experienced, so we really have to relax and breathe, while we “expect the unexpected”.

Be the peace within the chaos.

This is NOT a time to make spontaneous, quick decisions or impulsive moves…patience, maturity, integrity is needed during all the surprises happening.

Now is all about detachment…you can have your intentions and ideas, but don’t get attached to things, because it’s all unpredictable right now and the most important thing is only to take a step and see where that step leads you without jumping ahead.

New stuff in all areas of our lives are constantly going to be coming in, but wise discernment and decisions, as well as learning not to react, are key.

Remember that all things are temporary, but the essence of these experiences is what remains with us, will enrich our lives, and seed the new.

Kaypacha’s mantra this month is great, which you’ll find with Laura’s comments.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Kaypacha gives us an astrological warning to “expect the unexpected,” “hold onto our hats and make the change.” He warns us against rash decisions, because the energies are wild. He doesn’t use the terms “Problem, Reaction, Solution,” but his video explains the current challenge to have patience so as to make wise decisions, not just go by impulse or extreme attachments. He notes in the comments section on YouTube: “The great depression happened as Uranus in Aries squared Pluto in Cancer and both Hitler and Roosevelt came to power in 1933 when they were exact…. this is the time when we will see one type of social change or another… let’s hope it is for the better….. Injoy!”

He describes how Spirit gives us only the next step or two at a time, often not the entire picture. Especially with this sixth of seven Uranus-Pluto Squares, things come and go…

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Astrology for the Soul ~ Tom Lescher/Kaypacha on 11/22’s New Moon Energy & More

As we approach 11/22’s New Moon in Sagittarius, here are some guiding insights from Tom Lescher/Kaypacha, once again on the intense energy we’re working with.

I love that Kaypacha is at the Giza Plateau in Egypt for this broadcast of the astrological energies abound, as he emerges from the King’s Chamber and visiting the Sphinx on this day, and continues on to Luxor. What perfect energy for what he shares about in terms of “deep, deep” energies and feelings around belief systems – the core limiting or expansive ones we have – and personal authentic truths being brought to the surface from the depths.

My two journeys to Egypt were the most profound of my personal experiences and transformations in this life – full on Kundalini awakening and complete new embodiment through a literal transmutation that took place from my own personal core depths while there, and so I have a bit of a deep connection with the ancient energy there, to say the least, stemming from my soul’s history and beyond.

Great info once again from Kaypacha on this “Phoenix or Unicorn rising” energy, as he shares it.

Discovering, exploring and aligning with your authenticity and inspired vision….letting go and starting anew…..passionately listening to the creative and magickal inner child that has heart wisdom to support you into the expansiveness and freedom of who you really are outside of the box – which offers others hope through your embodiment of these things.

Integrate your own wounds and become a “lighthouse” for others through the expansion of limited realities.

Thank you to my sweet friend Dawn Vierra of Reiki Dawn for sharing Tom’s video.

Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For June 4, 2014 – 4 June 2014

Another resonating share by Tom Lescher/Kaypacha (thanks Dawn for sharing it).

The messages that stood out the most to me were:

  • Surrender of control, will power, and egoic direction/strategy is important to release the unconscious attachment to outcomes/results/achievements as our source of emotional state of being in joy and peace.
  • What ever gets you angry is a lesson, an unexpressed aspect of yourself that others are expressing – lack of self-realization.
  • You just have to have faith that something more is divinely happening, surrender the “supposed to do’s”, and then transmutation starts to unfold and manifest.
  • No more is it about being and creating the “exclusive” – “inclusive” is now important – exclusive was the old paradigm and patriarchal.

Harmony of heart to you, as you move through change.

Lucas 2012 Infos

Uploaded on 4 June 2014 by Tom Lescher It’s hard to face limitation, I can kick and scream and complain,
But sometimes Source needs to use a straightjacket, Before I am willing to change. This week’s first quarter square Moon opposes Chiron creating a “T square”. That, along with Venus squaring Black Moon Lilith symbolizes the struggle between unharnessed self expression wanting to break free and the “Invisible Hand” seemingly taking the wind out of our sails for mysterious, unknown, but important, “reasons.” May you feed both yourself and world thereby creating a reality where none are found lacking. Music by

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Tom Lescher ~ Astrology Forecast April 30-May 6, 2014

Some helpful astrological insights from Kaypacha to help guide and support what you are experiencing. Thanks Laura for sharing and for your own experiences added.

Laura Bruno's Blog

This Pele Report explains some of what I’ve been hearing from friends and clients about the recent energy of “hurry up and wait.” If you’re raring to go but inexplicably spinning your wheels, it really could be the larger energies — not simply your own internal resistance. I suggest using the time delay to increase inner clarity while balancing the highest good of all involved.

Kaypacha advises to “Speak your truth and assert yourself, but in a loving way. … Talk about your feelings” [as opposed to a rigid judgment structure].

This time period emphasizes “accepting other people’s values. This is the Eighth House. I can be different than you. You can need, or want or value different things than me, and it doesn’t need to be the end. … We can respect each other as different, diverse human beings. I don’t need you to become like me, and…

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Kaypacha Astrology Forecast – Managing Your Energy with Maturity & Integrity

“I am so anxious I’m ready to burst,
It’s hard to decide what to do first,
I must remember that in this dimension,
Time holds the keys to my future expansion.”

~Kaypacha/Tom Lescher

Tom has such a quirky unique way of expressing things, but his insights are poignant and relevant, I feel, and he has a way of getting right to the point. I feel he hits the nail on the head with the energy landscape right now – at least from where I am perceiving things. What do you think?

February’s Energetic Landscape for Accelerated Release & Relief Opportunities

Anthony Douglas Williams about wisdomHow are you navigating the energy of this new year so far? If you’re feeling anything like I am, you might be at this juncture where everything is beginning to unwrap and release that has been carefully cultivated over the years.

And “release” seems to be one of the themes for this month, according to Mystic Momma’s update from Lena Stevens.

You have the potential for some major acceleration, or could create further blockage, depending on the preparation and integrative work you’ve been doing. And a lot of this will also stem on how well you can prioritize heart over mind.

That’s not to say that one is better than the other (as they do work beautifully in partnering balance), but sometimes we allow our old, patterned ideas and beliefs surrounding what we “think” or have been conditioned to believe is better, more practical, or valuable, to take precedence over what is naturally aligned with our authenticity and divine flow – which ultimately will provide optimal results.

Some of the standout passages from Lena’s insights, which reflect my own, are these:

We have set our intentions, organized ourselves as best we could, tried to anticipate what’s ahead and are now ready for the gate to open so we can move forward in a release of energy that will be very productive for some of us, and could be very disruptive for others.
Some releases will be breakthroughs, some could feel destructive or chaotic, some devastating, some empowering and incredibly energizing.
If you have worked on getting all of your ducks in a row and getting organized around gathering the energy, resources, information and support needed for a project or goal, you may experience a release of this energy that will move the project along. Be prepared for it.
Ability to have what we want. This is an area of releasing a certain backlog of deprivation due to our past belief that the world does not support us and who we are as conscious beings. All the prayers and intentions and spiritual study we have put into ourselves is now a pregnancy at full term. The challenge will be in the allowing for things to be different, easy, abundant and supportive. 

(That last part has felt so true and the same message I’ve been receiving. The birthing is now. And the experience will be fun, free, simple….if you can integrate and release the old ways, feelings, actions, and beliefs.)

The release of the mind and how it holds worry, anxiety, judgment, priorities, and all the information it is convinced you can’t live without. The mind is over full and begging for release. Many of our addictions and desire for escape is due to an over full mind of worry, anxiety, chaos, and judgment. The lesson here is in allowing the heart to prioritize for you instead of the mind, which is often fear based. 
One of the main lessons and certainly a sub-theme for the month is PRIORITIES. Learning how to prioritize will be key to staying balanced this month and to moving with ease and grace through the releases you will experience as well as in choosing where to focus on your overly abundant and well-stocked plate.
Priorities are not always what you think they should be. Some priorities stem from what is emotionally important rather than what is practically important.

(Oh my gosh is this ever my experience. Right now I am totally engaged in setting priorities that match my authenticity and joy, and are intuitively guided with right timing, while remaining flexible.)

We are not accustomed to listening as well to what our heart tells us is a priority rather than our mind. For example, if you have not given yourself the time or space to grieve a certain loss or spend some quality rest time, and your emotional container is overfull, it becomes a priority even though your mind may tell you differently.
Your mind may say you have too much to do and you are too busy at work or with other disciplines to take the time to rest or to grieve.

(I’ve seen this where I easily can get caught up in a lot of “busy” work, so I consistently have to tap my shoulder and check in with my heart to see how it’s feeling with the work at hand, and if it has a different message for me in terms of focus that would be more beneficial and optimizing – even if I don’t understand how.)

If you are not proactive with your emotional priorities, especially the releases this month, the dam may just break and you will not find yourself releasing with grace and ease but rather more dramatically such as through an accident, illness or emotional break down.
Do some work on your priorities and see if you can identify the emotionally important ones, as they will be the ones to pay attention to this month.
There could be overwhelm and a little chaos this month as well. Think of finally being admitted into a store that has just had its shelves totally restocked with more choices than you ever had before. If you don’t know what you are looking for you could get overwhelmed with too many choices.  It is important to identify what you are looking for from your heart rather than your mind. Pay attention to right timing and to what shows up. Trust.

(Again, so right on! The beauty and joy of right now is that there are unlimited choices. I have been facing these wonderful potentials and possibilities in abundance over the last couple of months, and so it really takes some fine tuning into the radio of my heart to ensure I’m not missing the important cues it is singing to me. This includes not just latching on to any ol’ thing that comes my way. Alignment with your vibration is key.)

The opportunity is for releasing how you hold fear, worry and anxiety. It is time to re imprint yourself with the notion that everything has its right timing and everything of importance will get done.

Take some time every day and release a judgment that you have of yourself or someone else. Observe the space and freedom you create in this release.

On another note, the energy being released around projects and goals and dreams could also magnetize new relationships into your life. Practice neutrality in expectation and judgment with each of these new connections…
It’s all systems go this month. Watch the body’s reaction to stress, worry and anxiety. Watch for old toxins finding a way to be released. Your body will be a great barometer this month on whether you are on the right track for ease and grace or not….
For those of you who are having trouble getting on that horse and riding into your future, it will be important to keep the moving center active and use it with intention that however you engage it (walking, jogging, dancing, etc.), it be symbolic of release and subsequent movement forward.

You can read the entire post at Mystic Mamma, which includes more insights you may find helpful (these are just the ones that intuitively stand out to me) here:

The Theme For February 2014 is RELEASE

You may also enjoy Tom ‘Kaypacha’ Lescher’s recent Astrology Forecast for the week of February 4th, 2014. His messages ring right in line with Lena’s and my own.

In his forecast you’ll find the message of recognizing that when things challenge us, to remember it is Spirit at work that is creating surprises, twists and turns, to help you align in love, evolution of soul and heart, and with conscious awareness of the unity of all existence.

These “challenges” are reminders that our “plans” need to align with these for the magick to be experienced without disillusionment or confusion.

Tom also feels there’s an emphasis on taking a vacation from the mind – turn it off while turning on your heart and feelings. Again, this is to help in the repatterning until you can learn to use them in balanced partnership. For now, we’re overhauled in the mind department and it isn’t even really the productive use of mind, but a lot of old programming and fearful ego aspects that are running the show.

We are learning to “be” and when we embody this, then the doing becomes an extension of that “being”, naturally.

Tom says, “It’s time to learn your lessons and if you have, then you can go sailing!”


But indeed, the wounds have to re-open, clean out, and heal, before they can mend. So just realize that this potential uncomfortable enhancement is temporary, if you allow it to run its “natural” course.

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