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Be the Master Creator of Your Life ~ Invoking Your Inner Rabbit with the Energy of the New Moon

girl-in-the-magical-forest-anime-wallpaperAs I shared in my recent mid-month newsletter, rabbit energy has been abound…showing up in several potent dreams, inspired messages, nudges, and quite literally around every corner in my life.

Synchronously, I’ve learned they have been showing up for others too, as I received messages in response to that newsletter about how rabbits have been getting the attention of others or have become part of their lives as animal spirit guides.

Rabbits embody the energy of rebirth, transmutation, luck, prosperity, creative potency of the Universe, quick-thinking, high fertility of mind, body, and emotion, agility, receptiveness, Lunar cycles and cyclical life, sacred and regenerative fire of the Phoenix, dawn, Spring, enlightenment, balance, eternity, androgyny, inspiration, genius, and herald a kind of waking life resurrection and realization of increased vitality, energy, or a new-found excitement over life. Phew!

Rabbits bring a message of nurturing your intuitive impulses and nudges from your heart and soul. They are the Cosmic Egg birthing all life.

To me, the rabbit energy is collectively heralding a call for inspiration, imagination, and creativity to channel through, bring forth, and embody. It’s so important to really activate this energy now and begin today to create your own reality, which will provide expansiveness, fulfillment, and new possibilities to your life and the world at large.

Don’t wait for some desired epiphany to hit, simply begin creating with all you already have in this moment to fuel you.

And with today’s New Moon in Aquarius, and the first SuperMoon of the year, it’s all about embodying your inner visionary and being the master creator of your life! A great time to invoke your inner rabbit!

It’s a year to empower yourself, truly embrace your challenges as gifts of opportunity to go to new heights and lengths you’ve only imagined, to take “now” action, and create a new reality and life path from the release of all of the old and the closing of doors behind you fully.

Time to take those risks and challenge yourself to go a little further into the unknown with trust. You have the ability to innovatively create anew. Do the unconventional. Think outside the box. Go where you’ve never gone before and dare to make the impossible possible!

Anytime someone tells me they can’t do something, I simply don’t except it. I ask why not? Within your answer is the key to why you can’t AND why you could.

rabbit holeDown, down the rabbit hole we continue to go…


Spiraling round and round, creating, imagining, transmuting, expanding…

Down taking us up, up taking us down, above and below reflecting one another, they way in is the way out….

Perhaps then you come to know how to be in the world, but not of it.

This for me has indeed ignited a continual deepening journey for myself. Challenging me to listen even more through all of the voices, and to let go of who I had thought myself so far to be, while also undoing everything I uncover that is limiting.

I am shown where I hold myself back – things that are easy can seem to be the way, but if the easy isn’t challenging me and it isn’t feeling invigorating as it did at one time, then that doesn’t for me mean I should keep doing it. I could easily just be hiding behind that, and unknowingly self-sabotaging.

I choose conscious and heightened sensitivities, like that of a rabbit, in order to seek myself out.

I constantly feel the potency in inventing/birthing something new, which isn’t necessarily something “new”, but a richer embodiment of what’s innately within me being activated.

In that process I find that it is potentially more challenging for those around me than it truly is for me because I find peace in constant change and others may attach to any given point of who I am in that particular moment or time period of my life.

I find there to be expectations and attachments that simply don’t resonate with the freeing experience of creative love I choose to have.

And so that is something those of us that choose to embark on transformative and visionary journeys will need to come to terms with…finding peace within and not seeking it from outside, as only you create your experience. And then being okay with the fact you may not be understood, that others could be challenged by what you reflect, and then realize that is THEIR journey and you can’t micro-manage everyone’s life choices.

This also helps to create doorways of possibilities for others if we hold the energy of being okay with journeying there as pioneers with only our vision and trust to light a way into the darkness.

The truly loving thing is to act with responsible accountability for the choices you make and the honoring of your authenticity you seek to embody as example. The rest is a journey we each get to have to the rhythm of our own choosing.

While this journey deeper has included shifts in my personal relating to myself, others, and what channels through me, it also very tangibly translates into actual shifts I know are vital to embrace even within the work I express. And it has included both richer connections, as a result of going more within and connecting with myself.

This is why this is a time very much about my personal expressions and journeys that feel most supportive, expansiveness, and fulfilling. And by nature of that naturally channeling, it is of service in a highest good way that I feel is more powerful than trying to do something in particular to be of service or sacrificing parts of ourselves/energy in the name of what we think is service – which is like forcing your round peg to fit into a square hole. It may have worked before, but it won’t work any longer.

Authenticity of your essence is calling. All-encompassing love is the unifying source that we each creatively express through our whole uniqueness. The richness of life will come from the full exploration, curiosity, and vulnerable embrace of both the dark and the light.

For me that’s why I’m throwing out the familiar and welcoming some very ambitious new visions that are incubating. I’m in process of restructuring my life and life’s work on all levels, deepening the relationships that reflect this and letting go of the ones that don’t, inviting more personal passions – all while listening to the harmony of my heart.

And that has indeed included rabbits, symbolically and literally. (I’ve started volunteer work at a local rabbit rescue and through very synchronous events through a friend and another rabbit organization, a special little bunny may be joining our family).

Rabbits are all around me and within me…and in fact I would go as far as to say I am coming to more fully embody my own inner rabbit and magician – becoming the rabbit’s magician of my own life. Getting my Triple Rabbit tattoo certainly has been integral to integrating its potent energy into my life.

Rabbit inspiration, creative magick, and love! Are you also finding a bit of rabbit enchantment in your own?

On today’s New Moon, invite rabbit energy to inspire that sacred, regenerative fire within you to create wildly!

Triple Rabbits, Birthday Blessings to Joy, Christmas Eve Magick & Alchemy

rabbit - CopyLast weekend while walking the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, three rabbits ran across the path directly ahead of me. Two of them were little cottontail rabbits and the third was a much larger rabbit, in comparison, pictured here in the images I captured.

The first two scurried a long more quickly, although hesitated in the bushes for me to have an eye-to-eye, but the third, larger rabbit, lingered to connect more intentfully.

There was something about seeing three and how two were smaller, but seemed equal in energy, and the third was the largest and seemed to embody not only a bigger energy, but one that brought all of their energy together and held its space with very present wholeness.

rabbit4 - Copy

I love the energy of three and its integrative, creative power.

rabbit6 - CopyThree also symbolizes growth, magick, intuition, expression, versatility, pure joy of creativity, celebration, Goddess energy connected and reflective of the Empress in the Tarot, overcoming duality, manifestation, complete cycles, and flow.

Synchronously, I have been graced with three rabbits in this lifetime, I wear the Triple Rabbit Symbol as a sacred tattoo on my right arm, I am a number three by birth in numerology, and I am often talking/teaching about triangle energy and its potent symbolism in terms of how to create alchemy and transmutation when working with light and dark/shadow.

The Triple Rabbits (or sometimes known as the Triple Hares) are so powerful and represent the Trinity.triple rabbit

twinkie2The three Rabbits I have had in this life include Twinkie – the first, whom I only had for a few months when I was about 12 years old.

He is the only male animal companion I’ve personally ever had, as even my parakeets were all female.

Then there was of course Nestor, and now Joy.twinkie3

Interestingly, at my parents house while visiting them last week, my brother and I were looking through old photos and I found the only ones I have of Twinkie (pictured here).

It brought back bittersweet memories of him and I realized the powerful symbolism in the colors of the rabbits that have been in my life.

twinkie4Twinkie, as you can see in the photos, was pure white (again that white symbolism showing up and how perfect that my white rabbit was a male, as white symbolizes the male/yang energy): Soaring Through a New Shade of White

nestorNestor was all shades of light and very dark gray.

joy my angelAnd Joy is an integration of both white and gray. 🙂

Which brings me to the magick of today.

Not only is today, or rather this evening, one of my most cherished, enchanting nights of the year, but this day also holds a very special and precious place in my heart because it shares a celebration of the birth of my dear soul companion, Joy Julianna.

Today is sweet Joy’s birthday. She celebrates 11 years (another alchemical and potent number symbolism) of this Earthly life’s cycle, although she is an ancient soul.

Joy carries with her the energy of purity, joyous love, gentle power, tenderness, serene wisdom, and childlike laughter and wonder.

She is also a beautiful integration of energies, which she embodies so gracefully.

Joy is a powerful soul that constantly gives of herself to the higher collective good, works with the magickal realms, has a 6th sense like nobody’s business, is a channel between Earth and Cosmos, and shares her love and support with me without limit.

She is my daily companion who sprinkles the enchantment and power she embodies into everything we create together, which is everything in my life.

And, she is a literal and symbolic representation of this integration life for me, and reflects the processes that I have been journeying to embody.

All of my companions have been this for me, and continue to, even from beyond the Earth plane.

But today I honor Joy.

She is Christmas Eve.

She embodies the magick.

She is pure alchemy incarnate.

And every day I love her more.

According to an ancient Sardinian legend, the bodies of those who are born on Christmas Eve will never dissolve into dust but are preserved until the end of time. ~Grazia Deledda 

christmas magickI have always had a soft spot for the Christmas season…the colorful twinkling lights, decorations, smells, trees, magickal animals, elves, Santa, snow, cozy fires, glowing candles, bright stars and starry nights, and LOVE abound! It’s one of those times that reminds us of connecting with our inner child, to dream and believe, to see through eyes and hearts of wonder, share our love with everyone in peace and harmony, and recognize the beauty in and around us.

Christmas Eve was a night of song that wrapped itself about you like a shawl. But it warmed more than your body. It warmed your heart… filled it, too, with melody that would last forever. ~Bess Steeter Aldrich

May the loving melody of today resound eternally in your heart.

May you always believe, have the courage to dream, and may the Christmas Eve magick and child-like wonder be with you all year round.

And may you have Alchemy in 2015!

My Sacred Tattoo Symbolism – A Triple Rabbit, Full Moon, Ogham & Cosmic Vortex Portal

tattoo4-horzToday I was inspired to share a bit more on my last sacred tattoo (as promised) that I had created on my skin a couple of months ago. It felt like a good time, given my rabbit companion, Joy (who is one of the 3 depicted rabbits in it), has been going through some energetic stuff since yesterday and it feels connected to shifts and portal openings.

I love all of my tattoos, but this one is extra special to me for invoking the intended energy I desire to embody.

The image is of the triple rabbit symbolism, but in a more organic design with each rabbit having a unique personality and otherworldly/human quality. They are layered over a Full Moon, which they are circling round, and that is spinning out of a Cosmic Vortex, exploding with tiny magickal stars. And inside the center sits a sacred Ogham tree letter that holds layered meaning as well.

All of my tattoos are done in black and shades of gray, but this is the only tattoo that we added white to, which resonated when my tattoo artist asked what I thought of that. This is a special piece in many ways so pixie-dusting it was just the touch of enchantment it needed.

As I mentioned in my previous post when I first revealed this tattoo, the area where it now lives and breathes had also shown up in a dream sequence experience where I had received an implant underneath the skin that felt to be preparing the energy. Interestingly, the implant was a shiny silver-shaped disk, which would mirror the shape of the Full Moon that now resides there.

I won’t be able to explain all of the meaning this has for me and how I use it, however I can share about some of the elements of the design symbolism, which will give an insight to its energy. Of course the placement on the right arm also has its meaning and it wonderfully balances my left arm, Magick Dragon with Runes and Pentacle. But for now here’s an exploration of the design symbolism of my last sacred tattoo.

The Triple Rabbits Symbolism:

I realized how perfect the Triple Rabbit Symbol was for me, even more than just the connection and resonance I’ve had with it for some time now, when I realized I have had 3 Rabbit friends in this life. I had always loved and been drawn to the symbol and would have loved to have it tattooed on me, but didn’t know if it would actually come to be, as I follow the energetic guidance I feel when getting new tattoos. I actually thought I was done tattooing myself on my last tattoo, but I was gifted this symbolism I have held dear for a long time, as my celebratory closure. Indeed a gift! The three Rabbits I have had in this life included, Twinkie – the first and only had him for a summer when I was about 12 years old. He is the only male animal companion I’ve personally ever had. Then there was of course Nestor, and now Joy.

The Triple Rabbits (or sometimes known as the Triple Hares) are so powerful and represent the Trinity. Each of the ears are shared by two Rabbits, but only three ears are shown.

Rabbits are symbolic of rebirth, luck, prosperity, creativity, quick-thinking, self-sacrifice, high fertility of mind, body, and emotion, agility, receptiveness, and speed, to name a few things. They herald a kind of waking life resurrection and a realization of increased vitality, energy, or a new-found excitement over life. Creativity is also a form of fertility and of ripening, fresh ideas so Rabbits can bring a message of nurturing your intuitive impulses and nudges from your heart and soul.

Rabbits/Hares are powerfully profound in their transmutational energies. The Ancients found them one of the most mysterious and perplexing beings, thought to be hermaphrodites (male one month and female the next), with powers of self-impregnation. Since they reflect the idea of balance between masculine and feminine they are highly regarded as sacred, mediators of the sacred, and embodying actual creative powers of the Universe.

Rabbits are also associated with the Moon, lunar cycles, and cyclical life, are considered creatures of fire – the “Sacred Fire” that is the same regenerative fire of the Phoenix – thus destruction and recreation of the heart of all life. They are connected with the dawn, enlightenment, Spring, the Cosmic Egg from which the Cosmos is produced, and embody balance, creative potency, eternity, androgyny, genius, and inspiration.

Moon Symbolism:

And speaking of the Moon, she has her own amazing energy and symbolism that adds to this magickal piece I wear on my skin. I have the Moon also represented over my Heart Chakra on my back, depicted by the Mayan Moon Goddess, Ix Chel, with her consort the Rabbit. This design just so happened to turn out to look like me when it was created, which was great as it was to represent myself and Nestor. But it was a symbolic depiction of the Moon rather than an actual representation.

Now I have both. 🙂

The Moon is considered a luminary, although produces no light of her own. She reflects the Sun’s light, which mirrors her image to us. In this way of projecting light, she symbolizes the subtlety of how we may gain clarity and indirectly receive insight, and how we can soften our gaze to access esoteric meaning.

The Moon also symbolizes cycles, the shadow, mystery, wonder, balance, renewal, time, emotions, the subconscious, intuition, fertility, femininity, transition, passivity, perception, receptivity, the night, nocturnal creatures, illumination…She is connected to the element of Water (mother of all sea creatures as well) and is ruled by the sign of Cancer.

Alchemical teachings share that the Moon is connected to Silver, which carries the symbolism of clarity, purity and brilliance that the Moon so beautifully exudes. Since Silver is one of the 3 metals that are the foundation of the Prima Materia, this makes the Moon part of the Trinity of transformation.

She is also associated with Kuan Yin, the Virgin Mary, Thoth, Diana, Artemis, and Hecate, to name a few of her archetype associations.

Full Moon Symbolism:

Each of her Phases (which represent immortality and eternity) also have significance and being that my tattoo depicts a Full Moon, I will just concentrate on that symbolism here which includes new beginnings, our wholeness, self-realization coming full circle, bringing things to light, releasing what no longer serves you, restoration, good for receiving the fullness of your creative abundance, being at the height of your personal power, experiencing illuminated clarity, and the ability to manifest dreams and intentions.

Ogham Tree Letter Symbolism:

I was first going to have a full word written out to represent “Rabbit” in Ogham, but it wouldn’t work with the design. It was meant to invoke further, the energy incited. I then realized that it was because a more potent and multi-layered symbolism was meant to replace it, and through synchronous research, was led to how that was to unfold.

I started researching the connection of “Rabbits” with Ogham and Celtic symbolism, which is what felt to resonate for this arm, also given I wear Gaelic and Ogham on my right forearm (the same arm) connected with Nestor (my beloved and departed Rabbit companion before Joy). It led me to the information explaining its roots and symbolic “wisdom of the trees”. Then I read that there are animals closely related to each tree of the Ogham.

And then it hit me that the actual tree/letter would be more magickal, and not only that….it would perfectly fit into the design at center! I love how that works. 😉

So the symbol in the middle of the Rabbits and at center of the Full Moon of my design is the Ogham for the tree Gorse/Ohn/Onn – or “O” which resides there. Gorse is connected to the planet Venus and the element of Earth.

I found that Rabbits are connected to Gorse (sometimes called Furze) or Ohn/Onn – the letter “O”. The Gorse bush interestingly is associated with the Sun, because of its yellow flowers full of nectar and pollen that open in March around the time of Spring Equinox with a very long flowering season) and is associated with the color yellow gold. I found its association with the Sun interesting, almost like that wholeness and integration of duality, since Rabbits are connected with the Moon, and yet are also connected to Gorse/Sun.

This, to me, feels like coming full circle, just as Rabbits run full circle with the Moon’s cycle (and running around the Moon literally on my arm lol). And it’s also like how they are hermaphrodites and birth the cosmic egg – both male and female. It also represents that coming to self-realized wholeness, which the Full Moon also symbolizes – a perfect closing tattoo to my “Spiritual Skin” indeed.

And here’s a bit more on the symbolism of Gorse:

Light, vibrancy, protection (Gorse has thorns), intelligence, independence, industry.. are just some of the words for it. Gorse is considered a “light seeker” of the higher road by the Druids and is opportunistic (associated with the Bee) as well as creates distance in order to begin a new colony that is free to have more sun without crowding – hence independent and that leaping out (like Rabbits do) on our own to create/blaze our own trail away from conformity.

This “Bee” association is particularly of interest, as a few weeks I had come home to find a swarm of Bees inside the house all congregating at the windows and sliding glass doors. Later to find that a hive was in the chimney and these Bees were likely relocating their colony, but somehow decided to swarm inside the house rather than leave the way they had come in. Yes, a powerful symbolism to have them in my personal space and experience, and quite symbolic of creating a “new, freer, and more illuminated” life. It also speaks to making sure our inner energy is blooming even when the external environment is bleak.

Gorse is a determined plant that always comes back – which represents perseverance and hope – two things I have tons of and am always happy to be empowered with more of. It also has been used as a protective barrier and can be shaped into a broom to sweep negative influences away.

Gorse represents what you’ve been looking for is right around the corner, to keep pursuing goals because they are within your reach, and helps to figure out the direction of your journey to the destinations intended. Magickally it speaks to your spiritual journey, especially if asked to take the role of a leader, providing you with an abundance of gifts to share with others.

It says to you, “the time is now”.

Sometimes called Furze: Onn (Uhn) symbolizes knowledge of poetry and wisdom/foolishness. Ohn/Eloquence. Furze is popular in pagan fertility rites, blooms throughout year, is plentiful in pollen and nectar, and smells of honey. The flowers are visited by the first Bees of the season and the bruised shoots provide food for the horses. Rabbits eat Gorse/Furze and are protected by the thorns. In spring, Furze is set afire to burn away the gold growth and make room for the new. Furze symbolizes a gathering together and a skill at collecting elements needed for a goal. Also signifies information that could change your life.

So Furze is the gathering together of sweetness in your life.  The things you value. A time to get busy like the Bees. There’s those Bees again. 🙂

Physical symbolism: Your search is over. You will find what you are seeking. Continue towards your goal.

Mental symbolism: Share your knowledge, as the Bee shares pollen and nectar gathered from the Furze.

Spiritual symbolism: There is an abundance of blessings in your spiritual voyage, so do not hoard them all to yourself. Share with others, you will be rewarded.

I SO LOVE the symbolism that is embodied in this sacred design and it’s all created within a swirling vortex of Cosmic Stars – the totality of which is one magickal portal. And since integrating this creation into my life, I have very much been experiencing all that it was meant to bring more of into my life and I definitely can also see how I’ve but scratched the surface to where this portal leads. I’m in gratitude and honor of it and am welcoming the journey, where ever it takes me.

I love that I finished writing this post at 12:12 pm. 🙂

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