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13 New Crystal Illuminations Sacred Paintings Come Alive – The Essence of You

I’m feeling ecstatic about the birthing of the newest Crystal Illuminations sacred paintings. As many of you may know, I’ve been in a creative vortex of channeling pieces for my upcoming art shows – “Laguna Woods Village Art Affair” and “A Night of Creative Compassion“.

The result: 13 new Crystal Illuminations! Yay!

I so love these pieces, as it is a partnership that results from my working with each of my amazingly potent crystal friends, and then allowing their essence to speak through me, on canvas, into a “crystallization” of that energy. It is quite the process and when you are creating 13 all at once, in record time, it’s a wonder I didn’t blow out!

But luckily I didn’t, probably due to my incorporating balance into my life, which after years of not having that, have realized is key. That, along with my recharging each evening at the beach for sunset-immersing, has kept me grounded.

These 13 new pieces will be debuting and exhibited at the upcoming Thursday evening “Laguna Woods Village Art Affair,” which is a private event in a gated, resort-style-living community of 18,000 resident seniors. After which, they will go on sale officially to the public.

Crystal Illuminations (crystal infused sacred paintings as a source of light in your life) were channeled as a way for each crystal to emanate and be honored, as they honor and work with us. They are “living” pieces of healing art that draw from and integrate the Earth and the Ethereal, as felt through my heart. Crystal Illuminations are meditational portals that assist you with invoking the key essence of each crystal’s energy into your daily sacred space in order to access new doorways of experience. Each painting is a channeled imprint of the specific crystal’s vibrational resonance as they come through me in the process of working with them, are individually programmed and infused with love, and are charged with Reiki energy. Some embody one family of crystal, while others combine more than one, and can range from one to several crystals, depending on the energy of each creation.

When you gaze upon or simply have the painting in your personal space, it can assist with energetic activations and help shift the energy in and around you to support desired intentions. Crystal Illuminations are a tool to help draw in a bit of magic as you journey through life.

I first introduced Crystal Illuminations back in April, when I birthed the first family of creations. Being that these paintings are alive with crystal beings, they have a way of “choosing” and “waiting for” the right person, as it is the same as a stand-alone crystal who looks for its crystal keeper.

About half of the original group are still awaiting their new homes and coupled with this new family that makes 20 Crystal Illuminations to let your heart explore.

I’ve shared before that I keep being led to new crystals and stones that are mirroring of the current energies and what kind of support people are needing. And along with this, some extremely interesting and very powerful crystals are emerging. This new group of 13 is packed full of not only aesthetically and uniquely stunning crystals, but energetically stunning properties as well.

It’s always very challenging to capture art and colors on camera, let alone a crystal, but I do my best. Below you will find the 13 new Crystal Illuminations. Colors will vary slightly in person, as well as the detail and vibrancy that shows up. Each painting also has touches of either gold or silver metallic, except for the Rainbow Moonstone, which has a little of both. I’ve only included one photo of each, but when I post them after the shows for official availability, there will be a few photos for each to share, including crystal close ups.

Several of these crystals have rainbows and amazing inclusions, all are high quality, and some are rare and not very well known. There are one and two crystal combinations and the theme of these pieces are focused with intention of bringing the essence of YOU into fullness.

Again, these will not be officially available until after the shows, as they will be on display, but if one REALLY speaks to you, you can pre-purchase it so that it is on hold, and I will mark it “SOLD” at the show and ship it out after.

You can contact me at with any questions, to get pricing, and to purchase a piece. If you’d like to commission a specific Crystal Illumination painting, you can also contact me for a custom quote. If you are interested in one of these pieces and would like to see more images, you can contact me to request that as well.

You can also view the first family of Crystal Illuminations at my Etsy Shop: Crystal Illumination

Click on each image to enlarge for detail.

Yellow-Calcite1)      Your Radiance – Yellow Calcite 8″ x 10″ Acrylic on Canvas

Yellow Calcite will stimulate the intellect, help one organize intellectual thoughts and information as well as boot one’s general energy level. It is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and from this it will naturally increase ones personal power, hope, and sense of self worth, as it gently amplifies energy. It also assists in the challenges associated with change in general. It enhances psychic abilities, astral projection, channeling, higher consciousness, intuitive awareness, shamanic work, and meditation. In the physical realm, Yellow Calcite benefits the stomach, upper intestines, upper back, and upper spine.

M22)     The Miracle of You – Merlinite 4″ x 4″ Acrylic on Canvas

Merlinite can bring magic into your life. It is truly a stone of wisdom and self-mastery, and gives access to the spiritual and shamanic realms. Assists one in achieving balance between the light and dark, the known and unknown. Gives one courage to face one’s shadow self. Helps communicate with animals spirits and elementals. Helps one to see there are no mistakes, only learning experiences. Facilitates reading of the Akashic Records. Helps travel to past or future lives. Encourages self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-love. Assists in working through grief and loss. Useful for headaches and in stabilizing the nervous system.

Blue-and-Aman5b3)   Serenity of Your Truth – Amazonite and Blue Topaz 10″ x 10″ Acrylic on Canvas

Amazonite absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations and protects against electromagnetic pollution (good to place near your computer). It is an extremely soothing stone and alleviates worry and fear. Good for Heart and Throat Chakras. Calms brain and nervous system. Balances masculine and feminine energies. It dispels negative energy and aggravation. Spiritually it is extremely beneficial to all levels of consciousness. It assist in manifesting Universal Love. Heals and opens the Heart and Throat Chakras to enhance loving communication. Amazonite inspires truth, sincerity, honor, self-love, self-respect, confidence, grace, communication, eloquence, integrity, trust, clairvoyance, clarity, prophecy, psychic vision. Good for anyone involved in the arts as it is said to enhance creativity and the ability to express oneself. A soothing stone that calms the brain and nervous system, while supports maintaining optimum health. It reduce self-damaging behavior, as well as, increases straight posture. Can be worn to attract financial luck and success when taking chances. Amazonite is often used in foretelling techniques such as tarot and rune readings and stimulates the powers of clairvoyance. Worn as an amulet it is said to protect against snake bites and a wide range of diseases. In Egypt it was considered a holy stone.

Blue Topaz: Clears and activates the Throat Chakra enhancing the ability to articulate one’s ideas and insights. It’s a natural magnifier of psychic abilities, and helps to tune in to inner guidance. It aids in expressing one’s emotions and needs. Promotes sharing and communication, as well as learning and mental perception. Blue Topaz helps calm the mind for meditation and aids in communication with higher spiritual beings. It has a calming, soothing effect on the emotions. Useful for hyper-active thyroid, and the general health of the neck and throat. It can also be used to calm migraines.

SJ54)  Revelations Into Manifestations of You – Snakeskin Jasper 8″ x 10″ Acrylic on Canvas

Creation ~ Transformation – This is a “must-have” for shamans and light workers practicing on the physical plane. Often overlooked or judged as “deceptive”, a snake has the ability to transform its’ body, direction and life. This stone teaches us just that. It pulls awareness into our bodies, so we can live, love, and create in them. The spiritual realm cannot express and explore without physical form and neither can we. The deep weight and vibration this stone brings reminds us that Earth Mother herself is our play ground. By constantly pulling us back in, it becomes clear that she provides sustenance on many levels, as well as adversity for body building. These truths bring reality into focus so we can determine if it is time to shed our current skin, move sideways, or change direction. ~Rev. Pamela Teague, CHt

Emerald25)     Flourishing into the Heart of You – Emerald and Herkimer Diamond 10″ x 10″ Acrylic on Canvas

Emerald: Known as the stone of successful love, it brings domestic bliss and loyalty. It enhances unity, unconditional love, and partnership. It opens the Heart Chakra and has a calming effect on the emotions. It eliminates negativity and brings in positive actions. It enhances psychic abilities. Imparts mental clarity, strengthens memory, inspires a deep inner knowing, and broadens vision. It is a wisdom stone promoting discernment and truth. Aids recovery after infectious illness. Treats sinuses, lungs, heart, spine, and muscles. Improves vision and detoxes the liver. Alleviates rheumatism and diabetes.

Herkimer Diamond: Powerful high-vibrational ascension crystals. They will take you to the highest spiritual vibration possible while still being in your physical body. These crystals have powerful metaphysical properties and are strong stones to aid astral travel, as they help to connect the astral plane to the physical plane. They are beautiful crystals that boost clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, and act as powerful amplifiers. Herkimers are often extremely clear stones but many have black anthraxolite inclusions and some even have water inclusions within them, which aid the healing of emotional problems. Herkimer’s have a distinct and harmonious energy, that is extremely valuable when used as a tool in a healing environment and can boost the energy of other small stones. There are many rare crystals that have a high vibration, but often the specimens you obtain are very tiny stones. They can really help you to move you forward in many aspects of your life. By keeping this stone on you constantly it can cause an expansion of your being and allow almost unconscious connection to the Divine realms. They are potent high crystal energy stones and will magnify the energy of what ever crystals that they are combined with, to work more effectively and have a stronger resonance within your auric field. Using these powerhouse stones in meditation is the other step you can take. Doing a daily crystal meditation with these powerful stones for many people is the beginning of a highly spiritual experience, which may lead to the opening of a variety of psychic gifts. These are powerful stones for the higher chakras. They will take the energy up through the Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star Chakra, as well as higher transpersonal chakras. While you are meditating with this stone you can also program it to enhance your natural gifts and talents and improve your mental state. This could also be done with any stones in your jewelry, to make them highly effective aids to spiritual growth. The purity and beauty of the energy of these crystals may draw angelic beings and higher guides to it and you may find that you start connecting with angels. They are known to be extremely helpful to place under your pillow if you are having trouble sleeping or remembering your dreams. A Herkimer Diamond will attune to a person using them, and like most quartz crystals are known to be able to retain information. You can program it with a positive affirmation before going to sleep to create a positive attitude or to wake up with a clearer mind-set.

QS4c6)    The Root of Your Creative Power  – Que Sera and Chiastolite 10″ x 10″ Acrylic on Canvas

Que Sera: Contains blue quartz, felspar, calcite, kaolinite, iron, magnetite, leucozone, and clinozoisite. Like a battery, it activates your own power. With this stone, you truly create your own reality with a happy-go-lucky feeling. It charges and balances the meridians and organs. It helps a healer to see into the energy body, highlighting areas of disease. It shields against electromagnetic smog including Wi-Fi. It releases you from self-imposed obligations. If you dwell on problems, this stone helps you find constructive solutions. It attunes you to your soul’s purpose and shows all possible pathways. Good for eyesight, brings clarity of mind, and assists digestion.

Chiastolite: (AKA Andalusite) This is a powerful protective stone. A creative stone dispelling negative thoughts and feelings. Transmutes conflict into harmony and aids problem solving and change. Facilitates out-of-body journeys. Dissolves illusions and calms fears, enabling you to face reality. Helpful for those making the transition beyond death. Clears feelings of guilt and stabilizes the emotions. It assists in attuning to the soul’s purpose. Good for fevers and alleviates over-acidification, healing rheumatism, and gout. Balances the immune system, a nerve fortifier, and decreases paralysis.

Lepidolite27)    Your Inner Harmony – Lepidolite 8″ x 10″ Acrylic on Canvas

Lepidolite is a soft lilac colored stone of calm, trust, peace, spirituality, luck, love, and acceptance with extremely high vibrations. Placed directly on the body Lepidolite is said to ease joint problems, numb sciatica, help relieve allergies and to strengthen the immune system. Lepidolite enhances, self-love, patience and optimism. It is wonderful for dreamwork, rebirthing, dream recall, transition, awareness, emotional balance, and release. It can also bring a growing energy to gardening and agriculture. Lepidolite is known to clear out all of the redundant messages and voices form the past that hold us back from happiness and/or success. It aids in attracting supportive friends and colleagues, as well as bring opportunities to succeed. It will help any and all living in unavoidably stressful experiences (such as city dwellers) to maintain a calm, and serene center. Placed on the body, Lepidolite is used to locate the site of the body’s dis-ease; vibrating gently to indicate the source. To promote a restful night’s sleep free of nightmares, place Lepidolite near the headboard of the bed. Clears EMF’s and should be placed on computers. It dissipates negativity, clears blockages, and brings cosmic awareness. Aids shamanic journeying and accesses the Akashic Records. Reduces stress and depression and overcomes insomnia. Stabilizes mood swings and bipolar disorders. Good for addictions and anorexia. Encourages independence and achieving goals without outside help. Speeds up decision making. It’s a calming stone that soothes sleep disturbances and emotional stress, bringing deep emotional healing. Relieves allergies, strengthens immune system, and relieves exhaustion. Good for menopause.

OJ78)    Finding Your Natural Flow – Ocean Jasper 8″ x 8″ Acrylic on Canvas

Ocean Jasper or Orbicular Jasper is a soothing and calming stone for the emotions that facilitates meditative states and presence in the moment. It helps calm thoughts. Assists in clearing limiting or stuck patterns of energy that may create physical imbalance and disease. Supports service, assists in accepting responsibility and instilling patience. Supports regeneration of tissues in the body, the healing of organs, and balancing of the glandular system. Stabilizes thyroid and adrenal secretions and assists the endocrine system in balancing the body’s chemistry. It eliminates the toxins that cause body odor. It is a stone used for protection since the ancient times and is believed to have deep relation to Atlantis – can only be mined during low tides and in the shallow part of the ocean. Egyptians used it as an aphrodisiac and was worn in amulets & used in massages for the same effect. Considered a healing stone and rain inducer by the Indians of Native America and Asia. Known as the warrior’s stone in the Middle Ages. Jasper stones are supreme nurturers in general, but the Ocean Jasper teaches us that there is a cycle and rhythm to all the natural events and helps us realize we all are connected at the core to everything and everyone on this planet at the deepest core of our being. Good for resolving all baggage of the past and encourages personal responsibility, teaches us patience and to develop a positive outlook towards life, eases stress and lightens one’s sadness, enhances perception and concentration and is associated with the Heart Chakra. Ocean Jasper is very soothing and helps us to love one’s self as well as others. It helps heal the emotions and brings peace of mind. It helps with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience.

C69)    Your Courage and Vision – Charoite 6″ x 6″ Acrylic on Canvas

This is a stone of transformation that overcomes and releases fear. It stimulates inner vision and spiritual insight and aids in coping with enormous change at a spiritual level. It provides deep physical and emotional healing, helping you to accept the present moment as perfect. Reduces stress and worry bringing about a relaxed attitude. Overcomes compulsions and obsessions. It open and balances the Crown Chakra. It transmutes negative energy into healing and converts dis-ease into wellness. Heals blood pressure and liver damage due to alcohol. Alleviates cramps, aches, and pains. Bestows deep sleep overcoming insomnia. Helps autism and bipolar disorders.

Green-Kyanite10)  Your Balance of Heart – Green Kyanite 5″ x 7″ Acrylic on Canvas

Green Kyanite helps one to feel the ever-moving perfect flowing balance of the life force of the Universe. It helps one connect to the truth of the heart and to live from that. It also aids one in discerning the truth in one’s environment, from the news, TV, or a friend, like a sincerity detector. It helps one to adjust to changing conditions. It opens the portals to inner domains and most easily enter the realm of the Nature spirits and Devas. Even astral travel to other planets is possible with Green Kyanite. It can powerfully enhance one’s dreams and facilitates lucid dreaming.

Gh511)  The Alchemist You – Golden Healer Lemurian 5″ x 7″ Acrylic on Canvas

These are master healers, accessing the golden light, the highest vibration of energy the human body can receive and sustain. A true ascension stone, it raises the vibration and frequency of the entire chakra system. It magnifies the flow of energy throughout the body to promote healing on every level. It also powerfully energizes the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras, bringing a closer connection to spirit, and an increase in flow of energy, enhancing personal power and self-confidence. A perfect tool for any kind of energy work, meditation, or healing. The Golden Healer Lemurians have a very powerful energy signature and are very rare.

TS412)  Your Center of Passion – Tiffany Stone 5″ x 5″ Acrylic on Canvas

Extremely rare mineral found only in Utah. Enhances intuition, opening the higher Crown Chakras, as well as enhances passion and psychic gifts. Encourages persistence in following the soul’s path. Assists transitions of all kinds. Fills the heart with unconditional love, as it connects to the Heart and Higher Heart. Helps with decluttering. Assists flow of energy in meridians and energizes and cleanses the chakras. It stimulates libido and the flow of sexual energy. Enhances clear thought supporting academic study. Good for arthritis and bones. Helps to interpret channeled information. Integrates the lightbody into the physical realm, supporting the soul as it does so. Comprised of Beryllium, Opalized Fluorite, Agate, Manganese, Rhodonite, and Dolomite. Also known as Bertrandite.

Rainbow-Moonstone13)   The Joy of Your Innocence – Rainbow Moonstone 5″ x 5″ Acrylic on Canvas

This acts as a prism that diffuses energy throughout the aura. It assists in clearing the psychic senses and the mind and brings the frequency of joy to the energy field. It is a positive protection stone, helping to deflect negativity before entering the energy field. It is particularly good for psychic protection and for maintaining clarity of energy while working on an intuitive level. Rainbow Moonstone can be helpful in clearing the emotional body, as well as can be useful to ease emotional trauma and create balance in your life. It is a stone of new beginnings, balancing the psychic centers and grounding negative energies. It helps one to recognize that new beginnings are in fact the fruition of each ending. It allows one to accept gracefully the ups and downs and supports a calmness during the process. Connected to the water element and lunar cycles, it is specifically helpful at opening one up to their spiritual gifts, getting in touch with intuition, empathy, and feminine energy. Rainbow moonstone is a wonderful stone when used in Reiki healing sessions, by placing it at the crown chakra it helps to open the crown up.

My School of Art is the Miracle of Nature Within Me

sunset27I’ve been immersed in creative energy right now, reaching deep from the source of that power to bring forth many inspired creations. I am in process of birthing 13 new Crystal Illuminations sacred paintings, along with some other channelings, in record time. My surges go in flows and so I ride each wave when they arise and then glide to shore to ground into what is in the air next, until another surge emerges.

Yesterday, I was in quite the flow and along with the scorching heat here, it was quite a powerful emission of energy in my room that was firing things up. I had plans to take a beach walk with a girlfriend of mine in the day, but my intuition said to remain in sunset17the flow and if that flow came to closure in time later, a sunset walk felt much more in alignment.

Well, my painting went really beautifully and I was in that vortex of creation where you hit that sweet spot of joyous inner explosion, and this carried me quickly through the day, finishing just at the right time. It was such a high impact of creative energy and along with the heat, my Crown Chakra was feeling a tad bit expanded from the energy in my body rising up and through me.

sunset24So, heading to the beach felt like the perfect way to cool and ground down, refresh, renew, and invigorate for the next wave of inspirational flow for today and tomorrow’s creative continuation.

Because I listened to the energy and didn’t stop or buck the flow, going only when and if the energy felt supportive of doing so, it seems the Universe had a mirroring gift awaiting at my favorite beach here, Crystal Cove.

Words can’t describe the magical quality that was in the air, as we made our way down the cliff steps and spent the next hour and a half melissa-and-mewalking at the water’s edge. The evening was balmy, in the high eighties, the water was refreshing, and the sky was a brilliant dance of miracles recreating themselves, as the sun set on the horizon. It was so surreal. We both felt like we were in some enchanted, exotic location and experiencing a “time out of time”, which this beach seems to create by way of its portal I feel is there.

There was a mellow larger gathering of people in celebration for the holiday weekend that we came upon and yet we were in our own little world. Many photographers for some reason had gathered too, somehow knowing it was going to be an ecstatic sunset, which it was. I saw several of them snapping away at the sunset5natural essence of the evening, capturing even us in our joy. We danced along the shore and through the people – some of which noted our exuberance and yet we wove through like dancing faeries come to pixie-dust the celebration. (yes we literally did glide, dance, and skip along)

I told my Melissa that the view we were gifted and the whole setting and experience we were walking into was like a painting come to life that we had opened the door to. It had the essence of a step back in time, set amidst the old historic cottages on the beach and hill used by artists of the day (first built as a South Seas movie set and seaside colony of the 30’s and 40’s). There were movie set kind of spot lights up too for sunset4this party and we only heard one song, which I’m unfamiliar with the name, but it was a song we both just happen to love that was so perfectly orchestrated to the ambience, mood and energy.

And the sky had brush strokes of painted colors and wispy ethereal qualities that reminded me of where my inspirations come from when I paint, which I shared with her. I am always fascinated with the sky and the dance of colors and clouds, light and cosmic birthing I see there. They mimic the way I paint and I can so clearly see the sky as a mirror of my soul and vice versa.

My school of art has been life, not any classes or school of technique –  simply the miracles of nature and the cosmos are my teachers – the essence of which reside within me. As I dip my brush into every spectrum of sunset23color, and allow the magic of the moment to take over in any flick and swirl of movement ignited, I am mirroring the magic of Source in loving power of creative explosions.

As an artist I am inspired by the natural creative energy that is all around…the magic that is inherent in nature’s ever-changing brilliance. It mirrors to me the power and fragility of each moment that beckons me to reach deeper each day and create from ALL of who I am.

“The sky is not my limit…I am.” ~T.F. Hodge

I am grateful for last evening’s gift and for the creative inspiration and support for today’s painting.sunset10

Visionary Art to Shift You into New Realities – Full Series of the “ARK” & Eternal Harmony Now Available


Dance of the Twin Flames

I’m happy to announce that my latest series, Universal ARKitecture, is now available in its fullness at my website Having such a full plate these days, I had gotten behind on updateing my website, but you can now check out the series and the latest at the link, which literally just got completed (for now). 😉

While I feel refreshed, having caught up with things, there is still quite a lot more new announcements that will be coming in. For now, you will find hints of what’s to come on the home page.

But this post is simply to share my cherished series with you all together for the first time. This is a momentous occasion for me that feels like when a mother gives birth to her children. And interestingly there are nine, so that sort of equates to the nine months of labor in a way, not to mention the perfection of a full cycle coming to closure and renewing.

All nine of these sacred animal spirit paintings can be purchased as originals or various giclees on both canvas or fine art paper to suit your desired size and affordability.

Note: “The Power of Silence” original is no longer available. But you can still purchase original-sized giclees of it and the quality of these giclees is astounding. 

If you have any questions about any of these, about sizes, or if you would like to purchase several to have in your sacred space, spiritual center, yoga studio…contact me with requests.

I just today shipped off all 9 original sized giclees on canvas overseas to a healing center and I couldn’t be more honored, as this is the perfect mirror of how I see the paintings I create being utilized – to support others through the energy they convey and that they are imbued with, which assists shifting into new and empowered experiences.

Explore the series of 9 and read about their collective and individual meanings here: Universal ARKitecture

I have also written individual posts on each that you can peruse by name on this blog.

Eternal Harmony

Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home

With the updates, I have also been able to finally add the beloved new piece, Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home to my website for purchase of giclees as well. Many people had shared resonance with this piece, so I had announced giclees available a couple of weeks ago, but hadn’t officially gotten it up on my website until today.

Giclees are still available at Pre-Order Special price on this piece until September 22, 2013. So you have just under a month still to place orders and receive 20% Off.

If you are interested in pre-ordering, contact me for info and purchasing details.

Pricing and info can be found here:

Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home Special Pre-Order Discount Prices

After September 22nd, you will be able to purchase it directly from my website here at regular prices:

Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home

Payment Plan Options Available – Contact me at with inquiries and orders for any of the visionary art your heart is feeling drawn to.

Pre-Order Special – Prints Now Available of Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home

Eternal Harmony

Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home by Tania Marie
30″ x 40″ Acrylic on Canvas with a touch of Metallic Gold at Center

There was an amazing response to this painting I posted a few weeks ago that really kind of blew me away. I was so moved by the sharing of feelings that people had from viewing this and the extent to which they described those feelings and what it reflected for them.

This inspires the creative force behind what I do, as while I express my authenticity, I am aware how it simultaneously is collectively connected in service.

When I create a channeled painting, it is always Source from which I am creating from that comes through my individual connection and expression of that.

Because of this and after receiving several messages from people that were interested in ordering prints of it, I looked into making that possible and am happy to share that this will be so.

It really meant a lot to me to feel what others received from this channeled creation, as it reflected something very pure birthing forth.

I was deeply touched by this expression that someone shared when they saw it:

“What a breathtaking painting, Tania. The energy of Love you infused into this is as unmistakable as the essence of Divine Inspiration that gave birth to it. It truly represents our collective journey Home, with the various swirls symbolizing the various life experiences that all serve to lead us to a beautiful and infinite space in the center of the Universe….which can be said is our Heart and Soul.”

I shared about this piece when I first posted it, which you can read here: Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home

All of that being said, Pre-Orders are now available for this painting, while it is in process of recreation.

So if you are interested in this piece, you can place orders now at Special Pre-Order Discount Prices of 20% Off until September 22nd, 2013 (Fall Equinox), after which the full pricing will go into effect.

Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home will be available in 3 sizes and 2 different options of fine art paper or gallery wrap canvas (gallery wrap means the image will flow over in extension, onto the sides of the canvas so that you do not end up with white/blank sides, but a beautiful extended image that does not need to be framed, as it beautifully creates a flowing/continuous image).

Each giclee on canvas will be hand-touched with metallic gold by me, so you will have the same effects as the original, along with the personal artist touch to each.

Here are the options and pricing for pre-orders (along with the full pricing) – Shipping/Handling not included:

9″ x 12″ Giclee on Fine Art Paper – Pre-Order Special Price: $48 – (Full Price: $60) = 20% Off

22.5″ x 30″ Canvas Gallery Wrap – Pre-Order Special Price: $400 – (Full Price: $500) = 20% Off

30″ x 40″ Canvas Gallery Wrap (original size) – Pre-Order Special Price: $640 – (Full Price: $800) = 20% Off

Payment Plan Options Available – Contact me at with inquiries and orders. 

“Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home” – Painting Inspiration Comes to Life

Eternal Harmony

Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home by Tania Marie
30″ x 40″ Acrylic on Canvas with a touch of Metallic Gold at Center

Today’s post is on the inspiration behind a commissioned painting I just completed. I was given creative and intuitional license to bring a vision to life for a long time, dear friend and client’s partner who is turning 60 next week.

He has always been a huge supporter of my art, for which I am grateful, and had recently purchased two of my Crystal Illuminations paintings, of which were an energetically complimenting pair that perfectly mirrored him and his girlfriend/partner.

This piece he brought home to her ignited the energetic connection between us, creating a thread for channeling from her to me, and vice versa.

I have yet to meet her in person, but knowing my friend and having this energetic connection through him and the piece of art she has, I instantly had a sense of the essence for this painting when my friend first asked me if I’d like to help him create this special gift.

The only guideline I was given was something in the “earth tones”, but the rest was up to me, as he shared he fully trusted my intuition and vision. I was really touched by this and felt that this creation would be a very special piece on many levels, especially given the very transformational time I know she is in, on her journey of life. Immediately I asked him if she had a connection/resonation with the beach, of which he stated, “Boy, you never fail to astound me. She loves the beach!!! You are connected. I leave it in your hands.”

The essence of the beach and ocean were my muse for this piece, and the time I’ve spent recently there collecting sea treasures of shells along the water’s edge have been feeding my inspiration. I knew this would be a very symbolic and more abstract/impressionistic vision that would be created, but it would be imbued with the nurturing harmony, balance, and rhythmic flow of eternal life that being on the sand and feeling the renewing water roll over them, brings.

I kept seeing touches of teal for the painting, even though “earth tones” were the focus, and this not only felt perfect in mirror to bringing in the ocean’s energy in synergy with the crystal-infused sands of the beach, but also created the balance and flow, the other elements of her energetic footprint, and reflected the color of one of her cherished crystal friends – an aqua aura quartz – that I found out she had after the vision of this color’s frequency spoke to me as needing to be woven in.

Combining all of these elements, along with:

  • feeling the simplistic elegance of her nature
  • the loving tenderness, yet power she embodies
  • her nurturing and creative spirit that is now needing to balance out with focus on herself more
  • the journey she has been on in coming to find that inner peace in knowing herself amidst the ever-changing experiences

I then saw/felt the clarity of what was to take form.

Not only can the image take on different forms, depending on who is viewing it, as at times I see a whirlpool or the inside of a wave. At times I see butterfly wings or the feathers of birds. Sometimes it is a blossoming rose. But underlying it is a portal of experience and ultimately it is a visionary impression from the vision that manifested as inspiration from the Nautilus Shell and its connection to the “spiral of life”. And while painting it, I was so in the “vortex” of creation, that the journey flowed magically like the cosmic ocean of experience life indeed is.

Life is a spiral of new cycles and opportunities. It is a spiritual journey of nonlinear evolution to pass through similar points with different perspectives each time.

“The human mind always makes progress, but it is a progress in spirals.” ~Madame de Stael

The Nautilus is a tropical cephalopod with a multi-chambered, spiral shell. Its chambers are in perfect proportion as they continually grow to create new and more expansive ones, without changing shape. Because there is a common shared “lifeline” that weaves the connection between each chamber of “life experience”, all parts are integral to the entire journey and are part of the whole – never forgotten, but ever-changing. The structure of its shell is connected to a mathematical curve called a logarithmic spiral, Fibonacci number, and golden ratio.

Wikipedia shares:

“Approximate logarithmic spirals can occur in nature; golden spirals are one special case of these. It is sometimes stated that spiral galaxies and Nautilus shells get wider in the pattern of a golden spiral, and hence are related to both and the Fibonacci series.”

The Nautilus with its integrated chambers is symbolic of continuous progress, balance, new ideas, visionary discoveries, innovation and inspiration, renewal, eternal continuity, expansion, consistency, evolution, interconnectedness, divine perfection, natural flow, stability and internal harmony within regeneration, abundant creative energy – in general, a symbol of life and “the journey home” to Source within All That Is, through a succession of transcendent spirals.

When gazing upon the Nautilus it provides a serene sense of balance and well being.

The spiral itself is a symbol of creation, movement, fluidity, surrender/releasing, holistic growth, and awareness of the one within the context of the whole. It reveals the cyclical nature of life, the consciousness of nature from core center expanding outward, and the relationship between unity and multiplicity. It is the limitless spirals that move both “inward towards the Source of creation and eternally outward with Source’s continual self-creation.”

In this way, the spiral reflects the contiguous journey home to who you really are and the journey to be one with Source.

The painting I created has multiple layers, but at the core it is supporting the path of least resistance, as growth and change CAN be much easier than we choose to experience it. A gentle reminder that subtle changes and changes of perspective, one after the other, bring big and beautiful results along your blossoming path.

I am grateful for the opportunity to channel this creative vision and bring it to life from my heart to the heart of all who will experience it, but most importantly to whom it was created for and in honor of.

“Reflections” Cosmic Sunset Over the Ocean Painting Now Available in Giclee Prints

ocean-reflectionsThis explosion of life on canvas in the flow of a cosmic sunset birthing over the ocean has been a favorite of many, including myself. Hence, it is the foundational piece I use for the heading of this blog and to represent the symbolism behind my personal motto – Creating Life as a Work of Art.

This piece was originally part of a commission I had created and yet I always felt that this portion of the piece was meant to be its own, stand-alone energy. I remember a dear friend of mine in Canada expressing his being taken into a cosmic vortex through the image, which then took him and I down the road of creating cosmic commissioned pieces mirroring both of our loves.

It wasn’t until people started asking me if it was for sale and inquiring about using the image for things, that I looked into making it available in giclees.

I’ve even had a few people think the image was a photograph, asking where it was taken, to which I answered,

“It lives in my imagination.”

Because so many people have been moved by the energy of this piece and me always listening to the Universal nudges, I explored the possibility of making it an option for others to have in their own sacred spaces. This was quite the task to track down the original file, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, and through my efforts I have been able to bring forth this piece, which I simply call, “Reflections,” to others.

Below you’ll find some of the sizes and options available. Smaller or larger sizes to accommodate your needs are possible, as well as payment plans. Prices do not reflect shipping, which will be on a per order basis, calculated on the destination it is going to. However, as with any of my paintings, if you are not completely satisfied, you can return your piece for a full refund, minus all shipping costs.

Giclee Print on Fine Art Paper

15 x 30 $150
19.2 x 36 $200
21.3 x 40 $250

Gallery Wrap Giclee on Canvas

15 x 30 $250
19.2 x 36 $350
21.3 x 40 $450

You can contact me at with any questions and to place orders.

You can also visit Gallery of Creations to see all available originals and giclees of pieces I currently have available.



Crystal Illuminations ~ Crystal Infused Sacred Paintings as a Source of Light in Your Life

I’ve been working away on a new series of paintings that I have been guided to create. As many of you know, I have a deep connection with our crystalline beings and over time my work has evolved with them. I have recently transitioned out of offering crystal jewelry, as I was getting loud messages that the crystals wanted to come through in a new form that mirrored the evolution of things, partnered with the “artist me” in that abundant creative energy, helped show case them as the natural works of art that they are (infused with healing art encodings), and could be translated into multi-faceted, affordable extensions for anyone to experience.

From this, Crystal Illuminations (crystal infused sacred paintings as a source of light in your life) were channeled as a way for each crystal to emanate and be honored, as they honor and work with us. They are “living” pieces of healing art that draw from and integrate the Earth and the Ethereal, as felt through my heart. Crystal Illuminations are meditational portals that assist you with invoking the key essence of each crystal’s energy into your daily sacred space in order to access new doorways of experience. Each painting is a channeled imprint of the specific crystal’s vibrational resonance as they come through me in the process of working with them and are charged with Reiki energy. Some embody one family of crystal, while others combine more than one, and can range from one to several crystals depending on the energy of each creation.

When you gaze upon or simply have the painting in your personal space, it can assist with energetic activations and help shift the energy in and around you to support desired intentions. Crystal Illuminations are a tool to help draw in a bit of magic as you journey through life.

I’d like to introduce the first 11 Crystal Illuminations that have channeled through so far. These will be debuting at tomorrow night’s RAW Los Angeles Presents MARVEL art showcase, alongside some of my other work. They will be up on my website soon too, but until then, are not officially available for sale as of yet. If there is one that you see and absolutely feel drawn to, you can message me and I will put a “SOLD” sign on it at the show, but I will not be sending any out or officially selling them UNTIL the show.

I had a really fun time photographing these live creations yesterday in my living room where the best lighting is and while doing so some magical things were caught on camera. They were all photographed in the same place and the photos are not manipulated other than cropping. So I am sharing several photos of some of them to include what they actually look like, closeups, as well as the energy and orbs that were captured wanting to come through.

For more information on the properties of each crystal, you can contact me. For now, I would just like to share them so you can feel their essence without the information of what each of their energies represent. Each one has an infusion of either gold or silver metallic, pixie-dusted illumination.

If one of these speaks to you, I can be reached at If you’d like to commission a specific Crystal Illumination painting, you can also contact me for a custom quote. Prices include shipping within the U.S. For destinations outside of the U.S. contact me for a quote.

Click on each image to enlarge for detail.

Your Angelic Radiance

1) Your Angelic Radiance – Apophyllite 11” x 14” Acrylic on Canvas ~ SOLD

Your Angelic Radiance

Your Angelic Radiance closeup with orb energy

True Harmony

2) True Harmony – Amethyst Flower and Natural Blue Quartz 10” x 20” Acrylic on Canvas ~$185

True Harmony

True Harmony closeup

True Harmony

True Harmony with orb energy

Serenity is Yours

3) Serenity is Yours- Chrysocolla 8” x 10” Acrylic on Canvas ~$65

Serenity is Yours

Serenity is Yours closeup

Serenity is Yours

Serenity is Yours with orb energy


4) Gentle Clarity – Kyanite 8” x 10” Acrylic on Canvas ~$85


Gentle Clarity close up


Gentle Clarity with orb energy


5) Courage of the All-Seeing Heart – Raw Ruby 8” x 8” Acrylic on Canvas ~ SOLD


Courage of the All-Seeing Heart closeup


Courage of the All-Seeing Heart illuminated


6) Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven Within – Pietersite 9” x 12” Acrylic on Canvas ~SOLD


Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven Within closeup


Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven Within orb energy


7) Portal of Awakening – Royal Amethyst 10” x 10” Acrylic on Canvas ~ SOLD


Portal of Awakening closeup


Portal of Awakening with orb energy


8) Ancient Wisdom for Natural Balance – Ammonite 12” x 12” Acrylic on Canvas ~$155


Ancient Wisdom for Natural Balance closeup


Ancient Wisdom for Natural Balance closeup


Ancient Wisdom for Natural Balance with orb energy


Ancient Wisdom for Natural Balance with orb energy


9) Opening to Divine Love – Kunzite 12” x 15” Acrylic on Canvas ~$165


Opening to Divine Love closeup


Opening to Divine Love closeup


Opening to Divine Love with orb energy


10) Dreams Become Reality – Lemurian Dream Seed Crystal 11” x 14” Acrylic on Canvas ~$145

dream lemurian closeup

Dreams Become Reality closeup


Dreams Become Reality with orb energy


11) Ignite Your Core Heart Healing – Natural Pink Fire Quartz 12” x 15” Acrylic on Canvas ~ SOLD


Ignite Your Core Heart Healing closeup


Ignite Your Core Heart Healing with illuminated energy

An Inside Look into One Artist’s Journey – Sharing a Piece of Me with You

NOW: I was born in Pasadena, California on February 26, 1973 and lived in the Southern California area for most of my life (32 years). Having returned to my Southern Californian roots, in the summer of 2010, I live with daily, passionate focus on bringing inspirational creations to life. I’m currently staying more rooted than my free spirited soul is accustomed to, doing only the occasional traveling, as opposed to exploring the world whenever possible. However, having had the blessed opportunity to experience many exotic parts of the world, I imbue what was received on those journeys, into everything I create now and I know that when the time is right and I am meant to, I will be off flying somewhere. For now the flying that I am experiencing is the soaring of my soul, as I unleash it in ever greater, more empowered ways than ever before.

THEN: Art has been a part of my life since I first learned to hold a crayon and I have been drawing and creating for as long as I can remember. I was always a creative child with an active imagination and a flowing channel of artistic expression. Whether it was drawing, singing, ballet, writing, or simply playing in my imaginary world, creative expression was a piece of my soul that yearned to come forth. It seemed I had a natural artistic and creative ability that flowed effortlessly and drawing brought me a great sense of joy and peace always. I remember my very favorite thing to draw was animals, especially horses. I was born with a natural inclination to surround myself and immerse myself with animals whenever possible, even if only in my imagination and art, or my 100+ “alive” stuffed animals. My grandfather from France and I would spend hours drawing together during the summers and any down time I had when he and my grandmother would visit us. We would sit at the kitchen table, side by side and create. Art was an unspoken language between us that connected our souls, despite the language barrier of his French and my English. Although, as a child, I easily absorbed learning French when he was around for long periods of time. We had a beautiful and loving connection that was shared in those silent hours of artistic and creative expression. He truly supported the natural flow of my creativity and imagination, providing me an unconditional space to harness the artist in me.

At school, I remember the other kids would always ask me to help them draw things for our art projects and in 5th grade I would draw a very elaborate pencil drawing on the corner of my desk, which was like the revolving art window that I would erase and update periodically. It was like a little signature thing I would do to create a sacred space for myself in an environment I did not much enjoy.

I never engaged in any formal training or art classes, but the few arbitrary, part-of-the-curriculum classes that involved art in elementary, junior, high and trade school came very easily to me. I felt that I just instantly knew how to execute a drawing or painting, even if not utilizing a specific “taught technique” or formalized way or rule. Obviously a carry through from many lives as an artist. I did it with my own style and short cut methods and wasn’t too interested in whether I was doing something “right” or utilizing a certain proven or approved method. I simply expressed my joy and reached from within while drawing. While my abilities amazed classmates and teachers, to me it felt natural and at the time I did not give much thought to why it was that I was able to do what I did without training. I feel this was the way “for me” and expressed most authentically my being in my Essence.  Ego, judgments and all else were nonexistent when I created. I was simply just “being” and channeling the gifts, talents and uniqueness I came to share with the world. We are so much more natural when we are children, until we start to formulate calculating brains from being the brunt of analyzation, judgment, structure, teachings and enculturation from others. This can limit our expansive capabilities until we later learn to “unlearn” that which is not authentic to us.

PIECES OF MY ART: It is because of this filtering ability I had with my creative and artistic expression that I believe that my work has maintained a signature style that feels pure, authentic and undefined by standard art definitions. I steer away from labels, in describing my art, and usually prefer my art speak to each in its own relative way. Until recently, I haven’t ever really put my art and process into official words, until creating my artist’s statement. To ask someone to describe something that was never meant to be expressed in words, which is why it is created through imagery in the first place, for me seems redundant. I always desired people to “experience” and feel and leave behind their analytical minds for the moment. And yet, I also understand and feel it necessary to help share insight perspectives so that anyone can appreciate the depth in which an artist goes, as well as help others reach for the same expansion of experience. For me, sharing about my work can only be done through the words, feelings, and insights of my art. Therefore, how I share of them in my artist’s statement (which I’ll reveal another time), is an etheric and metaphysical conceptualization that in itself becomes a form of art, spoken from the art itself. So words become an artistic weaving of expression for the senses. Any other way of describing my work, would not be authentic. For some artists, it may be easier to describe their subject matter and paintings, but for the visionary artist who is drawing from an infinite, undefined, other-dimensional and deeply felt and symbolic world – words just simply fall short.

When I create, the images that evolve are a result of freedom of expression without judgment, rules, or constriction, as channeled through my heart. They are messages and experience visions, encapsulated into an energetic image that conveys, either in complex or simplistic ways, yet always in rich layers. I stay away from how things look with the physical eyes and instead I see through my inner eye and the allow the visions I receive to speak to me. I start to “see” the strokes of paint on the canvas before I create them, in terms of where something is needed. It’s as if the image is materializing for me, creating a guide to follow, because of the energy footprint that has been accessed in contracting a partnership with the channeled creation desiring to come through.

I celebrate and honor all styles and all artists, recognizing, encouraging and valuing every creative expression in life, yet I choose to keep within my own artistic experience to continue to not be influenced by others. Artistic expression has always been one of my untouched pieces of me that I’ve managed to keep pure.

I keep feeling that at some point I will be writing a short art book, particularly to help reveal the layers of the In Lak’ech series, but as always, I’ll wait until I receive the “official” nudge! I’m only sharing a little here for now, on some of my process, but will further reveal as I feel guided in timely fashion.

PIECES OF MY JOURNEY: Since high school I had started to consciously delve into the spiritual and metaphysical world and self exploration. Always being a naturally, intuitive and creative sensitive, this was not unusual that I would eventually, and fully, go this route. For me it seemed inevitable. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, my life took a turn and thus began the next decade of exploration. Graduating at 19 from FIDM and wanting more than to start in a sales position, I started to explore different avenues to find myself. My explorations took me through many different avenues of experience in my work and personal life, all of which led me to learn a great deal about who I am and who I am not. I held jobs and moved through things that ran the gamut in terms of an array of colorful extremities. Nothing seemed completely satisfying and life continued to feel superficial in comparison to the feelings and intuitional nudges that were always knocking loudly. So I moved to Sedona, AZ in 1997 and started a new life for the next 2 years.

There I spent my time utilizing the potent energy of Sedona to delve into some major self exploration and healing, utilizing many modalities such as astrology and numerology along with reading a lot of spiritual, self-growth and metaphysical books. I spent my days in nearly total seclusion except for contact with my immediate family, mostly my mom, as she and I were living in Sedona full time and my dad and brother were still mostly in California due to work. I took walks to Chapel Rock where the Chapel of the Holy Cross sits overlooking The Madonna and Child and the Guardians, as well as the majestic Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Elephant Rock (Ganesh) and much of the eastern rim of Sedona daily, just behind our home, and frequented Oak Creek. The only connection I had with people outside of my mom, were the international visitors that would come daily through Sedona to Chapel Rock, but mostly I would meditate inside and outside the Chapel and then be engaged now and then by people from all over the world, which kept me in that global collective connection – balancing out the very inner, personal journey I was enmeshed in. I would also wake at 4am in the dark and put a coat on over my jammies and take brisk walks amidst the roaming havalina, then return to bed, just in order to take in energies for what I was facilitating. Later, after my day’s inner work, I would take evening walks amidst the deer and other animals that all roamed through our grounds, sitting still to commune with them when I would meet them all up close and personal. It was a beautifully challenging time and I walked away from my past in order to do so and went through extensive, deep, exhausting and emotional self-coaching utilizing everything I knew how to do at the time to support a major transformative cleanse and renewal, which brought everything to light to move through, forgive, and release, as well as understand who I was now that the layers of the onion were being peeled away.

It was at this time that art re-entered my life and I painted my first paintings on canvas ever, creating painting after painting. Even though I’d been drawing all my life and always excelled with it, and had already started doing some commissioned drawings and charcoal pieces over the couple years preceding this, I’d never actually painted on canvas until age 24 (other than the few small art pieces that were part of a couple of classes I had in high school and trade school). Images and inspiration flowed and it became apparent that being an artist was not just a hobby, but a gift and naturally a part of who I was at the core of my being.

After my time in Sedona, I returned to California to start anew, still searching and unsure of where to put this new found me to focus. It’s an odd thing, seemingly a gift and a curse, to be bilateral and to have both an analytical and mental mind paired with a very intuitive and creative mind. It made it easy for me to follow different paths of work and balance of thought, but the key was in finding what my true path was and a way to blend my qualities into something that was authentic and not one-sided. Otherwise, I’d burn out and the other parts of me would feel neglected and repressed, causing great stress and frustration. Life became more and more discouraging and inbetween I started some traveling a little on my own. My family had always traveled when I was younger and it was in my blood as an adventurer and explorer at heart.

MY DIETARY CHOICES THAT SUPPORT MY WORK: This also marked a dietary change for me and led me to yoga, as I continued to evolve and embrace more of my authentic self. My body suddenly started to react to animal products, or perhaps I finally was being more consciously present with my body to notice, and I began a journey that would take me to different levels of experience through conscious food choices, ultimately that would help raise my vibration and bring greater clarity of experience, while bringing me to the natural harmony and authenticity of who I was and the loving connection I felt with the collective. It was a natural, yet quick, progression from pescetarian, to vegetarian, to vegan, to 100% raw, to now a more intuitively balanced high raw and cooked vegan diet that supports my current needs. I have been vegan since 2005 and high raw since 2008. I believe it’s important to find a balance that works for each individual and sometimes I will vary the percentage of organic, cooked vegan and raw vegan that I intake depending on different variables and what my body is in need of to support where I’m at. Before, as I was really embarking on opening things in a big way, 100% raw was a natural need. And as I have been needing more grounding, rooting and integration, I have found bringing healthy cooked foods especially root vegetables and things that feel warming and energetically soothing to me are much more supportive to what I am currently manifesting on my new path. I feel that everyone needs to find their own way, as everyone is on a different path and timing that cannot be forced by anyone else, and that there is no one perfect diet across the board that works 100% of the time for 100% of everyone. I feel that the more people connect within and become more consciously aware and in tune with themselves and the Earth, the more “authentic” food choices and energy sources will reveal themselves and people will naturally and instinctively find the answers that will keep them living vibrantly and at highest potential. For me, I know that what does work always, for who I am at the core, and will not alter, is remaining 100% vegan and 100% drug/mind altering hallucinogens and alcohol free, but I will shift my percentages of raw and cooked foods, as my body and soul’s needs dictate. It is the most supportive choice to my essence, my body’s needs, my connection to Earth’s creatures and the work that I channel in order to be fully present and accessible to all parts of me, consciously. For me it is not a matter of ethics, but a matter of an extension to who I am at the core.

WHERE IT’S LEAD: Much transformation took place over these years including major travel experiences and journeys across the globe, spiritual and empowering growth, major life, health and dietary changes, highs and lows, the start of the In Lak’ech series – which was a huge four year personal and collective process – an array of opportunities and expansion including the unfolding process of my symbolic tattoo art and my training and work as a Reiki Master Teacher.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, Universal Life Force Energy resonates also in the art I create and is imbued in every stroke of my brush. My company, Emerald Bridge, is an embodiment of my love shared through supportive services and healing creations that help to plant seeds of joy, freedom and inspired direction. Through committed heart service, the desire to embrace unconditional compassion and natural, creative expression, I continually embark on new journeys of creation and healing to share with the world.

My work and commitment to healing on personal and collective levels has taken me to many exotic lands and sacred energy portals across the globe including Egypt, Peru, the Mayan lands, the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, Bali, Ireland, England, France, Italy, Athens, Santorini, Thailand, Bimini, Costa Rica, the Hawaiian Islands, Tahiti, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and several areas throughout the US. This has provided me once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I carry and embody pieces of in my heart and soul, just as I have left a piece of me in each destination I have visited. To experience diverse cultural backgrounds and to be able to connect and engage with people from all over the world and from all walks of life, experience and beliefs and to explore sacred sites and ancient civilizations, provides a wealth of compassionate understanding, which is a beautiful and valuable gift.

HOW I SEE MYSELF: I would describe myself as an explorer of conscious experience and continuous student of life with a great love for our ancient and cosmic mysteries and deeply connected to the Earth and her many precious children. My life is about transforming and shattering the old and the idea of “impossible,” realizing that miracles are a reality that I create. When I heal myself and take courageous steps forward that energy is available to everyone and vice versa, which is why I advocate making conscious and responsible choices from a place of service for a higher good.  We cannot rescue another. I feel that the greatest service that can change the consciousness of all humanity is to be an example of your own life working and being in the love and honor of your authentic self, expressed in service to others. I question everything that has always been and I don’t accept anything until I’ve thoroughly examined it from the perspective of every level of my being. Just because something is “tried and true”, doesn’t mean it’s right, or at least doesn’t mean it’s right for me. Just because that’s the way it’s always been, doesn’t mean it has to, or should even continue that way. What I choose to believe and focus on is what I create as my experience. It’s not okay to me to find comfort in the continuum of my pains, thus recreating the same experiences over and over.

I maintain a childlike innocence and excitement, always loving to laugh, have fun and be silly, while knowing the importance and timeliness of serious, dedicated focus. I believe in the value of trying to maintain balance and constantly challenge myself to be present with this, as I can be a bit of an extremist. I value walking an integrative, middle path, staying curious, embracing strength in vulnerability and being unconditionally compassionate. I enjoy both my private, sacred time, as well as connecting with and experiencing the world and others. A chameleon by nature, I see myself as a visionary, mystic, dreamer, romantic, gentle warrior and ambassador of peace and love, here to help bridge all separation and to inspire beauty, grace and joy every step of the way. I am blessed with two sweet friends, a Russian Tortoise, Gaia and Lop-Earred Rabbit, Joy that inspire and support me each day along this path and who inspired the birthing of Joyful Earth Crystals – crystal healing jewelry for empowered living. I am also blessed with dear souls that are lovingly supportive gifts to my life and am grateful for all the beautiful lights I come in contact with daily that are sharing their beauty with the world.

The journey continues and is constantly shifting. I daily challenge myself to reach deeper when I create my art and designs, share my works and even in always striving to see from new and deeper loving and compassionately responsible perspectives so that I may help to shift the experiences I have towards empowered intention for the highest good of everyone and away from any repeated patterns. Every day I lovingly challenge myself to go further than I have ever gone before in every way.

To learn more about my work and company Emerald Bridge please visit 


Awakening by Tania Marie - Original and Prints Available

Today’s Buddhist Teaching:

When you genuinely become you, a Buddha realizes Buddhahood. You become a Buddha by actualizing your own original innate nature. This nature is primordially pure. This is your true nature, your natural mind. This innate Buddha-nature doesn’t need to achieve enlightenment because it is always already perfect, from the beginningless beginning. We only have to awaken it.

Lama Surya Das from The Buddha Is Still Teaching

Creative Alchemy – A Glimpse of My Story as a Visionary Artist

Many have been interested in my personal experience with my art, what’s behind them and what I feel about visionary art in general, so I felt that a blog with more insight was in good timing to share now, as I know that many visionaries and healers are stepping up and out more and more. So any support I can provide in any way for your experience, I love to share.

Photo of Tania Marie - Visionary Artist

What it means to me to be a Visionary Artist

A visionary artist, to me, means an artist who creates from their soul and intuitive connection to the Universe. It is one who not only creates “outside of the box,” but has the ability to see beyond the boundaries of physicality and enculturation, and is able to capture moments of inspired vision and thought, feeling and expression, in a form that reflects something bigger than him or her that speaks in foresight or healing messages to the viewer.

A visionary artist is one that does not buy into the idea of “impossible” and reflects the miracle in knowing that what you can see and feel in your heart, “is possible.” They mirror a vision manifested in form that reflects our co-creation potentials.

It also denotes, to me, one that is a dreamer and leads through their innovative visions, feelings, and imaginary foresight of what “can be” if we allow our creative expression and limitlessness to flow freely. Sometimes that involves idealism and fantastical, surreal vision, which in some ways makes a visionary artist somewhat of an inventor or philosopher; teaching, conveying, and expressing profound messages through their gift of art and imagery.

How being a Visionary Artist translates in my life

I have always been called a dreamer and an idealist, of which I apologize for neither. My life is about transforming and shattering the old and the idea of “impossible,” to bring forth the realization that miracles ARE a reality which I create. I am limited only by myself and yet in healing myself I help others to do the same.

We cannot rescue another. The best way to help someone is by being an example of your own life working. The healing waters of our experience create a ripple effect that touches the collective consciousness, one soul at a time, all souls for eternity, simultaneously.

I question everything that has always been and I don’t accept anything until I’ve thoroughly examined it from the perspective of every level of my being. Just because something is “tried and true”, doesn’t mean it’s right, or at least doesn’t mean it’s right for me. Just because that’s the way it’s always been, doesn’t mean it has to, or should even, continue that way.

What I choose to believe and focus on is what I create as my experience. It’s not okay to me to find comfort in the continuum of my pains, thus recreating the same experiences over and over. We are all co-creators of our world and it’s time to harness that power.

We all have a unique light to shine on the world and I celebrate that light within each of us, every time I create. When I heal myself and take courageous steps forward, that energy is available to everyone and vice versa. And so I move forward with conscious effort to choose joy and love.

As a visionary artist, this creative exuberance does not stop short of the creations I channel. I enjoy transforming my physical being, loving to feel like a new person, to match the evolution I go through continually. I have always felt that the inner and outer should reflect each other. Being a very symbolic person, I “create my life as a work of art.” The healing arts I channel provide me the opportunity to express my feelings and visions through different mediums. My canvas is ever changing, as am I. Sometimes it may be my art, other times my designs and writing, and sometimes the canvas is simply me.

“In words” about my life and art

I say “in words” as for me I find words limiting, which makes sense as to why my preferred choice of expression is imagery or through music, movement and telepathy. Those who know me, know that when I write, it is like I’m creating a painting, as my writing comes from the same place that I create from, which then translates into basically communicating as a Pisces (no accident I have Mercury in Pisces). I also tend to write in a different voice than what people experience from me, as it channels from a place I access more readily when I’m in that void space.

That being said, here is a little insight into my process and thoughts on my life and art for a little more intimate look.

To me, there is no separation between my life and my work. Everything I do is an extension of my heart’s passions and my soul’s drive and therefore everything for me, now, boils down to simply being a choice of my joy. And while life can be challenging, it can also be quite magical. That’s the beautiful thing, that it’s all so individual. Everyone resonates with something different. That is life and art for you – ever unique and ever relative. My experiences with things are interesting and complex, but where my art is concerned, it comes from a channeling through my higher heart.

In the past I had a much more involved process, as the paintings I was creating (in particular the 5 In Lak’ech pieces) were weaving an encoded, story-like, hieroglyphic imagery. Every single detail is filled with potent symbolism. The images would first come to me through channeled vision and inspiration and then reiterate through research of the ancient civilization, symbols, and information I receive, which was an amazing process. It’s a very cool Universal nudge for me in trusting what I receive, first, and then later discovering the substantiations my logical mind did not know. This is something I continue to practice in all areas of my life so that it becomes second nature to integrate intuition with knowingness and thought.

My processes now are very different, which mirror the current “speeding up” times of collective shifting and my own personal evolution. Now I simply access different essence messages, just like a writer, speaker or channeler would and share them through heart-created images that hold an entire story or message with a seemingly simple thumb print. Each still holding a collective healing message, encoded with essence and symbolism, yet rather than a more hieroglyphic, pieced-together process (which took me months and sometimes a year), the message is embedded in the totality of the feeling essence the viewer experiences from the painting and no decoding is necessary. Not that you had to decode before, as the pieces were created as activators, but there was always a tendency for the viewer to piece together and want to understand and “read” the paintings. Now, instant activation takes place and no need to “read,” – only to experience, as I’ve learned to take all the integral pieces and blend them into one integrated creation from the heart.

And that is where my creations come from. My work is created for and by the heart and allows one to feel and listen inwardly. They are filled with symbolisms and are healing portals with visual stories to behold. I am guided by the collective and through my own personal processes and unfoldings, as to the timing and the images that are channeled through. When I create I am “seeing” with different eyes….seeing the energy and essence of things, rather than how they appear in 3D.

My paintings contain encodings that are being imbued in my art as healing messages one can feel and hear with their soul. I also love color and play with color combinations that are truly stunning and unpredictable, and never enjoy painting things as they are “perceived” to be. I paint them how they “feel” to be and capture the true essence of how the images/life forms would like to be represented. I never know how I am going to create something until the moment I do. When I let go, it just flows divinely.

There are many layers to how and what I paint and so I choose not to disclose the full stories that are revealed to me in creating them, but to allow each person to write their own story when viewing these portals of experience. I don’t like words or the mind to get in the way of the “experience,” as we can get caught up in that space and lose out on the bigger picture. I’ve always been a creative, artistic, dreamy and imaginative child at heart and visions and imagery were a way I found to communicate a world of emotions and messages that were limited through the simple use of words. My paintings are mirrors into your soul and are bigger than me – a collective collaboration indeed!

My Inspirations

I am inspired by my dreams, visions, and the things I have learned and experienced in my life and beyond. I receive the images for my paintings through stillness and channeled messages. This comes sometimes as a flash of inspiration, as a vision, through my dreams, as a result of transformations and healing I move through in my own life , and especially from listening to moving and inspiring music or seeing, hearing, or experiencing something profound. I am also inspired by my travels, nature, my connection to the Universe, the healing and evolvement I move through with the support of those around me, and especially by my dearest little ones… my rabbit, Nestor (whom recently transitioned) my tortoise, Gaia, and my current bunny love, Joy who is now physically in my life via connection from Nestor ~ all three of whom keep me present in my heart, grounded, inspire strength and faith, and remind me to stay balanced and connected, not to mention provide me with loving connection daily.

My paintings are alive (“living art”) and embedded with encoded healing messages, as well as imbued with Reiki. They reflect not only a personal process, but a collective process that channels through me as I create them, which is why they are created in their own timing and reflect something bigger than the artist who has created them. They are meditation tools that speak to the individual in the way they are meant to receive the message. They are visual stories and provide a space for one to have a total experience, which is why I have experienced people sitting with them for long periods, as they receive their healing and opening.

One most profound experience was seeing a young man at Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, where I had my art, come and “be” with one of the In Lak’ech painting, “Air,” and he sat and connected, as streams of tears rolled down his eyes. It was one of those special moments to feel the connection taking place through what is being facilitated through my work. I also love when people share exactly the message and meaning of things in the paintings, without me saying a word. That is much more profound than me writing up a bio of each creation and putting words in peoples’ mouths.

To have the telepathic message transferred through the paintings is a beautiful process that healing arts of the now can facilitate more consciously. Art becomes a conduit for large concepts, to be able to be conveyed without all the words that can sometimes create differing interpretations. It’s like me being able to project a snap shot of my visions from the projector screen of my heart and third eye onto a blank canvas that then embodies the totality of the essence in limitless form. And being that creative expression is unlimited, there can be countless essence images to impart.

This is part of why I’ve decided not to make prints available on most of the new paintings I create. In order to keep me in that continuous flow of creative abundance and unlimited ability to express myself in different ways. Each piece now becomes a special message needed for a certain individual or group that is drawn to it. So I feel myself tapping into the collective and also into a particular thread within the collective that will be assisted with the painting and the result of the experience shift will then affect what the collective needs.

My “Training”

My training with art is “experience.” Whatever I see in my heart and mind, I believe possible to create. And so I just allow it to happen and unfold on the canvas. With continued practice of this “allowing,” I have discovered my own hidden talents and developed a style unique to me.

I have no formal art training or schooling and never had an interest in such, as I’ve always wanted to keep the creative flow and expression that channels through me, as pure, authentic, and raw as it is meant to be, without trying to create a box it “should” fit in. I have enough things in my life that I manage, organize, and structure, so I enjoy allowing my art to be one of my flowing outlets.

To me, my paintings are a mixture of refined and complex with detail, coupled with the natural expression of a creative child. I enjoy that my art doesn’t fit any standards and can’t be compared with anything out there. I associate that with the fact that I opted not to go for formal training and the fact that I don’t spend time studying or viewing the works of other artists, although I celebrate all art and all artistic expression, as I think it is essential to support creativity in all of its forms. I find it to be freeing and healing when one allows themselves to explore their creativity, unencumbered by “standards” and “rules. “ To create authentically and from the heart is the only “rule” I choose to follow.

Art has always been a part of my life. It’s a natural gift I was born with and I have been drawing since I was a little girl. I used to spend my summers during the heat of the day, sitting at the dining room table drawing with my grandfather. Any chance I had I would draw and doodle, usually animals, and enjoyed the freedom of expression it allowed me. I’ve always been a creative, artistic, dreamy and imaginative child at heart and visions and imagery were a way I found to communicate a world of emotions and messages that were limited through the simple use of words.

I dabbled in doing small commissioned pieces in ’95 to ’96, but it wasn’t until 1997 when I moved to Sedona, AZ to do some soul searching and personal growth that I truly started to feel that art might become a part of my life and work in a bigger way. It was always present nudging me, but it took a while to hear the call. It is then that I created my first canvas paintings and was amazed at what came through, given the fact that I’d never painted before in my life. Yet, this was just an opening and timing is always key.

So I continued pursuing other interests while the art remained in my heart to blossom at a future point in time when I was ready for it. That time happened around 2003 when I finally connected that art was my heart’s passion and soul’s path, and quit my very last office job to pursue it and the healing arts, finally and wholeheartedly. I started a custom art business and started doing commissioned pieces for clients. In 2005 I realized that I wanted more creative freedom and that there were some important healing messages that were wanting to come through and so I embarked on a new path where I left my business behind and started creating my own original pieces as part of a five piece series, called In Lak’ech.

These pieces are still to me, very profound in the messages that they were helping to heal at the time of their creation, but that were also ahead of their time in what is currently coming into the process of integrated need now. I always felt they held a bigger purpose that is being revealed more and more. Upon their completion I then moved back into a fully integrated experience of healing arts in totality, which included the services I provide now and brought commissions back into the mix as well.

I continue to allow creative expression to channel through me in whatever way it feels it wants to come through as. I am mindful of the state I am in when I create and stay very conscious about the little energetics of things I feel in order to create from the purest and most flowing place. Creation is a very healing process of birthing life force energy into manifestation – pure alchemy of the soul.

To express and to inspire, to heal and to transform, to expand and to free, these are the reasons I create. 

“Like each individual, creativity is uniquely beautiful in all of its forms. We are perfect in our imperfection.” ~ Tania Marie

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