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Victory: Whole Foods Ends Rabbit Meat Sales

I received notification of this when I went back online after my sabbatical and I thought I would share for anyone that was following this, worked on getting it through, and share a love for rabbits.

You might remember my post and the dream that moved me to share about it:

Whole Foods Now Selling Rabbit Meat?

Well, I’m happy to share that there was a victory with this and Marcy Schaaf, the founder of SaveABunny (who I met at a San Francisco VegFest and later visited to provide Reiki for the bunnies she sheltered, which is how I came to adopt Joy quite magickally), had a big hand in making this happen.

Here’s the announcement that came out on September 15, 2015, while I was offline during my time away:

Victory: Whole Foods Ends Rabbit Meat Sales!

Since my personal path is linked so much with rabbits and continues to grow in this area as far as what I feel called to do, this is very meaningful to me.

Of course I’m vegan and so all souls in animals bodies are important to me. This is just one of many compassionate steps that continue to unfold, as shifts in consciousness happen.

Thank you to all who worked hard at making this change.

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