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Happy New Year!

magickal horseHappy New Year!

Today marks the start of the Year of the Horse and a year of free-spirited, high energy and unexpected adventures. Things will be moving quick, so decisive action will be your friend. Get ready to make some leaps of faith, let your heart loose, and cultivate a strong and focused will for action.

You’ve been dreaming it, now you can have it.

The magickal Horse has the ability to see you flying by year’s end if you listen to those instincts.

horse3And a Happy Birthday to my mom who turns 71 today on this turning of the year’s wheel! YAY!! I just found out she is also a Horse in Chinese Astrology. How cool is that?! And a Water Horse, which synchronously aligns with this image to the right I had already put into the post, previous to finding this out!

Wishing everyone fulfillment, blessings and abundance abound, and an inspired year into recognizing and embodying your freedom and wholeness!!

“The whole truth is this: the time of the half-life is over. Done. There’s no more time for half-hearted living, horse (1)half-truths and dividing life into neat compartments. We have work to do here. It begins from the inside-out, with a commitment to see ourselves as whole and to embrace the fullness of who we are and who we are becoming.” ~Dawn Richerson

I’ve already written and shared quite a bit about this year – one in which I’m super excited about (I now know why I was a year ahead of myself last year). So I thought I’d share these magickal images, specifically chosen for their essence, for you to gaze and reflect upon, as you draw forth your horseown inner horse and allow her or him to speak to you from the depths of your being.

Each of these horses has a message that will draw forth a quality for you to empower and embrace more. And when you do, you will feel more enlivened as the beautiful and unique soul that you are, and how your individual gifts collectively weave.

Let your individual light shine wildly out loud!

horse3 (1)

Year of the Horse is Upon Us – Ready, Set, Go!

wild mustangs

Photo of wild mustangs I took in Ecuador

We are officially coming up on the transition into the Chinese New Year – now just 3 days away – so even though I posted my take on the upcoming energy of the Year of the Horse back in December as a forecast, I figured now that it is upon us, you may want another look at what we are rapidly catapulting into.

Chinese New Year is considered the most important and longest celebration in the Chinese calendar. The Chinese year, 4712, will be on January 31st, 2014 and is the Year of the Horse. The celebrations are also known as the Spring Festival.

Chinese months are established by the Lunar calendar, with the beginning of the month designated as the darkest day. Traditionally, the New Year festivities (a 15-day festival) start on this first, darkest day and continue until the 15th when the moon is brightest.


Mystical Pegasus fountain in the Bahamas at the Atlantis resort

The way animals were brought into the celebrations is based on legend about how in ancient times, Buddha asked all of the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year. Twelve animals showed up and Buddha named a year after each of them, sharing that the people who shared the same year of birth with one of these animal’s years, would also share some of their personality traits.

Needless to say, many of you I know are also, like myself, feeling 2014 to already be quite the year! I’ve mentioned before how last year I was already living in 2014 (not feeling I was on the 2013 timeline) and so it is interesting to see all of the things that were being set up for this year, actually start integrating into being, and continue to.


Charcoal Winged Divinity by Tania Marie

There is a sense of enormous creative explosions and huge leaps forward that are, and will be, taking place. Indeed a year for things many of you have been working towards, to come to fruition and for living finally from your joy and complete freedom of choice, as the old contracts are over.

This is the beauty of the Horse and that unbridled passion that can ignite your life, if you have the courage to trust it.

I personally love the energy of this year, as Horse energy and Horses have been such a huge and integral part of my experience since childhood and beyond. It’s very fitting to have this year come at this time, but then we already knew it would on some level. 😉

I hadn’t really planned on another “Year of the Horse” post, however, after about 5 different people sent me this link with their excitement, I felt it was wanting to be shared so that while you are contemplating your next moves, you have a little extra “oomphf” behind your choices:

The Year of the Yang Wood Horse



Apparently, one of the traditions for the Chinese New Year is to decorate your home with trays of tangerines and oranges (auspicious Chinese New Year symbols), which are also brought as gifts from visitors during this holiday, for they are an abundant symbol of luck and prosperity. It just so happens that February is when our tangerine tree is ready for harvest and so, synchronously, our home will be filled with the sweetness of these sun-kissed fruits, as we gallop into the Year of the Horse.

I had the chance to meet this spirited horse you see to the right, whose name is Eragon, just a few weeks ago. I was drawn to him by his energy and when I learned his name, I had to smile, since I have a particular connection to the movie that shares his name.


Free Spirit Acrylic on Canvas by Tania Marie donated to a Horse Rescue in WA

It definitely felt like another sign coming through for me in our meeting, as there were messages provided in that movie from my dear Nestor, before she transitioned, that were many-fold. Some of which specifically speak to what is coming to be at this time, and in this year. I’m feeling the power of this moment very much so.

How will you be riding into change this year? Reining yourself in or taking off the bridle and reins and letting your inner horse run to the beat of your heart?

Are you really ready for the clarity, freedom, and ability to activate the change you’ve been wanting? Because if you are, you can create anything you desire, but as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland says:

“Hang on to them hats and glasses folks, cause this here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness!”

This is your time. You are powerful beyond measure. Believe it to be so.

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