The Mentor Muse 1:1 Immersives

The Mentor Muse ~ Guiding Inspiration for Life’s Work Alignment

Beginning Monday, April 12th in the energy of the New Moon in Aries (there’ll be one at 02:31 UTC that day, or on the eve of Sunday the 11th for those of us in the States) I’ll be launching an exclusive 1:1 immersive with three people.

Space is limited because of the layers we must travel through and the devotion I invest. In this way I am able to offer my most vibrant self as a bridge to meet your own.

I will be taking applications up until March 20th, Spring Equinox in order to have time to process them, speak with anyone interested, as well as get the next phase ready for each individual to be able to start on, and during the week of, April 12th. The form you’ll find below is how to begin the process and receive your application.

This will be a five month journey of transformation and alignment.

While working together intimately, we’ll help clarify, unroot, repattern, discover, and anchor a new way of being that helps turn your gifts and passions into your life’s work, naturally. We’ll uncover wounding, beliefs, and illusions you’ve been carrying that no longer serve you and encourage your essence to start leading the way. But we’ll also put into place plans of action and prioritize focuses and steps to help you root your visions and create momentum with your goals.

Embodiment as a conduit for alignment to heart, not force. In this way you’ll come to experience new vitality, greater ease, and inspiration from what you do and discover yourself naturally falling into life work alignment.

This is an intensive partnership that only works with commitment from both of us. So accountability is essential to the process, while also receiving support by someone who truly sees you. This is why consistent work over a period of five months is important to help anchor in a new foundation and put to practice inspired action, while receiving guiding support along the way.

The journey we’ll navigate is one that requires your commitment, focus, responsibility, courage, and likely a bit of a stretch as you walk in the space of growth, greater trust, and personal investment.

Understanding the why behind a monthly immersive:

Five months of commitment supports integration and implementation of what we work on, where as a single session can be good for clarification, tune-ups, helping to work through immediate challenges, and provide a quick focus or redirect. Sometimes that’s all people need, but when trying to transform or implement something altogether new and create it as your natural way of life and life’s work, having someone walk with you while you are building the foundation helps keep momentum going, creates goal accountability, a fresh set of eyes to see perspectives you might be missing along the way, confirmation to help build self trust, and provides consistent motivation and focus for more lasting change. Going over all the angles and details of things to create life’s work alignment simply isn’t possible in one session alone unless you’ve done a majority of the work, or are already on your path and simply need support with a new direction or choice. Accountability and having someone creating space for you while you build your confidence and implement new pieces helps you to move more quickly.

How do I know this is the right fit for me?

If you find yourself here there is reason to investigate around that nudge or synchronicity that has guided you. Feel and lean into that and if the draw still feels strong or won’t go away, please go ahead and fill out the form below. There’s no obligation. It’s simply an exploration to understand the why.

Who are these immersives good for?

These are good for those of you who have done quite a bit of work already in personal growth and have a decent handle on, or understanding of, yourself but need help on refining things, working on those most challenging spots, and bringing together everything to create more life’s work alignment for yourself. You might already have some experience in the field you’re wanting to develop and are in need of fine-tuning and navigating the blind spots or tweaks that can take things to the next level. You feel like you’re holding yourself back, aren’t clear where to focus, and unsure of the steps to get there. You desire to create a more fulfilling life that redefines success more authentically and abundantly.

You have to want it and be willing to do the work. Your desire will need to surpass your doubts.

It is my goal to support a comprehensive approach (inside out/emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually) to help turn your gifts and passions into your life’s work, while also transforming your life so you experience the fullest expression of your spirit potential right now. I’ll work with each person organically to devise our approach for helping you with your goals.

What Your 5 Month Immersive Includes:

  • Customized action plan – we’ll set intentions and prioritize together (this will be the initial phase involving an assessment via a written welcome package, followed by an intake call)
  • One Hour Bi-weekly 1:1 sessions via Zoom, Facebook Messenger or phone = 10 One Hour Sessions (Inspired action plans, practical steps, accountability, as well as uncovering and working through challenges, blocks, fears, and tools/methods for greater alignment, manifestation, ease, and fulfillment along with guidance on how to implement your tools more efficiently for manifestation – for ex: Reiki)
  • Two 90 minute sessions including an intake and concluding session with solid plan for continued growth
  • Follow-up email notes from sessions so you have your plans and goals in writing
  • Unlimited email support between sessions to help clarify and get you through things that are easy for me to address as they pop up, so you keep your momentum

What this is not:

A cookie-cutter course or standardized module program you purchase and potentially sits on your computer without someone to hold you accountable and help keep you focused in a timely manner. No two people are alike and therefore while we may have similar themes that run the show, what you have to share with the world, how you do that, your strengths and challenges, and what processes work best is best approached organically with you in mind.

Value You Receive:

  • Value of 1:1 sessions including 10 One Hour calls, Two 90 minute calls, unlimited emails, and all assessment packages, follow-ups, and goal planning: $6250
  • Bonus of energy work combined with each bi-weekly session (10 total) to help move you through challenges faster and support manifestation and alignment: $550

Total Value: $6800


  • $6250 with the payment plan (receive $550 bonus energy work free)
  • $5250 when you pay in full (receive $1000 off + $550 bonus energy work free)

PLUS for the First Person that Applies & Officially Moves Forward with Me: EXTRA BONUS ($200 Value)

  • Feature interview article on my blog to showcase you and your work post our immersive
  • One extra energy work session at onset or end of our immersive (your choice) – giving a total of 11 instead of 10
  • Extra copy editing help for two pages of your website

If creating from a place that honors your personal rhythm, integrity, and frequency feels like it speaks a big “YES” to you, then please fill out the form below to receive your application. Once your application has been reviewed, I’ll contact you to set up a free 15 minute call to further feel out the energetics of what brought us together, confirm understanding of your needs and vision for yourself, and to discuss any details, questions, or concerns to ensure a harmonious fit for the highest good. I honor and recognize this being a big decision, commitment and investment, so it’s one I don’t take lightly on my end either.

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