Bridges to the Heart of the Cosmos Within

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some artistic creations so today’s post focuses on the energy of two recent custom commissions I completed, which I feel hold collective messages for reflection. As always, I find that the projects that find their way to me end up being much farther reaching experiences than just for the person they’re created for. I believe that each of us not only taps into the messaging of our higher selves through these channelings, but is tapping into the bigger picture well of themes that are relevant and supportive at this time. In this way, each person becomes a vessel or portal for the messaging and through their courage, we all receive the gift.

The first piece is the latest Magick Keepsake Chest that I was so excited to create. The title for it came to me right away – “Harmony Is…”

These chests are creative canvases for me to either take someone’s ideas and channel them into a cohesive expression, or completely flow through an entire vision from scratch for them. They become their own mini portals that are functional for storing things like crystals, jewelry, intentions and dreams, keys, special little mementos and treasures, store the ashes of beloved animal companions with locks of fur, and make wonderful Reiki boxes or gift boxes.

This one is going to be used as a Reiki box.

I was only given a list of some things the person was drawn to, to work from: They were drawn to the night themes in some of the chests they saw from past creations, were interested in what a “night rainbow” might look like since they see rainbows a lot, have had rabbit, bear, and hexagon energy showing up, and wanted that incorporated somehow with a tiny dandelion some where.

I was so happy when they saw their creation and shared, “I absolutely love how all the random elements came together so beautifully.”

The photos you see are what channeled through as the woven story for this vessel.

What do you think?

As I relayed to the person who commissioned this, here is a little description of the vision that manifested:

“It’s SO hard to capture the accurate colors and details – but you’ll see in person that the experience of it is quite different than a photo. The colors are so rich – I made that midnight blue night sky rather than black, as it felt more aligned with the energy. In person it actually shifts from deep teal, to teal and royal blues, to darker areas mixed with a little black to create the variations. I call it “Harmony Is…” and the image of the white rabbit and young bear sitting on clouds in the heavens extending arms to one another in friendship are the focal point. You can see the stars that energetically connect their outstretched paws merge as a heart at center, while two other star hearts in the Cosmos are on either side of them. The rabbit holds a dandelion, with little puffs of seeds blowing up into the Cosmos, while a perfect rainbow emerges from it and they transmute into the four hexagon woven symbol that came to me to create for that balance at center….from there the rainbow emanates out into a rainbow nebula that fills the whole back (this is one of the things that really doesn’t show up the greatest in photos) and there are gold, white and colored stars scattered throughout. Actually the gold I used for the hexagons, stars, constellations, and energy is metallic so it shimmers in the light – again you’ll see that in person. On the sides I created an extension of the clouds from the front with more loose flowy rainbows that merge at back with the nebula. And on the left I created the Lepus and Ursa Major constellations – Hare/Rabbit and Great Bear…they appear as if running along the rainbow. The inside is painted in varying teals and blues.”

Custom Magick Keepsake Chests are available here: The Magick Rabbit

Then we move into the second custom commission – a sacred tattoo design that was an extremely challenging, yet super potent cocreation for both of us.

As I shared with my client: “There was a sense of great importance and even more surrender because of the magnitude I could feel coming through it and you. I have to admit, at first, ego was ‘hoping’ I would be able to hear/see what was intended for this…then after embracing that humanness, I listened to my higher self that wanted me to just trust and it would come. There was a feeling of words saying, ‘You do know, but you have to let go fully. Drop into essence and believe. Allow it to move through. It will then be you.’ “

Because my client had tattoos already in a particular style of powerful simplicity, boldness, and indigenous quality, I needed to stay within this energy, while not compromising the essence of this portal and also drawing upon a boundless Cosmic energy that needed to merge spirit in Earthy flesh.

Her visions and messaging from those working through her spoke loudly about how we were working with a very expansive energy that needed to come through a multi-dimensional doorway with 3-D effect and continuum of movement. So embodying the contrast of simple complexity was quite a task and surrender indeed was needed. In fact, this piece was ever-more drawn out because I really had to wait for each piece and only sit down when the doorways opened to feed through me the ingredients for the vision.

The image you see is a series of Star Wheels – a medicine wheel mandala that incorporates the Star Nation.

Without going into the full meaning of this piece, here are some of the elements you might discover while gazing upon it and can then draw your own energetic messaging from:

  • An inner medicine wheel represented with the turtle shell – so the entire center is the back of the turtle – very simple lines and the inner smaller circles are part of the shell uniqueness, but double as mini wheels and orbiting planets in the Cosmos
  • At center of the turtle shell/star wheel is the spiral/nautilus for that continuous flow and evolution energy. The spiral interconnects with the shell’s inner circle/design between each section of the shell and also the tendrils or threads that move out around the outer wheels – reflections of the golden threads my client envisioned
  • I created all of these tendrils to feel alive and like sprouting new life from the plant kingdom, but also having a cosmic nebular spiral effect. So I added a few simple leaves on some of the tendrils inside the shell on the spiral and outside around each outer wheel
  • I wanted the star wheels to have the essence and recognition as a wheel, but also to double subtly as more. There are four outside the center, fifth one, creating the four directions. I added two hawk feathers – a client connection and messengers between worlds – for a subtle hawk presence at both sides of center to give the effect of those directions without creating lines and down the center the stars rise from the medicine bowl below, along with three symbols my client wanted to have included that also are subtle in creating the center of the four directions.
  • The bottom star wheel I felt needed to be larger as it will sit on the sacrum – or sacred portal area – and I felt this is where a medicine bowl would be. A primitive healing hand or hand of the Divine Creator rises from within and holds or reaches toward the bowl. The bowl is filled with stars and another of my client’s symbols amongst those stars. Then the another of my client’s symbols is right above it with a third just above that leading to center. Then stars continue to rise from there. This portal area and star wheel feels to be the gateway and so it infuses spirit in body reflected and both Earth and Cosmos bridged together and creating alchemy. The tendrils spiral around the wheel and I created an effect of movement and emergence with the subtle circular spiral rising from bottom and integrating into the circle subtly. Later I noticed how this created the feel/look of a bee hive and I loved that symbolism and how honey is the nectar of life and the hexagons are such potent symbols.
  • The two star wheels at either side have the other two symbols my client wanted in them and each of them also surrounded by the live tendrils/nebula spirals and stars. I then felt they needed motion as well to feel like those moving or orbiting planets and so the lighter and descending wheel shadows are to reflect rotating movement in the Cosmos. Everything also feeling like rotating atoms or Cosmic matter.
  • Then the top star wheel again is tethered also like the others with the tendrils, but these wrapping around to create that feeling of motion, parts of the wheel, and rotating atom-like nature. Instead of repeating the similar movement of any of the other three, this one has rotating, open circular matter creating a link or doorway effect
  • Each star wheel is its own separate portal to other dimensions, but in totality they are part of a larger multi-dimensional grid – they have ability to give and receive through their doorways.
  • And last, you will see that on both sides near the bottom there are stars creating two designs – one a constellation and the other created to appear like one. The right is Ursa Minor – also known as the Little Bear constellation. This was included because of a Cosmic bear connection that came through the messaging we discussed. The Bear constellations are very connected to the Arcturians as well. And on the left, jaguar energy was incorporated, but rather than do any literal or abstract parts of the jaguar’s physical nature, I opted to create the jaguar paw with stars, to balance the constellation on the right, making it appear like its own constellation, but more so to reflect how the jaguar is a dimensional gateway keeper and timeline guardian. What I saw after the fact was how the overall effect of these constellation additions created the feel of a dream catcher to the overall design, which I loved as another unifying tie-in.

The first photo I shared is a very straightforward design photo and the one below is in natural outdoor light.

As I shared with my client, “What I found very interesting was, as soon as I went outside to photograph it in the natural light, the white little feather you see by it blew over to me.”

That gave me chills as confirmation and a Cosmic smile.

The third photo I took has a magickal effect of enhancing and casting more light in areas and darker in others, which creates the feeling of movement and as if the light is swirling along with the design.

Perhaps these images will speak to you, invite a deeper awareness, take you on a journey, or water a seed within you to expand even more – bridges to the heart of the Cosmos within.

What If …?

What if the dialogue we ran in our heads changed from “What if the worst happens?” to “What if the best happens?”

Do you notice how easy it is to go from feeling good about something to immediately feeling a tightening and intensity of damaging emotions in place of that?

The way we look at things and affirm them on a daily basis, will set the tone of our experiences and what we continue to attract in confirmation of these stories we run.

We all receive an intuitional, higher self, first response to things, but because of its subtle voice and our being conditioned out of believing and trusting it, we quickly turn on the robotic inner exchange of running harsh dialogue through our minds that challenges and negates everything else.

Our minds begin to tell stories to us….

“What if _________ happens and I lose everything?”

“What if I’m wrong?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if I get hurt/hurt again?”

“What if I’m fooling myself?”

“What if everyone is out to get me?”

“What if everything falls apart?”

“What if I never find a/another partner, friend, animal companion?”

“What if no one else ever understands me?”

“What if the world falls apart?”

“What if everyone really is heartless and out to destroy everything?”

“What if no one likes my work?”

“What if I’m unable to attract clients?”

“What if I’m not good enough?”

“What if I never get better or never get myself out of this situation?”

“What if ………?”

Our nature isn’t to believe the worst, but our fear has over-written the program of our essence. And any time we receive any confirmation to our fear, that voice gets stronger.

Isn’t it funny that any time we receive confirmation to our intuition, we still ignore it in place of fear confirmations?

The more we run the fear programs, the more reflections of it we call to our attention. The more we also feed anxiety, depression, and anger, the more we indulge a cesspool of spiraling sludge that pulls us down and gets thicker, darker, and harder to get out of.

We have the tendency to keep ourselves small and have become accustomed to that feeling – it’s in our DNA and it’s part of the transformation we’re working toward releasing ourselves from collectively.

The moment I feel a charge and trigger around a stance I’m taking, this speaks to me of being at a transitional place and not one to land in. The moment I feel a charge, I know I’m walking in duality and that’s not my nature to be there. That’s where I’ve been taught I should be, but not where essence lives.

And so, I choose to run a different program – one that focuses on the silver linings or best possible case scenarios, rather than defaulting into the fear voice.

I also do this with my gratitude practice, where I not only voice gratitude for what I do have, but I voice gratitude for things I would like to see happen, as if they already have.

“What if everything works out?”

“What if my feelings are right?”

“What if I succeed?”

“What if I experience even greater joy, love, fulfillment than I ever have?”

“What if my intuition has been right all along?”

“What if everyone and the Universe is conspiring to help me?”

“What if everything works out even better than I imagined possible?”

“What if there are thousands of possible next partners, friends, animal companions waiting for me to open my heart and the next one takes me on the best adventure yet?”

“What if like-minded people are easy to attract and I was more at peace with myself?”

“What if things are unfolding in divine perfection and a beautiful new world is being birthed?”

“What if everyone really has the capacity for kindness and just needs my love to help unlock their essence?”

“What if there’s a perfect audience for my work that is waiting for me to love my own work enough?”

“What if there is an abundance of everything and I’ll always attract the perfect clients?”

“What if I’ve been worthy all along, but just needed to realize it?”

“What if anything is possible, peace surrounds my experience, and there’s a gift to be embraced from this moment that will free me?”

“What if ………?”

Things can change on a dime. Every moment is fleeting and surprises can happen when we least expect it.

But perhaps we can start opening to amazing things or miracles more, rather than expecting the worst always? And perhaps we can shift our perspective when things show up that surprise us in a way we hadn’t really thought of wanting as a possibility, and then embrace the gift within it.

Here the mountain weather is such a perfect example of the surprising ways things can change moment to moment and day to day.

We went from warm, lower 60’s temperatures, hiking, biking, sun bathing, and garden prep time one day to a six inch blanket of Spring snow surprise all around us the next day – even more at the top of the mountains. It was so enchanting and supportive for the day’s focuses of painting, work with clients, tax prep, and life planning. It also prolonged and enhanced more ski chances before the year fully shuts down in that regard.

The first photos are from Tuesday’s hike. These next photos are from yesterday, the day following the hike, but even this morning we had an added almost inch of additional frosty fun even though the snow has completely melted away as if it never was.

I can imagine some people may have run some inner dialogue of one perspective around this surprise – wishing the snow would go away or something of this nature.

And yet there are always other perspectives that could be more inviting to a more pleasant experience or energy to carry for the day – one of which could be as simple as gratitude for the moisture that can help nourish the land in another year that it looks like drought and fires could be on the scene in a big way again.

Another could be surrendering to Nature’s knowing way that we ourselves haven’t gotten back on board fully yet with “being” and that she knows what’s best. Perhaps even reflecting to us our own inner oscillation of balancing inner and outer and encouraging more merging rather than a “this or that” energy signature.

Today, we’re back to sunshine warmth and Spring promise, but it all reminds me to be present to the way in which I invoke each day’s energy with the perspective I’m taking, the energy I’m holding and embodying, and the kind of dialogue I’m allowing to shape my experiences.

True, it isn’t always easy to shift out of certain mind sets or feelings when a lot seems to be working counter to where you’d rather be focused. However, things don’t change by succumbing to what seems prevalent. They only change by choosing to change them, one person at a time, one thought, feeling, action, and belief at a time. We can only start somewhere and I choose to start with me and any little step I can take to make each moment more enriching, even in the face of what I could easily allow to make me feel like its deficient in.

The winds of change will always blow through. Surprises are going to continue happening every single day. I choose to conspire with the energies that see and know something more than meets the eye. I choose to believe the Universe is conspiring along with each of us when we decide to step out of our comfort zones and reach for the stars we truly are.

New Moon Rainbow Connection

I’m loving the scent of fresh pine lingering in the air. It fills my lungs with immune-system building goodness from deep-breathing during outdoor activities. Mix that with remnants of mesquite hints when passing by homes on the forest and there’s a beautiful synergy of seasonal gifts working their wonders on the senses and merging parts of myself in unison.

They are also stirring the impetus of potential within – calling me to remember promises and make that rainbow connection come true.

Everything is awakening in divine timing and it all contributes to an overall energetic momentum we can hop aboard and align with.

On the physical front I’m seeing evolution in motion.

Here in the mountain high altitudes we continue to experience transitioning seasons, although the weather is holding at mild temperatures in the mid to high 50’s on up to the low 60’s. That may seem cold, but at this elevation the sun shines more directly, so in fact it’s been beautiful sun bathing weather even though my days are still mixed with contrasting experiences.

The photo above is such a great example of this contrast where you can see some snow still lining the south end of the lake’s beach where sun is limited in reach by the trees there. And yet, it’s a wonderful time for beach and water activities while we remain off-season here.

We have plans for kayaking soon to enjoy the placid lake conditions. You can see in the above photo, here, just how gorgeous it’s been lately at lake level. The Caribbean-like waters of the lake are very inviting. We enjoyed views like this one from the trail above the lake for our first bike adventure of the season a few days ago, which inspired us to get jumping aboard our kayak for a complete experience of above and below – or on, as it may be. 😉

So, yes, as ski season winds down, biking, kayaking, and hiking season revs up.

Yesterday morning was day 51 of skiing this season and my last day at Heavenly Mountain. I’ll likely ski another day or two more at different resorts around the lake we haven’t been to yet, but I thought to document this momentous and oh so “heavenly” occasion of Spring skiing at its finest.

It’s been very warm during skiing so although I have a jacket on, it’s zipped open to only a tank top beneath and my remaining days will likely be jacket-less. Many people ski in a variety of attire at this time of year. I saw everything from tank tops, crop tops, shorts, underwear, and fun costumes on Friday.

But the day before had us hopping aboard our bikes for day 2 of Spring and Summer activities. Some days we ski in the morning and bike in the afternoon.

The photo below was our starting point down in the Tahoe Keys.

And this next one was a view from today’s bike ride – both reflecting Spring in the foreground and Winter remnants on the background mountains.

It’s incredible to experience the diversity all woven together within varying degrees of elevation.

There’s always one cycle finishing while one begins. That’s life on all levels of experience. It’s a continuum of flow without judgment.

It’s really a unique experience to live in a place where the seasonal shifts are very transparent. It supports understanding of the nature of things.

And with continued warming trends, this weekend begins yard and garden prepping time, finally. Although we could still get a random surprise snow fall, the temperatures are steadying and the garden is calling. So, I plan to get all the dead pine needles, pine cones, and fallen branches from Winter’s spell raked up and removed, and start trimming and sprucing up plants, removing old growth, planting some seeds, and watering.

All of this in preparation for any new plant babies that might find there way home to join the rest of the returning perennial gang.

It feels like the perfect time for this with Sunday the 11th’s Aries New Moon, which offers a fresh start – that’s tomorrow.

We already have bunches of joyous yellow daffodils dancing out in the yard with many more varieties of blooms on the way there and in the garden, but I’ll save the rest of the photos of them for an upcoming post – perhaps even a before and after cleanup.

I’m just sharing the above one because of the subtle rainbow light pouring in from the top left of this capture and the rainbow veil between the tree and the golden light on the ground since it goes with the theme of more on this rainbow energy below.

Equally aligned with outdoor preparations upcoming, I’ve been finalizing the clearing and organizing of indoors and one-by-one completing projects. I just finished a new sacred tattoo design I’ll share soon, which is no surprise to me that it feels aligned with the transformational times we are in currently and all that is opening to our potential as spirit in body.

I’ve been immersed in the beginning phases of a new painting commission that also holds such potent rebirthing and Spring-like essence, as you’ll see upon completion, but also speaks to connection and bonds of love that transcend time. And each one always takes me on a personal journey even though they are created for someone else, which is an illuminating process.

On the inner front I’m feeling evolution deepening.

So yes, I’m tending my inner and outer gardens right now, both literally and symbolically.

I have also been creating some new intentional spaces both in my office and garden by calling forth extra magick, inviting in support from the Elemental and Cosmic realms, and creating mini portals to welcome in the new. A vision has come to me for something in the garden, but I am allowing natural unfolding to work its wonders, as sometimes things come to be just as I envision – and sometimes they come to be differently, but even better than I envisioned.

I find myself having new intentions, in general, and have been enjoying holding them in heart, but now getting ready to voice them to the Universe more boldly. New Moons are wonderful for this.

What intentions do you have for the year, or even just right now in the short term?

What would you like to create in your life on any and all levels?

What challenges would you like to face or put to rest this year?

These are some of the powerful questions you can ask yourself while walking through the Aries New Moon doorway.

And speaking of “doorways”, there continues to be a transparent display of portal energy showing up. Something I think I’ve mentioned, or at least have been showing you in photos, is how rainbow energy keeps appearing, more and more.

It shows up as literal rainbows – some seen by others and some like the one I mentioned in a recent post, was only seen by me at a mirrored angle to myself – it shows up as rainbow orbs, rainbow light, rainbow sparkles that flicker, and even rainbow veils – the latter being a new constant for me, as I’ve shown you in the recent blog post, Can You Feel It.

Well, a few days after the rainbow veils at the portal sites on my walk that day I share about in the blog, I found another nearly exact portal at the other creek out back in the forest that forks that one.

You can see it here in the above photo where the bridge crosses over the creek.

It’s the same exact shape. So incredible!

And then on our bike ride of two days ago we rode past a historical lakeside site with old homesteads and this rainbow veil appeared across my favorite little cabin I stopped to admire.

Then there was the more subtle rainbow veil near the tree and my new blossoms, I already shared.

And today’s Day 3 bike ride of the season revealed this:

It appeared when I took a photo of the upper limbs of one of my favorite trees in the area – a giant, very old Juniper.

Rainbows are bridges themselves, doorways or portals, reflections of heightened awareness and other realms, message of miracles from the Universe, symbols of hope, beauty, harmonic frequencies, and promises of blessings to come. I find it fascinating that they are showing up increasingly, as I’ve seen friends post photos of actual rainbows quite a bit, rainbow light dancing in through windows or showing up inside crystals where they weren’t before, and even faery sis Laura mentioned to me that on the same day I saw the rainbow veil at the historical cabin, she saw a most amazing rainbow like none she’d ever seen.

There is so much flowing through from other realms right now, as the doors and veils open wider and thin even more. I find that the more open your heart, the more things reveal themselves in varying ways relative to each.

I also believe, however, that these are ways our higher selves and spirit guides speak to us of things we may have pushed aside, ignored, or deemed unimportant at the time. They get our attention and voice our deepest desires.

But rainbows and rainbow energy is not about “fluff.” They symbolize transformation and initiation, as well as creation, goodluck/or divine synchronicity, liminal spaces, and even what people refer to as ascension or oneness as rainbow embodiment – the light body.

I find it interesting that Rainbow Serpent Teacher was one of the very first spirit guides I became aware of that works with me. So, it feels to me like these continuous rainbow energy fields that keep showing up are also being experienced as a much more direct messaging that is opening along my journey.

With all that is unfolding across Earth, these rainbow appearances feel like comforting presences containing light codes that reflect an awakened remembrance.

They also feel very affirming of the “now” moment bridging past and future into the eternal, while also acting as transmutational bridges between storms and hopeful new landscapes.

A reflection of rebirth and potential.

Rainbows are metaphors for dreams and wishes that contain the alchemy for great joy and fulfillment. They’re a connection that resides in our hearts.

If you’ve been hearing whispers within, perhaps these rainbows indicate your deepest dreams are calling you to believe, listen, and act upon the nudges that have long held your deepest truth. Perhaps this is your time, your moment to seize the realization of spirit in flesh.

I found myself singing this song today when I woke up and along our bike ride, as it speaks to following that rainbow connection – the bridge in your heart that merges soul purpose into manifestation. I hope it touches your heart and sparks just what you might need in this moment to believe in yourself and what energetically moves through your veins as inspiration.

Tomorrow’s Aries New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to make that rainbow connection and feel inspiration toward how you can bring through body what your soul signature wants to create.

There’s a fresh canvas awaiting each of us in the liminal space of the New Moon void where something stirs the colors for a new creation to unfold. But rather than simply appease that itch with less effective uses of our time and energy just to fill a “need” or “urge” we feel unfulfilled, perhaps sitting with the energy right now and listening, will prompt us into greater alignment.

Surrendering to the blank canvas and being with the swamp of potential like Kermit, can help you hear the rainbow connection that calls. And from there your wise self will know what to do and when to do it.

A new dimension of living is possible.

Promises are knocking on our doors to remember to honor.

Perhaps it’s time to write the next chapter of your life story.

On the unified front we’re being given the chance to embody harmonic evolution more and more each day.

Bursting with Spring Potential Every Sweet Moment to Moment

From rabbits to eggs, lilies, tulips, and daffodils, to irises, and newborn animals to baskets, these are just some of the symbols of Easter and Spring renewal. Whether things are still in seasonal transition where you live or not, you can feel Spring in the air, bubbling in your heart, and tickling you from the inside out with the itch to embark on something new.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling ready to step out in a whole new way and so I literally adorned my feet yesterday in the most delicious spray of all things dear to my heart and reflective of this season of creative inspiration and explosion.

Although I feel the urge to keep what’s brewing close to heart, I don’t feel shy to wear the energy out loud. It also feels like a way to call all the fun and expansion in, by emanating the essence as a way of magnetizing its reflection to it.

Yesterday was an Easter celebration of sweetness and joy – with overflow enough to warm anyone’s heart, I think.

Bringing the spirit of the season fully alive, feels like a way to embody that same spark of light and new growth into our lives.

These are some of the creative touches that enveloped our warm celebration yesterday.

We’re grateful to have been able to share a small gathering with the family and ignite the new with childhood wonder.

All the little ways we can make every moment memorable and lived fully are how we embrace life and the gift of now.

Whether you have small or large dreams, hopes, and intentions, there’s no better time than to start with any step forward towards it, today.

New opportunities await us to partner in their manifestation. How we choose to spend our time, focus, thoughts, and energy speaks a lot to what we deem most important.

Beauty and potential is something you have to want to see, as it isn’t always found in the obvious.

They just might be illuminated from within and await your recognition and embrace of the gift to emerge.

I choose to fill my basket with ever-more courage, trust, hope, love, kindness, presence and inspired action, as we step into this new cycle. I also feel compelled to live the wonder out loud, even if that simply means wearing my heart on my sleeve.

There’s a butterfly within each of us that longs to unfurl their wings. There’s also a caterpillar who loves the journey because it trusts in divine unfolding and somewhere down deep has this knowing that something incredible may happen through surrender.

Do you feel that knowing too?

What might you do to embrace where you are, while motivating yourself to keep giving your best another step…another day…?

Like many of you, I can feel both overwhelmed at times and excited, but I know that moving forward is only about the next thing – not trying to jump into the end result.

Yes, I feel the Spring essence of blossoming inspiration and I don’t plan to diffuse that because I know it’s the natural fuel to propel me.

But I will find ways to anchor it in each moment with action steps so that when things do fully rebirth, it will sprout with nurtured cultivation to support perennial potential.

Grounding Through the Upgrades & April Energy Update

As we continue to experience very deep transformations, from the inside out, grounding becomes increasingly important so that you can stabilize, anchor, and manifest, as well as maintain wellness and vitality to do all the new things bursting forth from your heart’s desires.

One of the things we focused a lot on in both of the last online classes I taught, was simple grounding techniques because as healers and empaths our well being is crucial to the way we show up in the world and for others. But this is so for anyone who is sensitive, empathic, and works in service-related occupations or has a full life and business schedule. Grounding was part of a collective theme we discussed, which was accompanied by other topics that included things like energy protection, clearing, aura strengthening, replenishing energy, self trust, self care, and the overall importance of living as an example of what you believe and deem important.

But grounding truly is a way for us to deepen into embodiment more and in turn, be able to manifest more abundantly and feel more empowered.

The more grounded and present in your heart you can be, the more aware you’ll be of empathic exchanges taking place – what’s yours and not yours, you’ll be able to transmute things easier, and people or clients will feel more supported and safer to go deeper in their own healing process with you, or as a result of your reflecting this embodiment.

Interesting, right after the last class I taught this past Sunday, I went to my room to change into some hiking clothes and a bird chatting outside the sliding glass door got my attention. I hadn’t seen a Steller’s Jay since pre-Winter, but here was the first one of the new season, very eager to get my attention.

I thought that very fitting, given their symbolism. I’ve written before about Steller’s Jay and their messaging:

They symbolize bold, fearless energy, and the power of presence and how to use personal power effectively.

The crest on their heads connect them to the sky and above, drawing energy and wisdom through the crown and reminding us that our true power needs to be applied in a balanced way that integrates both spirit and body, mind and heart.

Since they are very resourceful, they too symbolize adaptability and how to do so more efficiently.

They also symbolize a great amount of talent, but a talent that needs to be developed and used wisely. In this way they mirror to us that this is a time in your life where you can begin to support the inherent wisdom within you to mature and come forth in a bigger way.

Steller’s Jay also alerts us that anything of value, spiritual growth, and relationships takes work and they show us how to activate our internal resources to do this. Communication abilities are strong, access to memories and assimilation of them come to awareness, risk taking, seizing opportunities, discovering new things to explore, balancing intelligence with silence and patience to align with divine timing all come through Steller’s Jay in message.

Their crest that reaches up also places attention at the energy centers of the head/crown, indicating an increase in new spiritual knowledge and wisdom that may become activated.

Appearing after a very activating class that felt to take things to a new level for everyone, but also in line with talking a lot about the upgrades taking place collectively, felt like divine confirmation. Their crest and all the energy focus on psychic channeling through the crown being integrated into body is so reflective of what is happening.

Nature has me soaring, yet in a grounded way that feels more like embodied spirit that is down to Earth.

The next day, a pair of Steller’s Jay appeared. Wink, wink.

One of my favorite grounding ritual spots to walk to – photos of this area laced through post

I didn’t always used to be very grounded. In fact, I wasn’t grounded at all. 🙂 I was floating about whether in the ethers, cosmically, or simply in my imagination, and was a tiny waif of a faery who had no boundaries, nor knew how to manage my energy.

So glad that all changed, but it came through balancing my life and saying “yes” to it – life that is. Embracing that I was here in body for a reason, and in order to do and be fully what I birthed in for, it was time to dance with more than just the familiar energies I remembered from off-Earth times.

There are many ways to help yourself ground and really “be” in body, but these are my 8 personal favorites (in no particular order) and easy, daily go-to’s that are integrated parts of my life rituals:

  1. walking barefoot out on the ground around the house and in my garden
  2. daily physical exercise in nature – depending on the season: hiking, walks, gardening, biking, kayaking, beach time, snow shoeing, skiing
  3. spending time with animals and plants – Astrid is my favorite choice here
  4. creating very nurturing and nourishing meals, fun snacks, or luxurious drinks that are both grounding and truly pleasurable to the taste buds – also creating anything with my hands, in general
  5. working in a space where I’m surrounded by actual elements of nature – raw crystals and stones I’ve found outdoors, pine cones, bark, lichen, a giant dried bundle of forest florals and plants in a saging wand I save, dried flower arrangements and lots of lavender, feathers, etc. I also have grounding and clearing crystals near my computer
  6. body care and spa time – I enjoy having a couple of days a week of things like masks, dry brushing, and extra hair care, but on a daily basis I luxuriate in natural and vegan products for my skin from head to toe
  7. nature-based adornments – over the last few years I’ve transitioned my wardrobe (down to my undies) over to completely natural and organic fibers like cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen…but also to slow eco fashion created by artisans who focus on sustainability and using plant, botanical, and low impact dyes. I can’t tell you the difference it makes me feel to have these on my skin – made for a faery indeed!
  8. sun bathing – I thrive on sunshine and don’t feel myself if not soaking in some rays – I’m very much a lizard or snake in this way. I especially love laying flat on the ground completely relaxed and surrendered in savasana pose – this puts me in a meditative space receiving Earth’s energy and Sun light codes all at once. (Since Saturday’s warming temperatures, I’ve been able to soak in a lot of forest sunshine daily, as you can see in the above photo from last weekend. I was already sporting a healthy flush from my hike out back that day and then received my first sun-kissing yum of the season).

Lee actually touches on the increased importance of grounding in his new April Energy Update I’ve included below, since so many of you enjoy them too.

Although he mentions how April will feel like the “lightest and brightest” month so far of 2021 with a lot of energy and opportunities flowing in, staying grounded, he says, will help you not feel chaotic and pulled all over the place, or unable to focus or make decisions. He calls the upswing of energies we’re feeling, “electrical energy upgrades.” If you think about electricity, it makes sense that we need our grounding cords right? 😉

Another theme of the month Lee hits on is the continuation of ancestral healing. I’ve continued to see that pop up in clients, friends, family, and even commissioned designs, where the focus has been on releasing the weight of ancestral lines we’ve all been carrying, in order to move forth into liberated being – and that this is indeed honoring them through living our best.

Synchronously, yesterday, April 1st and Fools’ Day was my paternal grandmother’s birthday – she would have been 101 had she lived until now. She actually transitioned on my birthday when I was in high school and I’ve always felt like there was a literal handing over of energy balancing she gave to me from that. A way to integrate the effective use of energies she embodied, and transmuting the ineffective ones. This, as a way to shift the lineage, especially for women in the family, but also collectively. And once I recognized that around age 21 – her gift in doing this – I’ve also began to liberate myself from the weight of it all, little by little. Today, coming to a greater space of “my own” while knowing that this is what she intended for true freedom for all. Not to look back, but to keep moving forward.

And along the theme of moving forward, Lee mentions how creating boldly between now and October will be big on the scene for everyone in their own ways. I can feel that, as I’ve already anchored into purely art creating mode right now and have kept feeling like April is a transitioning month where this creative mode I’m in will be the gateway to the much larger creative projects for the rest of the year – kicking in end of month or May.

If you do end up listening to Lee’s video, you might get a giggle like I did (Lee too) from how the donkeys in the background chime in right when Lee talks about “staying present to the magick and love” because they’ll be important alchemical components for upcoming creation.

The donkeys reminded me of a dear and magickal friend of mine in northern California who has two adorable donkeys and a bunny. And that immediately brought magick and love to the forefront of my heart.

Any little thing that invites us to be more present to the enchanting and endearing parts and qualities of life, truly do have an upshift effect on us immediately and this is the kind of energy we’ll need to fuel what we desire to create. As Lee says, “creating is healing” and as you blossom into a new you, you will simultaneously feel supported with all the new you want to create externally.

I know many of you have dreams and you can support them by immersing yourself in these elements of life. This also helps you to drop more into who you really are and not who you’ve been conditioned to be.

“I allow myself to become more fully me” – Lee’s April affirmation.

Enjoy the In Between Times & Surrender to Unfolding Grace

Transformation and healing takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight, although anything is possible. Birthing anything new can take us through some growing pains and so it’s wise to honor that space with gentle encouragement and understanding.

There’s a tendency to want to rush things and emerge anew with miraculous ideas of “perfection” already anchored so that we can avoid those in between times that look to our egos like a big dirty, unorganized and empty mess.

Nature does change so well and we never stop to question her. Even when she’s transitioning there’s a state of wholeness and understanding that “this is just the cycle of life” and we recognize the beauty of that process.

Although I see muddy patches of snow, dried leaves and branches thrown about, and old pine needles, barren plants and golden-browned meadow grasses, I know that vitality lives within all of it and that everything is bubbling with fresh growth and potential. I also see that all of what’s before me is natural, with its own exquisite, artistic beauty, and I know that life has taught me how everything always renews itself no matter how it looks or feels in the moment.

Bring joy to the in between time and learn to surrender to your own unfolding grace.

Deepening into presence and receiving the value of every verse you add to the poem of your life will help you to relax more and release those conditioned pressures you place upon yourself.

Nobody said that only certain kinds of experiences are what equates to a life well lived. All experiences are part of life. All ranges of emotions are integral to your depth of receiving the richness life has to offer. And all stages of growth and experience are equally valuable.

As one of my favorite quotes by Wayne Dyer goes, “The only difference between a flower and a weed is judgment.”

Here at the Forest Portal’s Enchanted Faery Garden, everything is still in transition between Winter and Spring.

I’m unable yet to prep the garden, as we still get freezing and frosty nights, and until the last several days, we’re continuing to get surprise Spring Snow flurries. So, I wait patiently as the daytime temperatures warm up and returning plants begin to sprout all on their own – pushing through the dried and dead growth from seasons passed.

Synchronously, it all mirrors my own transitions, as I’ve been putting to closure, step-by-step, projects and commissions from Winter. So Nature’s landscape looks much like my own inner landscape and focuses, while still I feel all the new percolating behind the scenes and simultaneously experience both the joy of current projects and the joy of what’s bubbling beneath them.

Of course, it’s no surprise that things I’ve been working on always hold such perfect energy to prepare the way and support the new birthing to even be possible.

And so, I see no need to rush, nor do I detach from what’s before me.

Instead, I see how divinely woven it all is and allow the old and new to merge with each other so that the alchemy that otherwise would go unseen, is made more conscious. In this way, I deepen into the enjoyment and value of it all even more and experience greater fluidity within the transitioning process.

You might wonder why I shared these particular photos of my garden for this blog. Well, perhaps the more obvious reason is because they very clearly show the transitioning seasons. You can see the bits of frost and patches of snow laced throughout the unkept grounds that are blanketed with the old, while the new sprouts through.

But also because they reflect some new friends and additions to the garden that I’ve just recently added, even though I haven’t cleaned up the garden or prepped it in any other way yet.

There’s some sweet little pot-hanging, white rabbit twins, a couple of new solar faery houses, and of course the solar succulent momma and baby rabbit.

They merge their magick and sweetness into the mix, celebrating what “is” and what’s to “come.” I thought that rather than wait until everything’s in some kind of “order” to start interweaving some fun and new, that we should have some fun right now and create a space of joy and embrace of every moment.

When I look out at it all from my shared Wonderland office with Astrid, there’s a sense of divine perfection and surrender to all stages of life – the perfect reflection for me while I move through my daily work. It keeps me continuously connected to the awareness that inspiration comes through any experience and that even the surprises that unfold in unexpected ways do have something hidden to discover and propel us forth with.

I also added these photos from the “in between” time of day, as they also celebrate the beauty of all stages and moments being filled with enchanted possibility for us to embrace. Not to mention, they have connection to Astrid and all rabbits – more on that to come.

Even though we’re not fully anchored into any one particular season right now here in the mountains, I still find so much inspiration and vitality in what IS right before me.

The same goes for things I’m involved with on the work front. Although I’m not where I see myself going, I am in momentum of making that possible with every little thing I engage fully with right now.

And because of what I AM doing right now, is the only reason what’s to come will BE what it could BE.

Growth is not about the end result – it’s the alchemy of process. Every detail and piece enriches every other, and in totality allows us to experience it all as a work of art.

It never fails that any time I’ve been frustrated about a piece of the journey, I’ve always later seen why it was necessary. And any time I’ve felt indifference to something, my spark renews simply by “being” in the moment and letting go of projecting myself into the future, after-the-fact.

We experience anxiety or regret because we aren’t anchored in presence.

And speaking of transitions, below is a little seasonal update from Astrid and me, as Spring continues to unfold and I continue to shift gears.

But before hopping into that, I thought I’d share this piece of information, as not only does it go perfectly with today’s blog theme, but if you like to learn one new thing each day, this might be that for you. 🙂

Rabbit Fun Fact: If you didn’t know, contrary to the belief that rabbits are nocturnal, in fact they are actually what’s called “crepuscular,” meaning that they are most active during the twilight hours – just before sunrise and just after sunset. These are the moments of partial illumination before or after total darkness.

That means they are very familiar with the in between times, much like faeries….wink wink 😉

So, of course, Astrid wanted to hop on to emphasize the richness of embracing our processes, the journey, our evolution…in all of its stages…and to enjoy the in between just as much – like she does!

She also wanted to add that there’s a little Easter Sale going on in our Etsy shop on last remaining items.

We have very limited inventory – 4 items to be exact – but we do have one of our very favorites available, which are the Magick Rabbit Keepsake Chests that have multiple uses including make great Reiki boxes. Although their name includes “rabbit” in it and most of the ones I’ve created have been rabbit visions, these chests are not limited to rabbit-themed art. Anything you can imagine can be painted on them. So, keep that in mind if you have any upcoming birthdays, celebrations, holidays, or special honorary ideas.

I’m currently in strictly art mode for the remainder of March and most of April (besides the new mentoring kicking in mid-way), so these are right up my alley right now before shifting gears.

The link to hop on is:

The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

The sale includes 10-15% off the last four items we have in stock.

The sale goes through Easter Sunday, April 4th.

I’m still listening for guidance on if we’ll put the shop on indefinite closure, or keep it open for those divine inspirations and/or items that want to come through.

Everything feels in flux for March and April still, so likely I’ll have clarity on that as things continue to move forward.

For now, I’m not rushing to make decisions because I know how everything I’m currently working on always has a way of moving energy and inspiring the next steps, naturally.

Wishing you greater peace, embrace, and presence with your own personal transitions you’re navigating.

Know that you’re exactly where you need to be, right here and now.

Enjoy the in between!

Can You Feel It?

I don’t know if it’s that Spring is in the air, the Moon was just full, that the Cosmos keeps an extra potent rhythm while moving across the astrological dance floor these days, if we’re catching up with our future selves and time has finally blurred, or all of these, but there’s a definitive change I keep feeling….and do even see.

It shows up in the light – vortexes, orbs, energy fields, coded grids, an array of rainbow explosions.

It shows up in accelerated time and instant manifestations.

It shows up in glowing faces and vibrant auras I see and feel in others, as well as huge leaps and expansion more are saying “yes” to.

It shows up in extra brilliance and surreal qualities to landscapes before me.

It shows up in increased amounts of incredible artistry, creativity, teamwork, rooted values, and inspired architectural plans for the inner and outer landscapes of life.

It shows up in increased synchronicities, vitality, downloads, extra prophetic or clear insights, and more abundant reservoirs of energy I’m, and others are, experiencing.

It even shows up in extra exuberance, bunny binkies, and deeper connecting I see from Astrid.

Yesterday’s Libra Full Moon peaked right in the middle of the online Crystal Healing & Reiki class I taught – a class filled with beautiful souls and energy that felt heightened.

I noticed an increased Cosmic presence channeling through, which has become more the norm for me these days. It’s not only an external sense of this, but more so of recognizing it within myself and others. While I know we are spirit in body, this has become an increasingly conscious and nearly tangible experience of both being it in wholeness and observing all the little nuances of it in its parts.

It’s hard to really put in words, as it’s more of an experience. The cool thing is, at least some of what I’m trying to explain DOES actually show up in photos like the ones you see here of the incredible energy fields at the creek behind the house that create quite a portal.

These first four photos are of a spot I love out back in the forest that I walked to on Saturday – the day before teaching the class I mentioned.

I like to get out in Nature daily, but especially so when teaching classes where I know we’ll be talking a lot about energy, experiencing it, channeling it, and stepping into an accelerated or heightened consciousness state.

And whenever crystals are involved, you’re bound to call in some Cosmic love and receive some downloads.

So, Nature called and I even explored a new little area that you can see in the next two photos that equally had its own energy vortex going on amidst the ancient rock beings.

I actually jogged up a hill to these rocks to avoid some people walking with their dogs because I was really just wanting to have a quiet preparation day with the only interaction being with dear Terra – our Mother Earth.

It was the first time I’d explored this particular outcropping, but I’m glad my support of what I was feeling directed me their way.

I ended up climbing around them for a bit, before heading to the creek, finding several doorways around each corner and another potent energy portal.

It felt activating in a very energized, not depleting, way so that class yesterday, in fact, was quite supported with what ever was downloaded and I was quite supported with a full well to draw upon.

The weather the last few days has also shifted into more of a true mountain Spring experience with temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s. Here at this high altitude the Sun is felt more directly and so it was actually perfect for soaking in some vitamin D rays on the deck – also adding to absorbing the Sun’s light codes as an upgrade.

These last two Nature photos are from the post-class 5+ mile hike down to the lake, as my way to immerse in the wild, share gratitude, and receive all of Nature’s good vibes she has to share.

I was especially taken by the brilliance dancing on and in the water. Those light codes again felt super alive and strong, inviting me closer. I knelt down, immersing my hands in the refreshing coolness, which shifted something.

Later I noticed my hands, especially the left one, getting hot when thinking or talking about something in a way that engaged all of me.

There’s an overall sense of upgrades not just in motion, but truly anchoring in more.

My sense is that although it’s an accelerated process, it will likely be noticed only by those with curiosity to explore it. Otherwise, the upgrades are overlooked.

Although it simply is the natural state of life ever-evolving, what is being experienced is an exquisite masterpiece so finely created that its evolution may not be noted until generations later.

We are shifting into a time of “being” and “knowing” – a time of transparency and wholeness, of remembering and navigating forward by the guidance of our hearts’ wisdom. A time of visionary creating and multi-dimensional awareness.

It’s a work of art in motion of being and each of us have leading roles on the collective stage of Life on Earth.

Things are shifting.

Upgrades are happening.

Transformation is in process.

Rebirth, renewal, recreation….

Can you feel it?

Make Today Magickal & End of March Update

I’m sticking my head out momentarily to share today as my last blog for this week, before returning to preparations for Sunday’s last class I have on the agenda to teach for now, and finalizing one of the three last art commissions I’m working on. I’ll return next week when my time opens up more, so that I can stay focused and balanced right now.

Today’s blog is a combination of a message I shared on Instagram while I was away on our Winter adventure that feels important to reiterate here and at this time, followed by a brief update.

Here’s the message that accompanies the photo:

You have the ability to choose different thoughts, shift perspectives, take new actions, and embrace deeper compassion and kindness toward self and others at any time. And when you do so, any of these simple things can immediately shift the course of your experience and your day – perhaps even your life.

You can infuse an extra little bit of magick in your life by engaging your imagination and giving yourself moments of possibility or joyful expressions even if just for minutes a day. Your imagination doesn’t distinguish between real and not real. It’s all real and from this expansive space is where you create new realities by aligning you with manifestations.

Journaling is one way to engage your creativity, express what you’ve been holding in, get anxiety out from all the thoughts you constantly juggle and replay over and over in your head, and a way to share your hopes and dreams so that you can see patterns in what your heart desires most. It’s also a way that you can learn to interpret repetitive signs and messages that you receive as constant guidance. It can be a map to navigate your life by and a holder for all that no longer serves you to stay attached to.

How will you make today more magickal?

And speaking of magickal…..One of my sweetest friends, Kathleen (Kat), sent me this video a couple of days ago knowing I would just love it. Talk about engaging imagination and creativity – this feels like the Aquarian visionary and cocreative energy the world is moving more and more toward. As I shared with her, I love “how everyone contributed their amazing gifts to such an incredible, creative masterpiece! Simply wondrous!!”

I sure wouldn’t mind this as an addition to my Wonderland office! I hope you enjoy the amazingness of souls joining their talents together for creative harmony.

And here is the brief update:

I’m currently transitioning portions of my life during the month of March and April, which means closing and opening new doorways, once again, so that I can move into a new phase of essence alignment. That means a hiatus for now with some of the work I was called to open to over the last year to support others with, so I have the time needed to grow some other seeds into being.

I’ve already been slowly phasing out pages of this website now that offerings have been filled and will continue to transition my website with a little facelift once I’m completely beyond current projects. This is why you don’t see certain pages available anymore.

Only the 2021 Classes & Events page remains, but only until Sunday. I had to remove the Intuitive Energy Guide Sessions and Reiki Healing Attunements page early because I just don’t have time to schedule anymore these last days of March.

I have room for one more person if anyone’s interested in joining last minute for Sunday’s Crystal Healing & Reiki online class. Please let me know as soon as you can so I can get materials and details emailed to you in time.

Because each person is also receiving a crystal healing activation for renewal, clarity and empowerment in the class, I had to limit the space or else we tend to run over class time a lot.

You can register directly here (scroll down to the second class on the page):

2021 Classes & Events

For those of you who might have been interested in either the first class – Intuition & Reiki – or the upcoming one – Crystal Healing & Reiki – but couldn’t make it, there is opportunity to still catch the classes on your own time.

I recorded the first and will be recording the next one, so if you’re interested I can send you the private link to either or both to review at your own pace.

If this is of interest to you, please CONTACT ME for details.

The Value of Contrast & Spring’s Messengers for Instinctive Life Changes

The recent landscape of experience here for us had me reflecting on the nature of life and how we interact with the diversity in and around us. Nature always teaches and so it’s no wonder I receive so many insights or a-ha moments when I’m out within her classroom.

Seasonal shifts make for some diverse day experiences here in the high altitudes of the Sierra Nevadas and since Spring Equinox we’ve been alternating between morning ski activities and afternoon hikes. The transitioning weather makes a variety of enjoyment possible, which is an added gift.

We’ve instinctively followed the flow of weather patterns and where our bodies felt called, which has mirrored the contrast of snow, sunshine, shifting temperatures, and variances of altitude we are drawn to. And along the way some new and old animal guides have accompanied the adventures, roaming the inner and outer landscapes of experience with me.

With the shift of seasons we’ve felt energies stir and the need for more physical activity to balance out the heightened creative inspiration and output, both in motion and underway, that is happening on other fronts of life.

It felt perfect that Saturday’s Equinox portal opened this floodgate of action and it doesn’t feel like it will be stopping anytime soon, as we have an affinity to so many new ideas and experiences drawing us into alignment with them.

The first grouping of photos above are from Saturday morning skiing, followed below by our hike at lower elevations where wild mustangs roam. This first photo capturing the wide open terrain and two free-spirited wild mustangs grazing peacefully.

Dave mountain biked while I hiked, and I found myself feeling like the wild mustangs, wind in my hair, out wandering the spider web of trails I had to navigate by both instinct and trail app on my phone, since trails are unmarked.

It was fun to mirror the free, intuition-based spirit of these beautiful creatures who have always been soul connected with me since I was a little girl. And it ended up being a great catalyst for the seasonal new cycle, as well as a very unique, first time ever initiation I was honored to facilitate that evening – where I used a grid to open a cosmic portal to assist an activation for a dear soul. This was the top portion of the more elaborate layout, but the candle had a unicorn talisman (fitting with the wild mustang energy of the day and this soul’s energy signature) and a quartz amplifier burning within the silver sparkle of white current aroma.

And we’ve continued, and will continue, in this vein of oscillating between activities and varying terrain with more morning skiing and day hikes, feeling it suits our energy needs. As the weather shifts and Nature evolves a new landscape, we will mirror her reflections both inwardly and outwardly.

There’s a stronger sense of this synergy between us and I feel it will be helpful with what the year has in store.

As you can see in the photos (above from Saturday and below from Sunday’s unified adventures), there’s a lot to be grateful for in the way Nature unfolds herself to us. Every step of the journey is perfection and so are you, even when things are in process of unfolding.

Nature so beautifully teaches us a natural human evolution that lives from a greater sense of embodied wholeness, no matter where along the journey we are, no matter what we find inside or out that seems at odds – it’s all a way to live life more fully and value those differences. There is something to harness within it all and it doesn’t have to be a this or that experience.

Contrast is a gift that helps us know our essence, sacred truth, and the vast richness of micro within the macro. Contrast gives us evolution, but also is innately the wholeness of that continuum.

Much of the time we avoid and even run from differences. And sometimes we oscillate between them.

Contrast is the basis for desire and achievement, but our relationship to it keeps us in a place of moving forward as a reaction, rather than purely creating for the mere sake of experiencing our creative energy in its authentic flow.

When we get lost in ego frustrations, worry, doubt, or judgements, we find ourselves in pain on some level because we lose sight of how everything really all works together and does so quite incredibly when we shift our perspective of things. We see things separate or conflicting, yet contrast inspires a spark that otherwise we may ignore – and many times do. It’s a divine messaging system to our innate creative energy to do what it was designed to do – create. If we were to create and experience for the pure sake of creating and experiencing, we wouldn’t be so triggered by contrast.

We would surrender more into our instinctual mechanism of being, just like Nature’s children do.

Contrast would be as it is in Nature – a way of being any and all potentials in flow of ever-creating from the infinite field of experience.

And speaking of a way of being in flow of what I would call, essence, along with how nature always teaches….In the wee hours of the morning of Spring Equinox I had yet another bear dream. I’ve lost count now of how many bears have visited me in dream life. Amongst other things, bears symbolize the cycles of life and awakening insights and opportunities, so it felt aligned to be dreaming of bear as we were moving through this seasonal portal. Bears ask us to go deeper within exploration of our path and journey and to listen within for answers, while carrying bear medicine indicates a knowing of that purpose and direction, underscored with leadership potentials. There was a big sense of direct messaging in the dream where bear reached out for my hand – not to attack – but to mark a reminder on my hand with her claws. A full return to the path having been ignited a few years ago is “at hand.” And since bears for me have been connected to my cosmic family, this is a message of essence. I love that it came alongside my having seen evidence and made decisions in this vein, and so it feels supportive rather than conflicting.

The day after the Equinox, while out on our hike, my eyes were drawn to another dear animal teacher while I allowed myself to wander off path. A sweet meadow vole lay in her resting place, and it touched my heart. Voles speak to sensitivity and heightened awareness to your surroundings. Like bear, vole teaches us to listen to our senses and feelings, and to trust and rely on our intuition. They really show us how to engage our ideas productively, knowing that only where we focus is where things will happen. So deeply invoking creative tenacity toward making dreams real, while maintaining a level of invisibility will be most productive for dynamic changes underway. They also symbolize and instruct about destruction and rebirth, guiding us to understand what needs to change in our life and how to manifest those shifts. Again, like bear symbolizing cycles of life, vole’s appearance felt like a perfect mirror for the Spring portal.

And then of course there were the wild mustangs. Wild horses message us of limitless possibilities and how to progress into new directions with freedom of movement that will help clarify the path to take. They teach us how to face life with grace in our hearts and to live with ultra awareness as we embark on each adventure. Deep intuitive connection and increased clairvoyance are part of their medicine, again mirroring bear and vole with that inner knowing being the important guiding factor. Wild horses will urge us to break free from restrictions that hinder our authentic personal expression and integrity and give us the power to support the changes needed in order to honor that free spirit – mirroring both bear and vole in their clarity around understanding changes needed to support the direction our dreams and path point to.

I’m grateful to these messengers for amplifying my feelings and being way-showers of the next wheel of life evolution.

Yesterday, the 21st, was also another marker of evolution that shifted things greatly for me. It was the one year anniversary of our engagement – falling on Spring Equinox that year when everything in the world turned upside down. What a year it was with great contrasts for sure. A literal and metaphorical marriage of contrasts creates unification and ability to harness the value inherent in differences to make the sum total of greatest good.

I still can’t help but see it all as a creative opportunity to contribute our best to each other and life as a whole.

On Wings of Ostara ~ Flying Through the Spring Equinox Gateway of Renewal

Although we still walk through patches of melting snow and ski upon fresh powdered sugar-laced grounds that surround us here in the high mountain altitudes of the Sierra Nevadas, the sunshine illuminates in warm vernal rays, the skies have begun to moisten the forests with cleansing rains mixed with whispers of Jack Frost’s lingering goodbyes, and the Earth is singing in green bursts of celebration.

There are still the morning dawns of ice diamonds upon branches, brisk chills in the Zephyr winds, and snow tracks from burrow to burrow of the snowshoe rabbits turned white. Yet muddy trails emerge for hopeful feet to journey upon lotus promised grounds.

“If there comes a little thaw,

Still the air is chill and raw,

Here and there a patch of snow,

Dirtier than the ground below,

Dribbles down a marshy flood;

Ankle-deep you stick in mud

In the meadows while you sing,

“This is Spring.”

~Christopher Pearce Cranch, A Spring Growl

As we step through the potent Spring Equinox Gateway, I am reminded that Nature reflects to us how to navigate the inner realms by way of surveying Her landscape as our own spiritual terrain.

Ostara is the Goddess of Spring who nurtures the innately rich land and keeps a loving eye on all the sprouting new life emerging from Winter’s blanket. This time of awakening from quiet preparation gets stirred by her fertile spell into inspired action.

She illuminates opportunity and the dawning of a new cycle, where possibility stirs in every new bud of life.

The sensual, soft, and magnetic aspects to the sacred feminine she embodies, also carry powerful creative forces like no other that can give and take away life through birth and rebirth.

This is the access point to the field of potential within the vortex of your heart.

There are many symbols that represent the generative powers of Spring – some of my favorite including the rabbit or hare, butterflies, blossoms, and The Cosmic Egg.

For Winter Solstice I was called to share with your heart, a visual spell from the essence of my spirit and once again I drop into the well of my heart’s depth to bring forth another of my spirit’s emanation. The creative energy of my signature frequency heeds the call to express herself as a form of transformative regeneration to join with the collective’s intentions to create a New Earth experience.

Through our creative energy, we each weave a thread of activation that unites the collective tapestry.

We each embody an energy signature and archetype by birth. My own, from onset of Earthly emergence this life, carries the numerology of the number three when my birthday is broken down simplistically. This is the energy signature of The Empress in Tarot ~ creative abundance and manifestation, unlimited fertile possibility, harmony, love, Earth Mother nurturing and growth, creating beauty, sensual comfort, stability, birthing of new beginnings that constantly recreate themselves, and wholeness from bigger picture Cosmos to smallest Earthly detail.

Synchronously, the qualities of Ostara are found in The Empress. And so it is no wonder I walk this Earth with a rabbit familiar and rabbits have been my soul companions for years – my first appearing when I was twelve years old. It’s also no coincidence that when I first, very consciously, began my spiritual journey and asked to receive the symbol of my life’s work, it came to me as the butterfly.

And ever since each of these first appearances in my life, both have been prolific in presence and uncanny experiences, not to mention have shown up in consistent, guiding ways.

So, when I received the message that I would be sharing another visual spell for this seasonal turn of the Wheel, it became clear I was to embody my birth essence in honor of Ostara and Spring.

My Venus in Aquarius has been speaking very loudly these days and partnered with my inner Empress, the creative expressions you see here are my answer to the Spring nudges, carrying a specific encoded message from heart to heart.

While Astrid would have lovingly danced with me, I decided to let her rest and support me from the comfort of her castle tower overlooking things from her dream state, as she’s already bravely taken on so much this Winter with our journeys. She instead helped choose the pieces to accompany me, including a golden rabbit as her stand-in.

I hope you enjoy this creative expression from my thread of the tapestry and here’s a Spring Equinox Prayer and Ostara Poem to accompany the journey as you flutter softly through our transitioning forest and garden here with me:

The dancing hare foretells the spring,
With fertility and new life this time does bring,
Gay Eostre dances on the earth,
As seeds and flowers come to birth.
Tulips and daffodils come into bloom,
And life sprouts from the Mother Earth’s womb,
Birds lay their eggs now and the light is growing,
Catkins and blossoms on the leaves are showing.
The sun reaches forth with his hand,
To the Maiden of flowers returns to the land,
Their dance brings new balance into our life,
Planting the seeds to overcome strife.
We grow with the flowers and the trees,
Winters gloom banished on a spring breeze.
The joy of new birth enters our hearts,
As we look forward to Beltane’s love.

May this portal of renewal activate your own rebirthing of creative expression, abundant potential, and harmonious, inspired action.

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