What Matters Most

I think many of you will find this an extremely valuable interview well worth listening to, as it touches on so many collective themes and individually challenging topics that are the undercurrents creating worry or frustration for many.

Here’s Lee Harris with Paul Samuel Dolman on What Matters Most.

Lee Harris #576 – The What Matters Most Podcast


Intuition Support & How Vision Has Aligned Outer & Inner Seeing For Me

There have been a few themes I’ve felt circling the collective recently and I plan to briefly touch base on each as I have time. You may notice my blog posts being few and far between these days and that’s because life has been speeding up, time is flying, and that time I do have has become fuller. Today’s focus, however, is on intuition because it seems to be a constant struggle for many to listen to and support.

We all have intuition, but it may need to be cultivated since logic has easily become the forerunner of most of our lives. Logic has been deemed of greater value, but merging it with intuition creates optimal results.

We don’t have both sides of the coin for nothing. Yet, we often tend to favor one more than the other and in many cases, tend to devalue the things that seem more esoteric.

Intuition brings together inner and outer vision, as it assimilates the undercurrents in and around us. This leads to a sense of knowing, rather than understanding and becomes the experience of alignment.

Distractions keep us from hearing it and there are many around us both naturally, conditioned, and self-induced. We tend to avoid quieting the mind, creating space for stillness or simple presence. We also tend to numb ourselves because the outer voices and pressures are so strong, finding ways to drown out everything, which ends up drowning even our own voices out.

We know if we’re not following our intuition because life gets wildly out of balance, our health can decline, and a lot of things just don’t come together easily. These may point to lifestyle changes we know on some level we need to make, but avoid.

If you feel tension in your body, clenched jaw, or tight gut for instance, these point to the body messaging us to listen within and trust what we’re feeling.

But how do you feel if feeling is scary? If you fill up your time and avoid getting quiet and listening?

And how do we trust what we feel when everything and everyone has taught us that feeling isn’t important or is simply too painful to go there? That only what makes sense is what matters.

Well, it’s a process we need to nurture and reteach ourselves so that it can become more natural again and far less feared. It comes with consistent and committed practice.

The more veils inevitably keep coming down in the world – and they WILL continue like it or not – the more the internal landscape of self-awareness becomes important for navigating all that will be revealed.

Reconnecting with all of your parts is going to establish a healthier relationship with yourself. Learning to listen to and follow intuition doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach.

Take small steps in following that inner voice, even if it’s telling you to change something big. Any little support it gets and action to back it up, is going to make it easier to listen and follow in the long run. Ask yourself what little things you can do each day to put you in a momentum on course of the result you want.

Pay attention to the things that really ignite you and make you feel excited, energized, and inspired. These are give-aways that speak to your intuition guiding you.

Clear the clutter both literally and symbolically. Cleaning your space, getting rid of and donating things you don’t use or need, and organizing can create fresh energy where something out of place can be recognized more. You can experience what feels right and doesn’t when doing a brush off of energy accumulation. So whether that’s in your environment, having absorbed and attached to others’ ideas and energy, or running an inner dialogue battle, if you step back and refresh, this helps to hear the voice of your intuition more. Take a moment to walk outside, to breathe, to feel….these, too, can help you to hear.

Listen to your inner dialogue and the words you use to speak to yourself and about things. This can also provide a compass for which voice is speaking. Your intuition won’t dialogue in negative vibes. It will steer you to your heart’s joy. Only the mind runs circles around you, filled with judgmental and analytical thoughts that divert you, rather than align you.

And feel. Where in your body does it feel tight and anxious? Breathe into that area with intention of it revealing to you its message. Giving love to the parts of us being neglected or ignored helps them to express more freely what they have to impart.

All of our senses are connected to intuition, which creates a sixth sense of which I feel merges all of these and beyond these. We each have our own connections we can make to ways in which our intuition might be supported and enhanced more.

One of the ways for me is the relationship I’ve seen between my intuition and vision and how they have been connected.

I’ve noted for myself that the less my eyes could see, the stronger my intuition, but the level of trust in it wasn’t always equal to that strength. The non-clarity without connected with a distrust within and confusion or second-guessing.

This also created a separation between inner and outer worlds and an inability to fully merge those worlds and support intuition into being – taking action for manifestation. Likely because one judged the other and if my eyes shut down not wanting to see, then my intuition could be compromised with a similar sense of fear around it.

I’ve mentioned my vision in past posts and how it related to my shutting down parts of myself and things around me that were too challenging or painful to see from a very early age (4th grade). And while that put me more in touch with the inner world, it also didn’t give me the support to “see” those feelings and nudges through.

I do believe in balance being key, which is why I’ve spent the last few years really focused on that – sometimes above all else – to create more synergy and harmony in my life. AND, to bring together the gifts of both/all worlds so that what’s within can be without.

For fifteen plus years I’ve had better than 20/20 vision because of having lasik surgery done on my eyes. I was one of the lucky ones who had amazing and lasting results, but this came only after I really embraced “seeing” everything again. I remember the fear I had around this both in messing with my eyes, but also about what seeing would actually do for my life and not let me avoid and hide from.

Last summer was the first time I went to an eye doctor since that successful surgery, just to check my eyes, as I had noticed slight shifts.

And I was correct that they were slight, with only a tiny bit of both near and far shifting, but wouldn’t much be noticed by most people. I only notice because I had such “clear” vision. I also had started having slight astigmatism, which explained the odd difference in my eyes I kept having to adjust.

These are natural progressions that can happen with age eventually after lasik, although mine continue to hold very strong for so long. I also connect small shifts to reflect my inner world wanting even greater support.

Once I was told about the astigmatism (something I’ve never had before now), the ache in my eyes dissipated, as I relaxed into finding balance between them – as if my brain readjusted in making the connection. I could literally feel that one eye was almost seeing more out there and ahead and one eye felt like it was seeing more from behind, or within and with this knowledge they weren’t fighting anymore, but found their place together more easily.

I went again this summer to check my eyes, as I felt an increase in that distinction happening and found that I had slight shifts with all of the same again. At first I had thought to wait it out again and not get any glasses other than having some very low readers on hand, but then I realized the connection.


And so, I decided to fill my prescription even though it isn’t necessary. I was told it would help make everything a bit more crisp, defined, and clear, and balance out the astigmatism my brain had been working on managing and handling.

This felt right to me, as that balance is what I want and to create ease would be supportive. It’s not that I wouldn’t still do the inner work it reveals, but to have the ability to go to that smooth and seamless place when ever I reach for my glasses, felt like opportunity to translate this as an overall more graceful experience.

I recognize that I’m not wanting to have to manage and strain around clarity.

I recognize that I increasingly want ease and clarity around my intuitive nudges.

I can see that the next phase of life requires this relationship of authentic feeling and supporting those feelings with actions goes to a new level.

To support my outer “seeing” equates to supporting my inner “seeing”.

This may not be the case for everyone, but for me I want to up my game, so to speak, and fine-tune the way I am processing, interpreting, and executing my intuition.

And so I find myself fine-tuning my outer vision to support and bring through what I’m feeling into clarified being.

Sometimes the challenge for highly intuitive and creative people is to bring the same amount of strong trust and spontaneous action into the world outside of the bounds of your art form. But the good news is, since the gift is already obviously present, it’s just a matter of allowing it to spread through all other areas of life by erasing the imaginary boundaries between the two worlds – your art form and your experiences outside of your art form.

Vision can also be equated to knowing who you are – your purpose, where it is you are headed, and what underlying values are going to be driving that journey.

Intuition connects these dots for you without need for logic because it heightens all of your senses.

Intuition is your inner guidance mapping out the landscape for you that vision – both literally and creatively experienced, interprets.


Intuition and vision have both been about embracing something for me. A fear, my own power, responsibility, going bigger, unconditional compassion, self-love, and authenticity. And these have translated into greater peace and harmony experienced.

For me, I know that every time I’ve embraced something, it provides greater sense of clarity, depth, strength and lightness for the new chapter to begin.

Life’s Garden is Growing & Aligning


With Mercury freed and fire energy at hand this leads to clarity of direct action in motion from a place of more authentic self-expression, heart confidence, and creative inspiration. Today’s 8/8 portal and the days surrounding it, create an opportune time for navigating life with intention and bringing forth what you truly desire.

If you’ve been feeling stagnant or not seeing a lot on the scenes happening, all the work you’ve been doing behind the scenes will get an extra boost right now. With courage you can really ignite what you desire with greater support streaming in. These don’t have to necessarily be huge things, but things that feel important to you nonetheless.

butterfly garden.jpg

Recently I’ve intimately experienced a lot of rare sightings with wildlife not seen here daily like the rest – bear, fox, my wild rabbit friend Blueberry, hummingbird, porcupine, a variety of gorgeous big butterflies, cicadas, and hummingbird moth. They speak to me of manifestation speeding up with greater alignment and synchronicity on all-time high – as each always comes at uncanny moments.

Our Summer season has been much cooler than the last few years and also was on delay in coming to full bloom. But when it did, boy has it been beautiful. Recent epic hikes have showcased such incredible sights that until now have only lived in my imagination.

My favorite being the first photo of Meiss Meadow laced with wild irises that moved like dancing faeries in the breeze on a gorgeous planet in a parallel reality.

I, of course, had to dive in!


Seeing and experiencing these landscapes has also felt like a manifestation of dreams coming alive. So even though some things in my life have been percolating in the background and have not seen the light of day yet, all of these things showing up in my environment speak to me of the changing inner landscape I’ve been working on, now being reflected.

It’s as if another anchoring in and deliberate creation of metaphorical experiences to support the journey are underway.


It’s how visualization can manifest into actualized dreams that then hold a space for the rest of my inner intentions to come into being too.

Sometimes while some things are in process, we can still create momentum by focusing on steps and shifts within to make us more of a vibrational match for what we intend. These might manifest in other ways, at first, but the mere fact that you start manifesting things that are aligned with the vibration you’re embodying, means that you’re in a flow of bringing more and more to you that shares your essence.

It also means that your energy is amplifying in new ways and can be applied to any of the intentions you hold.

During this time I’ve also seen my garden grow – and by that I do mean my literal garden just outside of my office.

Originally I had a simple thought of beautifying the empty space beyond the path with a blossom tree. Things started organically evolving from there, which seemed to directly reflect my inner world and the changes it is undergoing.


I then started planting perennial blooms in the first half of the area to accompany the colorful Lantanas lining the path I’d planted earlier this season.


And while I was doing this, the inspiration came through to transform this whole area into a secret Faery garden that could be a space of meditation and intention setting, as well as a sanctuary for all of the magickal creatures and Faeries that live here.

It’s been a process that began with a few flowering pots, garden tower, then my rock garden blooms, adding owl and magick mushroom guardians, lining the pathway, and now will become a space for imagination to take bloom into experience.


I just picked up 10 more perennials and mulch yesterday, as well as had the evergreen bushes cleared on the right to create a small path to the area behind the front blooms. This will be laid with pavers to match the larger path.


Next is leveling out the ground between the staked out area, as it slopes, and adding a retainer. Then creating the space where a comfy bench will go – adding some magickal statues and more blooms surrounding and filling in. It will be such a sweet little space – totally private, as the fence and trees on street side keep it contained, and yet fully immersed in forest and garden energy.

The back of the yard is wild, filled with silver sagebrush, manzanita, wild grasses, wild flowers, bitterbrush, and several super tall pine trees – two of which create a gateway directly on one side of the sitting area being created that are like wise guardians of the garden. Beyond them are a maple and some other tree I haven’t identified yet, and a small lawn of clover next to them.

By Labor Day, it should be complete, but things are in motion. I love creating this wonderland of enchantment for Astrid too, as she so loves looking out on the Faery garden. And it’s very rewarding doing it all by my own hand – although with the leveling and wood work, I’ll have a little Dave help, as that’s not my strength.

astrid garden.jpg

Summer has definitely been a very outdoor time with lots of hiking, biking, free outdoor music events, potluck gatherings, and even some creative fun that popped up for me.

This involved creating enchanting smudge sticks because I was so inspired by the gorgeous summer wild flowers and crafting nature things with my hands.


I’d only set out to make a few for myself and ended up with several dozen, so I offered them to anyone interested and they quickly sold out.


The whole experience has been magickal – from picking the plants and flowers that speak to me from the forest and garden yard, merging them in pretty and aromatic combos, weaving them together, watching them dry in the sun’s rays, adding just the right crystals to create a wand effect, and labeling each with their sweet contents.

It’s reminded me of each step of the garden-in-the-making process and my book. Having something smaller and more easily attainable, alongside some varying degrees of larger projects, really sets into motion inspiration, into action, into manifestation.


They’re actually so pretty that they make lovely additions to the home, altar, or as meditational tools to bring in the nature and Fae spirits even when not burned. 


So, indeed Summer has been very grounding, which feels important to me because of so much energy out there that is all over the place.

I want to feel anchored inside so I can bend like the trees sway in the changing winds, but remain unrooted because my foundation is deep to the core.

All very supportive for the continued challenging book work ahead. I’ve mentioned it being no walk-in-the-park and the hardest thing I’ve done so far.

And I have felt so many things pull at me recently to avoid it if possible and yet, I know without a doubt that it’s where my energy calls. Like the inner world of emotions, beliefs, and old programming, I just won’t give in to any of it. I can see all of that reflected in the process and how this book has become a reflection of me.

I also feel like there is an outer energy trying to keep me away from completing the book, which is interesting to experience. And so I forge on – editing in motion – step-by-step.

In the past I’ve identified myself with things like my car, my home, something in particular that meant a lot to me, my bunny companions….and have projected all of my inner world feelings onto them so that I could be conscious of this process and “see” things clearly.

And now my book has become a very transparent reflection of everything within as well, which makes it doubly important to me to continue climbing the challenging mountain because it mirrors the work coming full circle. Not to mention, feels aligned with collective energies anchoring.

book and smudging.jpg

I found it interesting that one of my sweet clients, turned dear friends, sent me this photo just yesterday of her coffee table. She told me that I’m always with her and this was one of the how’s of that.

On her table she has both a smudging book and my first self-published book, Spiritual Skin.

It felt like another sign of alignment to the smudge sticks I created and my second book in creation. She also happens to have a Tibetan sound bowl next to it, and sound healing/channeling is so important to me also, with music being a key to my creative process.

I’ve shared feeling this next book is to go the traditional publishing route, so once again there’s that original vision expanding and growing. Just as the idea of smudge sticks turned into something more and my one blossoming tree is now becoming a full Faery garden of my dreams.

Life’s garden is growing and aligning.

August Energy Update Ignited by Leo’s New Moon

While I’m continuing with only posting sporadically right now, I felt to share what feels like a very resonant and helpful message from Lee for the month. I had to giggle so much at the synchronicity of themes he reflects to me – a perfect message for this heart-opening Leo New Moon.

As he shares, we are in the process of clearing and upgrading, so this doesn’t mean you need to act upon all the inspirations showing up. Be with the experience.

Finish Your Book

Today’s post is a version of Ask Astrid Fridays with a Faerytale twist.

Yesterday evening we found ourselves at the last minute going to the beach down by the lake. A free music performance is put on every Thursday there during the Summer for about eight weeks. We hadn’t gone the week before, but after a long week it felt like an impromptu refresh. Nature put on an incredible sunset show as gift for coming that seemed to also reflect the stirrings in my heart. She started with a small rainbow portal in the clouds and then burst gently into dramatic and ethereal colors and expanse that were breathtaking.

Some friends showed up, including one of their moms who was on her last day’s visit before returning home. She came to celebrate her birthday this past week, turning 90. I met her once before and we shared a brief, but to-the-heart conversation before she left that was impactful.

She hadn’t spoken much during the time she was there, but then she and I were on our own for about three or so minutes right before her leaving. She was challenged with her speech, which I hadn’t remembered from last year, and asked me a few questions about how long I’ve lived here, where, and what I did as my work.

I told her about being an artist and writer. She asked what kind of book I was writing and I only briefly shared the genre before her son came over to gather her up and go.

As they walked away, after saying our goodbye’s, she stopped and turned to me and said, “Finish your book.”

It was so clear – more than anything she had said in conversation that evening and so much so that another very in-tune friend asked, “did she just say finish your book?” as he was also taken by the incredulous way she said it and how it came out. We both found it interesting, as I hadn’t said much at all about it, didn’t relay how I was in the editing phase, nor that I had taken another pause with it. And yet her message kept ringing for me.

I said to our friend and Dave that it didn’t even feel like it was her speaking and that’s what got me the most. It was more like she was a conduit for this message and the Universe was speaking through her, as something changed about her in that moment of relaying it.

All night and morning I keep hearing her and smiling at the way answers and confirmations come through.

Of course it was meaningful to me because I knew this is where I was returning after having spent time in the inner realm recently.

My book must be completed. That’s all I know. What happens after that isn’t important. Only that it’s time to return and Astrid agrees.

In fact, she got me in writing mode this morning, by inspiring a quick and sweet little “faerytale” to kick-start things with her explorations she called my attention to. I shared it this morning on social media.

It went like this with accompanying photos of her adventures:

Astrid woke from a long slumber, finding herself in a magickal realm surrounded by all the creatures and treasures she had only imagined in her mind until now.


Her heart leapt with excitement, for the possibilities in this new world seemed endless.


She explored all the enchantment, tenderly nosing everything…the crystals, sacred altars, sound instruments and sweet creatures all tickled her whiskers with delight.


“This could only be the sanctuary of a Faery,” she thought to herself. She searched high and low looking for the portal that must have brought her to this place, wondering how she could have come to be here.


“Because you belong here,” a voice from the Faery of this realm whispered in her heart. “We’ve been waiting for you.”


“But how can this be?” she asked.

“Because you are the Rabbit Faery Queen. Don’t you remember?”

It was at that moment in hearing these words spoken so purely to her heart that everything she once thought she knew melted away, revealing the truth beneath it all. A single tear fell from her eye, as she felt recognition wash over her. And so the story begins. 


I would not be a bit surprised if Astrid was the voice coming through the woman last night, or one of several collective voices in my spirit guide realm that channeled through.

In any event it reaffirmed the path I’ve chosen.

No other large scale project can be entertained until it’s done. So, even though I have had ideas streaming in, as mentioned in a previous post, completion is necessary with my current heart’s calling.

And having a couple of channels for quick creative inspiration, as well as the supportive sessions are perfect compliments.

Sometimes we need to simplify our lives in order to experience the full birth and death of each idea, path, project, and goal. Otherwise we stand juggling a ton of ideas and partial starts that stay suspended in air and never see their full cycle come down to Earth.

It made me reflect on the time we have here and now and how we utilize it.

More than ever the realization of impermanence is clear. We don’t know how much time we have and it makes living as present as possible right now so meaningful.

It’s not that what you decide to do with your present moment has to be something grand and with fireworks exploding, but it’s more about embracing the moment fully and living it with heart and gratitude.

This might mean appreciating everything around you and really sinking into the richness the tiniest things contain.

Or, this might mean that dreams, wish lists, things you have longed for, and incomplete projects or projects you want to start, you make priority and simplify the rest of your life in order to actually do, experience, and complete them.

You’ve heard it before about the importance of living life today, as if it might be your last.

So, if this was your last day, month, or year, what would you really want to do with it?

People often say before they transition that their deepest regrets are the things left unsaid or undone – ranging from telling a loved one how much they love them, forgiveness, more sweet moments with those they care about, taking time for the things that really mattered in life, investing in that thing that really felt pivotal, but the mind said it was impractical, a trip or goal they pushed off because other things needed to be in place first before they felt they could do it….

We always feel there is plenty of time for something and while it’s true that not forcing or rushing things is important, as well as finding the flow of alignment, there’s a fine balance and refinement to this and sometimes these can also be excuses to bypass something.

If something touches your heart and gut in a way that feels like a lingering ache in the background – subtle or profound – this is a message trying to get your attention.

Is there something you would like to do, change, experience, or step into that you can feel resistance to?

And if you do feel resistance, are you interested in exploring what that is?

Is it a fear, does it affirm your old or new beliefs, is it really about timing, does it speak to your inner author receiving inspiration for a rewrite?

The book of life is profound simply by way of being here.

It’s full of those short adventure stories where you get to keep choosing your path and endings.

When you finish one, you can start and rewrite another.

Don’t be afraid to finish.

Each ending is a new beginning.

Collective Pause to Create Alignment ~ Frequency Holders Building Momentum for the New


I was just communicating with a dear and we were sharing about recent non-motivated feelings to which I intuited as a necessary collective pause for some of us to create greater alignment. In fact, he was the inspiration for this blog post and its title. Remember that there is much at work in the undercurrents, including planetary retrogrades that support this “hold please” for effective use of energy. Not to mention, there are our individual undercurrents running the marathon alongside the collective ones. So, it really is a great opportunity to use momentum in those inner realms so that you will later propel forward with greater ease in the outer world.

In reality that means you aren’t actually doing nothing, it’s just that the brain and ego assign progress to tangible and visible things.

You’re actually doing a huge amount of stuff if you are in fact exploring core patterning that has run its course and you and the world have had enough with. These things will appear in subtle ways at first until the possible new shifts anchor in an alternate course.

In any event, it’s okay if you aren’t seeing a ton of results right now even though we’re in full Summer blossom season. The inner world is going through a new growth pattern mirroring nature, so that life on all levels will be more fertile.

You may in fact be overlooking some rich and wonderful things happening, nonetheless, because you’re more focused on the progress of projects, intents, and goals you were working on before or that you are receiving inspiration on wanting to engage in next.

I bet you have a lot of changes taking place, despite them not being the ones you thought or wanted to see.

In order for things to have long term effect, creating strong foundations will be a spring board to greater success and that comes with strengthening and embodying your personal frequency.

It feels as though many of us simply don’t want to do it the same old way anymore, nor do we just want temporary relief or satisfaction. We’re looking for something more that can grab hold of shifting the frequency on the whole playing field.

Today on social media I was guided to share about this “home frequency” energy and it seemed to resonate deeply for many. It spoke to being in that harmony of your home frequency and how vital this is more than ever now.

This is what I shared:

In times like these we need those of you who are the frequency holders to keep strong within that personal embodiment of pure energy you are here to emanate, regardless of what is going on all around, and yet transmuting it as you walk through it.

I feel purpose is about the presence you bring to anything you do, and for some within the collective that is simply, but importantly, about being present with your frequency and song that you sing, above all else, and carrying this through anything you choose to be engaged in along your path.

For these people, life is about doing everything as a sacred and seamless act – there is no separation as to what defines sacredness.

These souls are helping to anchor the new and may not live life out loud in the sense of being famous, but quietly do their most important work from behind-the-scenes and remain somewhat just under the radar.

Much is tearing apart at the seams and being tugged to extremes right now, which all has its purpose and will create a mirroring reality of individual choosing.

These frequency holders will embody new realities within the creatively unlimited potentialities of a middle way.

Stay strong. Your energy is much needed and your courage is much honored.

I’ve shared before how I’ve been very focused on the inner realms for a while now, abandoning a lot of what I was doing in order to create greater embodied resonance to how I proceed next.

This I knew could very well result in returning to the projects I had begun, but before progressing further, there has been a much needed inner world shift on deeper levels so that however I moved forward would then be strongly rooted.

During this time I’ve had many inspirations circulating through and I’ve allowed them to do so, simply riding their currents out in the energetic realm alone. In this way, feeling for the resonance and aligning with timing.

I discovered quite a few ideas that really inspired me by allowing myself to explore them in my imagination.

Some of what I found was that, as often is the case for me, they were future potentials and like my boundless enthusiasm always does, it feels like I can go there now.

Yet, when I feel out the energies collectively and my place in them, they in fact are ahead of current alignment.

So, I focus on grounding and of course lots of time hiking and being in nature helps me with this process of being here and now, especially when I’m climbing in elevation and can only take a determined step at a time to get to the destination at hand.

It can seem like things slow down so much from the easier downhills or even more flat terrains. At times times it can also feel like you’re temporarily falling backwards or have to readjust your center of gravity when the terrain gets so steep and the steps forward more challenging.

This helps to redirect, slow down, and rewind back to the process and individual steps of momentum that will move me forward and eventually to the visions I foresee. Sometimes you have to be open to what might seem like a detour where you’re trailblazing, but in fact is a rerouting onto an even better trail than you were hiking before.

Currently this has created “now” clarity and what was most important for me to focus on first. It has also let me see how much energy and time I have available and what interwoven parts would be the best compliments for both personal and collective alignment.

And this has led me to open sessions again, alongside working on my book.

I stepped back to focus on anchoring the new energy in my own life, which gave me the opportunity to build the foundations for my writing and to redefine the scope of my work – knowing my strengths and how best to harness them for the highest good.

While I’m still not returning to most of the other work I’ve done in the past, because of both the changes in my own personal path and their intersecting with what I am seeing reflected in collective challenges, I’ve honed in on these two meeting in alignment.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of reflections for this in the encounters and conversations with others and experiences I’ve been having recently at gatherings I don’t normally go to.

This, along with internal messaging, has guided me that I needed to open up this channel, even if just energetically and not necessarily long term.

So, with that, you’ll be able to check out the session options at the new Intuitive Energy Guide link on this web/blog.

I’m not sure how long it will be up and available, but “navigating the inner landscapes,” as I call this, to empower more frequency holders feels important right now.

These are different than what I’ve offered in the past, as now you can do these as one-time sessions or as needed, rather than the five week program I used to offer.

I am also focusing on my specialty and strengths to get to the root and help build new foundations with clarity from past hindrances, which includes what I feel to be the essential inner child work and patterning.

You can read more here:

Navigating the Inner Landscapes 

Wishing everyone a clarifying week, as we all keep moving forward together.

Manifesting from an Open Heart


Another cycling through of powerful energies is upon us with this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn – just one of the many astrological influences going on right now. With this Moon we are working with the energies of Capricorn and Cancer – think sensitive, open heart, and intuitive trust meets wise discernment, inner strength, and exercise of boundaries.

Emotions are raw at these Full Moons and heightened by Cancer’s energy right now. Capricorn steps in to help navigate these feelings more effectively and with a mature wisdom that helps you to harness determination and clarity to review things from a more balanced perspective. Then the intuition that is revealed doesn’t just sit idle, but now has a way of coming forth into manifestation.

This photo was taken of me on Sunday while we were on an adventurous hike. I love the merging of water, snow, and ice with mountainous terrain, rock, and greenery emerging. It speaks to me so much of this Capricorn and Cancer balancing made tangible, which was also part of the journey to get to the lakes at top – using feelings, intuition, determination, responsible action, and wise discernment to navigate the way.

I also love how my shoulders are in perfect alignment with the mountain behind me – almost creating an expansive wing-like essence, but one of solidity. My stance is grounded and anchored, and yet my energy feels open, free and flowing like the waters surrounding me.

If it’s hard to imagine what the merging of Cancer and Capricorn would feel and look like this, at least for me, helps me to envision it. And the experience helped me to embody it more.

It’s incredible how things happen like that.

Messages of this Moon speak to not relinquishing that inner heart and spirit knowing in place of what others or society are trying to impose as decisions for you.

Nurturing more courage and strength and surrounding yourself with more resonant spirits that align with you and help you to steer a more aligned course for yourself will likely be beneficial, especially if you feel challenged by doing it on your own.

It’s a time for discovering, embracing, and realizing your worth at the core of your being and that it’s not determined or defined by anything else but that.

Perhaps you might be feeling the desire to withdraw, but these are times to expand further.

The only true enemy you have is when you fight against yourself or give in to the perpetuation of collective struggles and patterns running the show.

There are some who may find moving on from experiences and people that feel oppressive will be supportive for this. And many others I’ve noticed are exiting in more extreme ways, as it feels timely for them to simply move on altogether.

It can be challenging and that’s why having some kind of support system – whether friends, family, like-minded kindred spirits, animal companions, loved ones, or a strong relationship to Nature or the nature within you can help.

Peace can be found through an understanding of non-duality – that there is a place where all things meet in the heart.

And speaking of hearts, I posted this share along with the photo above on my Instagram page and it felt aligned for these energies. I’m resharing it here, as I know many of you aren’t on Instagram.

Surrender to the courage of your wild heart – it has a power very rare.

Surrender to the guidance of your heart and take courageous steps to be more vulnerable and connect more intimately and deeply with yourself, others, and all of life around you. Your life will shift immensely in reflection to these commitments.

When the heart is continually being conditioned only by the mind, its voice and inspiration become stifled and confused, even when you actively try to engage it.

When you allow the mind’s influence to overpower the heart’s, you place limitations on the extraordinary source and well-spring of energy, vibrancy, guidance, intuition, and inspiration it can provide naturally. Not to mention, you hinder the joy and extraordinary experiences that could infuse your life if you had a clear path to your heart.

It’s not that we abandon the mind, but integrate a healthier union between it and the heart, with heart leading and being supported and channeled most effectively.

A wild heart is one that operates naturally, instinctively, and freely, providing direction from your authentic self and from the deepest passions and desires that stem from that truth. This is hidden between layers of “ideas” you have about yourself and the conditioned “desires” that you have come to learn.

Your wild heart will lead you back to your essence, and toward real liberation, satisfaction, harmony, and balance at the core of your being.

Be willing to face and lovingly let go of old mental and emotional patterns, and the conditioning that reins you in from experiencing your own wild, free heart – taking time to repattern yourself back to who you really are.

It’s not a simple journey at first, but it does become increasingly easy when consistently and actively engaged.

Afterall, it IS simply you returning to natural harmony. That may seem like a foreign experience right now, but it’s the most natural experience there is. You’ve simply forgotten this.

It’s interesting that in the last several days a few new animals have shown up for us here. Yesterday we had two long-tailed weasels visit our deck, which we’ve never seen. And on our bike ride, I saw a dead baby porcupine alongside the bike path. A few days ago I found a dead mouse on the forest trail behind our house. And swallowtail butterflies and large, chubby bumble bees (I like to call mini bear cubs with wings) galore have been visiting and dancing around me.

I didn’t get to see this one myself, but a friend had come to pick us up the other day and she said she saw a grown rabbit on our lawn. This made me happy because I’ve been wondering about Blueberry and his mom – the rabbit family from last year – and this made me feel that Blueberry was grown up and still making this his home.

These are just the more unusual of sightings to add to the array of daily regular ones, although I have a thing for finding all of the dead animals.

I also found five – my favorite number – Steller’s Jay feathers on Saturday…one after another. I actually “knew” I’d find five – even though they were all spread out over 7 miles.

The symbolism and energies of them are also telling and feel aligned with things.

Cycles continue and transformation is part of life. Best to flow with it, rather than fight it.

There are a lot of retrogrades also happening right now and these always lend to it being a beneficial time for reviewing and clarifying your life and life focuses.

What has been running the show for you?

What are your choices rooted in?

You have opportunity to change that story and live from a renewed connection to your inner heart’s guidance that now has the strong support system it has always craved, to do what it wants most.

This is manifesting from an open heart and it comes from the union of energies working together to strengthen each other.

Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Self Care for Optimal Living


Yesterday Astrid had her regular, full six month checkup at our favorite rabbit vet down at the bottom of Mt. Rose in Reno (photos at the vet below where she waited patiently). It’s an hour’s drive each way, so it’s a big event for a bunny to go through on top of the probing they don’t like. Well, I can’t blame her, as I do everything possible to avoid the same myself and doctors in general. I’m grateful to not have reason to seek medical attention, that I never catch colds or flus, and unless absolutely necessary, will always opt for holistic ways to treat and heal things in my life.

welcome astrid.jpg

patient astird.jpg

Where rabbits are concerned, you just can’t take anything for granted, as they can suddenly have challenges out of no where that are very serious and scary in most cases, so it’s best to catch things early. Since they tend to hide things well for a while too, you really have to be diligent about presence with your bunny companion so you can spot the tiniest nuances in behavior and regularly be looking them over and catching anything odd looking or feeling that is developing.

We go to regular visits every six months and in the past when we’ve had something we’ve kept an eye on like her ear wax build up, we’ve done every three months until given the full green light.

At almost 5 years old, this September, she’s doing amazing and living her best bunny life ever. We count our blessings every day, as other than one bout of gas for about 3 hours that was connected to some deep past energy she was working on along with me once and some ear wax build up that once got her ear a little inflamed, she’s a really healthy, strong bunny. While at the vet she got a pedicure and the unloved ear flush to ensure her wax doesn’t create issues. I also picked up some extra stuff for our bunny ER stash just in case. 

Regular rabbit care routines and exams are a must and a good message to all of us though, to make sure we’re regularly taking care of ourselves from the inside out too.

Self care is much more than simply going to the doctor when there’s something challenging you, but also about doing the daily self care protocol that will help you not have to make those extra visits and ultimately, will provide you more vitality and energy overall.

I directly see the correlation between how I care for Astrid and myself and when I lack in the category of doing those extra little things, having her there reminds me.

I go above and beyond for her with making sure she has the best quality everything and that she gets all the little things that matter too, like lots of love and snuggle time, play time, encouragement, check-ins, and sticking to a well-established routine to meet her needs and beyond.

And since she is an extension of me, I know that since these enriching experiences keep her happy and health, then guess what? The same works for me if I continually practice enriching rituals, self care, and encouraging and loving check-ins with myself.

If I am tending to my needs, Astrid also thrives.

There’s no separation, since we reflect one another.

I know recently a lot of people have experienced some health challenges, have needed medical support for physical manifestations of things, and are even transitioning at this time. These things seem to go in cycles.

And at the same time, there’s also a record number of pregnancies and births taking place in surprising ways.

Life does balance itself out and so can we balance our energies when feeling depleted.

Channeling your creative spirit is another form of self care that is vital alongside the physical things like resting, getting enough good sleep, eating and exercising well, having some “you” time, getting outdoors to absorb good nature and vitamin D energies, practicing gratitude, having a healthy, loving, and encouraging dialogue with yourself, and doing little luxuriating things you really want and deserve to do.

I can’t emphasize it enough how committing to a little something everyday for yourself, can make a difference and start carving out a new life for yourself.

And if you truly feel you can’t commit to something right now, or today, then making a commitment to do it at some point during the week and sticking to that promise, will start to shift energy in your life and you’ll find your spirits lifting.

And when your spirits and heart feel uplifted, your physical vitality will shine.

Astrid wants to add her two cents here in sharing that vitality is a state of being. It’s not about the things you have, as these could just add more stress with bills or more things to manage and take care of. It’s about what you give intrinsically to yourself.

It could be little things you gift yourself or stretch to splurge because these acts then create the foundations of flowing abundance, but it can also just be the sweet, gentle, fun, nurturing and loving things you give yourself like two minutes of pep talk and encouragement, five minutes of meditation or sitting on a bench in the park, singing at the top of your lungs in the car or shower, putting on your favorite song and dancing, wearing a special outfit that makes you feel good, getting up a little earlier to make yourself a nice breakfast, using products on your body, hair, and skin that make you feel like you’ve been to the spa, or simply checking in to see how you’re feeling right here and now.

Astrid also wants to impart that checking in with those tiny nuances within yourself, just as I do for her, will help reveal things before they get bigger and more challenging than they need to be.

There’s a whole physical and energetic body communication that takes place moment to moment and you can be privy to it, rather than feel like a complete stranger to yourself.

After all, it IS YOUR body. No one will know it better than you, although like bunnies can hide things, so too do you hide from yourself.

You don’t need to internalize the suffering. You don’t need to internalize and forge ahead when there’s discomfort or pain.

Committing to self care – even if just a check-in with yourself and how you’re feeling, is powerful, revealing, and instantly creates opportunity for change.

I am usually pretty good at self care, but with life getting fuller over the years, I’ve definitely been more lax on some of my usual routines, replacing them with doing.

But I’ve made an extra effort to get back to these things and create more down time to tune in and just be and feel without doing.

Hence why we’ve stepped away from regular blogging and I’ve put a pause to projects to receive the guidance speaking through the wisdom of my body, heart, and soul vibrations.

I’ve created the time and space for extra listening that was needed and I’m happy to share that this has been extremely beneficial and clarifying.

I used to be outweighed in “me” time, with less doing.

Then there’s been more “doing” than “me” time.

But life has balance now and the two are merging more seamlessly.

It is making a difference and Astrid is my best teacher reflecting the wisdom within.

tania marie.jpg

July Energy, Celebration Sale & Mini Update


Happy July everyone! We have a Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer tomorrow, so there’s a lot of potent energy working behind the scenes alongside the shifts you, like myself (and Astrid), might be navigating through. You can learn more about this month’s energy via Lee and his energy forecast below.

To celebrate and renew, beginning tomorrow the 2nd through the 7th to include 4th of July Freedom Day, The Magick Rabbit will be having a store-wide 30% off clearance sale, which puts many items at crazy below cost prices.

Click through link below to explore and shop what calls to your heart:

The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

Could even be a great time to get in any pre-holiday shopping too, since we’re already more than half through the year. Sounds wild, but it’s right around the corner! Time is flying like Faeries! 😉

Also the perfect time to snatch your favorites up – like the magickal little themed worlds that have been inspirational for so many.

We only have 15 mini rabbit gardens remaining from around 50 first created. We likely won’t be creating more at this time, as we have a lot of new items to keep us busy for quite a while in our spare time.

We sold out of our first batch of Magick Rabbit Talisman crystal necklaces, but there’ll be more down the road.

Alongside mini gardens, there are five original Magick Rabbit paintings, prints, three notebook journal options remaining, and greeting cards also to choose from.

I’m not sure when new items will get into the shop, as from here on out I can only create in my spare time since I’m switching focuses right now in my life. I’ll be sure to let you know when anything new hits the shop though – likely they’ll be one at a time, or in small batches, as I won’t be able to do full shop updates like I have before.


I continue to take time for myself, am getting a lot of nature, physical outdoor activity, garden and Astrid time, and inner work in, while I reconfigure my life. I’m exploring how my new schedule will look and what is going to be on the agenda, but want to finish anchoring in things and feeling alignment with where I go from here. I know what some of it looks like, but am waiting to see the last pieces that could even involve a service of sorts being available.

If you’re on Instagram, I’m also going to be be opening up some art auctions for some of my animal paintings so keep an eye out there – maybe even starting today – with 50% proceeds going to rescue rabbits.


We are still taking some what of a break from regular blogging, with just some updates now and then like we have this and last week. There’s just so much percolating and a lot of energy and feelings to navigate, that it doesn’t feel right yet. Plus, there’s just not enough time in our days right now.

I’ll leave you with Lee’s energy forecast for this month, as I know these resonate a lot with many of you and are helpful and inspiring.

Once again, this month’s theme is so synchronous for me, as just yesterday during our Tahoe Herbivore’s Meetup hike, I was talking about extremes with a fellow hiker, how I used to be an extremist, and even posted briefly about this reflection on my Instagram. And of course, up pops Lee discussing this. 🙂 Even the very specific three topics he gets into were exactly what we discussed.

I sure am doing a lot of reflection, grounding, and while moving energy through my body a lot, am also being very present and still in terms of not making moves and decisions in my inner and work realm, as things are moving so fast that it doesn’t feel right to jump aboard the first things that pop up just yet.

Definitely giving things “time to land” as Lee shares.

In his video below he explores Surfing the Extremes through these three dualities:

Alignment and Rejection

Elevation and Depletion

Realization and Reflection

Wishing everyone solidity with your journey.


Nature is Helping Me to Embody the New

tania (1).jpg

I thought I’d hop on briefly after being away from blogging the last ten days, just to share some of the beauty, special moments, and reflections I’ve experienced during this time. Maybe you’ve felt similar things or this little burst of nature’s inspiration may be exactly the breath of fresh air for you right now. In any event, I hope that you had a beautiful Summer Solstice, however you chose to welcome it in.

I’m still spending most of my time within the inner landscapes, but that is reflected in an increased deepening with nature and immersing even more in her realm.

This mirrors the time we lived in the Magick Bus exploring nature and National Parks for nearly a year and a half when life called me in a new direction. It’s only now that I’m getting what it all meant and where the embodiment of that change was leading.

It’s almost been like getting my feet wet again in body, from what was a resurrection of sorts from the waters of life – actually most literally. I have needed the last couple of years to reacquaint myself with things from a new perspective, which has had me dipping in and out of some things from before, tried out in the now.

Some clothes just haven’t fit, either feeling too tight or too loose – meaning they were still too tied in with the past and the energy I had completed, or they were so new that I wasn’t sure how I felt about them and hence all the extra room to explore.

It’s been a time of allowing what ever wants to move through, letting go of to-do’s, and softening the reflections so that even my process with things doesn’t mirror how I used to process stuff. Life is a soft and gentle focus now. In this way, not only will what ever the new is that comes through be different than before, but the journey will be too.

I find it important for me that nothing mirrors the past, although can weave in the possibilities it held.

It still feels very fresh and I’m only beginning to immerse, as last week was more about the surrender, continued nurturing, and letting nature guide me.

So, with Solstice ringing in Summer, there’s been a ton of outdoor activity. It started Wednesday of last week while we explored a new hike to Cascade Falls – a shorter one, but climbs technically quite a bit. That felt invigorating and perfect for allowing the flow just like the gushes of water cascading down the mountain. Both the climb and the being with the water were perfect metaphors for things.

That same day we went to Baldwin Beach – another new beach for us. There, a mother duck and her seven ducklings visited and after they explored the higher activity of people down a ways from us, they came to rest in peace in front of our umbrella. Another beautiful reflection.

Thursday was a very special day – the two year anniversary of Astrid’s coming home to me at the gateway of Solstice. That’s what these first three photos celebrate. Since Astrid is such a huge part of this new life journey for me, I felt it important to capture some beautiful moments between us in the forest portal backyard of our house.

She was a surprise to me, but as I navigate this next part of my life, Astrid is my greatest guide. Where I have no example for the new I reinvent, she emulates the potential I most admire.

tania marie (2)

I love this photo below where she and I look merged as one – almost creating a Yin/Yang effect in how her body curves into mine.

tania (4)

Solstice is a very special time of the year for me ever since three years ago my beloved bunny, Joy, transitioned through its portal on that day in a place very dear to me – Montana. She and Astrid came from the same rabbit rescue and I feel that their entering and exiting at this gateway is significant.

The Mayans celebrated Solstice for spiritual initiation and change, creating ceremony to be in harmony with the Earth and Cosmic energies.

I remember the words from my dear shaman friend Amaru in Peru, “Nokan Inti Kani” – meaning “I am the Sun.”

Solstice extends an invitation to join the Sun’s energy and connect with your Higher Self, follow inspiration and dreams, and tune inside to the alchemy of “as within, so without.”

I find nature to be that gateway for me, as are my rabbit companions, and the Cosmos.

The Solstice gateway gifted me this beautiful golden hawk feather that I’m so grateful for.



So every day since Wednesday, nature time increased with tons of mountain biking, hiking, and beach time, as well as late afternoon/evening gardening time upon returning home from the physical activity.

To say I slept well is an understatement, as the deepening into body and moving a lot of energy in a grounding way was both nourishing and took me through cycles of decharge and recharge.

Solstice saw us in Squaw Valley where I enjoyed an intentional walk in the gorgeous meadows by myself anchoring in that new while Dave enjoyed his last day of skiing on the first day of Summer. You’ll see photos below of how beautiful this area is, reminding me of both the Swiss Alps (where I haven’t yet been, but seen photos of) and adored Iceland, as well as my favorite spots in Montana.

Seventeen miles of biking along the Truckee River that day was a way to move the energy and flow like the river.

Twenty two miles of biking the next day continued moving that energy along more gorgeous vistas.

All the while during each ride, allowing visions, thoughts, and feelings to flow, as my body did the integrating.

Two back-to-back hikes to different lakes Sunday followed by a vegan potluck picnic provided continued anchoring and as I said, each day I’d come home and plop myself in the garden planting perennials to create a low maintenance, inspiring, and beautiful backdrop that blends wild with a little intention.

I promised the Faeries of the land many things when moving here and I’m happy to create a special sanctuary for them to play in.



I’ll share more of the front and side gardens, as things blossom, but for now here are my beautiful Portulaca blooms that I adore!

The forest out back is in early stages of bloom, but as you can see they are already creating a welcome carpet to our home for the Faeries.

our house.jpg

I just love how the wildflowers are blooming with joy everywhere – and it’s just the beginning. They feel like a love spell on my heart.

And as you can see from the below photos of Squaw Valley meadows, the Truckee River, and Cascade Falls, there’s been an abundance of inspiration all around from Mother Earth – the best nurturer there is.












As mentioned, I’m just beginning to immerse into a new realm of exploration within, so all of these good nature vibes are very nurturing to the vulnerable parts feeling safe to come through.

Because I feel that I haven’t much example to draw upon for that new, I feel nature provides me the best template and reflection for the journey.

Cultivating the garden is also very supportive, as my heart guides its creation in reflection of me as well – mostly wild, with woven threads of cultivated pockets that create synergy and harmony.

This last Wednesday I went to my third meditation group meeting that ended in a lovely picnic dinner at the beach with everyone who joined, however I feel it will likely be my last time going (at least for now) because I’m clear my work at home is more aligned for me at this time. I did leave the group with a few book recommendations to help with the “self love” topic, so they at least have some tools for any exploration they may decide to embark on past this month’s theme.

I feel called to explore on my own for now, dipping in and out when the moment calls.

The good news is (at least to me), I feel like I’m in greater alignment with the new path I’m creating than I was before. Remember I mentioned those clothes that felt too tight or too big and loose?

Energetically the ones that felt too big are now taking root and feeling more like home.

And on the literal, tangible level, the continued cleansing of, and weeding through, my closet leaves me with what feels to be the perfect essence of a place I now feel comfortable in heading to.

What’s fascinating is that the five Portal Paintings that found their new home, only just departed from Nevada on the Solstice – Yes! The Solstice of all days! Talk about divine alignment. Even though I dropped them off a week and a half earlier, they didn’t get crated and shipped out until then and so that also feels reflective of this anchoring in and clarity beginning.

The whole wild journey to get them to that point has mirrored so much of the changes I’m going through.

I’m excited for them to arrive in their new home across the country in Athens, Georgia with their amazing co-guardian where they will be open to anyone who wants to visit and meditate/work with them. This new home is being created into a form of a mini healing center welcome to people wanting to immerse in a conscious journey. As things evolve with that, I’ll keep you posted. It’s a way that people can experience them and more, and if at some point they are ready to journey on, they will be available via that portal.

I leave you now to return to my garden so I can complete the last planting I didn’t get a chance to finish yet. It feels integral to the next phase beginning.

What I love is that although the future is unknown and the vision is yet to be seen of how things look, the journey is so much more gentle and peaceful. There are those ebbs and flows, but it’s all naturally unfolding if I listen, allow, honor, and observe.

Do you experience reflections in your life that mirror the changes you’re going through?

My guess is we all do and if we stop to observe things, we’ll see it and make those connections.

If not, how might you create intention around something – like a project, gardening, etc. – to embody the potential you’re being guided to?

It will be interesting to see where the journey leads all of us.

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