Releasing the Breaks & Experiencing Accelerated Momentum

Monday’s Full Wolf Moon called us out on a snow hike again to dive into the energies present and to enjoy a beautiful clear night immersed in nature’s peace.

The sky was amazing – so much more so than what appears in these photos – and in the wide open, white blanketed meadow, all that was present was the crunching of snow beneath our feet and the distant calls of coyote packs howling at the Moon.

We brought a thermos with hot tea to share, as we gazed at the Cosmos above us.

With my Sky Map app I was able to see where all of the planets and constellations were around us and this increased my sense of being at home.

I’m not sure if it was the Moon and Star bathing, the heightened connection to inner feelings, the fact that we’ve entered Aquarius season, or all of the above, but it all ignited a crescendo effect of layers in my life lighting up and ready for change.

After a feeling of building anticipation and impending need of release, a wave of inspiration is in flow and I’m feeling able to move forward on things that have been percolating, but now are no longer okay with remaining in the background alone.

I can feel creative action spiraling into motion and any intentions, dreams, or goals feeling closer on the trajectory.

Even Astrid is sensing the shifts and preparing for the changes we will be embarking on with the help of her crystalline, Star essence friends to assist. Part of that involves an upcoming recreating of our shared Wonderland space, which feels energetically integral to everything else.

We’ve been busily receiving, envisioning, making plans, adjustments, and taking our time getting through the steps that will begin the new journey ahead on pretty much every level of our daily experience. And while it seems like a lot, we’re experiencing how each step we take seems to increase both the ease of motivation and momentum.

Have any of you been feeling a lessening up on the pause button or partial release on the pull back too?

I feel less in limbo on some things and that moving into these are making the rest easier to see.

There’s still parts to put in motion, but I feel like things are revving even though still clarifying and lining up with the seasonal cycles. We have two more months until Spring’s emergence and that feels on point.

I do recognize that there’s a constant metamorphosis happening and by fully immersing the energy streams that come through with full inner exploration, it makes it unnecessary to have to actually follow every idea in the flesh since they’re carried out in the possibility realms. This, to me, is an exploration of multiple possibilities from our multi-dimensional consciousness in order to land in the one that feels most aligned and with greatest good potential.

By “living” the potentials out as an immersion of creative visualization meets embodied sense-journeying, one can experience whether or not they actually like the scenario intended – since there’s no separation between the imagined and the reality in the creative heart space realm. And if any piece is not fully feeling to your liking, you can then reimagine and explore the next energy stream until you do find the best fit.

I feel like a lot of this has been happening in warp speed the last few months and there’s a sense of some potentials finally rooting beyond the inner sanctum.

This first Full Moon of the year has been moving through a lot for everyone and with any partnering embrace we can do on our ends, it feels to be assisting the new paths into being with greater ease.

It’s a wildly interesting journey that we all have available to explore.

In the coming days Astrid and I will have a couple of offerings to share with you that are part of the inspirations in flow and listening to the energy streams that feel aligned.

For now, a little reminder that Friday, January 28th is the last day to let us know if you would like to join the last half of our Collective Energy Dynamics Forum for the months of February, March, and April. I say us, as Astrid is such a huge part of these – she shows up quite often in the recordings – making herself seen behind me – and assists the energy channelings that come through.

These have definitely been a part of the release and acceleration taking place for myself and the group.

It’s been an expansive experience to journey through these conversations and energy movements we don’t normally get a chance to. We’re excited to welcome the new participants who have already joined and to journey into new realms of exploration with you:

Collective Energy Dynamics Forum

Wolf Moon & Moon Dog ~ Primal Calls to a Freer You

Today we swim into a watery Cancer Full Moon – the comfiest place the Moon feels at home in – so that we may reflect upon the feelings and situations that make most sense to release the weight of in order to be able to float more freely. This is the first Full Moon of 2022 and is known as the Wolf Moon. And just like the transformative energies the wolf conjures up and the moving of energy through those haunting howls, we, too, have the ability to engage the potent changes that this time of year’s cycles bring our way by consciously partnering with how energy naturally wants to flow.

Engaging ways to shake things out – moving energy physically and emotionally – are of great benefit to us now. Dancing, exercising, wiggling, laughing, crying, sound channeling, hitting a pillow…are just some ways we can incite that movement of energy through. Full Moons also point us toward completion of cycles. So, perhaps you might be involved in finishing a project or are feeling ready to put something to rest, as it no longer serves you or is aligned with the energy you’ve moved into. Therefore, by letting it come to closure you make room for the new to emerge. And being in Cancer’s embrace that enjoys the comforts, stillness, and self-nurturing tendencies, don’t be afraid of taking care of yourself amidst the challenges of life that draw your attention away, as these are the times your loving focus will be most effective tending to your truth and needs.

This Moon points us in directions that invite us to deepen our understanding of the emotional realms and to journey into the feelings that are buried deeply inside. And while there is the potential to more effectively work with these emotional currents, it can also bring up the potential for underlying confusion or manipulative energies around emotions until we become more conscious of what exactly is operating beneath the surface. Some of it is ours and some is not, but unless we ask the questions and are open to the answers, it can be easy to have these emotions control us and run the show. Regardless of whether a feeling is yours or not, if you believe it has power over you and you’re challenged with supporting the ones that feel aligned, then you may discover yourself experiencing things that are uncomfortable in order to gain your attention to make some course corrections.

Inner tension drains our energy, so it is helpful to find ways to calm the conflict within so you can operate from a stronger and fuller well of vitality and clarity.

Full Moons heighten things, so be gentle with yourself during this time period of illuminated emotions, realizing that what is surfacing isn’t out to get or hurt you. On the contrary, they rise to the occasion to assist you in realigning your life from the inside out.

If you feel extra triggered right now, it may be good to withdraw from certain things you know are especially trying for you – at least until you can fortify yourself and make better sense of what you’re feeling.

There’s also potential for some of the shadowy depths to take rise and some of the most unpleasant of feelings or truths to surface. Again, if we can find ways to be grateful for the gift of revealing, we can better enjoy unwrapping these presents with the flow of energy, rather than have them pop out like jack-in-the-boxes to surprise us.

With all of this, Nature continues to knock at the door and invite us into greater communion and understanding of how to move energy and ground it into embodiment.

Get outside, move your body, fill your lungs with deep breaths, listen to the wisdom reflected all around you, explore the natural world as a doorway to the nature of you, drop into your senses and feel the miracle of being alive, and experience hope and renewal encouraged by Nature’s constant resiliency and grace in all of her forms.

I’ve been sensing and feeling some big energies moving through these days – collectively, through individuals I know, in my own experience, and in the way I am doing my own part in transmuting what is out there through me.

There’s some pretty big changes in process that are, and will, have a profound effect on the bigger picture of things. And while things may look one way, I can’t help but not only have continued hope, but in fact feel excited for stuff in motion.

I do notice an increase in my body wanting even more physical engagement, so we’ve been out skiing, snow shoeing, and snow hiking more than usual. In fact, just a couple of days ago we were out twice in a day, snow shoeing/hiking both day and night. We used to do Full Moon hikes back several years ago and recently have talked about it again. For what ever reason, this Moon was the one calling our inner wolf out and so we went on a snow hike Saturday night leading up to the Full illumination and plan to do a double snow immersion today, beginning with morning skiing and ending with a Full Moon snow hike again tonight.

With all the snow, it’s the perfect conditions for quite a magickally lit experience and feels supportive of inviting those shadowy inner emotions up and out so they can be traversed just the same.

By embracing this call, Saturday night’s adventure gifted us a Moon Dog halo around the Moon. It’s hard to capture fully on camera, but these images give you an idea.

In person, it was a very clear and defined halo ring around the glowing Moon with stars lighting up in the vast space between.

It stayed the entire time we did our Moon hike, peering through the trees like a mysterious all-seeing eye.

A Moon Dog takes place when Moonlight refracts off ice crystals in cirrus clouds that are high up in the Earth’s atmosphere. I love the connection with it being called a Moon “Dog” since this is a Wolf Moon.

Primal instincts are calling us to remember our very nature, to curiously and playfully engage who we are, and know the freedom and connection that breaking through perceived barriers can provide us.

Leading up to today I had some literal “breaking” through experiences with the shattering of glass, twice. The first was a small bottle/vial and the second was a tiny glass.

There are many takes on the symbolism of things that can range from so-called positive and negative experiences, so we each have to be present with our awareness and personal circumstances to connect the meanings relative to us.

For me, knowing what I was bringing through at the time, these took on the form of rapid transformations at hand. With the breaking of the glass, its form was being freed – glass begins as tiny particles of sand, is melted, cooled, and then focused into a solid, yet brittle thing. So, this shattering felt like a freeing-up of energy, breaking old patterns and rigid structures, closure, a cycle being complete, a symbolic death, and rapid transformation – all pointing to a return to one’s essence.

It came on the heels of heightened energy moving through that now calls for redirecting and refocusing, as well as ever-more presence with the new in motion of being created.

In one case, I was holding space for and helping to transmute big paradigm changes for someone that also hinged on shared themes I’ve been working on in my own life experience. This involved the small bottle/vial with liquid in it, which connects with the watery Cancer Full Moon energy of working with moving through emotional patterns and deeply conditioned beliefs that no longer serve, so that space is freed up for more flowing and harmonious feeling experiences.

The breaks speak simultaneously of strengthening the new spiritual frameworks from places of authenticity so that they are resilient and not brittle.

I’m also aware of how experiences like these can also help to diffuse bigger things from happening, as I know that my emotions and their ability to manifest is very strong. So, I take these as productive sign post reminders to always stay on top of moving my energy (through physical exercise and emotional release, as mentioned above) so that it doesn’t need a bigger or more dramatic outlet.

Hence, both a supportive message of change and how to continue staying in the flow of change.

Sending out a wave of gentle intention for what ever you may find yourself moving through.

May you find softer processes and landings with your experiences.

And may your discoveries lead to a freer you.

Hopscotching Through Change & Invitation to Join the CEDF for 2022

As the world and our experiences continue to flip on a dime these days, I find it of benefit to remain flexible and trust in my resiliency. I embrace change likely more easily than most, but where big change used to come in much wider, spread out cycles, it seems we’re now experiencing them in quick steps. I almost feel at times it’s like a game of hopscotch.

One-legged jumping from one square of experience to another, sometimes needing both feet together to anchor and ground the next cycle and then hopping quickly away to the next and next step that presents itself the second my foot feels to just have landed at the last spot.

And once I feel I’ve made it through, it’s time to turn around and do it from the next spiral of experience, adding layers upon layers of transformative steps.

It’s a fast moving field of experience these days with the hands of the clock winding round so quickly I truly am feeling the days all merge as one and not separate. I just happen to lay down at the end of a cycle to rest and integrate, but the day moves on and on and on into one long and fluid experience of ONENESS – one eternally, neverending continuum.

In the midst of it all I can feel the call to continue transforming small things in my daily life, as well as my inner world of thoughts, emotions, and patterns. These play a part in making way for the larger transformations that are beckoning, but still remain in process. These preliminary steps can include things like restructuring my days, spending more quiet receiving time, entertaining new possibilities that I never would have before, creating new goals and life plans overall, redecorating, clearing, reorganizing, and even giving away things I love in the name of abundance.

And even Astrid is going through her own changes, as well as receiving some upgrades to her realm. She received a new little castle cubby corner for Winter Solstice and Christmas and then for the New Year I got her a second one with a draw bridge that connects them. These replace her old cardboard cottages and tunnel that have been with her for a while that held the same configuration (two cottages connected by a tunnel in between), but were more fragile and not as solidly anchored.

Can you see where she’s going with this energetically?

In fact, she has been itching for change, because she would often not only chew her cardboard cottages, but then pick them up, toss them, and flip them upside down.

Astrid was enacting The Tower card in Tarot.

She’s been summoning sudden change, personal transformation, huge awakenings, break-throughs, and liberation from the breaking down of old structures with lightning bolt surprise and even chaotic presence. Hmmm, might mom be doing the same?

Sometimes we need to tear down those old foundations all the way down to the root and then rebuild anew. This kind of transformation has much more stability and longevity if we take it down to the core.

And yet this kind of massive change holds promise for something immensely beneficial and new that we can either engage and put in motion ourselves, or have happen to us instead.

Astrid likes to take the cottage by her teeth….her enactment of taking the bull by the horns and both puts into motion and faces the impending changes by meeting them bravely and boldly. She doesn’t wait around for something to happen to her…and quite frankly, neither do I.

Here she is seeing her new castle setup for the first time and curiously checking it out.

She’s taking her time exploring it and I’m awaiting her messaging if she likes where it is or if a whole redo to her castle realm setup is to be in motion while we do some mini Wonderland renovations.

I love that even though these new castles are sturdy and solid, they’re also equally mobile like her cardboard cottages were, so I can easily take them down when travel bunny extraordinaire is in motion again, pack them up, and away weeeeeeeeeeeeee go!

One of her other New Year gifts was this ornament with her name on it.

She seemed to be quite touched by it.

It’s actually a year round ornament I’ll keep out on one of the mini lighted birch trees I got us this Autumn for our shared Wonderland room, which will likely be undergoing a little facelift soon.

In the meantime we’re just taking each day at a time and since they feel seamless to me, I no longer have this sense of impending need to do a particular amount of stuff in a day since the day is ongoing.

I find so many things expanding and one of the things that’s enhanced both the experience of seeing and feeling this playing out, as well as actually putting it into greater motion has been the monthly Collective Energy Dynamics Forum sessions I’ve been doing since November with the group who joined.

These have been quite transformative for everyone involved, which definitely includes me.

The third installment will be going out in the next day or so, which puts us at the halfway mark of our six month cycle together.

I can’t begin to share what these sessions have been like, nor the energy that builds and integrates in the weeks in between, but hearing from the people involved has been confirming to my own experience and answered the “why” behind the strong nudge I had to embrace the guidance to do these.

With the energy of 2022 in full swing, another of the changes that I embraced included an additional nudge that came at the start of this year to open up a couple more spots in the remaining second half of our recorded video sessions in order to allow room for the weaving in of new energies.

Originally there were to be 6 sessions for each of the months beginning November through April. January concludes the first 3 and after seeing how the timing and flow on these have been going, I do feel confident in being able to say “yes” again to the guidance to open some spots.

So, if you were on the fence before about joining, weren’t able to at the time, or now have new motivation or nudge with the onset of 2022 at hand, then I invite you to join our beautiful group for the second half of the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum.

If you’d like to join, the cut-off to register is Friday, January 28th.

I’m only able to welcome in a couple of people since I need to keep the recordings within a certain time length.

When you register, please also send me your 2 questions, which each participant is invited to ask. Depending on how many questions I have each month, determines how many I am able to get through in each session. Many times I’m able to answer both questions and sometimes only 1. Sometimes people only ask 1, and sometimes they just join without question.

Again, these sessions are completely anonymous and also begin with an overview for the month of what I’m sensing as themes energetically and any other pertinent information that channels through to share, along with practical ideas to help. Then I move into the questions, which generally weave an energetic story themselves. And last, I conclude with a bonus gift at the end of each session.

I usually send out the recorded sessions in the first half of each month.

Sessions become discussions of dynamics playing out, how to navigate the collective energy streams, and making more empowered choices through challenges. This is also a way to stay connected, know that you’re not alone and have a dynamic group to unite forces with, as well as to keep a sense of accountability with what ever is important to you and maintain that energy flow. I find that many times when we don’t have a particular practice in place or way of showing up, it can be easy to let things slide or we find ourselves falling into a certain stagnant or darker place with potential of getting stuck. My hope is that this provides some momentum, helps you to navigate the confusing or scarier things, and supports you to keep moving through things or taking steps in some way with changes at hand. Perhaps even, reveals or fuels that silver lining, hope, or inspiration that can be harder to find these days.

I think the sessions also provide answers to the hard questions you might have been afraid to ask, or didn’t know how to, but then someone else does for you and then there’s your “a-ha!” moment revealed.

Change, whether surprising or not, is going to continue knocking on our doors and anything you can put into place to help you or any way you can take the cottage by your teeth like Astrid does, just may make the transitions a lot more fluid and a lot less disruptive.

I encourage everyone to discover the avenues and connections that resonate and support your individual needs. This may not look the same for everyone, but there is something for everyone out there.

I’ll leave you with a few anonymous words, below, from some of the beautiful souls of the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum who so sweetly were open to sharing what the experience has been like for them so far. And if you feel called to join us, you can register at this link:

Collective Energy Dynamics Forum

“I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, but acted upon a feeling that the reason would reveal itself and it did that and then some. While I listen to Tania share the month’s messages and answer everyone’s questions, it becomes apparent that there’s a huge sense of other presences around her and the information is definitely channeling through her open heart. Not only does the information answer the individual, but she has a way of weaving it to speak to everyone and I find that so many of the things in my own life are made clear through what others bring to the table and through the way Tania integrates the message. These have been very helpful with the changes I’m going through and what’s showing up in the world.”

The incredible support I have received from participating in CEDF, has truly been pivotal and exactly what I needed in my life and during these times. As I continue to expand and experience huge spiritual life-path shifts, it is essential to my evolution, that I be held, seen, and guided by one holding such profound gifts as Tania has. And this is exactly what she does. She is able to channel and hold sacred space for both the individual and the collective, as she weaves the cosmic threads of what we are all personally and collectively experiencing into one flawless flowing seam of perspective…..supportive of the individual and the group. What she creates for us in CEDF is powerful!!

The Collective Energy Dynamics Forum sessions are a chance for you to ask the questions you have that need an open hearted, open minded person to consider.  Tania’s intuition guides her to weave the answers to the questions and some general themes for each session into a cohesive energy package that resonates over time.  I love hearing what the other participants have on their minds.

“Wow is an understatement. The CEDF monthly gatherings have really hit home. Sometimes I don’t even feel I have to ask a question because someone else does it for me! Although it may seem like random questions would emerge, they all hold a cohesive theme that is revealing a story of the collective movement taking place on a much wider scale. I’m also really appreciating the added themes and gifts Tania has woven in and watching and listening you can really feel a shift within as she lights up and embraces everyone compassionately. I’m amazed that she can talk nonstop for so long, but then I guess if you’re coming from spirit and heart, as I feel she is, it makes sense there’s an endless energy supply there.”

January Doors of Beginnings & Endings

January provides us opportunity to reflect and to view the possibilities. I don’t know about you, but I’m deep in the snow with this.

January was named after Janus – the Roman god of beginnings and endings. He also had two faces – one to see the future and one to see the past. Janus is also the god of doors, gates, and transitions.

I took the above photo from one of the vantage points of the mountain we’re on that we hike to from behind our house, which looks out at Lake Tahoe and the mountains on the other side. It reflects to me a doorway opening in the clouds and speaks to the lifting of veils and the opening of new potentials that await.

The deeper you engage your heart, the more the veils lift and the stronger you’ll feel in a clouded world.

Much like Janus reflects to us, we also have the ability to harness this wintery month to look at where we want to go with only the pearls of wisdom we need, so the rest can be left behind.

January induces both a retreat inward, while also opening up to a whole new beginning that will manifest outward.

Like the above photo I took from the ski slopes of a low cloud blanket over Lake Tahoe, sometimes things don’t appear as they are and if we didn’t know better, we’d be easily fooled by the temporary illusion or story. When this happens, our inner compass remains the best form of navigation.

But what if you are out of touch with yourself…your heart…your intuition?

It really helps if you make it a priority to check in with yourself daily, nurture the pauses and silence, ask the important questions, and build trust for your inner voice.

I have a sense that winter this year is going to anchor in more things than we can imagine, individually and collectively. There’s a lot I can feel happening behind the scenes and personally, I’m doing my part to make way for some extra meditative time, as I feel some big stuff at the tips of my fingers, toes, and wings that wants through.

But this will only come if I create the space for it, invite, and surrender to it.

Hence, I’ve been clearing the decks (literally, too, with our recent snow shoveling) and witnessing things and people drop away as our frequencies all shift and magnetize new vibrational matches.

The more old stuff I recognize, integrate, and harmonize with compassion, the more old stuff drops away and I experience greater ability to take things in, experience, and create with a lighter and clearer breath.

This is me from just a couple of days ago on the ski slopes feeling stronger and more confident than ever. Skiing feels fresh this year, as if I’m operating from a different timeline with it or a new aspect of myself.

If you’ve followed my skiing journey that will make sense, as in short, I had to work hard at conquering my fears and challenges around a ski mountain and heights.

This has been the first year where I didn’t feel I was starting from scratch and having to work my way over many days of seasonal warmup to get back to where I left off.

In fact, not only was I able to pick back up from where I left off last season, but I amazingly found myself without the usual anxiety or process that I carried as weight.

This even extended to riding the lifts without tension, going down a surprise, more advanced run without hesitancy and fear that Dave forgot I hadn’t done before, and making my way across the mountain on my own – up and down.

I always begin my ski time with sending Reiki to myself and surrounding every piece of my day and possible unknowns with visualizations and feelings of exactly what I want to experience in divine alignment. I never start skiing without this, as it creates a bubble of lightness and anchored trust for me.

And January definitely has begun lighter for me, despite unknowns. I’m feeling myself transition through doors of beginnings and endings on a daily basis. Even my dreams have been circling through a lot of old and inciting glimpses of new. I’m seeing ideas and plans shifting quickly and new openings replacing them immediately and fluidly.

I know that times continue to be intense on the world scene and I know many people, including some close to me, have been having to navigate some huge life transitions that have come both surprisingly and expected, but emotionally challenging, nonetheless. And yet, I’ve heard from each that although hard, there’s a sense of relief or knowing that everything is leading to something heart-nurturing and expansive after the heart ache and contractions.

Even though I have quite a few patches of cloudy veils hovering over parts of my own life right now, I feel peace that with each trusting step I take through the dark, the clouds will part a little more each day to reveal what only my heart was urging me toward.

One key and powerful thing I always love to remind myself of is to be mindful of where I place my attention and how I phrase things on a constant basis.

This may be a great time to take a break from your usual repertoire of go-to’s.

What ever you focus on is what you are in relationship with and the Universe doesn’t differentiate between what you do and don’t want…the Universe only responds in vibrational match to what you’re putting out there.

So rather than focus on fears or what you don’t want, perhaps dancing in the realms of infinite “what if” potentials and going on a date with your desires might be to your benefit.

I hope this first month of the year is revealing and reaffirming for you. Perhaps you may anchor in knowing what you are ready to leave behind and what you want to begin moving forward into.

Find ways to keep your momentum, celebrate the steps, surround yourself with supportive people and energy, and be gentle if some things feel harder than others. With love, anything is possible.

A New Year, New Moon & New Outlooks on Life

2022 got going with a Capricorn New Moon on the 2nd nudging us to look at old patterns and ways we can restructure our lives more productively, efficiently, and with responsible intention and enduring commitment. And although Capricorn wants to be more serious in approach, I’ve found that a balance of energies works a lot better for me, even though I’m strong in Cappy energy by way of my natal chart. That for me looks more like seriously committing to enjoying what ever I set out to do and making sure it satisfies my heart as well as my mission. And Uranus is adding all the glitter, as it forms a trine aspect with the New Moon that supports us to anchor in more worth and value with the life directions we are feeling called to.

I noted that right before the year shift, I was anchoring in a lot of inner child connection, faery essence, heart desires, and fun, fun, fun. Energies felt light, despite everything around me and I wasn’t going to let anything or anyone put a halt to what was calling to my heart.

But this isn’t the same old child energy of my past. It’s a strongly anchored child embodiment who has the backing of both her inner sacred male and female behind her so that she can be empowered with all the magick she came in with.

I already shared about the special time we had with our Vermont Faerie Family, but I also got to spend time with my niece, Violet, whom I’ve shared posts about in the past. She’s my brother and sister-in-law’s daughter whom we got to see while on our travels.

Violet and I always pick up right where we left off, even with years in between our seeing each other. And this trip was no different, giving us time to immerse in the enchanted forests of Vermont together, as we looked for Faery portals, mushrooms, and a LOT of fantastic rocks and raw quartz.

In fact, the only reason Violet was excited to go on a hike with us was because she’d been promised Aunt Tania would find her at least seven faery houses and portals.

We immediately surpassed that number three-fold and began collecting special rocks. I only carried three, as you can see in the photo, but Violet decided many were calling her name. She immediately made her jacket into a cradle for them and I giggled because she was a spitting image of me when I hike and do the same with all that I’m led to collect.

Everyone laughed because her ways were just like mine – the pure excitement over everything, the love for all things sparkly and nature-magickal, her determination to carry more weight than her own, and everything lighting her up like a Christmas tree around each corner.

There was no difference in the 9 year old Violet and the nearly 49 year old Tania.

And that’s the way I plan to keep things.

I gifted her a framed print of one of my whimsical rabbit prints for our early Christmas celebrations, “The Journey,” and to see her response to it with so much love, a twirl, and wide-eyed wonder of the story it depicts, was pure joy to me. “I LOVE it SO much!” she said and I heard later that she talked about it all night and morning and when I saw her she told me, “I think you really need to write a story about the rabbits in this Aunt Tania.” I smiled huge that she’d seen inside my heart.

So, yes, while we are entering a new cycle of a year, a month, and lunar phase that may point to our need to evaluate and review things before actually plunging away into our new ambitions and creative plans, liberation is available to us through these acts of restructuring our lives away from the old that no longer serves us…

I find the fresh, child-like eyes to be the ones I want my heart to lead with and that belief in anything being possible, the way I want my mind to construct the journey ahead.

We got to drive through many charming old Vermont bridges while on our trip, but this one was one we walked through.

It felt like a portal of transformation, where one emerges from the chrysalis of transition from self-restriction to self-expression.

To see with innocent eyes is not to be blind or naive, but to live from pure possibility, embody a resilient heart, extend kindness and compassion, and see hope around every corner.

The future is in the hands of each of us to mold a new world through connection to our hearts.

Blast Off to 2022!

As the New Year is about to kick off with some refreshing energies culminating around a Capricorn New Moon on the 2nd (see link to Faery sis, Laura’s post on these energies), I thought I’d leave behind what I know has been another intense year for so many with a little lightness and hope for the journey ahead. It’s challenging to find the things to feel good about, but as part of my energy signature I will always do my best to help bring that to light.

I’m not immune from feeling all the feels and having to navigate my own challenges, yet I’m wired to see the silver linings and share that potential with each of you. It’s my true belief that we can rise above anything, transmute the energies, and create anew. Some people know how to do this on their own, but it’s the collective support and sharing that I know helps more of us to get there.

For the latter reasons I share what I’m guided to bring through with each of you, as a way to connect, heart to heart.

My frequency has always been one of childlike wonder and today’s montage I hope will bring the best medicine of laughter and fun your way to help alchemize the transition into 2022.

With the help of my copartner in fun – my brother – we put together a short, themed share inspired by the outfit I was inspired to wear yesterday to our delayed holiday celebrations with my family due to snow storms making travel not possible for Christmas day itself.

We immediately giggled that I resembled a modern day Barbarella – a 1968 sci-fi fantasy spoof movie based on a French comic series starring Jane Fonda as a starry-eyed, pure and innocent space adventurer from an idyllic future Earth sent on a mission by the President of Earth to retrieve scientist Durand-Durand who has created a weapon to destroy humanity – at the heart of it revealing that people lust for peace and love. It speaks to more than what it appears to be – under the surface it also looks at themes of repressed human nature and utopian goodness.

However you look at the movie itself, it was simply the idea of my outfit that made us laugh, since Barbarella is quite a silly movie on the top surface.

But when I realized that I was wearing a Cosmic “suit” of my own – the jumpsuit is actually organic cotton and botanically and blossom dyed, blending Earth and Faery essence – with starlit encrusted silver Cosmic boots – it was a match made in heaven with my own mission and the timing of a New Year upon us.

So accompanied by Santa on my shoulders and an elf bunny helper riding along with me on my giant Christmas candle rocket, we were ready for a Cosmic blast off! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Mission: to anchor love and harmony…reveal your secret powers…deepen compassion, connection, and authentic, raw beauty, activate your self-expressive gifts and empowerment, merge human and spirit/Earth and Cosmos, and do it all with lightness and creativity.

I know no greater way to open the heart than to surrender to it…and part of that for me is vulnerability. I love laughing and especially laughing at myself. And I have no problem sharing that side of me with each of you.

In fact, I feel the importance so much of being raw and free, and consistently receive guidance to express that no matter what others are doing around me, that I follow what ever is in my heart in each moment.

And so I present to you the “Cosmic Worm” channeled through for a New Year’s Eve wiggly fun giggle.

I hope it helps you to loosen up and shake off all the old stuff, walls, armor, false clothing, etc. that you might be carrying or wearing. And at the least, I hope it helps you to laugh your heart out as we enter 2022’s new doorway. I can’t stop laughing at it myself! LOL!

Side note: I did this in one take after filling my tummy with appetizers, hence this Cosmic Worm only had so much physical wiggle in her. 😉

But energetically, my wiggle is nonstop. I have so much energy that I’m always needing to sing, dance, move, create….or else it bottles up and stagnates.

I’m always up for a wild ride and in order to continue to fuel that energy, I do the necessary behind-the-scenes work to fuel that momentum.

January feels to me like a real cleansing and clarifying time before jumping into the new. I feel like a deep inner listening to the heart and soul deeper callings is where my intuitive eyes and ears are tuning into.

And although we can make intentions and do these kind of resolutions at any time of year, I know many of you feel the importance of doing that at the start of each year. So perhaps you might take today and tomorrow to really anchor in what you want to create and also take stock of what you’re grateful for and what you want to bring more of into your life.

I don’t stay up late anymore for these year shifts, although many times I’ll wake up right at the time it takes place, or when Cosmic alignments are happening in the skies above. Yet, tonight I do plan to put myself to bed with a little journaling in my mind before drifting off to an early night’s sleep.

Retreat, restoration and recreating….some of the themes I feel knocking on the door right now and I’ll likely expand on these in January’s Collective Energy Dynamics Forum group. Maybe these are words you can sit with and see how they want to be a part of your experience right now and could be part of your practice for this first month of 2022.

I loved that my family celebration took place on the 30th, just before the New Year shift. My parent’s house was decked out in the most whimsy and warmth it’s ever experienced – too much to share in this post, but this is one of my favorite little nooks they created.

It all spoke to another layer upon layer of anchoring for that beautiful connection, warmth, sweetness, wonder, and love energy we shared on Winter Solstice with Desiree’s family…that collective unity and the values that will support our life progressions and bigger picture advances.

We are spiraling into deeper layers of experience as a whole, as we integrate and find new balance within and without.

My mom and I even shared a little dancing in the kitchen, as we took turns leading and I twirled her in and out like a whirling dervish.

She and I have always shared a sweet bond of nurturing and we’ve been mirrors of much for each other in terms of growth and expansion. And we both share the same wheeze, tiny snorts, rolling tears, and silent ecstatic giggles when we get into deep belly laughs that completely consume us.

Alone I’m mischief and whimsy in a pocket and coupled with my family we’re a consortium of playful banter and silliness. We just will NEVER “grow up”. I may expand, but it’s all about expanding into the child at heart who lies at the vortex of my heart and embodies the innocence of the Great Mystery.

I know not everyone shares the kind of outlook I do on life, but I do believe that even a little more light-heartedness, vulnerability, and open heart could take us a long way and help us to relate to others, the world at large, and what’s showing up on the scene.

With the intensities we’ve had to navigate, we truly only have what we can make of life…and if that load can be lessened with some laughter release, then I’m all for it. I know it does me wonders when I give myself permission to let go and surrender to the wave of playfulness that wants to make it all so much less serious.

And speaking of navigating…I continue to feel like we’re on an adventure like no other we’ve yet experienced.

And that the only way through is to listen within, be willing to step into changes that challenge us, and trust fully that the steps, way, and support will be there when each foot lands at every consecutive step that is revealed.

New landscapes await us to merge and anchor into…I feel one calling me for sure!

Just a couple of days ago, we set out across the back forest on a trek to the post office and UPS Store where our P.O. Box is. We hadn’t been out since we arrived home, as the roads were crazy and the storms just made it better to stick around and just wander on snow shoe.

I’m always up for an adventure and do this walk many times in all seasons. I once trekked the nearly two miles just in snow boots up to my calves and knees and carried back a bag and backpack full of packages through the forest.

I don’t mind carrying things, so I had Dave strap on a package I needed to ship off and away we went.

I told him, just call me Snowshoe T – in honor of Snowshoe Thompson.

For those of you who haven’t heard of him, John “Snowshoe” Thompson is quite famous in these parts. He’s the legendary skiing mailman of the Sierra Nevada. We actually learned all about him a couple of years back when we went on a group snowshoeing adventure where an actor played the part and told us his whole amazing story.

Snowshoe Thompson, who was originally from Norway, was able to do what no others could consistently and successfully do…He would carry 60, 80 and grew to over 100 pounds of mail and packages on his back through the snowy Sierras across 90 mile treks of 50 foot high snowdrifts, through blizzards, and up to 80 mile per hour winds by moonlight without a blanket or a gun, in just three days, and was never paid by the U.S. government. He delivered mail between Placerville, CA and Genoa, NV and later Virginia City, NV.

You can read some of his story here: Snowshoe Thompson

Well, I may not be as strong and bold as Snowshoe Thompson, but I carry his spirit of believing everything is possible, that I can make it happen no matter how harsh the conditions of life are, and it’s all an exciting journey if we look at it through the perspective of our heart’s passions and connection to the natural surroundings we can attune to.

I also like to chalk it all up to my inner child wonder, finding the gifts in all experiences, and being an explorer of life, always up for the next adventure.

My copartner in life, Astrid, shares the same outlook.

And, together, we send all the hope we feel in our hearts through to your hearts.

I know it’s not easy to find the lightness in things, but the more we can lean into the wisdom of our hearts and let the light shine through the crevices that ache to expand, the more we will discover there’s an innate knowing within the miracle of our being that naturally can lead us to where we want to go.

(Thank you sweet Laura for this snuggly bunny sweatshirt to match my snow bunny heart)

And when at a loss, and you can’t find something to lift you up, you can remember the Cosmic Worm wiggling her way into your heart with tickles of giggles to loosen up all that feels tight and rolling in waves that remind you of your powerful healing and renewing abilities.

Wishing you a year of regenerative potential.

May all possibilities be open to you!

Ready, set, blast off to 2022!

Here’s Lee with some inspiration and insights for the month ahead:

A Record-Breaking December

Here in Lake Tahoe, within the Sierra Nevada mountains, we just made snow history. With 16 feet so far of snowfall, the Sierras saw a record-breaking December, which outdid the previous record set in 1970 of nearly 15 feet. This also got us in the top three snowiest winters of all time – the two other years include 1979 and 1982.

Oddly, I had this sense of a lot of snow based on what I was seeing out in Nature pre-winter, despite some other info that had been circulating previous to the recent storms.

I also get this feeling that it’s Nature’s way of helping to restore the lands after the severe fires and droughts we just went through. Although we’re not out of the drought, it sure is helping, and with continued snow and rain there’s hope of some relief.

Yep, Jack Frost sure has been up to a lot of mischief this winter, whistling a snowy tune of wondrous fun. Everything is unpredictable these days and seems to go the way you didn’t think it would. All of it to me pointing to the way through anything is within.

As I mentioned in a previous post, our window for travels couldn’t have been more divinely aligned, as we left just hours before a big storm hit and we returned just hours before the latest one blew our way. So many flights have been cancelled everywhere for other reasons, but this has included flights in and out of Reno-Tahoe International Airport here due to the storms. Highways have also been closed in and out with many an accident and pileups that have hit headlines.

Here at home, we’ve been hunkered down, retreating into our cozy little bear cave since returning.

I haven’t left the house in the car since the day after we got back home and only did so that day just so I could get us groceries. Tomorrow there’s supposed to be a break, so we’re going to try to get out to do some errands since I haven’t been able to send packages or mail, or pick up any.

However, with the National Forest behind our house, we’ve been able to enjoy daily snow shoeing while still staying cozy and safe inside. The ski resort just minutes from our house has also been closed because of the storms for the most part, even during one of the busiest times of the year, so yeah it’s quite the winter!

The storms have brought so much snow that our entire side yard is filled nearly to fence level, as you can see in the above photo, and you can’t tell the difference between the level of the snow in the forest and on our back deck. You can see what I mean in these two photos where Dave went first to walk along the top of the snow on the deck so we could get to our side steps to the bottom level to shovel.

This has made snow shoveling a must and so the last two days Dave and I have been outside getting our exercise on both with upper body workouts and then later with lower body ones, as we have to forge paths in the snow that at times hit me hip high.

We spent two hours yesterday redoing paths we made the day before because of an added two feet that filled them again. We also had to clear areas we hadn’t yet (like the full front porch above), which were 3-4 feet high.

Good timing on receiving these sparkly, rainbow starlit Cosmic Wellies from Desiree over our Solstice celebration! Thank you!!

It’s been important staying on top of creating a two foot perimeter walkway around the house because the snow levels have been rising and pushing against the windows, sliding glass doors, and house.

We’ve also made a larger clearing where the jacuzzi is so that we can enjoy it during snowy fun.

You can see Dave at the end of the path we had to reshovel, with snow up to his shoulders where it continues accumulating.

Our house now resembles an igloo-effect with snow encasing it as the walls to our little path we made. If it continues, we may not be able to see the forest through our back windows anymore!

You can also see my own yellow igloo effect going on too hehe!

I know most people would say, snow is beautiful, but they want nothing to do with shoveling. I can honestly say that I have so much fun with it! That’s not to say it isn’t hard work, but there’s a sense of accomplishment and joy of being in the snow that makes it worth the while. Just as much as I love winter wonderlands, shoveling snow is also part of that experience that was not what I grew up with, but held as this fun part of what the snow adventure is all about. I discovered that this wasn’t just an idea or fantasy, but truly is something I enjoy!

And I am extra grateful for the natural exercise that it provides without ever having to go to the gym. All of the outdoor activities I engage are the kind of active lifestyle I love that add to the ingredients for well being.

It’s been fun to see more cross country skiers in the forest than we’ve likely seen in all the time we’ve lived here, but for the most part Dave and I have found ourselves all alone in the snowy landscape out back.

It’s a lot of work to push through the snow, even with snow shoes on, when it’s this deep. After a while, even Dave who runs colder than me has to remove layers!

But as you can see, we make it fun! And took turns forging the path when the other was worn out.

Astrid enjoys the snowy landscape too. You’ll find her binkying and zooming all about in the mornings, as well as checking out the snow through the glass doors.

She’s a true snow bunny at heart, just like me.

It comes down to perspective for me. And yes, everything is a personally relative experience that we each have according to our energetic make-up and conditioning. Yet, I can’t help but always find something of value out of things that may seem bleak to others.

And that’s the place I want to stay.

In a world of wonder and peace, where ever and what ever I find myself in.

Even with shovel in hand and a whole yard of snow to clear.

A Winter Solstice to Remember

Now that we’ve settled back home and had the chance to relax into our white Christmas stillness and peace, it’s given me a chance to integrate our recent time away and the impact of our Winter Solstice celebration I mentioned in a previous blog post.

While journeying out East in Vermont, we enjoyed a different kind of Winter immersion and deepening exploration, visited with some of Dave’s family who joined us there, and had the opportunity for a first-time meeting with a dear soul friend whom I’ve only known by distance and across the Cosmic dimensions.

It’s the latter that I share this post about because I feel that it speaks to some of the themes that feel important and the values that are enriching to our lives, as we navigate these very unusual times.

At the end of our holiday getaway, we were gifted the sweetest and warmest gathering that made this year’s Solstice unforgettable and part of the nostalgic memories I’ll always hold dear. The experience was full of all the warm fuzzies, love, tenderness, kindness, giving, sharing, joy, wonder, faerie magick, and peace that are so special to me and speak to the simple, yet profound pleasures that human existence offers.

It’s these very things I feel we would benefit from focusing on and sharing more of – the kind of stories and experiences I wish were broadcasted as priority in the world rather than the ones we’re bombarded with.

I won’t go into all of the details of our experience, but hopefully my brief share will help bring to light what I mean and some of the photos captured of our time will do the rest, energetically.

Although the world wide web and technology can sometimes be a distraction leading us away from things like Nature and some of the more simple ways we used to experience life, it’s also provided us opportunity to connect with soul family we would otherwise never have chance to and do things like work from home and so much more. It’s because of the internet that I’ve had the pleasure of growing relationships with so many of you and found those hearts I feel home with.

As a brief background, Desiree and I met online a few years ago. I had no idea she was following my blog until one day she reached out via email and poured from her heart how this all came to be and what it meant to her. Not too long after, I received a heart-warming, hand-written letter and hand-made gift in the mail. Our connection was evident, and the timing was aligned with support she needed that we’d obviously soul-contracted ahead of time to come together for on several levels including full Reiki training and beyond. It was an instant activation of sorts on both ends, and things elevated and expanded in warp-speed time for her because it was all divinely guided and aligned by the courage she had to reach out and say “yes” to what was coming through.

I am keenly aware that most of the connections I’m experiencing these days are rooted in alignments of star family missions across the Cosmos. It speaks to the conscious ways we are becoming aware of our multi-dimensional selves and recognizing something beyond this experience that these connections light up.

Over the last couple of years we’ve shared a sweet bond that extended to her human family and Dave and I were ever-so sweetly adopted by her children as honorary Auntie Tania and Uncle Dave, even though they have a large family already. We’ve shared Zoom calls and gifts from coast to coast.

Dave and I only have one niece, so the addition of five more nieces (Desiree has seven children, but five are still at home) has been a huge heart-warmer for us. We feel a great honor that they’ve chosen us to be such a big part of their lives and it truly has brought a lot of sweetness to ours as well. The stories we hear from them make us giggle with delight. It’s been especially sweet to see Dave so touched by this experience – he even keeps their drawings they send him at his desk.

I have always felt that blood does not alone make family, but love shared between soul connections is just as bonding. I’m so grateful and feel blessed to have such an incredible soul family that extends to sisters, brothers, and beyond, across the Earth. It’s amazing to me the love, tenderness, and support I share and feel with people I have never met in this life, or have limited contact with. And yet, they are people I hold so dear and in some cases could trust my life with.

I don’t always have the chance to meet everyone in person that I share a strong bond with – at least not yet! – but when I do, it’s always such a divinely aligned gift that feels written in the stars as to the when and how without even having to try.

We, as a collective, have so many opportunities to know and experience family, friends, and love in ways beyond what we think…and that includes with souls residing within animal bodies, or Nature herself and all of her children.

Desiree is one of them and her family has become part of ours as well. They are lovingly known as our Vermont Faerie Family.

Fast forward to the present. When we knew we were headed to Vermont, divine alignment unfolded and pointed to our getting to share a visit on our last day there. And it was no wonder that the Winter Solstice portal would be the access point for our gathering at the Vermont Faerie Family’s Cottage.

It was all like a faerie tale come true with us arriving at their doorstep, which resembled an enchanted gingerbread home at the North Pole. Desiree and her family went all out to make our day together so warm and full of love and magick. But this wasn’t an extraordinary thing for her, as she makes every-day life extraordinary down to the finest of details.

So, while we were greeted by an old fashioned Christmas tree decked out in freshly baked, iced gingerbread cookie ornaments and woodland bliss, gourmet vegan extravaganza feasts, wood burning fire, peace-filled music, pure energy and love, and sparkly fresh everything, this was all simply the way their family is every day of their lives.

Even their cat, Storm, who was curled up fireside on the couch and their dog, Jack, who greeted us, came along for a hike, and centered himself within the festivities, were both like sweet characters stepping out of the faerie tale along with them. Storm recognized a kindred kitty spirit in Dave right away.

I later discovered that one of Desiree’s sweet daughters caught our reunion on camera and it went a bit like this:

As you can see, Desiree stepped out in her socks to greet me – unaffected by the cold and wet snow, due to the warmth shared in our hearts.

And from the moment we stepped out of our car and into this time-out-of-time space created just for us, we were spoiled through and through beginning late morning into early evening.

The day kicked off with her famous and ever-so delicious vegan beignets (I think we all overdosed on these and we lost count how many we each had) and perfect gingerbread cookies she and the girls had decorated. The beignets just kept coming and we just kept eating them!

Look at those faeries in action, brewing up a storm of goodness.

After fun and enlightening conversations, learning about their heart-based and simply beautiful way of living in harmony with their land with a light and mindful footprint, a tour of their adorable tiny house/cottage they built themselves (with incredible stories of every piece of special and unique wood and detail poured into it), and getting the privilege to see the personal drawing journals each of the girls shared with us and hearing about their loves and hobbies – seeing through their eyes what means so much, we then set off on a hike in tummy-coma-bliss to make room for the next round of food.

I got to finally see all of the sacred trees, giant mother and gate keeper quartz, faery portals, and special areas she had told me about that reside and watch over their 15 acres of land.

And then she and the two youngest girls took us on a hike up the hill, across a meadow, and to the river where we were greeted by an enchanted world of ice faeries and pristine energies that was incredibly activating and soul-nourishing.

And upon returning to the warmth of their home, it was time for opening gifts, which the girls kept asking about since the moment we arrived. They couldn’t wait to see our reactions from the special items they’d each picked out for us.

This was such a sweet share of intentional and meaningful exchanges that touched everyone’s hearts. You only get one first time of meeting in person and so we all made it extra special from start to end.

Dave and I were so moved by the showering of sweetness we received and how each of the girls had so thoughtfully picked out the gifts they paid for with their own allowances and knowing just what Auntie Tania and Uncle Dave would love. Two of our special gifts that made our hearts swell were these adorable t-shirts.

We sent the photo below to the girls when we got back home. We’ve been living in these shirts and our Vermont flannel organic cotton tops and lounge pants we picked up on our trip, since returning home. Dave has the matching shirt to my pants and some lounge pants of his own, but I was giving them a spin in the dryer after Christmas snow got them wet.

It wasn’t so much the gifts, but the love, intention, and true desire to touch each of our hearts in the way only one who is giving so deeply and purely from their own can do.

And they also knew exactly what we loved in terms of yummies to enjoy, with every snack and meal item being perfected crafted for us and made with so much love and organic, fresh goodness. Desiree is vegan too, so she knew all the ins and outs of cooking things we love. And she found incredibly decadent touches including things like vegan cheeses from Canada that we don’t get here, since they’re so close to the Canadian border. So we got to sample a lot of new yummies.

We all loaded up on snacks of a variety of crackers, cheeses, hummus, grapes, and other goodies while dinner was being finalized. Desiree made us vegan southern foods as the main meal – her husband is from Louisiana and gave it all the authentic thumbs-up approval! It was so delish! The perfect warm and comforting food to match the mood of our gathering.

I’m not sure how we had room for the finale, but there was no way any of us were going to miss out on her famous Raw Vegan White Chocolate and Raspberry Ganache Cheesecake with Macadamia and Cashew crust.

Everyone was beyond excited for mom’s creation, as you can see….and just look at that mischievous smile only one of the Fae could make.

I’d been hearing about this for ages and now we finally got to sample it….speechless.

I would say it was all a dream and perhaps it was just that…childhood dreams manifested…my imagination and the surreal made real…demonstrations of how we create our own reality despite the realities being presented around us. We all got to experience a bubble world of our own creation that reflects the things we love and value most. It speaks to what’s possible and what’s most important.

By the end of the evening we were a blend of decadent food and love comas nourishing from the inside out, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. So much synergy, flow, sweetness, and remembrance was shared and many more nostalgic visions and feelings were added to my repertoire of memories that call up the things I value and love most.

There are many incredulous details of both the day we shared and what’s unfolded up to it that I’m leaving out, as they are ours to experience. But what I hope to convey I imagine can be read between the lines…the richness that lies within our hearts to experience with each other and on Earth in these human bodies. The true meaning of life…of Christmas…of the bonds that transcend time and space, definition, and conditioned ideas…of connection and sharing.

I felt so much peace and comfort…the in between moments held stillness like the purity of snowflakes falling with their whispers of magick almost deafening in the most beautiful of ways…and that always indicates to me the resonance of home….the definition of which I mean to span to that feeling of Cosmic residence that is a frequency experience within the vortex of the heart.

I think all of our hearts expanded three sizes from the tangible love that filled the room – think Grinch and the visual of his heart exploding out of his chest when he discovers:

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more?”

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…one of my favorite holiday songs and I would sing the words while imagining what it would be like to experience that kind of enchantment. My family and I used to watch White Christmas a lot – the old Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye movie – it all seemed like a dream.

But now I experience just that and it’s every bit dreamy, but no longer an experience solely in my imagination.

While we were away on a holiday and Winter Solstice journey, a lot of snow had fallen back home. We were sad to miss it, but were grateful that we got to experience some winter enchantment while away too. Snow did gift us on our trip, which you saw from some of my photos in the last post. The photo below is the only one in the post from the trip. The rest are from yesterday and today, back at the Forest Portal.

You can see how snow delights us!

We were so excited when we saw forecasts for more snow back home though…much more! The window for our travels on both ends was perfect to get us home snug as bugs and without any glitches or delays. Then right after settling in the snow storms have begun again, adding to the feet we already had and there’s much more on the way!

We’re looking at lots of feet of snow to come through Wednesday, and beginning of January is forecasting day after day of more!

I just love our street at each seasonal shift because I get to see it decked out in Nature’s splendor each time.

Right now the street is lined with white wizard trees, as you can see, and every house resembles a cozy gingerbread cottage that one of Santa’s elves inhabits.

It’s looking like the North Pole at our house and that makes me squeal a big weeeee!

The snow has been falling gently all morning and the silence of these snowflakes deepens that inner stillness to listen within. We enjoy having the fireplace going and sitting atop the mantle is our new gnome and reindeer guarding our seahorse sentinel and spirit of the cosmic waters of life, which snow so beautifully reminds me of.

We started our morning off today enjoying some vegan lattes with my dad’s homemade rosettes – a favorite childhood cookie of mine that he learned the recipe from my great grandmother to create.

Dad gifted us a Christmas tin (he adjusts all recipes for us to be vegan) to enjoy for Christmas and I added the powdered sugar.

I used to help my dad sometimes with making them, learning how to spin and pinch the dough into a rosette. “Nanny,” as we lovingly called her, was a sweetheart and I remember her visits when we were young, which included many a little impromptu expressive ballet I would do for her, weaving energy and stories through my dance. My parents often say that my physical features resemble my great grandmothers on both sides. Nanny’s ring became my vintage wedding ring, as you might recall. I know she’s smiling down watching me enjoy her yummies as the perfect accompaniment to my winter enchantment and white Christmas experience.

It’s the little things that warm my heart.

For example, yesterday, I went out to do my errands and grocery shopping just as the storm was revving up. I had so much fun all bundled up getting in and out of my car, feeling like an elf on a mission. The snow was coming down a bunch, the streets bustling (reminding me of the clips from Rudolph when they mention the biggest snow storm coming and they flip to images of cars and city getting hit hard by it), me in my colorful, handmade winter beanie with blossom on it, and wandering the aisles for yummies to make for this afternoon, as well as stocking up on things after being away. Christmas music – all my favorites – were playing in the background and I could see the snow coming down outside. It got me choked up with warm fuzzies and magickal heart expanding feelings. I even picked myself up an inexpensive, mauve, fuzzy, bunny hooded robe (with ears and face!) just because it felt perfect for Christmas Eve and morning. At one of the stores I went to they had people ready to help with getting groceries into your car if you wanted…just pull up front and they loaded you up. And the people working inside were very helpful in assisting with my questions and needs. It all put me in extra sweet, nostalgic, grateful, enchanted, whimsical, and love and kindness mode – what the spirit of this season feels to be to me.

We don’t need to have a white Christmas, any of the frills or particulars to feel these things, but they sure do enhance those feelings and deepen embodiment. It’s up to us to then keep up that spirit throughout the year and make every experience full of magick and warmth through our choices, perspectives, and actions.

Even Astrid has been enjoying the snowy landscape and the warm fuzzies of having mom back home with her. She got a new little mini castle cubby from me that I’m still figuring out with her, where she wants it.

Right now, it’s been mobile, including her bed. And in the meantime, I put a new grass matt in their place by the sliding glass door for her that was a Christmas gift from one of her dear Aunties.

She’s loving it – digging, pulling, and chewing up a storm of her own. We felt she should enjoy a couple of gifts early since I wasn’t here for Solstice with her, so she can have fun on this day and eve before Christmas. So cute!! If you’re on Instagram, I’ll share some fun videos of her enjoying her gift there soon. I have a few more little tiny Christmas gifties to give to her that she’s anxiously waiting for.

In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying snow adventures indoors and outdoors since returning home. While finishing breakfast we had a power outage that was estimated to be out for a couple of hours and then was extended.

So, rather than get upset about certain things we couldn’t do or that I would have to change my baking and cooking plans a bit, we opted to take advantage of the downtime snow shoeing in the National Forest behind our house.

It was oscillating between cloud coverage and sunshine glows while soft rain fell around us.

We haven’t seen this much snow in a while and never before had the two creek’s water levels been so high that they covered the makeshift wood bridges across them and snow covered that as well.

In fact one of the creeks that frame our home out back was covered over with white laden trees that were heavy in snow so that they curled into the already hidden bridge like a mysterious snow faery lair – the kind that would lure you in with enchantment.

It was the perfect way to immerse in the magick all around us. Everything before us just kept opening up to more and more surreal beauty that we had all to ourselves.

And what do you know, as soon as we stepped foot back inside, we were greeted by the power having returned and I got right to my cooking, setting a record for getting our meal and dessert (chocolate pumpkin pie) prep completed in an hour and then a half hour of final touches, bringing us to our exact meal time we do during our intermittent fasting lifestyle. Voila!

All vegan and all cozy comfort food. We even had almond eggnog, which was a treat. Mine was alcohol-free and Dave added bourbon to his.

The rest of the day has been brightly lit with rich white across the landscape, framed by baby blue skies. We’re awaiting another layer to the big storm front that will move in tonight and bring enchanted snow to our Christmas Eve and all day following. Because of the amount of snow my family opted for us to postpone our usual Christmas celebrations for after the storm passes later this week. But, as my parents always think ahead, they gave us our gifts so we can each have one to open on Christmas Eve, as is our family tradition, and one tomorrow.

There are many things that bring together the ingredients of a slice of yummy for me at this time of year and a white Christmas is definitely the icing on that cake.

Christmas Eve has always been extra special to my inner child and faery heart, but it was made extra enchanting and special because it was also the birthday of my soul companion in rabbit body, Joy – a precious Christmas Eve angel who watches over and guides me from the stars above.

And now as I sit here finishing this share, accompanied by my copartner Astrid nestled like a harp seal by my feet with face flat against the floor and thumpers relaxing safely to her side, and light flickering from my candle appropriately named “Snowfall” that gives off hints of Cypress and Bayberry, I watch the blue skies cloud over and ready for Jack Frost’s next whistle and blow across the land.

Wishing you each your own version of an enchanted Christmas Eve.

May the spirit of the season be carried in your heart and spill over to everything and everyone you experience for all the days of your life.

Winter Solstice Magickal Wishes & Brightest Yuletide Blessings

My heart is full on this blessed eve…full of peace… full of gratitude… full of love. We were gifted the most wonderful Winter Solstice celebration and it enhanced the energy of this beautiful portal and beyond. I’ll share more upon return home and settling in for upcoming Christmas magick.

Until then, please enjoy these dreamscape portals from our time away.

Winter Solstice celebrates a return to light and provides a regenerative portal to honor the remembrance of this light that you are.

Sending you all my love and these wishes…

May your heart lead the way when the noise gets loud.

May your heart have the courage when strong voices try convincing you otherwise.

May your heart know its peace when nothing else does.

May your heart be home for the journey ahead.

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