Time Well Spent ~ Nourishing Your Soul Well to Draw Upon When Needed

This weekend’s time was time spent well and exactly the energy needed to fuel this new week ahead. We never know what adventure the day will bring, but we follow where inspiration leads and it takes us where we need to be. It was one of my favorite weekends filled with new explorations beginning with a new hike up a river and waterfall on Friday, returning the next day to relax and read, riverside and lakeside, and then finishing off with yesterday’s epic new trail of ancient and expansive energies.

Mystical, magickal and majestic were just some of the words to describe yesterday’s discovery, although words don’t do what was seen and felt justice. To say it was otherworldly, ancient and transporting is an understatement too, but these Sentinels (the name given to these ancient rocks) were amazing and have much to share.

The trail heading up was full of wildflowers, mysterious forest, and the epic vistas were incredible. This area and these ancient stones are amazing. We’ll definitely return to spend more time soaking in the energies and visions, dive deeper, and extend the hike for the even larger loop, but glad we went now as the wildflowers were in full bloom, which added to the enchantment.

Talk about rich, deep Terra energy and retrieving embedded parts. I actually saw a super sparkly spot atop these rocks that was reflecting like a mirror to the sun’s rays. It radiated like a small beacon and I knew something was there and calling to me, but I decided to leave it a mystery for now and return to explore again or in dream time. I will not forget.

However, it also reminded me that the gems of wisdom lie within us and are there when we need them to draw upon. We have a well of yet unearthed treasures awaiting our invitation to dance with them.

After some deep earthing on the trail yesterday, we then enjoyed another new spot that was a perfect balance to the potent core energies. It was refreshing to soak my dirt-enriched feet in and nourishing for a lakeside picnic.

I find that spirit always guides us to where is most supportive to be and where the perfect blend of energies can be received in our soul well to draw upon for upcoming experiences.

This is certainly true for the full week ahead, as I handle some goals, clear the way for new energies, but also draw upon that soul well for this weekend’s first online Reiki training installment with the fifteen beautiful people ready to go that next step.

These times have been challenging for many to feel rooted because so much is up in the air around us. It has also been hard to remain centered and have that sense of peaceful connection and alignment with the heart and soul guidance you may have felt more clearly before.

Once again, Nature can help with all of this and every time I’m out immersed in the different energies, it is very easy to feel the difference and see where things can be adjusted to keep in balance and flow.

And especially for those of you who feel more inward right now, or in general as your life preference, as well as those of you who struggle to find the external outlets for your more active and fiery drives, Nature isn’t a luxury, but as important as the food and water you need.

You can experience the unseen universal life force that flows between everything when you engage in nature with presence and heart awareness. It isn’t the only way, but it is one way of making the subtle and visceral, more tangible and conscious.

This universal life force energy is Reiki and it’s no wonder that I’m drawn to immerse so much in Nature to support and anchor alignment to this way of life consistently.

It’s also no wonder that such deep Nature experiences were drawn our way this weekend before diving into the upcoming Reiki training.

I always find that these experiences, when embraced, can help to open another layer within us and it is just such a layer I feel is needed for supporting the group during these strange, but potentially rich times.

There is no coincidence that so many are feeling called to open new layers within and step up and into the world in more empowered ways.

I’m grateful and honored to be a part of the activation taking place across the globe through Reiki, which not only is such a powerful tool for personal support, but its collective reach can be astounding. And in these days of distancing, there couldn’t be a greater time for tapping into a channel for embodied activism, which Reiki can support so that we don’t feel helpless and we can offer our gifts to others regardless of where and who we are in the world.

I love seeing people ready to raise their vibration and I get excited to see people actively tapping into their gifts and toolbox (like with Reiki), engaging them to create the world they want to see.

AND I get super excited when people courageously step into an active teaching role to support others to be empowered. This is an example of the ripple effect of how one can touch the many.

It’s how we remember who we are and the Source from which we are expressions of.

I’m reminded of Friday’s trail that took us up the river and waterfall. I shared this on Instagram, but will end by resharing it here.

The rock steps we ascended next to the waterfall reminded me of steps I once climbed to the high temples atop cliffs overlooking the ocean and of incredible stellar architecture high above cratered water passageways. The waters around us here are infused with the essence of long ago. It’s a reason I feel such resonance, as the water carries parts of me I retrieve when in and with them. Water is life and as a Pisces it soothes my soul to hear the whispers it carries and washes over me. And then the visions and memories begin.

From the stars their liquid minds converge with mine. I can hear their songs inside my heart. Their enormity envelops me like a nebula bursting with interstellar brilliance and yet their deep and elusive howls, although eerie like the planets themselves, are light and ethereal like a feather floating at my center. Like whistling helium their spouts blow cosmic essence into the atmosphere, infusing harmony for all to breathe. As I feel each silky mass move with grace through the space between worlds, I hear them whisper, “come back to us.”

I likely won’t post again until next week, as I have things calling my attention to focus on, especially in attuning to the group class beginning Sunday. But I wanted to share the inspiration of the weekend as visual and/or energetic support for your week as well.

Wishing everyone a day and week ahead of new possibilities.

~ For anyone who feels called to further your Reiki journey during these potent times, you may still be able to register for the levels you haven’t completed yet. Reiki Level 1 is full, however, and the others are close to capacity. Contact me if you have questions or to discuss your journey with this to see if it is a good fit. Remember that a tool unused is an opportunity overlooked. If you’re looking to create more peace, alignment, overall well-being, bring through more creativity and clarity, support others or global change and healing, support the creation of something new in your life, are looking to create a new soul path with your work that is supported by distancing guidelines, etc. then this may be a path for you. The link to do so is here: Online Reiki Classes

Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: More Can Be Simple

Astrid has been very active these days in helping to move and anchor energy, as well as prepare the way for all the new. She’s an amazing soul in rabbit body who so clearly isn’t afraid to let you know who she is, what her purpose is, and what her strengths and gifts are. Astrid does Astrid effortlessly, though. It’s an act of being the creative energy that moves through her.

If she wants my attention to tell me she’s ready or to get me on point, she will run around my feet, relentlessly grab hold of my socks or pant legs with her teeth, and dig at my feet with her paws.

If I’m preparing for a session with a client or getting ready to send out Reiki, she runs over to me and nudges my hand (I like to sit on the floor so she has easy access), noses crystals I may have next to me, grabs hold of my pen or notebook if I happen to be making notes, and makes it clear she’s ready to tune in too.

She isn’t afraid to step up and take responsibility for her gifts, nor does she hold herself back from using them.

She simply follows the energy stream that is Astrid, which involves her parts moving together and not leaving any behind.

As you can see in the photos laced throughout this post, she spends tons of time cozied up in her crystal nest, which my dear friend Dawn pointed out is like her version of a Tahoe Stonehenge. It’s made up of now five (my favorite/magickal number) raw giant Tahoe Quartz I found and trekked back home, a giant piece of the Master Rabbit Amethyst, and a Twin Lemurian Seed Crystal, which was once part of a giant Master Lemurian Seed Cathedral Crystal. On the pedestals of the sleigh she lays under, next to the mini Tahoe Stonehenge, are a South African Spirit (or Faery) Quartz and a Rose Quartz tree that sits atop another Amethyst. Of course we have other crystals gridding our room, but these anchor the center where she spends much time.

Astrid has been excited for me to wind down some things so we could harness the next couple of months for greater refining and deepening. She loves a clear slate, just as I do, and so everything we accomplish, she celebrates. She also celebrates when we get ready to dive into things, so she’s preparing with me for next week’s first group, online Reiki training, as well as tuning into our next writing installments.

We have a couple of big clearing projects to do alongside work-related projects, but she sees them all equally important and brings all of her to the table with me, to help.

She never leaves parts of her behind and never gives only a percentage of herself to any task.

She also doesn’t hold herself back, stop midway of her intents, nor put things off for any countless number of reasons she so easily could come up with – as she does live a pretty charmed life where she has the option not to step into more if she wanted.

Astrid doesn’t see it that way, however. She consistently is on high, being all she knows she can be, enjoying life to the fullest, and moving toward the next evolutionary phase.

Not out of dissatisfaction or feeling less than, but because it’s the gift she recognizes as being an expression of All That Is – to always consciously create and say “yes” to the next adventure she takes part in imagining.

She treats everything as valuable, enriching, and worthy of stepping into as her highest possible potential she can in each moment.

Astrid is such an inspiration to me and it’s no mystery why she chose me, as equally as I did her. She reminds me to continue the momentum of consistent recreation and deepening commitment and embodiment.

I know she appreciates how I reflect the same values, as she would otherwise likely not be with me given how strongly she stands in who she is.

And together, she says, we help create this space holder for others in our own way.

Astrid wonders where you might be holding yourself back?

Do you realize the gifts and potentials within and all around you?

Do you find yourself missing opportunities or telling yourself excuses for why you can’t be happy right now?

Do you embrace what IS actually right in front of you? – nature, connection, a new friendship or relationship, a different path to walk or drive home or to work on, an urge that calls, a bird that sings to get your attention, the step to take your work to a new level or ignite a new path that could open up more for you, using your tools (we’ve both spoken about this before), enjoying life more right now and not “when this or that happens,” moving your body to move energy, seeing the value of your unique gifts and expressing them, opening your heart or perspectives a crack more, being a little more kind, laughing a little bit more, dancing in the dark, receiving just as much as giving, stepping outside the box and daily patterned routines to invite in enriching surprises….

Astrid isn’t reflecting that more has a definition or way that it is more valuable or meaningful.

Astrid reflects that more may simply be a way to take the hand of both your soul and heart and go where they lead you.

Be the Bridge

The Bridge…..

See what someone can become – their wholeness of being, not solely what they appear to be.

See the magnificence of possibility in an individual. Then you can see what they are attached to as a current reality – their pain, their tragedies, their story of incompleteness.

By doing this you create the space between – an immeasurable void of enlightenment.

You see what is and what could be.

This place is the origin and return where the stars of the Cosmos are alive within.

When you meet someone in this void and infuse intent into the starry constellations of the heart center, a shift will occur and becoming is activated.

Stars move and form anew.

Love is the Bridge.


The Heart Chakra is where unconditional love resides. It is the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity) and acts as an energetic “bridge” between the lower and upper chakras.

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and is a vital energy to be focusing on every moment of every day, more so now than ever. Holding your hand over your heart with conscious connection, for even just minutes a day, can help you to stay present in your heart, help heal and open it to greater depths. It can help you to see with eyes of love and choose, respond, and act from love. Ask for help in doing so from your guides, angels, your Source connection and even ask your essence to be present in your higher heart always.

August 2020 Energy Update with Lee Harris

How was July for everyone? I felt it to be quite full with getting things done that involved very busy days and active dream nights.

Lee’s update for August has many good little morsels of insights that speak to breaking out and inspired action for the month to translate in varying energetic ways for each of us. He shares that it will be a cleanse and reset month and that there will be a lot of change momentum. I had just mentioned the same, for myself, in yesterday’s post. 😉

Things are going into action and it will be an opportune time for envisioning and seeding intentions because of the big transformation and creation energy August holds. This energy will start the wheel turning for what’s to come down the road.

Enjoy the update.

Closing Out Sale, Reiki, Reset & Transformational Opportunities

Many of you are likely also experiencing a complete remodel of your life right now, finding that one or more areas are going through a realignment process as things transition inside and out. Maybe it’s a new career, a new home, change of relationships or friendships, a new way of expressing yourself, and/or a new of relating to yourself as you haven’t before.

Change is cycling through quite rapidly right now and with it is opportunity to jump aboard a path of greater fulfillment and peace. For some that might mean really riveting changes and for others it may be more subtle refinement that simply draws in greater calm and presence of just being, where you’ve not experienced that before.

Personally, Dave and I are on the threshold of a whole new level of freedom in life and a lot of new energy moving through that will be interesting to see where it leads. It all seems to have anchored since the wedding and is in motion of transformation quite rapidly. I feel a lot of explorations in the coming months, along with fresh experiences that likely will inspire things for us both. I’ll keep you posted.

It’s interesting as always to have nature mirror messages that speak to the changes, as along with the robin family heralding renewal for us, and deer bringing gentleness, regeneration, independence, longevity, success and hope, coyote has been showing up quite a lot, and a peculiar raccoon sighting did as well.

Yesterday coyote showed up again (there have been multiple sightings) right behind the house. You can see her at center of the circled photo above. I watched her as she seemed to wander, drawn perhaps by the trail of a scent, as she went one way, back-tracked, returned, and then on the same way and beyond without a care in the world.

Coyote shares wisdom that is rarely straightforward, which is interesting given the way she sauntered in front of me back and forth, demonstrating this very clearly. They teach through indirect ways, while reminding us to keep a lightness and humor around ourselves and how we approach life. They reflect a time for letting go, trusting, and releasing the how’s to the Universe. Coyote signifies and prepares us for a time period of significant and dramatic change approaching, letting us know that presence and adaptation will be required, but also our flexibility to it will aid its success.

We also saw two raccoons lying dead, side by side on the road, on Sunday. That was a very unusual sighting. They must have been either siblings/family, a couple, or friends that were hit at the same time, together. I’ve never seen that before and it felt significant. There are similarities with coyote and raccoon energies, as raccoons teach us that following curiosity can pave the way for new exciting things and with that comes the letting go and release of the old. They also teach flexibility, adaptability and resourcefulness as ways to create success with the new underway. Raccoons message that you are prepared for the big leap of transformation and transition that is upon you. They also carry shape shifting energy, death of illusions, and death of an old way of being (as represented by the masks) into even greater authenticity and fulfillment.

Once again, the natural world and presence to the messages around, continue to support and affirm to us, if we are open to receiving them.

So, indeed we’re in preparation from old to new here and it is timely with a little reset mode for me I had mentioned would begin August 1st, which is also a big day on other fronts for us.

I’ve already removed the page link on this site to the discounted support offerings that I was guided to put out when all of the challenges in the world hit. But, as I mentioned, I will be stepping away from client sessions for a short period. Likely all of August and September, or at least until September 22nd’s Equinox. If something changes with that, I’ll let you know.

This is in response to energy movement that I keep aligning with, that leads me elsewhere to focus.

With these temporary shifts, I’m also going to be putting the Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop on a vacation hold, as I am also not wanting to focus on packaging and shipping out items during that time as well.

But when I do reopen it again, there may be a shift with inventory offerings and so I’m being guided to do a last “closing out sale” before I temporarily close the shop and do a refresh.

So, for two days only, tomorrow, Friday July 31st and Saturday August 1st, everything in the shop will be available with hugely slashed prices to clear out for the refresh.

Perfect for Christmas in July shopping! 😉

There are only 10 items left with 1 to very few of each item remaining to include the last of our greeting cards, notebook journals, prints, and 3 animal spirit guide paintings.

Link to the shop sale is here beginning tomorrow morning, after midnight tonight:

Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

Beginning in August, I’ll only be focused on the upcoming Online Reiki Level 1 Certification Training classes, my writing, new inspirations, and personal shifts until I open things back up again.

Sometimes it’s important to follow particular energy streams in order to create a bigger momentum forward. So, I constantly am readjusting.

I think I mentioned that I ended up opening the class to more people because I didn’t want to turn anyone away that was ready. So I made adjustments and changes to the course training to accommodate and embraced change myself. 🙂

We reached capacity of what could be extended, but I had one of the review students needing to move out of both Saturday classes, so this makes it possible to open one more space for anyone interested. 

So if you were thinking about this, on the fence, or maybe seeing this for the first time, and feel it calling please let me know as soon as possible so I can make arrangements to support you. The classes begin August 16th and the second session opening is August 22nd. Again, I can only take one person and you will also have ability to continue the courses with levels 2 and 3 in October and December. 

And last, I wanted to put this out there as a potential, upcoming transformational opportunity.

I’ve often received inquiries about doing some kind of mentoring program with me and it’s one of the things I’m considering more seriously now.

This would be a more intensive one-on-one and more exclusive offering, to support a comprehensive approach to manifesting a new path that turns your purpose and passions into your career, while also transforming your life so you experience the fullest expression of your spirit potential right now.

This creative, spiritual journey will help uncover and transmute roots that may have you stuck and held back, and help reinvent, repurpose, refine and realign your life while giving you practical tools and action goals for building your life’s work.

If something along this line sounds of interest, please contact me.

I’ll continue to be blogging during this transitional time, so it’s just a subtle refocusing reset that I’m shifting into.

Wondering Things Into Reality ~ Remember Your Tools & Gifts. Value & Engage Your Parts

To wander is to live in wonder and I’m definitely a wonderer. But I wonder things into reality. 

That hasn’t always been the case, although I used to do this unconsciously when I was younger. Then, my life became compartmentalized and for some time, actually, quite tormenting and/or draining because I conditioned myself to believe that the parts of me couldn’t live unified together, always.

I became masterful at the art of living separate lives that made perfect sense to me.

Now, I’m learning to master the art of living, period, which is possible through exquisite balance when we start to merge all of our parts back onto the same stream of experience and realize how they were meant to be great allies.

I’ve been refining the process of merging the two into a grounded reality where the magickal is manifested and no longer hidden away just for me. 

It take practice, commitment, and consistency. 

It’s been an organic, trial and patience process of relaxing more into my natural essence, which involves seeing all of my parts and unique ways of expression as valuable. Not some being better than the others, but how they each amplify and bring out the best in one another, just as we can as compassionate beings do for our fellow humans.

It’s been about loving the complexity and diversity and not hiding away simply because others are doing differently than me.

But it’s also been about actively engaging my parts – all of them – and finding ways that they can all have their place without neglecting, bashing, judging, or repressing the others. Even if it’s in simple forms that can later translate across the board once I feel more comfortable with it.

This has also involved a willingness and active intention to remember and utilize my tools – something I have seeded as reminder over and over in past shares, as I personally know how it can often get overlooked.

When you feel stressed in life, unclear, or desiring to create something new, have you remembered some of the tools you have in your toolbox to implement? Have you remembered how you’ve gotten through similar experiences with success, and so can you also use that same process for the present ones?

Every person has some kind of track record with something in their lives they’ve managed to manifest, make work, fulfill, and be successful with. No matter how big or small, there is something we can draw upon and focus on, rather than placing all of our attention, energy and focus only on the things that haven’t gone as planned.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve listened to people frustrated, but when I ask them if they have used or engaged something they learned or love (ex: self Reiki treatments, the all-powerful Reiki Healing Attunements, creative visualization, meditation, breath work, engaging their creativity, spending time in nature, dancing, hiking, walking, singing, building something with their hands, volunteering, etc.) the answer always is, “no, I forgot” or “I didn’t think about that” or “I wouldn’t have thought that would help. I just feel so tired or angry.”

One of the ways I believe we can wonder things into reality is to merge our tools, parts, and gifts. While you’re actively engaging certain aspects of your life, why not invite in and actively engage the others to support them?

If you want to experience more peace at work, perhaps a Reiki Healing Attunement with that intention might help, or finding ways to bring more peace into your life by doing things you love or being in nature when you’re not at work can help balance things out for you and say to the Universe that you’re ready for it and creating it regardless of other things going on in life. Then you may start to see a shift and reflection of this act of empowerment.

If you’d like to draw in a new job, relationship, child, home, etc. perhaps engaging your creative energy can get the wheels moving. If rather than sitting still feeling hopeless around it or just thinking about your desire, you instead decided to pick up a paintbrush and just start throwing some paint around on a canvas, you might find that this act of inviting creative energy to flow and giving yourself permission to express yourself in some form, might then open the door to new in other areas as well. It’s the act of that says yes and merges your parts to manifest.

One way I find extremely potent is to move creative energy through your vehicle – you.

This could be through things like writing, painting, singing, or even taking a walk while you allow your imagination to run wild as you enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

I’ve learned to do walking meditations, active intentions, send healing energy, and channel ideas while I hike. While my body is occupied with the trail and moving me from one place to another, my mind, imagination and heart focus on what I want to create, draw in, receive, or flow out. This is one example of a merging of parts – both of myself and my life – so they are not compartmentalized. I find this to add extra powerful intent and energy to things. I’ve also done similar with sound moving through my throat chakra when I’ve felt stuck with something – it opens the creative energy flow channels and rebalances my body. New energy is welcomed in, as I move out the old.

Returning to your creative nature is the act of being creative. And creativity is the movement of energy and expression in a way that transforms imagination into reality and/or to create new methods in life.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. We just have to remember and give ourselves permission to open these doors. Then the energy will begin to flood through.

It’s never too late. It’s never lost.

You will find yourself wondering things into reality little by little until the organic process becomes your art of living.

Money & Manifesting….What are the Barriers to Your Abundance? ~ Are You Ready to Get Real About What’s Really Limiting You?

This is a long, in depth, and layered share I wrote five plus years ago that really nudged me to reshare again. It’s a theme and topic that pops up so often around abundance, which can encompass money and financial avenues, but also can be applied really to any part of our lives we might feel deficient in simply by replacing “money” with whatever it is you feel is lacking. Being conscious of our patterns in any area of our lives is key and listening to what we feel, how are bodies react or contract, and the way our energy fluctuates around things are all key pointers for us to learn to understand more so we can begin to have a healthier and more empowered relationship with ourselves and to these things. Once we understand our patterns, we can understand how to implement a new way to approach them and retrain ourselves. I believe we are all manifestors and you can see evidence in your life of the things you do manifest, which can then be applied to anything. You aren’t limited to just one way. You are an unlimited and creative being. As I wrote in a recent post, I believe “we are also reluctant magicians fearing our own power.”

Tania Marie

Being, doing, and having….

“We can think of life having three dimensions: being, doing, and having. Often we attempt to live our lives backwards. We try to have more money in order to feel we can do more of what we want, so we can be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. We must first be who we really are, then do what we feel guided to do, in order to have what we want.”

Shakti Gawain

~ I allow myself to be; I do what feels right; I have everything I truly want. ~

In yesterday’s Reiki Master Teacher workshop, the theme of the day seemed to be about “manifestation.” It kicked off the day in a pre-discussion to our training, came up again during our training, and again later during our dinner outing.

Discussions about Reiki will often lead into discussions on how to live…

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Eyes That Reflect Depths You Can’t Shake ~ Tomorrow is Here Today

It seems fitting that on Ask Astrid Fridays spot, a blog about animal communication would pop up, as of course Astrid is a huge supporter of deepening the bond between humans and animals. You might recall her message from last January in this post, Animals Understand, where she shared:

“We are here for a purpose in your lives and while we communicate in nonverbal ways and demonstrations of reflections, we can also understand clearly what you say and feel, as well as have the ability to relay messages. I only ask for you to be open to this idea and try it. It may feel weird or silly at first, but then isn’t everything kind of silly if you think about it a lot? Many people talk to their unborn children while they are growing in the womb. Some talk to their family and friends who have journeyed to the other side. Others talk to God or other forms of unseen Sources that you believe in. So why is it so strange to think you could talk to animals AND that we could actually understand and communicate back? Think about it,” says Astrid.

This message had unfolded from a visit with our niece, Violet, and was a story about how one Big Faery taught one Little Faery to remember who she is and how to harness her abilities via communication with Astrid – the guiding light in my life and everyone’s lives she touches.

Well, Sunday’s beach time brought another layer of deepening with the wild kingdom and beyond, during another meaningful unfolding with the Canada Goose.

The geese spend a lot of time here in the Summers, but I tend to see or hear them a lot during other seasons as well. You already know from many of my shares that I have a special bond with animals and geese have increasingly, over the years, taken a prominent place as spirit messengers, guides, and in my heart.

Goose symbolism is quite inspiring, contrary to maybe some of the ideas people have about them. It includes that of loyalty, forging ahead with bravery and confidence, teamwork and comradery, protection, clear communication, determination, dedication, fellowship, fidelity, fertility, and the balance of knowing when to lead or follow. They also symbolize compassionate keepers of the community and embody the sacred circle and sanctity of the cycles of life.

They are also extremely gifted in navigating, so they assist us in discerning our own paths in life and the choices that we’re presented.

One really cool thing about Geese is that they never leave one of their own behind for any reason. They will stay with the sick and injured until they are either well again, or to support them as they transition. They have amazing communication skills that they use in teamwork to help each other and protect one another. This protection quality also shows up in how they will fend fiercely for their young. I love this example of loyalty, compassion, and commitment they embody.

When I’m with them I feel a great sense of family and desire to protect them. It’s very strong and makes me feel that I am one of their clan. In fact, Dave told a story during our wedding ceremony in his vows about how I surprise him in wonderful ways. Although a few of the details he had remembered slightly different 😉 the moral of the story was still the same – that although I’m usually quiet, I will rise to the occasion if I see an innocent being abused – and in the case of the situation he relayed, it was a goose I took action for.

It feels that with recent things in the world unfolding as they have, we’ve also seen how nature has been flourishing more, returning where once things were depleted, and I hear about a lot more nature messaging whether from animals, things seen in the sky, light, or unusual plants and weather patterns that people are paying notice to more than ever.

There feels to be a calling that at one time was more subtle and is now becoming much louder. The animals and natural world are vibrating more profoundly than ever to invite us into a new way of relating, being, integrating, and envisioning in terms of creating more holistic and inclusive approaches to our choices and innovations to come.

In many ways we’re being invited into a new dance of life and it’s aligned much with the way of the Fae. And with this deepening faery energy comes greater calling to the innocence residing within our childlike nature that vibrates parallel to the natural world.

Faeries have always coexisted with us, but in different dimensions. As the collective raises their vibrational frequency, we are becoming more attuned to their dimensional frequency and, in turn, attuned to a new way of life they can more easily assist us with.

I shared recently with a client that I get the sense we are moving more into a “faery” state of being due to the shifts and peeling back of veils happening, and this brings us into more alignment with the playful, joyful, freeing energy the Fae embody. They can be 4th to even 7th dimensional and can be good bridges for us in these transitional phases since that’s where we are headed ourselves. They can help your inner child to come forth and help you to trust yourself more. And remember, faeries can also be mischievous and even dwell in the shadow areas, so they still carry a good balance of energies and aren’t just rainbows and unicorns.

When I think of geese, I see faeries and geese in communion. I see faeries riding the backs of their geese consorts, an armada of geese standing together with the taller faery races, and geese being guardians and loyal friends with them. I see a mutual partnership that reflects a unified experience of interspecies harmony.

I also see geese as hardy and incredibly advanced. I can feel these avian navigators, as more than navigators of the Earth planes, but I see a deep cosmic journey in their eyes of the long travels they have navigated across time and space.

And this was part of Sunday’s experience when one goose couple decided to be with us the whole time, peacefully beaching it next to my blanket.

We were accepted as part of their clan and there was an intense stillness moving between us that was rich with downloads.

The male in particular stood at the edge of my blanket for quite some time, never leaving my side. He just kept looking at me and out at the water, simultaneously through each eye on the side of his head. In fact, he hardly shifted his gaze and hardly moved at all.

He drew me in with his humble, but vast presence, beaming me with downloads I would be able to call up later.

He felt like my guardian and travel companion from another dimension, and I received his message through those deep soulful eyes of a soul who remembered and reminded me of where we come from. He was more than a soul in goose body. And I saw the journey we’ve been on through time.

This communicating takes place with telepathic transference or a form of projecting thoughts, energies, feelings, and full picture image stories from one’s own energy field into another’s.

I received this from him:

The world needs all of you to step into all of you. Tomorrow is here today. You’ve looked to outside forces to bring what is needed, but they who you look to, are you. More and more you will encounter your family walking between the worlds that seem separate and step out from behind eyes that reflect depths you can’t shake. When you do it’s to remind you how close we are and have been, but more importantly how close you are to where you’ve been headed. Keep traveling the roads that tug at your heart. Their origins have far greater reach than where you stand now. We’ll be with you the whole way. Your being here now is no accident, but a will of love and bravery you are remembering.

He stayed until his partner honked to join her in the water. And gliding gracefully off they went.

A couple of times the rest of their clan swam through to check in, but would soon leave the couple alone with us again.

When I entered the water they swam around me.

When I left they came to the sand.

And after a couple of hours, our time was done and we parted ways… for now.

His message about, “More and more you will encounter your family walking between the worlds that seem separate and step out from behind eyes that reflect depths you can’t shake,” appeared again in a two night’s ago dream via a different version of soul in animal body.

In short, I dreamed about a large white bird (yes bird energy again – I have a lot of that around me) I was going to be bringing home with me to live and care for. It was a big white owl. I felt an unusual, but important partnership/connection to him. The odd thing is that after the initial seeing of the bird aspect of him, he then only appeared as a man the rest of the time with white hair and short beard and mustache. Very ancient feel and not fully Earthly embodied – perhaps a shape shifter. Any time I saw him, he’d be doing what the bird would be, sitting on a perch, on my arm, etc. and I knew both aspects of the owl and man him even though I saw only man from then on. He talked to me and told me about things he liked that I could get him and I opened the contraption he was being handed over to me in to release him. It was not any kind of cage or housing I’ve ever seen. And I wasn’t able to see who handed him over. There was a relationship about to begin with him, and the stage was getting set to make it most supportive for what was to come.

I recalled the goose’s message and how countless experiences in waking time, continue to reiterate that I’m encountering beings beyond the physical form the eye sees in every important animal experience I have. I know this extends past the animal realm, but for me it’s a messaging system that is prominent.

I feel we are close to something evolving and others are coming in to support continued opening and activation of our remembering why we’re here, what we’re creating and what is coming.

They feel to be part of an energy collective that is newly revealing themselves at this time, carrying a powerful vibration in their presence and messages to help ignite and lend hand as portals to a new frequency in creation on Earth. Yet, we are still the ones the change comes through and these portal messengers simply help us to align for maximum potential.

In fact, they may even be another version of ourselves reaching out, just as we reach out to our inner child or past life selves to reclaim and assist our parts.

At least that’s my experience and sense of things and I’m okay with sharing that even if not embraced by everyone.

When we open our awareness and soften our experience, body and mind, we open the communication channels to a more pure connection not just with animals, but with ourselves, each other, the plants, the sky, the water, the Earth, and Universe at large.

With this wider perspective and conscious awareness, we experience how we are all a collective family dancing with life and each other. Yes, being alive is a gift and when we connect our individual, signature frequency with the frequency of the natural world around us, we align with the Earth’s frequency and understand the importance of a return to natural harmony and treating the entire inner and outer environment as a whole. The Elders and Indigenous Peoples have been sharing this understanding with us for a long time and the meaningful impact it has. And so have the animals. We just haven’t been listening.

If we understood the message, the next question becomes, what will we do with it and how will we respond?

Interspecies communication is how our brains are wired. It’s only odd to think in this vein, engage it, or trust it because everything and everyone around us has told us otherwise. But the blueprint is there and can be reactivated with curiosity.

Change is taking place on our planet whether we like it or not. I feel that the parts that don’t like it are associated with ego survival and that’s natural. Animals and the natural world know that survival instinct well, too.

Any part of us or anything or anyone that feels it’s about to leave, will fight to hold on. The key is, that part is only being asked to evolve and integrate into something different. So the threat is only imagined. The potential is real.

I’m envisioning and working toward the potential because that’s what I came here to do.

You May Have a Destination, but the Paths of the Journey are Up to You

It seems to me that a lot of energy gets spent on trying to lock in on what our path is, but perhaps it’s not a path that is pre-determined for us. Maybe there’s a destination in mind that we set course for throughout our lives, but the journey there involves many different paths based on our choices in each moment.

I know that I got myself very frustrated with this quest for a long time in my earlier years and it actually kept me in a state of restraint because I was waiting for “the answer” when in fact “the answer” came through movement toward something that resonated and brought me joy, rather than attaching to the idea that I could only move if in fact it was the final destination.

I also see this as a form of self-sabotage that keeps us in a conditioned pattern, but there’s a level of fear and judgment that comes with it too. A fear perhaps of doing something wrong, failing, and stepping into more accountability and responsibility. And a judgment that if it’s not perfect or what we think is the right thing, then we may look stupid, be wasting our time, or receive criticism.

This is mental chatter that forms from old stories replaying themselves. We become a self-critic, even if this was conditioned from outside of ourselves, and our ego finds ways to nourish these stories and keep us away from freeing ourselves from them. To me, it’s an act of survival playing out and not really that it wants to hurt us, but it wants to be right. We prove it right when we give in to it.

The same seems to happen around listening to and trusting intuition.

When you receive intuitive and heart guidance do you find yourself immediately starting to question it, analyze and dissect it, do everything to discount it?

Or do you realize its value and clarity and fearlessly and directly follow it?

It takes practice to learn to hear the whispers of your “true” heart because you can easily project what you want to hear onto it. If things aren’t working and increasingly become more challenging, if things aren’t lighting and lining up, you feel depleted of energy, feel a loss of joy, and creating more tension and frustration in your life, chances are you haven’t supported that true inner guidance yet, unless you are in the process of change where things can sometimes increase before releasing.

Keep practicing to go into your stillness and ask for your truth to make itself known to you, but be willing to courageously support it when it does or it will hide from you even more.

We are brilliant self-sabotagers, but we are also reluctant magicians fearing our own power.

We need to nurture the parts of us that hold our true power and that starts with listening within so you can remember what they are.

Whether it’s answers you seek about where to go next, or answers about any question that arises in the moment, much can be discovered through an honest reflection and a willingness to take action in any small way that supports a feeling or nudge.

The rest will unfold from there and reveal itself as you move along.

I’ve laced the post with some photos from Saturday’s hike – my most favorite trail here that reflects my heart’s joy. For more landscape and magickal faery captures you can find a bunch more on my Instagram. These ones capture me in the environment along the 10 1/2 mile stretch. No matter which way you turned along the path, there were wildflowers and gorgeous vistas that filled my heart and soul with breath of life. Every time I thought I couldn’t find a different flower or be in greater awe, there popped up a new blossom, fragrance wafting through the air, and another perspective and hidden treasure for the present heart to see. The landscape of my soul’s essence was mirrored and reminded me that there are so many ways I can channel through my expression and bloom forth who I am.

I shared this message before about paths, but it seems to be coming up a lot again for people and feels important to share again for support right now, as the world undergoes transformation.

Here’s a little repost for anyone it might speak to right now:

There is so much angst and frustration out there around worrying about not being on path, searching, yearning, seeking out guidance to what exactly you “should” be doing, holding onto the belief there must be some idealized version and bigness around an end result of what this looks like, and coming up short on these expectations placed on it all by self and the messaging out there.

Interestingly, at the same time you worry and search, you may also be avoiding the feelings inside, your intuitive messaging, those subtle or sometimes loud nudges, are self-sabotaging with conditioned beliefs, ingenious inner dialogue, and avoidance tactics, or even creating every obstacle and energy drain on yourself, otherwise.

Yet, one perspective might be about surrendering to what IS right now.

Who you ARE this moment.

The intelligence within you ALREADY.

You miss the opportunities every moment to just be YOU and bring through the creative vitality that stirs within your spirit and heart.

There isn’t a perfect outcome you need to strive for.

You simply need to choose to walk in the frequency of your vibration right now and how ever that leads you, IS exactly what you are here to do.

Don’t wait for some perfect answer or precise conclusion to your quest.

Give up the quest and realize the truth of your journey that is a step-by-step unfolding of you being you.

The more we can merge our feelings and the voice within with our mental processes, we can integrate a conscious partnership that will support greater knowing of exactly what it is in each moment that would be the best possible use of our breath here on Earth. And that may be much more simple than you were led to believe, although without devising it, could very well turn into something much bigger.

But don’t judge what is and isn’t extraordinary or how if you only do “this,” you aren’t doing enough.

If you truly are embracing your spirit’s song and commit to expressing its voice in each experience you have, then you will come to experience the peace and harmony you seek…the next notes will become clear…and naturally you’ll have a symphony at work with your instrument in sync with the the collective orchestra.

I find that people create inertia because they dwell too much on the ideas rather than the feelings moving through. I’ve been there too.

You have and always will be messaged by your inner voice to where would most be in resonance and alignment to your vibrational expression.

We simply don’t listen and listening, nurturing, and supporting that voice is more key than how things need to look, as when we cultivate that, we naturally will be doing and being our best possible version in each ever-expanding and evolving moment.

So it won’t be about what big thing you “should” be doing, but truly about embodying your own bigness through being.

The less we listen and support that innate knowingness, is where we come up against the challenges.

And that inner voice will tell us when making changes would be much more supportive to our life and everyone’s lives we touch.

If you feel a loss of passion, it’s not because you don’t have any or you need to discover your passion, you may just need to tune back into you, as somewhere along the line a door was closed on your feelings and the connection and love didn’t receive the nurturing that other things instead did. The nature of you doesn’t go away, it simply awaits remembering and dancing with once again.

And yes, that does become important, if in fact you desire to live from that purity of your natural vitality more and find yourself frustrated and tormented all the time.

Loss of passion may also speak to your completing a cycle on your spiral of life and rather than continuing to repeat patterns that keep you stuck, or drag you backwards like a whirpool, you may just be called to get on the next spiral and create anew, integrating ingredients to bring forth continual alchemy of being.

Take an honest, deep, intimately vulnerable look within yourself and ask the really important questions. You’ll discover what the true “block” is to your having the very thing you say you desire…or in essence, to being more of who you really ARE.

It’s a very interesting journey we experience in our lives.

No right or wrong, nor timeframe. However, if you are feeling miserable or frustrated, that may very well be indication to try another way.

When we more actively engage ourselves as the truly empowered partners in co-creation, we can discover how to work with the alchemy latent within each of us to create.

How things evolve will be a beautiful spiraling of your nature unfolding her or his exquisite petals.

If you are feeling a squeeze on yourself, uninvigorated, and like you are suffocating, or ready to burst, then your spirit is messaging you to go bigger, expand, express, bring forth and wisely channel what is burning within.

If uninspired, this is your chance to choose to recreate yourself and do something that moves you, feels invigorating, and keeps your imagination and creativity engaged. Start inviting and bringing forth new elements to your life that stimulate newness and fresh perspectives to keep you thriving and challenge you to go beyond yesterday’s ideas and version of yourself.

That doesn’t always mean it has to be a huge outward change, but may simply be about inviting more of the little tweaks and perspectives to your current experience that inspire a natural unfolding from there.

You have the ability to choose completely new right now and to create something different, something more, but ultimately more you this moment.

This doesn’t need to be a do or die situation, but about really feeding your spirit’s song without any constraints on should’s and should not’s, nor about following patterns…but carving a new way that is more resonant aligned to you in the flow of energy streaming through that is simultaneously abound.

I feel that as long as we continue to touch in with ourselves, invite, and put into action ways to challenge ourselves to expand our capacity for creative expression and move into new areas of personal passion moving through us with expanding courage, we will find our lives enriched and continuing to unfold in amazing ways.

You are an intuitive being whether you think you are, or not.

When you reteach yourself to trust what you’re feeling and relax into a more peaceful state of presence, then you can be more mindful, discerning, and understanding of how to navigate the energy streams in healthy partnership of heart and mind where unnecessary risks, but invigorating challenge will meet in your always being exactly where your spirit desires.

July Midway Update & Check-In

As Lee mentioned in his July Energy Update, this month has indeed felt very Yang in energy, at least in my experience. This, for me, has included a lot of action, doing, outward focus and taking care of multiple things at once. At the half-way point of the month, I do feel half-way done with what I set as goals to accomplish, so things are on track. But it’s also been a good test of my abilities to juggle many things, approach surprises and constant influx with deep breaths and release, and continue implementing boundaries and healthy balance. Now and then we get chances to put to practice what we’ve learned, so rather than be upset about it, we can see it as opportunity to be the change.

Weather has remained mild here getting into the low 80’s now and 40’s at night, but Summer is definitely in full gear. I’ve been able to start playing afternoon hooky sometimes at the beach to ground, relax, and soak in some water and sunshine, but there’s definitely a lot of energetic movement, more to manage, and longer hours being put into things. This mirroring the season’s longer days.

We’ve been getting in our bigger hikes and bike rides on the weekends these last couple of weeks, due to both of our work ramping up, with shorter walks when possible during the week. At the least, I get in garden watering time, sun bathing, or late afternoon beach time for nature nurturing. July has the potential for a lot of closure and opening for things with us, so we’re adjusting to accommodate.

It’s all good, as I knew this was coming for the month and will start to wind down as August approaches when I will be pulling back from some things to start streamlining my energy focus again.

Oh those ebbs and flows! 🙂 It’s become a regular part of managing energy and projects, for me, in literal inward/outward mirroring ways.

As mentioned previously, I’ll be stepping back from client sessions starting August and plan to only focus on the Reiki classes for that month and putting more time into my writing. I’ll open things up again later, but need to take some time off for now.

In terms of the Reiki classes, although I did open up to taking more students than originally intended, I do now have to close registration for Reiki Level 1, otherwise I’d need to open more days of training than I currently already have done. And that’s more than I can manage. These are taking place in mid to late August.

We have a confirmed group of 14 awesome souls, which made it necessary for me to be flexible with my teaching approach and break up the class into two sessions, of which the second session will be split into two groups for.

Rather than be rigid with things, I embraced a different approach, but one that feels good and supportive, without cutting corners.

That means only Reiki Level 2 (which will be held in October) and 3 Master Teacher (which will be held in December) are available to register for, although there’s 11 in each of these classes, so there’s really only a few more I could do there to make it work out like Level 1. Eleven is also a great master number, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we stay there too. 🙂

Info and registration can be found here: Online Reiki Classes

Other than that, I’m just trucking along with things. Astrid is doing well and has been such a great copartner with everything. She’s also going through shifts, as her fur begins to molt. She’s shedding a lot and it’s making interesting patterns on her back, including bringing through her underlying silver for the first time there.

Dream time has been interesting, to include a lot of continued bear dreams (which I discovered have ET connections), Astrid and wild rabbit dreams, Gaia (my tortoise) dreams, and telepathic dreams involving people I know that reveal psychic messages that pan out true in real life. So, it seems there’s even a lot of activity (Yang) stuff going on at night. Makes sense why I sleep even more these days. 😉

I feel like things are on the precipice of bigger change and even in waking life, there’s a lot of messaging coming through even more than usual. I’m seeing also that my clients are undergoing huge life changes for the good. That makes me super happy!

I heard from a magickal, dear friend of mine in England yesterday, which always seems to mark something important in motion. The last time we spoke was in February, just before everything hit, and hearing her update was refreshing, resonant, and a hopeful energy reflection from another side of the world.

So, while things in the wider world can be a bit daunting, there is evidence of transformation coming in from all of this. Endings and beginnings are bookmarking life, as always.

How are you all experiencing July so far?

Does it feel more Yang to you as well?

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