Magnificence Is…

Magnificence is you alive in this moment.

Are there challenging things going on right now?


Yet, even amidst the twists and turns, the simple truth of your soul expressed in body is a miracle.

And that includes the myriad of experiences that are made possible because of being human at this moment.

Not only the experiences that are deemed good or pleasurable.

But every one of them, simply because they are even possible to be experienced, felt, and navigated with every part of your being.

Just a short message I wanted to share with all of you miraculous beings.

We’re heading out again Saturday, for a week, and so I wanted to send you this little note, as inspiration came through.

I likely won’t be blogging until we return, which means the next post will be a fun Full Blue Moon Halloween/Samhain share. Hehe!

Today happens to be the 12 year anniversary of Dave and I first kayaking out on Lake Tahoe all those many Moons ago. And our week away has many celebrations woven into it, to include that, his birthday, and more.

I’ve, of course, been a busy faery bee in order to be able to get away. Yet, as my last Soulful Time Out shared, “Sometimes we think we couldn’t possibly create the space and time for what we need, but that’s exactly when we need it the most.”

I’m in a balancing zone right now between heavy load and soulful softness and am grateful to be navigating things with greater ease than the old me.

Quick updates on the new classes and free event, before I head out:

The Intuition & Reiki ~ Empowered Intuitive Development February 2021 class is now full. If you were wanting to join, or feel a draw to this, you can contact me. Depending on amount of extra interest, I might open a second class later in Spring.

Both the Crystal Healing & Reiki ~ Deepening through Integrative Healing Sessions class and the Free Event – Intuitive Sound Healing Immersion ~ Awaken the New & Ignite Your Ancient Voice have three openings left.

Link to all the info can be found here: 2021 Classes & Upcoming Events

Holding you all in heart and wrapping lots of love around each of your souls.

I am grateful for every one of you.

I am grateful for this life, despite and because of all the mysterious ways energy expresses itself beyond my full ego comprehension.

And I am grateful that every day is a new opportunity to feel and stretch to even greater depths, express myself in new ways, find and see even more beauty than the day before, share greater kindness in soul-reaching ways, and experience the full gamut of what being human is all about.

2021 Classes, Free Event & More

Edging closer to the end of what has been quite the year, you might find yourself beginning to look toward 2021 with anticipation of renewed hope and desire for inspired action in various areas of your life. Perhaps this Autumn and Winter may be rich with foundational building and deepening in order to manifest leaps forward.

For me, things have changed dramatically and as you’ve seen some of that change has included returning, for the time being, to things like teaching and sessions, although I felt that part of my life had cycled through.

A big reason for this stems from a series of large to smaller rebirth experiences over the last few years that continue to release residual effects that have completely recalibrated, upgraded, and redesigned the expression of my soul in body and placed me on a different timeline. And if that doesn’t make sense in those terms, let’s just say I’ve gone through a rather large transformation that’s imbued new life into things – so much so that they feel completely different, as do I.

What I discovered, like with most things in life, is that through renewal, we can reinvent our lives and the layers that are part of it in ways that make the old seem completely new again. And it’s because of that – complete recreation – coupled with divine guidance tapped into collective energies -that I’ve been able to step into some of these realms for the time being.

One of the things that this year saw, was a return to teaching Reiki and it’s been made more than clear why, after now completing to teach Reiki Levels 1 & 2.

And during the last couple of months I’ve been receiving a few new guided insights for additions to offer when timing felt like a big, “yes”.

This post is the result of that “yes” to meet the collective energies that have come knocking.

So, as promised, these are the new classes for the beginning of 2021, including a free, fun event to end the year, an update on our last Reiki class for 2020, and what’s upcoming still.


Sunday, February 7th, 2021: Intuition & Reiki ~ Intuitive Development for Empowerment

Sunday, March 14th, 2021: Crystal Healing & Reiki ~ Deepening through Integrative Healing Sessions

You can find more information, registration, and pricing for these on this page: 2021 Classes & Upcoming Events

END OF 2020

Intuitive Sound Healing Immersion ~ Awaken the New & Ignite Your Ancient Voice: November 29th 10 – 11 am

You can find this Free Event on the same page as the new 2021 classes: 2021 Classes & Upcoming Events

Reiki 3 Master Teacher ~ December 6th, 12th & 13th

This is the last Reiki class for 2020. The class is likely going to be split between two days again like Reiki Level 1, as there’s a lot of material to go over. December 6th is the proposed full group class and then the 12th and 13th will split the group in two to complete the training.

This class is pretty much at capacity with the same number of people each of our previous levels have been. We have 13 registered and 2 review students. I can open this to 1 more registered student to make it an even 7 and 7 in each class.

So, if this speaks to you as a way to raise your vibration for 2021 please contact me to discuss: Contact Tania

Registration for this class can be found here: Online Reiki Classes


The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop: We have a very limited number of items left in the shop, which includes two new custom items that may make great holiday gifts (Magick Keepsake Chests and Mini Wood Plaque Portals). Link to shop: The Magick Rabbit

I’ll be gone most of the Winter and other than teaching the new February class during that time period, I’ll be focused on developing my writing, the mentoring program, and podcast ideas while away, alongside a refreshing Winter immersion celebration. It will be interesting to see how things evolve and transform while experiencing a new environment and nurturing my inner child, cosmic soul, and physical well being even more.

That’s it for now, but I’ll keep you posted on any new developments along the way. Thank you for your patience while I put this together, as I know I mentioned posting these yesterday.

Time isn’t something we can control, but we CAN embrace right now.

Current Energy Insights & Support

How have you all been holding up recently?

I’ve heard and felt how for many it’s been a bit of an uphill battle, unsettling, or like hitting rock bottom yet again, as you rebuild from the inside out.

For some this return within is depleting and for others it’s been invigorating.

I know there’s a mix of despair, challenge in being hopeful, desire to withdraw, confusion about what to do next, and also excitement, new clarity, feelings of renewal, and deepening into more authentic embodiment than ever before.

Where ever you find yourself on the spectrum of experience, know that it’s all perfectly okay. If we’re honest about how we feel and we’re willing to feel it, then that’s the perfect journey to be on. Acknowledging and allowing the emotions to move through us creates space for something new.

I’m not going to go into all of the astrological aspects in high gear right now, as I’ll leave that to the astrologers, plus sometimes it’s all just too much info that is hard to understand by everyone. But Mercury Retrograde did just kick in on the 13th and today, the 16th of October, we have a Libra New Moon.

There are some harsher aspects to the New Moon that will amplify feelings and could create some triggers, but if you can stay grounded, centered, and present in your heart, then you may be able to harness Libra’s peace and justic-loving desires.

The challenges and harsh realities aren’t coming up to hurt us, but merely to get our attention focused on the things we’ve long overlooked or thought might just go away if we didn’t think about them. Because once we do integrate these forgotten energies, then we can be at the top of our game and more masterful in how we respond to life.

As many of us have mentioned before…we can’t just think our way through things or state affirmations over and over to create lasting change. Change comes from uncovering and working with the emotions underneath the thoughts (yes all of the icky-feeling ones too) and then aligning our body, heart, mind, and soul with the new.

New Moons are an ending to one cycle and beginning to another, so it’s a great time for fresh starts in life and in any area of life. This one has some challenged opposing aspects, yes, but with Libra at work you can bet it’s centered on balancing. So even with relationships, conflict, power struggles, and intensity being in the spotlight, there’s opportunity for realizations and adjustments. Patience and reflection will be your friend, rather than quickly reacting. All of this could lead to leaving toxic situations that no longer serve you and finding ways to do this that are in everyone’s highest good.

It’s a time to learn and grow from the challenges in our lives. So, if something bothers you or things feel confusing and unclear right now, just remember that you can take a pause and focus on the things that actually do feel more clear in your life. If you direct energy there instead of forcing what feels murky currently, then you’ll not only feel better, but you’ll give things time to settle and not be misconstrued by the combined other energies, including the Retrograde.

This could be a powerful time for a new perspective, awakening, receiving spiritual insights on things you’ve been wondering about or a new direction, or for experiencing a deepening of your intuition.

The more we can be gentle with ourselves and try to shift into a heart space when viewing all experiences, the more kindness will pour from and to us.

What is calling to you right now or moves you the most?

This is a great time to let yourself explore within and see what lights you up.

Retrogrades are not the villains they’re often made out to be…they help us to recognize the times for going within and reworking things, re-strategizing, doing stuff behind the scenes, reevaluating, reviewing, rethinking, reconnecting, releasing, and rebuilding. And when we do, we can catapult ourselves by working with the energies and strategizing inwardly.

For me, the “r” word has been reinventing and I feel the changes I’m weaving in are creating the future-self me in the now – if that makes sense. Retrieval from the future, rather than the past like has been the case up until now, is what I feel happening. And of course there is no distinction of time as multi-dimensional beings, but that’s the human way to describe it so that it’s somewhat understandable.

Retrogrades may seem like a hidden enemy, but I’ve found them particularly supportive. It’s all about learning the language of energy and putting to use your skills you’ve been cultivating. Retrogrades don’t mean a time to throw out all that you’ve acquired in life training to be at the mercy of a certain time of the year. Rather, it’s the perfect time to exercise a little self-mastery.

If you’ve been challenged with Retrogrades before, here is just a little reminder about how to navigate its waters and understand what might be going on with your current experiences.

This is a good time to complete and release things that no longer support your highest good, put to rest old “stuff”, have more patience and light-heartedness about things, take time for yourself away from it all, slow down and be still to receive, cleansing is a great way to utilize the energy, as is focusing on intentions you want to put out to the Universe, be more present in your life and with others, especially in terms of communication, realizing that things can get heated and meanings mixed up, so stay in your heart, listen and go within, and realize it’s not all that serious.

Things can be amplified during this time, but that in no way means it has to rule your life. This is a great time to exercise self-mastery skills and work a little alchemy in your life. Put to use all that you’ve learned and you can actually ride Retrogrades with ease and utilize its energy in very positive and productive ways.

Realize that if something is confused or delayed, or your electronics go awry, it’s not the end of the world and it may be serving a purpose you just can’t see in the heat of the moment. Let go, detach, and embrace that everything is working for the highest good. You will come to understand later, why things happened as they did.

You can utilize determination during this time to help carry out visions and goals, but you will also need to stay on top of your willpower, as illusions and immediate pleasures may easily sway you. Yes, that could mean more shadow work to help you to integrate and balance and be able to see things clearly. People and things that trigger us are important to look at, not pushed away, in order to understand the trigger and what it is telling you about yourself and hidden feelings you may be afraid to see or acknowledge within.

Do you secretly envy someone or wish to be more like that which annoys you?

Is the thing that is bothering you about them, a quality you, yourself possess, and therefore if you integrate it yourself with love, you can transform your experience of self and others?

Is the quality that you fear or cast out in another, a part of you that if nurtured, could really catapult your passionate life?

What are you willing to do and give up short-term for the things you desire?

Your strength, will, determination and focus are key now, along with the flexibility to know when to flow so you maintain balance of mind, body, and spirit.

This isn’t so much the time for outward doing, as it is for being and preparation, so all of this is done on the inner planes and if done with commitment to the process of you, you will reap the benefits of the Retrograde, rather than feel controlled and beat down by it.

Keep the faith and lovingly nurture yourself and others during this time. The more you practice these things, the more you can discover how Retrogrades can be powerful catapulting times.

And since there are some challenging energies around the also supportive New Moon energies, this Retrograde provides the perfect space for you to put to rest some of that old stuff so that you can start anew.

I interlaced this post with Autumn photos from this week (the last from our backyard and the others from a hike and bike ride the last two days) in hopes that they kindle a warmth that melts any walls around your heart. After our week away, we returned to everything illuminated in beautiful Autumn colors. I’m particularly fond of the wondrous golden trees right now (especially set against the clear blue skies) who’s whisper enchant and remind me that harmony is always at hand.

I was going to post the new classes, events, and offerings today, but was guided to wait until Monday, as this post felt more important right now given the energies we have at hand.

So stay tuned for Monday’s update, which I’m very excited about!

Until then, wishing you love and balance in all that you do.

Taking a Soulful Time Out

We’ve had on and off good, moderate, to not so great smoky air days up in the Tahoe basin since the fires in the west started, which has created a back and forth pendulum experience of heavy outdoor exercise, to light exercise, to indoor-only exercise. It’s been reflective of busier days and the need to focus on getting things done when unable to venture outdoors, so it’s always perfect. However, we’ve been craving a little getaway, since we haven’t been anywhere since the beginning of the year and especially because of the fuller days and wanting to breathe in and enjoy as much of the now and life while we can, as well as nature’s gifts as possible. Plus, I’ve learned that I can give even more when I listen to my needs and nurture them as well.

And even though I had bookending online Reiki classes I was/am teaching between the 4th and 11th, it felt exactly why a time-out would be supportive. Including the sense I have that everyone in the group classes has a lot of energetic changes they’re shouldering and responding to, so I am adjusting to meet and integrate them the best I can.

Sometimes we think we couldn’t possibly create the space and time for what we need, but that’s exactly when we need it the most.

I’ve shared this before, but it feels worth sharing again:

Many believe that in order to have fulfillment or achieve certain goals that that entails working harder and keeping your nose to the grind.

But rather than push forward, sometimes the best thing is to just take a spontaneous break, rest, do something self-nurturing, commune with Nature…stop forcing and start being.

When you think you “should” be doing more, the more you really need is likely self love and balance. This will invigorate, harmonize, inspire, and draw to you more of what is really for your highest good.

It is the moments where you break out of the mold, and tune in to the nature of you, that the greater ease and magick happens.

“If your heart needs a vacation, take it somewhere serene. If your spirit needs nourishment, feed it well. If your soul needs a boost, surround it with joy. If your body needs rest…then rest. If you need a new direction, pull out your own life map and simply enjoy the ride. And along the way, keep your eyes and soul open, for you never know what you may find.” ~Jacque Bliss 

The Pisces me loves water, and Dave being a water sign as well is why we live by so many lakes, creeks, ponds, and rivers, including majestic Lake Tahoe, which is like the ocean itself in both vastness and energy.

But every now and then, a little oceanside immersion does the body and spirit good. I’m grateful that a Pacific Ocean getaway is within only a few hours drive, so we can dip in and out as guided.

We weren’t sure where we’d be headed to this week, since the air quality on the west isn’t great again in nearly every one-day drivable direction. But we found an opening the morning we left with full-week clear air forecasts and have enjoyed the fresh salty air and forest variety since.

Upon landing we were led to an inexpensive hotel just three minutes walk to the beach, wharf, waterfront cliff walks and within walking distance to conveniences including natural food stores and vegan eats for take out or outdoor eating to suit our intermittent fasting lifestyle and safety protocols.

Hearing the ocean and sealions every morning and evening has been like a lullaby coddling the soul. Days full of immersive and extensive miles (10-15) hiking, walking and biking while taking in the oceanside and moist faery forest realm scents have made for luxuriating sleep-filled nights and carefree days.

And while we have tons of forest by us, the change of scenery exploring the Redwood and Oak tree rich enchantment, alongside plentiful varieties including Eucalyptus, and moss, fern, and ivy-enriched Elemental-filled worlds were a sweet change that welcomed us warmly. Then add all the Autumn feels and you get a wonderland of comfort and joy.

Plus, with it being off-season, we had mysterious, Devic Kingdom rich trails all to ourselves with many mystical eyes that we could feel upon us. And even though a rustle in the leaves sometimes was a forest creature peeking at us, like this pair of deer, it was not always an animal stirring, that’s for sure.

Our first full day combined both forest and ocean abundant miles of enrichment – the perfect way to balance and acquaint to the energies.

The forest floor covered in fallen colored leaves and the scent of musky freshness washed over me with welcome, as the ancient Redwood giants of the world and the Oak wisdom keepers whispered pieces of the Great Mystery.

It was experienced like a deep activation in my root chakra, which in fact induced slight tailbone aches that I get when something ancient or dna-connected is transforming.

Alongside timely feather gifts, magickal train whistles (I love trains!), a flock of wild turkeys

(pictured is the largest of them that was guarding – I shared a cool video of the flock on Instagram) foraging in the forest, tree portals galore, evidence of forest creatures having passed

through recently, mystical and even spooky fun deep realms, fuzzy black

and warm red caterpillars, tree gifts, and on later days a dead raven, abundant cliffside farmland including a Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin pumpkin patch, and a secret area of the last batch of late, wild blackberries…it’s all had the perfect hints and epitome of October essence you dream of.

And it all made for the perfect welcome into this different realm.

There are days when the magick is so tangible that the Otherworld becomes the only world – and the days this week have definitely been just that. I felt my essence alive and receiving a rekindled boost.

And equally activating were the majestic cliffs and natural coastal formations, while ocean life swam and flew all around us.

That ancient Lemurian essence gently knocking the soul pieces awake, while The Fae tickled my roots in other ways, infused with a little Gaelic twist.

Connection to everything is a given whether we are aware of it or not. When I’m in different environments, it’s ones of the things I notice right away – how the tapestry is woven between me and all things regardless of placing me in a different world for the moment.

I take notice of the reflections and how they show up. And I feel my heart beat as one with life around me.

Days were filled with energy in motion, as we immersed in several outdoor activities a day to enjoy the outdoors and create well being through body integration of moving energy.

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos – the trees, the clouds, everything.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

One of our days included miles of gorgeous and fun single track bike trails riding along the cliffs’ edge – my favorite biking trail ever that I mentioned to Dave was like a Disneyland ride. It moves along like a snake and has enough easier to moderate elements to add a weeeee and suspense effect.

Below, water crashing on secluded beaches and natural rock formations, with colonies of sealions (you can see in the photos) and sea birds calling out.

The path wove along beautiful vistas of trees, brush, over train tracks, through abundant Autumn

farm fields of gorgeous veggies (like the artichokes and brussels sprouts pictured), and included that pumpkin patch and surprise late patch of wild berries I mentioned, as seen above. It was quite the adventure.

Pelicans, seagulls, egrets, and cormorants would glide next to us as we moved along the path with even a hawk soaring low with purposeful unison. Hawk seemed to follow us from our mountain home to the ocean, as she is a strong spirit guide for me and us – specifically red tailed hawk on this trip. This is where I found the transitioned raven – which felt meaningful with us approaching the time of thinnest veils between worlds.

We loved the bike trail so much we returned a second time and while I came across the dead raven again, a very alive raven was waiting for me.

He was huge and sat there very deliberately, wanting me to stop and come closer. He was making an interesting kind of clucking combined with an almost regurgitating sound and continued until I decided to continue on. Then he took off in unison with me, soaring over the ocean.

Two more deer caught my attention on this second bike trip too. They were grazing at the edge of the beach not far from several different flocks of large birds. One of which created a procession, marching in a single file line toward a back bay area.

You can see the beginning of that line of birds in the sand to the right of the deer below.

It’s a very surreal bike ride and as you glide along you feel the animals, wind, and waves all around, moving together as one.

Time stood still, yet in connective motion and shared feeling of heart and soul liberation despite human body frameworks we inhabit.

Every day had me discovering little treasures of divine alignment. Every time I would say this area feels like such and such bird lives here and that I’d love to find a feather awaiting, it would be. Each day held several feather gifts from a variety of birds (some of which I’m not sure of their origin, but some include hawk, owl, and raven), usually in pairs of two at a time directly after I stated an intent. These are a few of the feather finds pictured above. Dave says I am the feather master and have a hawk eye when it comes to finding them. 🙂

Rather than go into any more details of what this little side-detour has initiated, I’ll just share the energy of my favorite photos and some of the incredible vistas, sense-filled experiences, messengers, treasures, and sign posts of the journey at hand. You may get a sense of things from them alone, as well as your own activation or inspired guidance.

All of that, alongside the ocean herself and all that she reflects – unexplored depths, unknowns, deep hidden treasures for the courageous explorers of shadowy caverns and murky emotional/subconscious waters, etc. point to an unearthing of expanse yet to discover and integrate.

It also speaks to this layer of deep emotional patterns that is key for us to be aware of and integrate – much of why we are seeing and experiencing triggers out in the world right now is to help with this.

There were also a couple of eerie door-knockers and wake-up close calls right in the beginning of this adventure to help “crack” open and elevate adrenalin response into an even higher level of awareness, drive home the need for staying clear of “other’s” energies and projections, strengthen boundaries, continue to balance and ground, stay open to change, listen to and trust guidance, and remain in my heart despite what’s going on around me.

Definitely feels like a mini rebirthing continues similar to, but not as dramatic as, four years ago during Magick Bus times and am grateful always for the divine protection, guidance, and cosmic flow of love that streams through.

It’s like a new version of me/us is in preparation and process, just like the caterpillars I was seeing in warm red/rust and black – correlating to that root chakra activation. The woolly bear caterpillars we have at home are black and gold, so the color shift feels significant in focusing at the bottom root of things and makes sense given the collective energies.

There was a lot of focus around the lower chakra colors on this trip in reds, rusts, oranges, and yellows – mirroring the beautiful fall leaves lining every trail and the messengers that drew my attention, including Red Tailed Hawk and the gorgeous wild turkeys.

I also saw a beautiful Autumn-dressed moth in gorgeous brown, orange, and black wings on the golden fields between the faery forests we hiked. Her orange eyes stood out to me, outlined and dotted in black.

And later I found a perfect butterfly mussel shell on the beach with gorgeous, iridescent blue and pearly coloring and a darker spot on each wing like the eyes I saw on the stunning moth. The butterfly and moth symbolism of transformation and rebirth speaking loudly. It also doubles as the heart of the ocean with the reflection of how much more we can exercise our heart muscles to open wider and deeper.

What also kept showing up, seemingly in reflection to my bright sunflower yellow bathing suit I brought with me (with peace signs, hearts, stars and bunnies on it of course), despite it being Autumn, was yellow flowers around every corner. I saw so many, but these were a few of my favs.

They were joyously speaking to me of joy, new life, and hope.

I know it can be hard to keep up the hope in the face of what seems like constant adversity, but I can tell you from experience, which I likely will elaborate more on down the road, that I’ve gone through several chronic life experiences, conditions, debilitating setbacks, and nearly devastating-to-me hardships that lasted years on end, but they did all have a silver lining that eventually enveloped me in the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

It’s not always easy to see the way out and it’s not always easy to even give ourselves a way out, but the possibility is always there. Being softer on ourselves and finding more ways to love what IS and who we ARE regardless of any specific result, is a door opener.

Sometimes it’s not so much about healing or perfecting an outcome, but about surrendering to what’s showing up as the experience it is, outside of any judgments we place upon it.

And sometimes we also just need to take a soulful time out, even if that simply is a break from the norm to explore the adventure of where letting go might lead.

That could simply be an adventure of our imagination, as there truly is no separation between what is perceived and felt. The more vivid our world we create in our hearts and minds, the more real and fulfilling it will be.

When I can’t physically get away or do something I would like to, I do it anyway.

I do imagination well and so can you.

And if you have a challenge with envisioning magickal realms or inspiring beauty and nature adventures, I hope that the photos and expressions I share can help you to get there.

Happy October & Harvest Aries Full Moon ~ An Energy Forecast for the Month

Astrid and I would like to send our heartfelt wishes to you all. We can feel the continued rise of tensions out there and in any way that we, or this blog and posts where we express inspirations, thoughts and our experiences, can act as a bridge…it is for these reasons we share.

Astrid received a special little surprise gift from mom, which we were going to wait until Halloween to share. However, she wanted me to go ahead now, since she’ll be wearing this hat all month and beyond. A way to let you see not only her royal essence (as her sunflower crown has revealed), but her cosmic wizardry and faery rabbit witchy essence.

I found her the perfect little sparkly purple wizard/witch hat with moon and star on it and she loves it. She is a hat lover in general, always sitting still for me to place them on her and doesn’t shake them off.

I love these photos of her with her hat next to a bouquet of five sunflowers with sparkly gold centers – felt so perfect for this Harvest Full Moon. And after she stuck her nose in them (first photo above), she even got a little gold sparkle kiss on her nose, as you can see in the second photo below.

Her sparkly purple hat matches my new cosmic sparkly readers I got after my eye appointment last week – I’ll share them another time perhaps. Her hat also compliments my own Halloween fun, but we’ll share that also for our official, upcoming Halloween/Samhain post with more fun captures.

Astrid doesn’t want to hide who she is anymore and encourages each of us to do the same, as the authenticity that is you at a soul level, is SO needed in the world.

The smaller picture: Full Moon and White Rabbit Magick

This moon is an invitation of awareness and acceptance around our wounds and vulnerabilities, support for speaking our truth and express our uniqueness and sharing of these without blame. Aggressive, defensive, or argumentative behaviors can easily be triggered right now, but if we work with balance in mind, which includes honoring our individuality and expression as well as that of others, we can more harmoniously work together toward creating something new.

If you recall the rainbow light energy on Astrid from two posts back, The Days are Getting Shorter, as Life is Getting Fuller, I found her displaying a touch of dramatic (Egyptian at times) energy especially interesting in accordance with the energies abound. The rainbow energy mirroring this description from Tanaaz on Forever Conscious:

“Even though we have this dramatic energy being stirred on this Full Moon, there is a strong healing presence on offer to us too, and this is where we should put our focus.

This healing presence is given to us by the asteroid Chiron, which will be conjunct the Full Moon.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer but also the rainbow bridge. Its energy represents the process of awakening. As we awaken, we are able to take our wounds and turn them into powerful portals of strength, wisdom, and compassion.

When we channel Chiron’s energy, we are also able to walk the bridge into higher states of consciousness.

We are able to see that all that ever happens and unfolds in our lives is for our highest good. We are able to see that even though tragedy and awful things happen in this life, there is always a bigger picture.”

The bigger picture: Full Moon Magick Tapestry with five illuminated butterflies and a Full Moon LED light that hangs from the center of my room

On Tuesday I found this hawk feather.

Magick was definitely afoot as our tree frog, who lives on our deck, was croaking, a coyote walked by the back of the house, and I found this hawk feather – all taking place at nearly the same time or within minutes of each other.

Hawk speaks to having wide awareness/big picture vision, seeing with clarity and discernment, trusting intuition, expanded psychic awareness, and attuned and successful alignment.

So much is weaving in experience right now. My dreams are bridging timelines and messaging me profoundly, things are piercing through the veils, intuition is on high, and energy feels like it’s whirling yet centered.

I keep seeing things take care of themselves, as long as I stay aligned. Clear paths open and others close by staying centered.

And while this has been a very busy time and continues to be, I feel like that is also helping to keep balanced, centered and grounded so that I don’t get caught up in what’s “out there” and I stay focused on anchoring in my own contribution of energetic embodiment. I’ll not post again until maybe next week some time, or potentially even the week after depending on how things go, as I have a lot to get done in the next few days and a Reiki 2 class to teach this Sunday before leaving on a road trip Monday for the week. Then another Reiki 2 class the Sunday after I return. So the week of the 12th will be a bit more open until I head off again on the 24th on another week-long road trip. But I do have some fun new stuff to share for November, December and 2021, so I’ll get those up as soon as timing aligns.

How are you all experiencing things lately? Are you also feeling like your days are extra full?

Once again, Lee has a great Energy Update for this month that I think you’ll find supportive.

There are so many good morsels of insights in it. A couple of things that stood out for me that Lee talks about include these paraphrased shares:

Energy activism is supportive right now – having awareness of your own stuff makes you more useful and effective to the collective and supports building bridges of compassion with others rather than destructive behaviors toward others. Staying unconscious and asleep out of comfort and safety, creates the division and fight energy. People desperately cling to what they want to believe or do believe is true about life.

Speak your truth, not to battle or stamp on someone else’s truth, but to add your voice, opinion, and feelings to the mix (not combatively). The more you speak truth you help dilute the planetary energy. If you’ve been silent, it’s time to speak again. Don’t share to be understood, heard, respected, or agreed with. Just speak your truth to offer a perspective, not to win or tell someone else they’re wrong, but to simply add your energy to help dilute division of right and wrong and to offer a middle note. Speaking your perspective adds to the shift of frequency of a conversation when you do so with unattachment and recognition of expressing a feeling moving through with only recognition of the importance in saying it.

Remember that everyone is going through the same energies together, but in different ways. So take care of you and be good to others.

Other key points he shares about:

  • Weird becoming the new normal – Paranormal and Supernatural experiences and the seemingly absurd will be appearing in bigger ways through October for many.
  • Earthquake Energy – rattling what’s on the ground in your life and causing fast rearrangement.
  • For many who are awake, Manifestation has become a new normal ‘superpower’ when it comes to quickly rearranging your life. This affects EVERYONE as it will catch on more and more in the collective. Acknowledge and share your experiences around this with others where appropriate.
  • Heart-quake Energy – Heart Expansions arising through struggle, challenge and shock. If this isn’t you, you may be experiencing greater heart compassion and taking heart based actions for those in such situations.
  • Power + Defense of Power – This theme is ‘up’ in the world right now, so be mindful and aware of it, as it is creating a defensive energy. Defensive energy can trigger anger, fight and avoidance. It’s a sticky and seductive energy so ask yourself, “Is this truly my battle to wade into – or did I just get swept up in the chemical reaction?”
  • The Psychic highways will see a lot of chaos in October – timelines are changing fast and the chaos on the ground will be affecting the psychic highways, so choose your information wisely and update it regularly. If basing your actions on psychic information, triple check before making a move and TRUST your gut.
  • The Body is our strength right now – don’t buy into the fear energy around our bodies, and recognize the innate wisdom and power your body can hold for you, so ‘How are you serving it right now? What does it need?’
  • Ground yourself regularly, to benefit your now and also to be ready for November and December – they will be big months on the planet – so developing grounded practices now, however simple, will be very beneficial for your balance in the months to come.

Letting Go Is Natural – We Make It Hard

I came across this post from 2013, synchronously written in September of that year, and thought it went well with yesterday’s “letting go” theme. Wishing everyone ease and grace with all the transformations at hand.

Tania Marie

Me at Crystal Cove BeachMake “letting go” as natural as the ocean washing over your footprints in the sand.

While what you once did left an imprint, as soon as it was done, it was gone….only to return back to the wholeness from which its finiteness momentarily emerged.

EVERYTHING is simply the passage of experience, ever-recreating itself from the fresh Unity of each moment.

Even though something stands out as significant now, we are shown how brief its true existence is when the Universe instantly and loving embraces it back to its Source.

Presence of the moment provides opportunity for renewal, over and over again. Nature reminds us of this constantly.

You are just a changing thought and feeling creating a now experience.

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The Days Are Getting Shorter as Life is Getting Fuller

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting crisper, and the year is edging closer to end. Life is cycling through more rapidly than ever and I find my days fuller, but moving like the blink of an eye. I hardly get through things I intend to do, so it reminds me that only that which is important gets done. The rest can be let go of, which includes ideas about any of it.

Magick happens when you let go and surrender to the natural process.

Most of the time people hold tightly to things until it gets too painful to hold on anymore and/or they hit rock bottom and are then forced to let go. When the pain of this hanging on becomes bigger than the fear you have of letting go, you finally let go and allow yourself to be carried along the river of life… safely (to your surprise).

The key is in learning to let go before this happens and doing it on your own terms because you have come to trust that things have a way of working themselves out in even better ways than when you try controlling, manipulating, micro-managing, and over-analyzing them.

When you come to trust the process of life and walk that fine line of detached, unconditional intention for the highest good – without push, force, or attachment to a specific way that “must” be – then you begin to understand and experience a return to natural harmony.

Even just taking small steps of letting go will make a huge difference. When you feel you have a block or fear with this, be mindful of what part of you is afraid and ask yourself what you are afraid to let go of. There is a little boy or girl inside of each of us that just wants to be assured of knowing they are safe, loved, and that they are free to come forth in their truth because everything will be okay. It’s a process of reteaching trust.

Learning to let go to the Universe/Source/God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is and allowing the highest good to move through you as One, really helps bring greater peace and sense of well being to your life. Your whole body relaxes and hence, stress falls away.

You can still guide yourself consciously toward an intention while you go with the flow of “what is,” simultaneously.


By taking responsibility for the life you are creating while embracing the perfection of the journey, and all the experiences that are assisting you in bigger ways than you know to bring you more fully to your wholeness.

Greater surrender and aligning with what shows up have been some of the guiding forces for me, even more these days.

And that’s been true with all of my projects, especially right now. The next couple of weeks are crunch time here, so posts will be sporadic, but I do hope to share the coming months’ and 2021 line-up of classes and gatherings soon. I’m excited about the fun in store and hope you will be too!

Interestingly, Fall and Winter has been and will be a very busy time for me. There’s a feeling of internal instinct to keep reaching for the sunlight, like a plant excited to unfurl its leaves and blooms and take advantage of every bit of daylight possible.

This translates to me as alignment. Not a contrived drive, but a sense of internal aligning being guided by that synergy of relationship to all energies and factors presenting themselves.

Life, more and more, is unfolding in a way that makes sense without needing to. It feels good.

And what also feels good is that we’ve been back to daily nature exercise. The smoke-free air supports heavier activity, so my body is happy and nights are filled with deep sleep. Although my to-do lists incrementally decrease, I still manage to get a lot done.

I’m so enjoying the garden right now – maybe even more so than Summer. It’s been exceptionally beautiful with all of the late wildflower blooms that seem to be taking us right up to the door of Winter, as the plants and buds continue to reach for the light.

This feels to mirror all of the added energy and momentum bubbling and flowing from me when this could have been an otherwise quiet time.

After our big outdoor activities this weekend I managed to plant all 150 tulip and daffodil bulbs on Saturday (11 in the side garden and 139 in the front yard) and cleared away all the current old growth on Sunday, to prep for the seasons – all preceded and concluded by some online work and organizing around the house. I’ll have to do another round of yard/garden clearing when everything else finishes its cycle, but I wanted to get a head start. Long days in the garden after exercising made for some good muscle toning and grounded balance for all that is going on and percolating on the other fronts.

Grounding helps us to stay balanced and supports manifestation. If you’re focused a lot on expansion, making changes, and doing amplified spiritual or visualization work, grounding yourself will help to actualize things and to stay healthy without blowing out your energy. If you feel spacey, distracted, unable to concentrate, have anxiety, or are caught up in a lot of external drama, you may in fact be in need of and benefit from grounding. 

On Thursday, sweet Hope made another reappearance and while she sat under the bushes, we hung out together in conversation for about fifteen minutes.

Her both grounded and other worldly presence right now feels very supportive and with the sun streaming through to her, lighting her eye aglow, there was a cosmic essence to our connection.

This continued with seeing Astrid, not long after, with rainbow light highlighting her face and ear.

The way it was drawn from the corner of her eye reminded me of Egyptian energy, and I loved her ears and nose getting a rainbow boost too.

Egyptian frequencies have been flickering in the background, speaking to some ancient rooting emerging through the now and creating a bird-crumb path to follow.

Cosmic energy has been on high, and I just remembered a dream last night that involved a large, human-sized, crystal skull. In the dream I was in a foreign place surrounded by water where the crystal skull (very cosmic, animated and illuminated in blue light) had arrived via some people that currently had her. My sense was that she didn’t resonate with the people and they had taken her temporarily from others to try to extract something. She proceeded to converse with me telepathically and what I remember her saying is that she had birthed two children/beings. These beings were twin energy and that I was one of them. That’s all that is clear right now. I’m ruminating on that.

Yesterday I found a large raven wing feather on the bike path we were traveling. Then, raven physically showed up near the end, guiding me down the path ahead and circling back to stay with me and make sure I followed.

You can see Hope right between the two bunny ear feathers

Lately I’ve been finding owl, hawk, osprey, goose, and smaller bird feathers like Steller’s jay, woodpecker, and robin, but I haven’t found raven for quite some time. Their shamanic gifts are plentiful and indeed speak to cosmic energies afoot. Here are some links about their symbolism:

Raven is a harbinger of cosmic secrets and bearer of magical forces. It is regarded as a divine messenger that reveals omens and foretells the future. It is a keeper as well as a communicator of deep mysteries. The Raven is symbolic of powerful wisdom, vast knowledge, great mental clarity and high energy. 

Also, the Raven totem is the keeper of synchronicity. He is a master of bending and folding time and space. Therefore, you are precisely at the right moment at the right time…Whenever Raven’s meaning appears in your life, fantastic magic is imminent. The Raven symbolism also brings messages of transition, change, and healing because of its ability to cast light into the darkness. When this happens, make sure that you are well-grounded and have faith in your journey. This birds’ magic will guide you through.

And as my dear friend Mari has shared before, “Raven travels in the ethers to retrieve what is hidden and brings it into the light.”

What is coming to light has yet to fully be seen by all of us, yet much is being revealed these days. The interesting thing always to observe is how everyone has their own filtering mechanisms and therefore create many story versions that support what feels comfortable to them – THEIR TRUTH.

The key for me is that there are many versions relative to each and I honor everyone’s choice to express that, and amidst all of it I must find the version that feels most aligned to MY heart and purpose.

Time is an interesting experience right now where it can both seem fleeting and extended. The space between timelines is potent and in any moment we may be jumping them even without knowing, as we switch gears in our lives and amplify new changes. It’s a very alchemical time period where subtle, but profound experiences are plentiful.

Themes seem to keep repeating themselves, which is why guidance has me blogging on them consistently, but spiraling at different degrees of understanding and implementation in order to penetrate the layers.

I still feel that the emotional and subconscious layers are the least traversed, and the mental or physical are clearly being exasperated. I think it’s wonderful to explore the mind and expand thought, as well as to think in visionary ways of all the possibilities. I also think it’s great to act upon things. Yet, I also am wary about how that romance of mental stretching and reactive action can intoxicate and deter from feeling and anchoring more lasting, far-reaching results. Spiritual bypassing feels to still outweigh authentic spirituality, which for me would involve funneling it through all of our senses so that we can live as integrated beings experiencing the richness of our gifts as spirit in body.

What ever the case may be and where ever we find ourselves on the spectrum of experience and timelines, it feels evident that a large-scale collective transformation is in motion of bringing forth exactly what is purposeful.

Fresh & Fun ~ Autumn Kicks Off With New Vibe & Shop Updates

I was hoping to get the Magick Rabbit Shop updates posted yesterday, but this week was fuller than planned, yesterday was Equinox hair and intentions refresh time, and the Autumn vibes plus good quality air again have had us back out enjoying Nature immersions. But here we are, as promised with a small shop update of a few seasonal treats and some fun vintage, one-of-a-kind, discontinued, or simply whimsical wardrobe pick-me-ups.

These are just transitional items, as I had inspiration to create just a handful of sweet Autumn pieces – all of them under $20 each – to include three enchanted decorative/gift items and one simple necklace. I only have one of each. You’ll find them in the Magick Pumpkins, Autumn Magick and Crystal Pendants sections.

And then, of course, the clothing pieces that you’ll find in the Closet/Vintage/Thrift section. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the rabbit and whimsical clothing I find and if I can let them know where to get them, or find some for them. So, I decided both to put up an “Out of Closet” offering of a couple of my own pieces and then also procured a few vintage, unique, or discontinued items from various places I thought you might like. There’s currently 8 pieces available and you can check back, as I may have a couple more when I get time.

Again, both the seasonal and clothing items are a fun detour for just right now that I felt inspired to add.

The last new items you’ll find are two custom listings.

These can be found in the Custom Magick Portals and Custom Magick Chests sections. I have a limited number of each and once they’re gone I won’t be getting/creating more. There’s 5 Magick Portal size options and 12 Magick Keepsake Chests. These will be available until they run out. People have asked about commissioning these pieces and things like wondering if I could do their animal companions, etc. so now there’s an option.

All of the details are in the listings, as to ideas for inspiration on how you might want these created and how you use them, but I’ve included some of that below.

For instance, alongside painting your Magick Portal theme choice, they can also be adorned with crystals and/or feathers if so desired. The Magick Keepsake Chests will also be hand painted and crystals are an option there too.

For each, here are ideas:

Of course I love painting Magick Rabbits, but am open to other enchanting ideas. Other things I love to paint include faeries, gnomes, animals, flowers, plants, mushrooms, butterflies, dragonflies, and anything Nature, Cosmic, faery tale, or magickally themed. I have also loved creating crystal illumination portals that are painted around a particular crystal or crystals as a way to harness and focus the crystal’s energy into your space and life. Other ideas include adorning the perimeter of the plaques with crystals and creating an amplified portal or looking glass into another world or energetic experience. Another idea is to have these painted with your beloved animal companions to celebrate, honor, and cherish them forever.

The Magick Portals are created on cross-cut, oval, round and irregular-shaped basswood plaques that have a finely sanded surface and natural bark around the outer edge. They can be placed in a stand, leaned against a shelf, wall, or top of a mantle. Or, if you desire hanging it, we can discuss options when you order. They can also make a great base for candlescapes, flower arrangements, or the base of an altar space.

And of course the Magick Keepsake Chests are the perfect place to store special jewelry, crystals, hand written notes to yourself of nurturing and intentions, to keep keys easy to find, safe-keep special little mementos and treasures, are sweet gift boxes, and make wonderful Reiki boxes. The ways in which these can be used is only limited by your imagination. Some people use chests to store the ashes of beloved companions or other memories of their sweet babies.

Anyway, these are the new additions for now that Astrid and I felt inspired to add to the Magick Rabbit Shop.

Last night the sweet little bats were at it again, flying above our deck. Some of the things bats symbolize are transition, initiation, and new beginnings – basically rebirth.

And yesterday’s Equinox was a symbolic rebirthing or recreating of sorts for me, as I chopped off 15 inches of my hair! Yes, that’s right….15 inches. Since the average hair grows at a rate of about 1/2 an inch per month, that’s about 2 1/2 years of growth that went buh-bye with a quick snip-snip!

Anytime I let go of that much hair at once, it is a huge release. And although I didn’t do anything drastic with styling this time – keeping it very simple for now – it still was drastic to drop that many inches overnight and release all that was stored in those ends from the years of stuff they contain.

So my intention of fresher, lighter, and softer was achieved. I feel freer and even more invigorated. Also feels fun and more reflective of my childlike ways and sense of wonder.

And I have to say I really love it and my hair stylist did exactly what I envisioned for this initial change. I even had fun doing a mini selfie photoshoot to celebrate the new vibe fresh off the presses, as they say! And to honor and anchor the deeper transformation that is taking place within and without. I feel that a pause of presence with each step, including bigger initiative ones, is important and to take stock of how far we’ve come, what we’ve been able to overcome, and what we’ve created. There’s enough “out there” that can put a damper on things, so to celebrate hurdles and milestones, as well as even the smaller steps without known outcomes, and the ways in which we have opportunity to make life brighter, are worth taking pause for.

Dave was busy with some things so I just snapped away on my own. Weeeeeee!

I always wondered what my natural silver stripe highlights would look like with shorter pieces of hair around the face, but I actually think they ended up looking more face-framing and perhaps even, artistically deliberate (more so in person, as you can see them a great deal more).

I love that my silver feels fully integrated into who I am now. I don’t know me without it anymore, and I celebrate what it stands for and all of me that is embedded in each strand. Chopping off the ends also leaves my hair fully natural of outgrown old transitions I went through creative exploration with. And fully me is where I stand now and always.

Indeed a new vibe is sweeping through here with fresh, fun energies.

Not only did the shop and my hair get a little pick-me-up change, but many other aspects of my life have and are too. Even my garden and yard between now and the weekend are reflecting my hair and our shop, as they will have new babies planted for Spring and old growth cut back to prep for the Winter. 🙂

Do you find yourself in any way changing and refreshing aspects of you, your inner world, or parts of your life?

Cheering and loving you on.

Letting Go, Listening, Purpose & Celebration ~ Autumn Equinox Portal Preparations

Fall is in the air and everything is falling all around, including my hair. Well, not quite like that, but I’m letting it go as easily as the trees let their leaves shift and drop. More on that shortly.

I read a short share from Avia Venefica exploring where the phrase “turning over a new leaf” came from. She writes:

“…many types of trees can detect changes in their environment. They sense a shift in weather before it happens. It’s as if they predict the weather. Trees adjust to these changes to prepare themselves for pending change. For example, deciduous trees like maples and poplars turn their leaves as a protective measure before a storm hits.

Rather than flippantly tossing about the catch-phrase of ‘turning over a new leaf’, maybe we can embrace the idea that a deeper presence within and around us is beckoning us to shift our position. Maybe a powerful, sentient energy sees a positive purpose for making a motion for our betterment – for our safety – for our future.”

She points to how the inherent awareness we have is easily distracted, whereas Nature continues to listen to the signals no matter what is going on in the outside world. There’s an innate wisdom that can guide us just like trees. Surrendering to that space of knowing how and when to change will lead us to our most optimal life experience.

Yesterday morning kicked off with an Autumn celebration of joy and change with a procession of over twenty quail, a chipmunk and a squirrl, with chattering birds to accompany, all parading in front of me with a grand show.

I shared a video of the fun on Instagram yesterday, which followed the quail from fence to fence of the perimeter of our yard, with a chipmunk and squirrel who kept zipping by to add giggles to the show. It all made me so happy!

The quail use our yard for grazing and as their path into the forest. This is the sweet family we’ve seen since the babies were tiny ones, now all grown. I was doing my usual morning feeding and cleaning routine with Astrid when I caught glimpse of the action. The quail were lined up along our fence and squirrel was enjoying his pine cone not far from them and then ran closer, as if to make sure he was in camera focus (as seen above and below).

I went outside to enjoy both their presence and purposeful journey, as they hopped down into the yard, grazed a bit and hopped back up to the forest-side fence to continue on. While watching them, a chipmunk got super excited and started to zip back and forth in front of me several times, which I caught on the video. And then squirrel (this is the same little guy who always comes to tease me when I’m in the garden) decided that looked like fun and wanted to steal the show. So he ran up closer and made sure to look straight into the camera and then over to the quail and back to me.

It was so cute watching all the activity and observing the quail, one-by-one hopping up to the fence, surveying the forest, and then jumping down onto the forest floor. One of them was so excited she overshot the fence and when leaping with flutter to the top, toppled right over instead.

This reminded me of a dream I had last night where I was flying. I have dreams of being in flight, although many of them are about the effort and concentration it takes to lift off the ground and keep rising, but I prove that flying is possible. This dream was very different. Like the little quail who overshot the fence with propulsion, I had almost too much propulsion and force behind my flight. So much so that I was able to bring two other people along with me, as we held hands in a line (reminding me of Peter Pan flying with Wendy and the kids) and I flew us up and far, doing all kinds of tricky maneuvers along the way. By the end of the dream, I was in fact learning to harness, refine, and dial back my energy a little because it was on full force and I was having to navigate us to a very specific coordinate that I couldn’t overshoot. That seemed like a significant dream to have at this change in cycles right now and with all that I’ve been experiencing.

But back to the quail – I adore them and love that our home is such a welcome place for all the forest creatures. They, along with the activity of the other little animals in Autumn prep, herald the change of seasons to me.

This traveling troupe, I read, take us on a journey of reflecting upon our life story and the symbolism around purpose and progress…to see if the details are aligning us to where we want to go and what we want to create as contribution. And synchronously, this HAS been a big focus for me recently.

They speak to any action being sacred and that even the smallest of steps in the direction of purpose will propel momentum and create opportunity. So, in this way they encourage action toward our goals and to seize what is showing up.

Quail are also very social, aware, instinctual, confident, connected, and community-oriented. So there are varying levels of how these messengers may show up in our lives. As always, only we can decipher how that translates for us.

And yesterday afternoon, Hope made a reappearance in the garden just outside of my office that I share with Astrid, my rabbit. She was enjoying yard munchies and even had a fun encounter with squirrel where they nearly ran into each other, and she bounded off in surprise. Of course, I giggled out loud. She sat under the fence a while just exposing her cute little cottontail and I enjoyed watching her explorations. I discovered later that she likely ate my comfrey plant, which is funny because it’s the first plant that finally took after about four efforts. I took it as a sign she’s blessing it for next year’s abundance. 😉

While watering, two chickadees were flying and perching next to me, chatting with curiosity and of course my squirrel friend made me laugh, as he ran right up to me on the top of the fence I was standing near, looked me in the eye, chattered and then ran off. He’s such a tease, as I said.

So, it was a big day of forest celebrations for tomorrow’s Equinox, the circle of life, sacred community, purpose and the journey, and enrichment even within the transitioning seasons of change.

I’m very much hunkering into the change of seasons, which includes inner preparations matching outer ones. I’m also loving to wear the Fall colors and matching the natural environment around me. It seems to be quite a full time recently for getting a LOT done.

Do you find yourself making any shifts too, whether consciously or instinctively? Or engaging in more things than normal?

I have a full couple of weeks of bulb planting, cutting old growth, bookkeeping, house cleaning, updating our Magick Rabbit Etsy shop (which I’m hoping I can get up for Equinox tomorrow since there’s a couple of sweet Autumn additions), Reiki 2 online training and road trip prep, alongside new focuses I’m developing. So, I feel a bit like the squirrels and chipmunks in seasonal production mode. Yet, like them, am making sure to integrate some fun along the way.

Which leads to the opening about “letting go of my hair,” as tomorrow I have my first appointment with my hairstylist that got rescheduled by divine alignment to Equinox. She only sees one person at a time now so that works well. I’m planning on the first big cut I’ve had in years, since I’ve been mostly just letting my hair grow during these transitional and deepening years.

Yet, I feel so ready for something lighter, fresher, softer and releasing all the years of old at the ends. Normally, I’ve been trimming about four inches off, but it grows so fast, it never seems like I do.

I’m not yet sure what will evolve this time, but it makes me excited because I love change and get bored pretty easily. This may just be the first stage of cuts to come, but whatever and whenever they happen, it is a way I align myself with the new. And since it’s been years since I have done anything more drastic, it undoubtedly reflects big, apparent, upgrading change.

I thought this was interesting. My hair is currently a little past my waist, as you can see in the left photo, which was taken Friday to document the before. The lighting wasn’t direct, so it was a little more accurate to my medium brown hair (of course I have silver too, as you can see in the photo above this one). Then just a couple of days ago, Dave saw the light on my hair streaming in from outside and took the photo on the right. It completely transformed my hair to a honey gold, or slightly strawberry blonde, which made me look like a completely different person from behind and actually mirrors my hair in photos from when I was a little girl. I had both pixie hair when I was super young, and then hair down to my butt for years. The right photo reminds me of little Tania and seems fitting to have recaptured that, since a lot of focus for me has been about retrieval of my parts.

Now, it’s about reinventing something new.

The shifting light of the season casting a glow of change and reflection.

I also have an eye appointment Thursday to upgrade my prescription, as I can tell my vision is shifting. Vision changes reflect, to me, a different perspective on life. Vision and perspective feels important, as it relates to everything shifting so much in the way we are experiencing the world and collective right now. There seems to be a call to alter our perceptions overall and even a mass movement in terms of the things more people are becoming ready to see now. As layers of the veil peel back, we are being asked to see with new eyes and trust what is being shown/felt because that will be more key in creating a different reality than the one we may have thought was the only version of reality available.

As always, I am fascinated by connecting dots of the journey and share these experiences as one of the ways in which we can invite awareness and creative energy to the process.

Nature reminds us that we need to relinquish the need to hold on tightly with fear and to trust in the process – to allow ourselves to have everything we thought we knew about ourselves to be stripped away, only to discover a greater truth to our authenticity beneath the temporary structures.

And in the process you’ll discover the only thing that is eternal is the core essence of who you are beneath the temporal layers. You learn then that the rest isn’t as serious as you make it and is simply part of the journey to that core.

We let go, just as the trees effortlessly allow their leaves to shift colors and float off in the wind. We embrace the only permanence, which is change. And we take grateful stock of what we do have, while preparing for a new birthing that will be incubating during the symbolic stillness.

Seasonal transitions mirror the evolution of human consciousness and the dynamic shifts of life cycles.

If you feel so called, perhaps you might create an intentional space, moment, or ritual of your pleasure to connect within and without as a way to unify through love.

I wish you a beautiful change of seasons that represents the merging of two into one and a balance between contrasting energies, at the portal point of Autumn Equinox (for Northern hemisphere folks) and Spring Equinox (for Southern Hemisphere folks). May it illuminate your inner journey in enriching and deepening ways.

Because We All Could Use A Little Hope

Guess who stopped by on yesterday’s New Moon?

That’s right! Sweet little Hope!

You might remember her from last year, as I posted about her twice. One of those blogs was titled Hope Kindles Change. Synchronously, she was showing up in September of 2019 too! It must be her month for appearances and messages.

But other than a couple of bunnies I’ve seen outside of our yard, yesterday’s sighting was the first IN our yard since the snow began to thaw and I saw a bunny nibbling on some exposed greens. I had a feeling that was her too.

But yesterday I was in the right place at the right time, just having finished giving Astrid some good morning kisses and snuggles, to catch this little one running by my office into the backyard. To say that my heart leapt with glee is an understatement. I ran to go see her through the other sliding glass door and then made my way outside to give her a proper greeting.

She looked so much like my sweet little friend, Hope, grown up. It became evident that indeed it was her by how long she sat listening to me talk to her while nestled under the bushes with those wide, deep eyes and pure little heart.

Oh how I missed her.

I even got to see her binky and zip around with joy once, which I was lucky to catch a glimpse of on camera. Check out that adorable little cottontail bunny butt and powerful little back thumpers. Weeeeeeeeeee!

I LOVE that she made her grand appearance on the Virgo Super New Moon. Astrid was quite aware that she had announced herself and I sensed that both of them were working up some rabbit alchemy together.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Hope is a Virgo too. There’s something very connected with the two of them.

I feel that her appearance at the threshold of illumination and new beginnings that the New Moon heralds, was Hope’s way of imparting a breath of potential that lingers in the air for us to breathe in.

Although things seem daunting and so very unknown, she has the sweetest way of reminding us that all hope is not lost. That we have unlimited creative ways to navigate the journey and with a little heart and a lot of vision, we can reinvent, reimagine, and recreate anew.

And as the blog link shares above, about her message she has come to impart:

My sweet bunny friend, Hope, wants us not to lose all faith.

She wants us to kindle hope, because hope kindles change.

Not an attached, desperate, yearning kind of hope that tightens one’s ability to breathe, but a gentle, soft inhale of possibility.

Dark despair and resignation sets up self-fulfilling prophecies. What you believe has power over you.

Hope is a process of remembering your nature, and as nature always renews, so can you.

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