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Breathing In The Divinity Of Life ~ Cosmo’s Breaths Are My Own


Life wouldn’t be worth living without all of the enriching experiences, both challenging and sweet, that we encounter. And while I am living my current dream, it comes with all of that even though there is more solitude in our lives, as I then have deep personal reflections to process and integrate through all of the energies we encounter, Nature’s mirrors, and things that hit close to home. The latter of which I’m experiencing currently with Cosmo’s health and a physical challenge that has manifested.

For a couple of days I’d started to notice him sneezing a lot and could hear some congestion when he was chewing his food and licking me. I also noticed Joy was caring for him even more than usual and giving him Reiki.

So after the weekend, on Monday, I called around to find a good doctor that knows rabbits and was lucky to find one in Durango, forty minutes away. They had an appointment early the next morning, yesterday, so I took him in right away.

The doctor was so sweet and so knowledgeable. It is always such a relief when I find a vet that specializes in rabbits, as regular vets just don’t understand them and mostly focus on cats and dogs. So unless you find an “exotics” doctor, or one who has a lot of rabbit experience, you really don’t know what you’re getting, as rabbits are very intricate, fragile animals that have special needs and require special care.

So, it was wonderful to feel like Cosmo was in great hands and the doctor truly cared and was so intimately personal and not all about business. He listened and he was a gentle soul, while also providing great knowledge.

After examining Cosmo he came to the conclusion of believing he has pneumonia – something that can just happen due to age, as they are susceptible. His lymph nodes were pea-sized, his breathing a bit labored, and he could hear congestion in the lungs and nasal area, as well as by listening to his breathing with the stethoscope.

It isn’t definitive, as he said there’s the off-chance it could be allergies, which I’d also asked about, but we would treat the pneumonia, as that is critical, and see from there how he responds.

In all other ways he appeared healthy and fine. The doctor wasn’t concerned about things like cancer, Cosmo has a healthy appetite, which he demonstrated as usual in the office chewing away on his hay during the visit, has regular bowel movements and produces the needed cecotropes, etc. His weight was a little down from when I’d gotten him up to about 4.6 lbs, but at 4.4 lbs now the doctor didn’t feel concerned and that’s been about his average mainstay weight.

He said it was good that I caught things at such an early stage, as he usually sees people bringing rabbits in when it’s too late. Something to keep in mind in all cases with any animal, but rabbits especially do not have the leisure of our not being present and intuitive with them, as they are complex and fragile, despite their powerful medicine and individually powerful souls.

For now, he is on a two-time-a-day oral 1/2 tablet for seven days, which the doctor feels will do the trick, if in fact it’s pneumonia, which he’s had great success with and is safe for them, as opposed to other orals and antibiotics.

So for now, it’s a waiting game, along with lots of Reiki energy from both Joy and mom to see him through this.

Luckily his spirits are good, he continues to eat and eliminate well, but is needing rest and is challenged with the symptoms.

These are the times that challenge us as caregivers, moms, and dads.

The times when you love unconditionally, stay in trust without falling into the trap of worry as best you can since it will be picked up energetically by the receiver and not aid the healing process, have faith that everything is unfolding in a bigger picture way that has all souls’ best interests in mind despite what it seems, and continue to give in all the ways you are receiving from that love you share with them.

It’s hard to see our loved ones going through tough things and yet I feel the best I can do is to remain present and conscious of all that is going on so that I can best support the flow of energy.

That includes looking within myself as to what might be going on within me that I can help process along with him, as the causes and root can also be the parent’s experience. So when I root out things for myself and heal them, then Cosmo (our children) also receive the healing.

That’s when I immediately started looking at the reflections for myself of Cosmo’s pneumonia and what might be behind it.

While of course every soul has their own journey and they know when there time is, there are also tie-ins to us that help us to grow through the experiences due to our intimate connection with them. So whether that means we work through things and that heals us both, or we work through things and that heals us and releases them to peacefully move on – their work complete….it is always of benefit to look within.

And since I know I’ve had issues around my own lungs since I was very young, it definitely felt like an energetic theme of connection my dear little Cosmo, who is so connected to me, would mirror for me.

So knowing some of the things associated with lungs, I kept those in mind and also looked in all of my books on hand and found more on pneumonia from which I could weed through and find the things that resonated at heart for me to process.

Here are a bunch of things I found, of which half I could connect dots with for myself and things I had been currently processing:

Tired of life

Emotional wounds not healed


Letting go

A sign that the process of communication with life including the nonmaterial ones, is disturbed. Caught up in conflict with your ego.

You’ve ended up in a life which is not appropriate for your real, true nature: an unconscious choice. Thus you must liberate yourself. Let yourself not be determined by past roads, or by a partner, etc. Build a new life on a more stable basis than formerly: on your deep, powerful Self. Draw your roots up from the old ground and hurry them elsewhere. Realize your complete existence and its dignity. Become conscious in each cell of your body. Turning away from your own divine source doesn’t let that internal fire heat your body.

And here is an affirmation to help process the above:

I freely take in Divine ideas that are filled with the breath and the intelligence of Life. This is a new moment.

I know that I had just recently worked through more layers of mourning and grief, having posted a video message and sound channeling on it, and also having a lot of friends around me that were seeing their animal companions move on to their eternal forms.

I also know that I’ve worked a lot this life, since onset, with old grief that was not of this life, but deep in my DNA and soul that I have diligently been integrating and releasing through.

I know that I’ve moved in and out of being “tired with life,” especially before our Magick Bus journey and there are times I process that, walking in and out of both vibrant excitement and letting go.

I know just recently I’d faced some challenges with what I felt guided to share in message through my new work, not knowing how to do it justice, and putting it on hold where I didn’t need to be.

I’ve also been embracing the need for just “being” and breathing in life right now without having to do anything else like I’ve also done in a very different service-oriented way than I’m called to now, life time after life time because I can, it’s my time, it’s my reward, and that “tiredness” can be renewed into freshness.

And I know I’ve definitely been building a new, more resonant, grounded, essence expressive life from the depths and power within me.

So, yes, I became even more conscious of every cell in my body that reflects things Cosmo may be experiencing through me and even in his own processes of life and where he’s at on a soul level with things.

Our children – both human and animal – are with us for a reason. Their challenges are not isolated to themselves.

I realize that if the decision to stay alive, for both of us, is our desire….then our lives must keep reflecting change that speaks of the essence of who we are at all times. That is something I’ve known now, which fueled our new lifestyle currently and all the new things I’ve been implementing and letting go of.

The process continues evolving and deepening and there are also new layers to the onion to reflect upon. Dear Cosmo is helping me to be extra diligent with it all and not miss a detail.

We must breathe in the breath of life in all fullness….filling our lungs with the sweet aroma of life – and that includes all depths of its richness that is inherent within every experience fully being experienced for what it is.

We must continue to integrate deeply into our powerful selves.

Yesterday I left early at 7:30 am to take my sweet baby to the vet.

The minute I turned onto the highway a hawk was sitting above my path on the light post.

Hawks have been around me so much these last few years and are always messengers of protection and good signs and insight for me, as well as have been guardians with their powerful medicine. They show up to watch over me and us. One had also been in the same place when I took Joy to the eye doctor when she first went blind.

So, I immediately felt peace and thanked hawk.

Later in the late afternoon/early evening, after a long day, Dave and I went out for a short hike on the Point Lookout Trail (which the photos in the post are from). It ascends 400 feet and out on to this ridge that drops off on both sides, taking you to the very end where you can take in the views.


Felt like a good place to be, to breathe in life and expand those lungs and ability to take in more of the gifts being in body has to offer.


On the way down we came upon a beautiful little rabbit. She touched my heart deeply and also felt like a blessing and reminder during challenged times.


This one had such cosmic eyes that kept glowing more and deepening more, the more I connected with her.


Dave left after a couple of minutes, but I remained talking with her for a while and she had no fear of me being so close with just the branches of a bush between us.

Her eyes just expanded and became more magickal, as we further connected. She felt not of this world, but in it….much as I am and have felt most of my life.


Was Nestor showing up in this little one?

I sent her energy and surrounded her with strength and protection, just as I felt her doing for me.

When I peer into the eyes of another, I see their soul, my own, and All That Is.

I felt she was also reminding me of trust and that inner peace, which will see all things through as they are meant to be.

It was I that left her, as she just stayed there and would have as long as I wanted.

I then literally trotted and skipped down the mountain to catch up with Dave, with my arms out and kept saying “I’m flying….I’m flying…” Dave saw and heard me as I caught up with him quite quickly, and giggled.

After we returned, I settled back in and gave Cosmo his second dose of meds, then sat in our rocking chair and held him to my chest, letting him rest while I gave him Reiki, love, and snuggles.

Just then a group of mule deer appeared in front of our RV and I held Cosmo up so he could see them too.

Their gentle grace and beauty surrounded us with love and I felt that no matter what happens in life, that all things were in Divine order and that I/we are always protected, supported, and loved.

I put my trust into the individual and shared journey and continue holding Cosmo in the light of that unconditionally faithful love.

The Path I’ve Been Walking

This was part of May’s newsletter message I shared and today with things I’m processing, I felt to share it via my blog as well.

This month I’m feeling the increased importance of embracing the entire journey – both bitter and sweet, of loving the light AND the dark, of walking the middle path, and more deeply embodying harmonic resonance.

My own journey the previous six weeks through Utah’s National Parks has been one of rich exploration that has taken me to the depths of ancient Mother Earth womb energy, and catapulted me through portals of expansiveness.

I’ve been daring to go further and at times feel pulled back like an arrow in order to shoot forward with focused intent. This has also activated the very cells within my body and the latent DNA strands that we all have awaiting our unlocking.

It hasn’t all been easy, as greater levels of vulnerable courage have been needed to expose myself, to reveal the essence of pure, unabridged energy at the well of my essence, and to be okay with holding the energy of misinterpreted darkness for others to reflect and throw energetic arrows at, while I stood in my truth as the only deflection – a deflection that courageously allows the arrows to penetrate the core so they can be alchemized before returning.

I have humbly walked the path of the Ancients, receiving their guiding wisdom for the new and unknown journey ahead, and have assisted with the release and integration of energies through sound channeling.

I have felt the loud silence within and without that can be deafening and also beautifully penetrating.

I’ve communed with the harsh realization of collective belief systems and conditioning residing in my own DNA and made better friends with them.

I’ve stumbled and I’ve gotten back up.

I’ve spoken the truth of my own fear of not being able to do justice to the message I’m being guided to channel through my own expressive embodiment.

I’ve seen the other side of blind faith, as I’ve walked through doorways, bent time and reality, and made new breakthroughs that were miraculous in nature.

I’ve received the gift and messages of so many animal spirit guide encounters and of Spirit itself within the elements and every living part of Earth I come in contact with.

I’ve channeled new expressions of creative energy – always and only when inspired and guided to do so.

And I’d like to add, which was not in my newsletter, I’ve unearthed grief and known both tiredness and freshness with life – realizing the power in all of it and how every emotion is potential alchemy.

And all of this is a continuous journey that will further unfold as we continue traveling in the Magick Bus and I open to the energies each place reveals and draws forth.

I don’t know what I’m doing or how I’m going to do it anymore, until I do it.

Perhaps many of you can relate with that.

Life is all about the eternally present NOW unfolding and being willing to experience it as such with faith and humbleness of learning all things from a clean slate where nothing applies that you once did or knew.

To add another element that was not in my newsletter, there’s simply nothing more powerful to do in challenging situations than to trust, as no level of anxiety and worry will see us through. Trust in the highest good for all always unfolding, regardless of how that ends up looking. Remember that we are conditioned to judge the human condition, but there is always a bigger picture at play that we can believe in beyond reasoning. Our resilient hearts will understand, when our limiting thoughts step out of the control seat.

I am holding the vision of your wholeness and do all that I do with intent of the highest good of all concerned always at the forefront of my fullest possible expressions of personal embodiment in each moment that I can embrace.

Forest Stars


A dusting of miniature, lily white Faery star blossoms blanketed the forest, both diminishing me to their humbling yet rich, Earthly perspective and expanding me to their reflection of the boundless twinkling Cosmos above.

I felt like I was walking among the stars.

Our Magick Bus Travel Schedule Through August 7th

I’ve spent the last few weeks mapping out our travel route, researching places and things to see that call to our hearts, and booking RV parks from Colorado to Banff – Lake Louise, Alberta after closing out our 6 weeks in Utah – all guided by intuition, inspiration, and seasons, as we journey forward. I share the experience as a collective offering and share our timelines in case it aligns for friends and family in the areas to connect while we’re passing through. I’m so excited to say that after 24 bookings and a lot of “blessings” on our side, we were able to get into all the areas we wanted, despite the busy peak Summer season (another reason we booked ahead and something to think about if you’re a nomadic RV full-timer).


Since we have four animal children and still work while we explore, we have certain requirements for the types of places we stay, needing full hook ups and good cell and wi-fi reception. These are also reasons we need to book things ahead and can’t just fly on complete whim.

There’s a balance between intuition and discernment in our lives and so this does take a bit of preparatory work on our parts to ensure all our needs are met and supported.

While we don’t need much, we still do have basic requirements.

And for now, we’re not needing to stay more than a couple weeks tops in an area, as we are wanting to get the lay of the land everywhere we can at the start, while also following an internal and seasonal guiding force.

Later, after we’ve explored in general, we can then decide on the spots we may want to return to and spend longer durations at.

Everyone has their own way with this nomadic thing and living full time in an RV. Some people stick to a couple of favorite spots only. Some stay in each spot for long durations. Some go to remote areas and travel off-grid. And others may create their own balance of everything like we are.

We are booked from now through August 7th and soon will book the conclusion of Summer , so we’ll be all set.

I’ve also spent time mapping out our general travel route, state by state and area by area, of the continent. So it will be easy to get the rest going now that we have the plan in vision for the next couple of years.

Again, we’re exploring everywhere of interest and calling, while getting a general scope of North America and seeing all of the natural beauty and local color, while we hone in on our landing spot at the end of the journey.

So far, we’ve nailed it in terms of time spent in each area and always leave a place fully satisfied that we’ve fulfilled both our desires and callings there.

If you’ve been following along, I basically share a post daily (this could change as I get busier with my projects now) and have provided insights, photos, and ideas for those of you interested in the areas we travel to, or who simply want to integrate the energies along with us.

I am feeling a sense of relief and closure with the journey we’ve just concluded and a lot of things I’ve completed including our plan, so I’ll be back at it full force with my creative projects.

Since this journey is about moving the energy in our lives in a big way, exploring the beauty of North America, doing sacred work where ever we land, deepening into our essence, focusing on new projects and creative endeavors for the next phase of our lives, AND finding our next home, we also spend time feeling out the energy, receiving, and literally looking at the areas, land, and homes to see where we’re drawn to most.

Here’s a look at our ambitious travel adventure schedule:


  • 4/28 – 5/8 Mancos, Colorado in the Mesa Verde National Park & Canyon of the Ancients area
  • 5/8 – 5/11 Ouray, Colorado to visit Telluride area
  • 5/11 – 5/15 Montrose, Colorado to visit Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
  • 5/15 – 5/17 Villa Grove, Colorado to enjoy the mineral hot springs at the off-grid Valley View Hot Springs and places like sacred Crestone
  • 5/17 – 5/22 Mosca, Colorado to visit Great Sand Dunes National Park
  • 5/22 – 5/25 Pueblo, Colorado to explore the area
  • 5/25 – 5/29 Colorado Springs, Colorado near Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Seven Falls, and more
  • 5/29 – 6/5 Golden, Colorado to visit Boulder and Denver areas
  • 6/5 – 6/8 Estes Park, Colorado to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Leave to Wyoming
  • 6/8 – 6/11 Laramie, Wyoming in Vedauwoo Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, and Larmie Range Rocks area
  • 6/11 – 6/14 Rock Springs, Wyoming in Flaming Gorge area
  • 6/14 – 6/19 Moran, Wyoming to visit Grand Teton National Park
Leave to Montana
  • 6/19 – 6/22 West Yellowstone, Montana to visit Yellowstone National Park
  • 6/22 – 6/26 Gardiner, Montana to visit Yellowstone National Park
  • 6/26 – 6/29 Bozeman, Montana and its offerings
  • 6/29 – 7/3 Helena, Montana and its offerings
  • 7/3 – 7/6 Missoula, Montana and its offerings
  • 7/6 – 7/10 Great Falls, Montana and its offerings
  • 7/ 10 – 7/17 East Glacier Park, Montana to visit Glacier National Park
Leave to Canada
  • 7/17 – 7/20 Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
  • 7/20 -7/24 Calgary, Alberta
  • 7/24 – 7/31 Edgewater, BC to visit Kootenay National Park
  • 7/31 – 8/7 Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta

Stepping Back in Time & Walking the Path of the Ancients


It’s been an amazing weekend, as we continued our exploration of the ancient ruins of the Anasazi here in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado and the Aztec Ruins National Monument, New Mexico.


There is an incredible amount of well-preserved cliff dwellings, pit houses, and temples in Mesa Verde (over 6,000 ruins in the 55,000 acres, of which 600 are cliff dwellings that were inhabited) that take you right back in time if you allow yourself to immerse in the energy and receive the whispers flowing through the doorways of these sacred sites.


If you’re interested in exploring amazing archeological sites of peoples who have an important role in our lives, Mesa Verde is recognized as “one of the premier historic destinations in the world” and is “the only U.S. park dedicated to human culture.”


You’ll find it quite special, I think.

And if you do go, please make sure to do one of the tours so you can actually step inside one of the ancient villages and feel what it was like.


There are three you can explore in this way.

Spruce Tree House is open all year, although right now is closed due to falling rock.

The other two are seasonal.

Cliff Palace is open to tour 5/27 – 9/11 and Balcony House is open 4/10 – 10/29.


We were excited to be arriving here just as Balcony House has recently opened, as it also is considered one of the most intimate and adventurous tours at the park.


Adventurous because it may challenge people with fear of heights and small spaces, since you descend a 100-foot staircase into the canyon, climb up several ladders, including a 32-foot one at start, crawl through a 12-foot and 18-inch wide tunnel, and then climb up another 60 feet on ladders and stone steps.

(These two photos were taken of me by Dave, as we were ascending the last ladder out of the Balcony House. Look at the incredible light coming down on me and across, creating a cross. Something was activated here within me by my physical visitation.)


The climbing and crawling will bring you into a more intimate connection with the 40-room dwelling with two kivas, which are sacred ceremonial chambers of the Anasazi.


I strongly connect with the kivas and constantly find myself being drawn to them most.


Balcony House is the only cliff dwelling that also has a protective tunnel to access it. This was the only way in, but they discovered it was created later in time, after they’d been living there for years. This indicates that for some reason, they had the need to protect themselves from the outside. It is not clear as to what may have caused this change.


Was it a change in social threat? Were they needing to protect their valuable water resources? What made this small village of about 30-35 people feel the need to close themselves off from the outside world?


Balcony House is where we visited on Saturday, taking the one-hour guided tour – although we had an amazing and passionate tour guide/park ranger who went well over time sharing – which was quite amazing.

I just kept receiving flashes of the people living in the dwelling going about their daily lives.


There is even a piece of wall art that is still intact inside one of the rooms that mirrors the snow capped mountain peaks that are in the distance just across the canyon of their expansive vista from this home and sacred site.


From there we had lunch and then explored the six mile Mesa Top Loop road that takes you to twelve sites along paved trails and includes an interpretative guide with wonderful information about each.


Here you’ll explore at your own leisure the pit houses, surface dwellings, and cliff dwelling overlooks, including amazing views where 12 cliff dwellings at once can be seen.

(Look in the alcoves and between the crevices of the canyon walls to find them in the photos.)


Highlights include Square Tower House, House of Many Windows, Sun Point Overlook, views of Cliff Palace from Sun Point, Fire Temple, and Sun Temple.



The pit houses give you an intimate look and up close feel for the kivas as well and show you what life was like living below the Earth before they began building the cliff dwellings in the sides of the canyon.

Just incredible!


You can’t get inside of the Sun Temple, but you can look through windows and from a rock behind I was able to reach up and get snaps of some of the inside layout.


We ended our day doing the Spruce Canyon Trail loop, which takes you down into the canyon and along the edge behind Spruce Tree House. A way to connect with how it would have been for these people, as they ventured from their dwellings to gather, hunt, explore…


And yesterday we made our way over to the Aztec Ruins National Monument that takes you just across the border into New Mexico, since we’re near the Four Corners.

Our RV host had highly recommended these ruins and we were glad we went, as they were truly remarkable.


The name is misleading, as these are not ruins of the Aztec, but of the ancestral Pueblo people (Anasazi) who lived here centuries before the Aztec empire prospered. The ruins were named by settlers inspired by popular histories about Cortez’s conquest of Mexico and thinking that the Aztec built these structures.


The grounds are huge and sprawling with varied rooms, living areas, kivas, storage and burial rooms.


You begin the self guided tour at the Great Kiva, which has been partially restored to look like what it might have been like in height of this thriving civilization.



You are able to walk through some of the rooms, crouching through the small doorways and getting a chance to see what it would have been like living in them.


There is a long corridor of dark rooms you can also explore that are thought to be the storage and burial rooms.


They connect to and look out on living and community areas that are closed by glass to preserve them yet allow you to peer through on what it would have been like.


In one case part of the original mat still hangs in the same place it once did, as the doorway covering.


You can even still see the original ceilings inside.


In this dark succession of rooms is where I really felt the energy shift. There was a heaviness in my chest, heart, and throat I felt the entire time walking through these sunless rooms that lightened as soon as we stepped back up and out.


It’s quite intense to be in the energy of these sites and it is reminiscent of walking the temple grounds in Peru, Mexico, and even Egypt.

There are similarities to connect dots across civilizations, including how they build to align with the Sun.

Every step of our days in exploration of these sacred sites was potent, as we walked with intent and honor of these people, retrieving the ancient parts of ourselves that are still alive and carried within us.


I remarked to Dave how interesting it is that our life is somewhat mirroring these ancient peoples who were nomads that migrated to find homes to set up their villages where the land supported them with the resources needed to begin agriculture and create home bases centered around their spiritual beliefs and connected to the Earth and Cosmos.

I love that the weekend started with sightings of the wild horses and ended with mule deer just steps away from our RV site to greet us back home.


I haven’t gone into too much detail here of the personal experiences, as it’s just too much to expound upon, plus I believe that the best way to explore the energies are via your own heart and intuition.

While we have read and have been told a lot of information about these peoples, truly we find what makes the most sense by what resonates with our souls.

We have latent memories we can recall if engaged.

But I wanted to provide an overview of things so that you can then explore the photos yourself and see where they take you and what they bring up within your own ancient heart and soul.

I took tons of photos, but can’t possibly share them all here, so I only chose those that felt most important to include. (still quite a bit though)

We ended our weekend visiting the historic downtown of Durango that is lined with shops, galleries, museums, breweries and brewpubs, and boutique hotels. It’s best known for the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which we saw, but did not take.

This is a heritage railway, which travels from Durango to the historic mining town of Silverton, Colorado on steam-powered trains with rolling stock dating back to the 1920s and before.

We took in a late lunch, finding a couple of vegan options at the Diamond Belle Saloon that gives you a feel of stepping back in time as well – a very different time, mind you, than the ancient Anasazi ruins will take you too. But a bit of nostalgic history nonetheless. It’s revered as one of the most famous original ragtime piano bars in the Wild West and the waitresses (dressed as costumed dance hall girls) and bartenders are costumed so that the Old West comes alive. It is connected to the 140 year old Strater Hotel and you’ll find museum items throughout both to make your time there feel more authentic.

Durango is nestled in the Animas River Valley surrouned by the San Juan Mountains and we decided to take a stroll along the Animas River Trail to complete our day walking next to the rolling river and rapids, as we reflected on our time and talked about the remarkable things we’d seen and how they remind us to remember.

Or, as the literature we read at the Atec Ruins said:

“The People would ‘remember to remember’ their relationship to the natural order of the universe.”

I loved the information on two of the pages of the guide book  so I photographed them to share them here, as they expound a bit on “resonance” and “the sharing” of these Ancient Ones so that you can feel into things more and allow your imagination to take you back, retrieve, and then embody what YOU remember.



Multidimensional Recalibration ~ Energy Update with Lee Harris

Lee shares a short update on the energetic scene and some quick tips and questions to explore.

Again, remember, this doesn’t have to be any doom or gloom thing, as you can harness these energies in potent ways.

I do agree, and have for some time, on what Lee shares about our moving down (and need to), rather than up, for deep physical and emotional integration.

And I have definitely been out there connecting with Earth, Nature, ancient energies, deep DNA patterning, retrieving parts of myself, and engaged in physical exercise via hiking, climbing, biking, etc. on a consistent, daily basis without fail.

It’s really important to “embody”. I know I mention that word a lot, but it’s because it’s key.

In the video Lee mentions Dana’s energy update on the five retrograde planets, so I’m including the link here for you to check out, as it may answer a lot of things for you.

Dana Mrkich’s energy update: Five Planets Retrograde ~ Time to Clean House and Power Up

Spruce Tree House, Petroglyphs & Wild Horses ~ Ancient Potency Hits Me Physically

20160429_182119_resized_1.jpgIt rained most of the day yesterday, but stopped just as we began our explorative hike we chose for the day to see the petroglyph wall in Mesa Verde National Park and to get a look at Spruce Tree House cliff dwelling ruins. It was our intro to the amazing ancient energy and history here, which we took to great heights today – more on that in the next day or so, as it’s a lot of potent energy to let sink in.

But our time yesterday got us prepared, as we first took a walk through the museum to see and learn about the peoples and the land of this sacred area and then made our way down to the trailhead where we were able to get a look at the amazing Spruce Tree House – the third largest cliff dwelling.


The ancient peoples of this village lived there 700 years. It has 114 rooms and thought to have housed 100 – 150 people.


This is a well preserved ancient cliff dwelling of the Ancestral Puebloans (also referred to as the Anasazi – a Navajo word that has been translated as “the ancient ones”) who are said to have occupied the Four Corners from approximately A.D. 1 to A.D. 1300 -some say as early as 100 B.C. The earliest inhabitants were nomadic peoples who lived here from at least 10,000 B.C.


You can’t visit this cliff dwelling right now, as there has been falling rock that makes it too dangerous, so it is blocked off, but you can still feel the amazing energy from it and the area, which whispers of this civilization throughout this ancient land and echos through the cliff dwellings and petroglyphs still standing the test of time.


The hike is quite wonderful and skirts around the canyon and up and down stone steps cut into the trail, as well as narrow rock passages.


You see wonderful views.


Pass other ruins and sacred areas.


Get to see the amazing petroglyph wall that speaks of the different clans that passed through.


See indentations from where they sharpened their arrows and axes.


And with the interpretative trail guide, you learn of the vegetation and more in this area.

I have been a bit obsessed with flowers on our hikes and found many lovely little ones along the way.


Also some incredible large cocoon houses filled with caterpillars inside and some still entering, which I have never seen before. They were laced throughout the bushes in this one area….little caterpillar dwellings I imagine will transform into a bunch of beautiful butterflies. Incredible!


There is just such deep, rich symbolism and reflections everywhere!

Interestingly, which I wonder if it was the energy there that affected me, I got a touch of my hypo-glycemia symptoms, which I can get at times, but haven’t in a while. So I was a bit shaky and depleted, unsure how well I’d do on the hike, but yet still managed to do the whole thing.

However, it did put me in an odd state, a bit wobbly at times, and in a different in between vision place.

At one moment we were going through a narrow rock pass and I saw something/someone pass quickly in the opening ahead. There were no other hikers around.

And as we arrived at the petroglyph wall, I stood at the edge of a rock to get a full view and suddenly felt knocked back and started falling back…luckily I had the thought to reach out and grab Dave’s jacket, or I would have fallen. I did not feel faint, so again, was it just the energy here I was experiencing strongly that was affecting me physically?

The trail loops around and back to the museum where you start and not a drop of rain came down while we explored.

On our way back through the park to our home site we saw a Peregrine Falcon fly in front of the car and then were stopped by a wild horse in the middle of the road, drinking the little bits of rain water in the cracks on the pavement she could find.


Her herd was to the right and this was a welcome surprise, but also felt to give me back my strength again in seeing and connecting with them since horse medicine is powerfully intimate and potent for me.


I later googled about the wild horses in the park and learned some disheartening information about them and how they are labeled as “trespass livestock” that have been banned from the park since 1908. Or at least that’s what this article described along with labeling them as feral instead of wild: Mesa Verde Wants Feral Horses, Cattle Out


“The animals are legally considered feral because they’ve eluded domestication and, therefore, do not qualify for protections under the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, which designates an area for the Spring Creek herd in Disappointment Valley.”


Seems there’s a bit of controversy around the wild horses and you can draw your own conclusions and opinions from the article.

To me, they were wonderful to see and experience, and being that they’ve been there for over a century, they are part of the history and natural landscape. I’m glad there are people pushing to protect them…and apparently that was just to be our introduction, as today we saw the same herd of seven again, three more times.


Tomorrow will also be another day of visiting ancient ruins, as the last two have been, so there’s a lot of energy integration that is taking place and I felt myself doing some sound channeling a bit today.

Grateful for the rain that continues on and off, as it feels to be softening the energy, letting it flow, and also working on the deep watery feeling level, which is the trickiest, but most potent when worked through for shifting things fully.

The Beauty of Mourning ~ The Gift of Life AND Death

On April 27th I celebrated the 8th anniversary of my beloved Nestor’s passing and during my time communing with her on our last day in Moab, Utah while hiking to Morning Glory Natural Bridge I asked for a message from her to share with others. This is what came through our connection via message and sound channeling, which was my way of honoring her, as well as sharing the profound wholeness our connection and the experience of physically losing her has gifted me. It’s our hope in some way it will be of support and help you with your own integrative journey through the experience of loss, sadness, and pain.

I first shared this earlier today via my May Newsletter, but given today’s experiences and some messages I received, I felt guided to post it tonight here.

It felt very vulnerable in sharing it and still does, but here it is.

How Do You Define Success?


Do you find yourself always in pursuit of striving to ascend into what society or others have conditioned you to believe success “should” look and feel like?

To me, peace and passion is the essence of success.


If I am embodying and living those qualities and they run vigorously through my veins in any given situation and moment, then my life is in harmonious flow and I feel I’m living in alignment.

Alignment is the new “success”.

Getting Acquainted with Colorado


As you know, if you’ve been following along, we are now in Colorado – one of the states we intuitively feel called to as a potential landing spot at the end of this journey.


Since this journey is about moving the energy in our lives in a big way, exploring the beauty of North America, doing sacred work where ever we land, deepening into our essence, focusing on new projects and creative endeavors for the next phase of our lives, AND finding our next home, we also spend time feeling out the energy, receiving, and literally looking at the areas, land, and homes to see where we’re drawn to most.


And yesterday, as is done each time we land somewhere new, we spent our time getting acquainted to and settling in at our new spot.

Since it’s a travel day and there’s time needed for that, setting up, and then getting a handle on things to explore, we just had enough leisurely space to take in a quick two mile hike inside Mesa Verde National Park, which is basically our new home since our home sits directly across from it with an expansive view of both Mesa Verde and surrounding green hills and trees all around, as seen below.


When I went to check in, which is my role when we arrive while Dave unhooks our tow car, I was so warmly greeted at Ancient Cedars (love the name!) and they ended up moving us around and giving us the best, private, and premier view spot in the park.


It’s quite a contrasting environment from the stunning high desert sculpted rocks of Utah that we’ve called home for the last six weeks. And we are very excited to be in the mountains and trees again, reminding us of Lake Tahoe where we met and bringing us into the environment that we love in terms of a full time home.


We’re currently at around 7100 elevation at our home grounding spot (higher when we ascend into the National Park) – we love us high altitudes! So it is also crisp and colder here right now, but oh so refreshing.


I could literally feel the energy shift and got butterflies in my tummy of excitement about all we have to explore here, as there is so much amazingness!!

We were given a bunch of helpful brochures at check-in and then also went to the visitor center right away so we could get some more and make a special tour reservation to see one of the ancient Pueblo cliff dwelling ruins that you can only do by reservation and it just opened for the season. More on that after we visit it Saturday!

Here’s a cool sculpture that is very symbolic and sits out front of the large visitor center.


But there are incredible sacred sites, cliff dwellings, ruins – from 600 AD to 1300 AD in age – some of the most notable and best-preserved in the U.S. here that I can’t wait to explore. I’ve already been downloading some ancient sound channeling that I’m sure will emerge during our time here.

Good thing we’re here for 10 days, as there’s so much to see and experience between hikes, mountain biking trails, ancient sites, Mesa Verde National Park, Canyon of the Ancients National Monument, Aztec Ruins (only by name, but really Pueblo), Anasazi Heritage Center, cool towns like Durango where the railroad is, and lots of history….

As always we like to just touch in with the area and energy to make our introductions upon first arrival, so we had time after getting everything settled to do a short hike with beautiful vistas. 


It was called Knife Edge trail, which leads to breathtaking views of the Montezuma Valley and was loaded with different fresh deer tracks following our path.


It is an interpretative hike with 32 markers to teach you about the vegetation, the large sandstone boulders, which were once under the ocean and had evidence of a special type of shrimp that created the crevices in the rocks, and also pointed out things in the vistas before us.

We even saw Rabbitbrush.😉 Although it and many of the plants here haven’t bloomed yet – seems they are on a bit of Winter delay still with the colder temperatures.


So only a few little blooms were found.


One of my photos captures a black area, which my sweet friend Dawn pointed out (after I had shared it on Facebook) looks like an animal or something other than a shadow, which we both first thought it must be. It could still be, however, it’s so oddly placed and when I look at it on my full screen and zoom in, it looks as if it has velvety texture. I don’t know, but it’s just kind of strange.


But something I DID find a lot of along the path was sparklies!! My Faery eyes always pick up this kind of stuff and was drawn to the crystalline sparkles in some of the rocks lining the path that sparked a glint in my eyes.


I felt welcomed and embraced into this new land when a sweet little Cottontail showed up in front of me on the way back down the path to the car.


Being the day after Nestor’s 8th anniversary of transition, this also felt very symbolic – especially given the video message I’d recorded on that day.


This little Cottontail was incredibly sweet and alert, but not afraid. She wanted to connect and be seen and actually came closer and was curious.


The more I talked to her, the more she moved in.


She reminded me of Joy and Nestor. The Cottontails are much more like them and the Jackrabbits are much more like Cosmo.


Anyway, I was so delighted by this enchanting little rabbit who had quite a soulful look.


And so we hung out for ten minutes, as I talked and she listened. I snapped a few photos and took a quick video for myself right before she left altogether, realizing we were leaving ourselves.

I’d say that was a beautiful blessing of our being here and feel a lot of magick awaits and is afoot.

And to end the first day off beautifully, we enjoyed this wonderful sunset view from the Magick Bus last evening all around us with soft bursts of apricot splendor.

Life continues to unfold magickally.


We’ve finalized our travel path between now and August 7th, so I’ll likely share that shortly in case it aligns to connect with any of my friends in the areas for a hike or meal while we journey through.


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