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Harnessing My Inner Butterfly

DSCF9316.JPGButterflies are messengers and have the ability to bring clarity to our mental processes and communication, help with organization of projects, and assist with finding the next steps to take on the journey. Within all of this there’s an air of being ready to embrace it all with some level of internal growth and transformative expansion when butterflies are our totems.

Back in my early 20’s I received the butterfly in meditation upon what my soul path symbol was and they have been with me ever since in proliferation.

I’ve been harnessing my inner butterfly in more profound ways, but recently things have felt to take another pivotal turn with being on point with this energy and so I thank you my sweet butterfly friends who have graced my conscious journey.

My focus has been on activating latent DNA and supporting the same collectively in order to access greater freedom, courage, and total transmutation.

We are capable of this and butterfly reflects to us our innate personal power we are realizing.


Set Your Life Ablaze

Are you living or existing?

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A little “spark” of inspiration to set your day on fire. Breathe fullness and vibrancy into your life and live out loud.

I love and live this:

I would rather be ashes than dust. I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man (humans) is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.

~Jack London

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Autumn’s Orange


Autumn is a season of harmony and harvest, bringing a warm glow and luster to everything it touches. This includes the changing leaves that seem to fall in love with the Earth, as they gently glide down to kiss her skin. Orange is one of the colors of warmth that dance in this season of beauty and change. There are so many shades and blends of orange in all things Autumn – from fall foliage to pumpkins, harvest moon to cozy flames in the fireplace, chrysanthemums to gerbera daisies,  and all things yum like sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, persimmons, and clementines to name a few.

Orange sparks an energetic rush of enthusiasm, vitality, joy, adventure, creativity, and even evokes a giggle. As the second chakra it is the energy and strength to sustain and nurture life and is our relationship to self and others, as well as our connection to abundance.

No matter if you are watching a beautiful Autumn sunset or hiking through a forest of Fall-cloaked trees, there’s something truly comforting and inspiring about the glow of orange abound.

When you realize the connection to your source of creativity, Autumn can be a wonderful time not just for harvesting food, but the fruits of all of your labors, which includes both enjoying some nurturing rest and fun, but also harnessing all that you have within you to focus joyously into creative endeavors that utilize the gifts you’ve cultivated.

Echo Lake Enchantment ~ Like Christmas in October

20161017_160001_resized.jpgAfter the storms of this weekend we were left with a beautiful winter wonderland at the higher elevations. This made for a most magickal hike on Echo Lakes Trail on a most beautiful day. Breathing in the beauty. Breathing in life. Breathing in all possibilities. Grateful to have so many options to choose in the way of how we want to create our reality.


And as I shared on Facebook earlier today:

I know not how to deny the passions of my heart, as doing so is like a slow suffocation or allowing someone willingly to strangle and choke my life force from me. Beyond all odds, judgments from others, and challenges, I continue to support the energy and path that moves through me and says to my heart, this is your song. I cannot choose not to follow that frequency stream unless I choose mediocrity, numbness, or perhaps even distinguishing altogether my light, as the mission of my heart song must be expressed and needs to be heard. So does yours.


Enjoy this stroll in enchantment as you remember your song.


The Strength You Forgot You Had

Don’t be so hard on yourself and so self critically judgmental….while struggle, challenge, and pain don’t always have to be your experience, they do provide a gateway to alchemy – to knowing and honoring your true beauty and bringing out your gifts in ways that demonstrate the resiliency of your soul and the capabilities you innately embody, but have forgotten.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths.” ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


If There’s Warning…

A simple message worth sharing again. As warnings make themselves known in your life and all around us as a collective, you/we are being presented a choice. You can choose to ignore the warnings, be crippled by fear, or you can rise up.

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bali sunrise

…there’s hope.

Otherwise, what would be the purpose of giving warning if there’s no hope of responding to that warning?

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Let Your Light Shine: You Can’t Be Original – You Can Be Authentic

This blog article I shared four years ago is one I feel is constantly a good reminder and currently with so many people truly ready to step into their truest passions, or in the midst of doing so and are feeling a sense of self-defeat, this may lend a supportive hand to your process. The most important thing is to be yourself, as you have something unique to share, even if what you’re doing is being done by others. NO ONE can do it like you!

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Bali Sunrise

As many visionaries in the fields of healing and creative arts are stepping up and into their unique roles they came to embody, challenges may present themselves to overcome. There are many factors that potentially may be blocking, limiting, frustrating, or discouraging you, but they all stem from the illusions of fear and in some cases can be hard to see for yourself, as you know just how to ingeniously hide and disguise them with self-sabotaging finesse. Sometimes the seeming challenges can also be linked with collective, divine timing and therefore patience, flow, and taking aligned, synchronized steps may be needed and remind yourself to enjoy and be present in the moment, rather than live in the future or past.

One of the recurring themes of fear I see is that of self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness, or self-devaluation. There is a tendency to disregard the unique gifts you…

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For the Love of Trees

20161013_160131_resized.jpg“T” – that’s me – having a love affair with trees. I guess I can call them “T” trees. We did a hike yesterday to enjoy our surroundings before the storm rolled in this morning and on that path we came upon so much tree loveliness including golden bliss, twin trees growing from the same root, different tree species bending into each other sharing the tree love, giant trees, and tree portals galore. Faery energy was strong and I both lingered in it, giggled with wonder, and was in joy of the gifts and clues left for me to piece together.



I found a tiny golden leaf that matched the one dipped in gold I dreamed about a few nights ago, a “random” blank puzzle piece after contemplating pieces of my own journey, and more.



There were trees that had been through forest fires too and they got some extra love from me.


Their life force was still strong with magick.


Faery trees were all around, for those whose hearts can see and feel.


Now you see T


Now you don’t……or do you? Take a closer look and you may discover T becoming the tree😉


Yes, Faery trees are real.


And there are those of us who love and honor them, like the people of Ireland and me – Faery T.


Between last evening and this morning we heard about the forest fires here in Emerald Bay and Washoe Valley burning acres upon acres, including many homes and barns. My heart and healing waves of peace go out to all the families, animals, trees, and plants.

There are so many fires, storms, quakes and Earth shifts abound.

There is much unrest among humans in unknowing what outcomes will be met.

There is so much contrast experienced in the world increasingly.

There is a cosmic tapestry being woven that makes threaded sense of it all.

May divine grace embrace us all in the dance of duality and may we understand these cycles of the spiral with peace carried forth in our hearts.

Evolution Glass: Recycled Glass Reimagined

I share Laura’s excitement for this project that not only is forward thinking in taking care of our beautiful Mother Earth, but innovatively merges waste glass into art that beautifies and functions daily in our lives while reminding us of our stewardship to this collective home we share.

I was introduced to Bill by Laura back around 2006 when I was in the midst of almost purchasing land to build an innovative healing center. Laura felt Bill’s work would be lovely in my vision of this creation and she was right. I did not decide to move forward with that project, and good thing, as things shifted quickly in my life which would not have supported it, but Bill and I also remained in loose contact now and then over the years and then connected on Facebook later.

Although I did not end up working with Bill back then, with a new vision I foresee in my future, and other plans in action, there may yet still be a fusing of his work brought forth into my own dreams.

I love seeing visionaries manifesting their imagination into being.

Laura shares more about Bill and his wife in this post, having known them more intimately for quite some time, and includes the link to his indiegogo campaign. The link does have this video in it, but I am including the link separate too so you don’t miss it:

And here’s also a direct link to his website:

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’m super excited to announce this innovative and beautiful project that combines Earth healing with gorgeous form and function. I had the privilege of listening in on the early brainstorming stage of Evolution Glass many years ago, and I’m so pleased to see my brilliant engineer and artist friend Bill Hess taking his heartfelt and inspired vision to the next level.

I’ve known Bill and his wife, Wendy Vigdor-Hess, since my time in Seattle back in 2001-2002 and have maintained contact with them throughout our various moves ever since. I’ve witnessed them grow — their marriage, businesses, a book, community, a family — and I’m just so happy to get the word out about this next phase.

Way back when Bill first started talking about his idea to reclaim recycled glass and turn it into functional art, furniture and countertops, I recognized the amazing potential, not just for decorations…

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The Gifts RV Living Has To Offer ~ What I’ve Discovered So Far From This New Journey That’s Only Just Begun

Today marks the one year anniversary of RV living in the Magick Bus. Yes, that’s right, it’s already been a full year of living this adventure, and quite a year it’s been! I wrote this blog when we were just 2 months into our new lifestyle, but everything I shared here still holds true. What I’d like to add is how powerful nomadic, mobile tiny home living has been in moving energy big time. It’s like lifetimes of cycles have been processed and released. The adventures and beauty we’ve encountered were more than we could have imagined and fuel my creative heart. It’s also provided us opportunity to explore and experience places in a way that has been conducive to our being able to truly know where the land calls to us and what aligns with our essence for our future home(s). We’ve been able to clarify what we do and don’t like, what we can and can’t live without, and to feel the resonance of finding those places that light our souls aglow. During this process we’ve locked in on 3 locations, which each serve different purposes, but all speak to our hearts deeply. How things evolve will continue to be a fluid process, as we let Spirit guide us to our first step in creating the next phase of our journey, which is looking to continue to be a unique way of living even though we’ll nest into grounded structures as our homes. I’m very excited though, as this journey has connected me with my deepest soul passions, brought forth my soul song signature, and has shared with me the vision of where my future is headed by realizing what’s most important to me. There are so many gifts we’ve received from the Magick Bus lifestyle. And while there are also challenges of RV living, that’s simply the nature of anything. For us, the freedom, flow, and return has far outweighed any obstacles. If anything, each obstacle has presented a deepening to our gifts, greater harnessing of our personal power, and more conscious growth. Happy Anniversary to us!! Yay!!

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With just 25 days remaining until our grand RV adventure begins and already a little over 2 months (64 days to be precise) under my belt of this new lifestyle, I wanted to share just a bit about the gifts RV living has brought to light for me and what I’ve enjoyed most, SO FAR, from this experience.

Living in “The Magick Bus,” as her name reveals, is well….magickal.

And that has been both in extraordinary and not so extraordinary ways. Below I’ll share the more simple things, as I share quite a bit about the magick and miraculous stuff, and yet these simple things to me are the magick and elixir of life.

Now of course you don’t have to live in an RV in order to experience these things, nor is this lifestyle for everyone.

But it is perfect for me/us for the place we are in life…

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