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The Enchanted Realms Collection

As promised, today is the debut of my new mini collection ~ The Enchanted Realms.

You’ll find all of the details about what the collection includes – there are 9 new items – some of the bundle gifts that come with a couple of them (but you can also read about the variety of gifts every single purchase comes with at the top of the page link below), what they’re crafted with, and more.

And yes, the Cosmic Egg Blossom Mandala is now available too – it’s at the bunny tail end of the page here, along with all of the new creations that include 5 wall hangings/ornaments, 1 signature birdhouse ornament named after the collection, and 3 Faery Yule Logs:

Ready-Made Items to Invite Your Magick Out

I recommend reading through the beginning of the page, unless you already see and know what you want and don’t want to miss out, as there’s only one of each.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find there.

I had SO much fun creating everything and I’m so in love!

I’m really going to have a hard time saying goodbye to all of these new creations. And wait until you see the signature Enchanted Realm birdhouse! Talk about magickal…the energy channeling these was through the roof. I won’t be disappointed at all if any end up staying with me. 🙂

I sold out of all of the Magick Smudge Fans, but you can still find some beautiful and potent little Forest Witch Magick Broomsticks at the link as well. Some of these rustic brooms feature citrine, one with an amethyst shard and raw Tahoe citrine combo, putka pod mini pumpkins, and tiny Northern Flicker feathers, with plant dyed organic material, twine and golden thread.

Please keep in mind shipping time if you purchase something meant as a holiday gift. I will be taking some personal time away so the last day to get in orders is December 9th. Any orders after the 9th will go out after Christmas.

And finally, today is the last day to register for any Reiki, email or phone support. I will be removing the page link to these specials after today: Reiki & Phone/Email Support

Astrid and I have been busy little creative bunny and faery bees, but other than a couple of commissions we’re finishing up, we won’t be making anything new until 2022.

Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support. It means so much to us, but also to the energy dynamic of all artists and artisans who pour their hearts and souls into what they create. I love supporting other artists and artisans all the time, as I truly believe that creative energy expression is something we need a whole lot more of in the world.

Happy Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse!

December 2021 Energy Update with Lee Harris

That’s right! December is here already and 2021 is coming to closure quite quickly. That of course brings us to another monthly energy update and Lee always has what I feel to be some wonderful insights to help navigate your way. I know how many of you enjoy his shares, as I do, so I’m stepping in again briefly here before my next update Friday, to get this to you if you haven’t already seen it.

For those of you within the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, you’ll be receiving your December 2021 update recording from me some time near the end of next week. So you’ll have a double dose of energy support piggy-backing closely with November’s recording. I hope it will all be helpful in the ways most important for each of you to end the year off with.

I’m loving the themes Lee hits upon for the month – super timely with my own experiences and messages coming through (and I imagine will light up a-ha’s for some of you as well). They include:

Fire energy rising – begins in December and will continue 

Breaks/Tie Cutting/Sharp Turns and surprises – clearing the way for the new 

Deep Remembering of our Ancient Power 

The land energy will rise – be with and in nature to feel it 

Shedding the childhood self/fears in order to reclaim the spark of your soul 

The gifts of magic and magic of the heart happening to you (or from you) 

Heart and Presence Awareness is Deepening

Hope you find the message helpful.

Cause for Pause, Deep Earth Richness & Upcoming Enchanted Realms Collection

After Autumn colors swept through the region here and early snow teased us, we’ve been experiencing a warming trend in the mid and upper 50’s and as high as 60 with no real precipitation yet in sight, although frost and dustings do linger in shady spots and streets overnight.

When we hike the uppermost altitudes we do still hit some snow patches, frosty portions of trails, and even ice filled creeks and frozen top layers on lakes.

It’s just no where near the levels of years gone by.

While we’re enjoying the sunshiny warmth for continued hiking, biking, and kayaking that we missed this Summer due to all the fires and hazardous smoke air, it also points to the continuing trend of change. We’re used to snow on Thanksgiving and ski resorts opening here for the Thanksgiving weekend, but all of that is on hold – kind of like a collective pause.

In the meantime, we’re taking advantage of the beautiful weather and immersing in Nature, grateful to have these opportunities we were sad not to have this year in the abundance we usually do. So, we see it as a little gift from the Universe, extending our Summer activities.

A couple of days ago we had another of our stunning kayaking experiences and it was even more amazing than last time, literally with no one out but us. It was so beautiful we even set up our beach chairs and enjoyed some time relaxing at water’s edge – and yes, I was able to wear my bikini!

Everything was so still and quiet, reflecting that pause and deep breaths. The need for creating little pockets of repose has been increasingly recycling through my life and feels vital to the landscape at large. That’s included the spaciousness for re-evaluating things, shifting courses for the time being, and even luxuriating in just doing me, which temporarily brings more peaceful silence and removal from outside stuff within that self-nurturing bubble. I tend to be more quiet these days, not just in terms of less posting, but also more to myself in general. And yet, there’s SO much conversation and connection going on even if not with the humans in my life. 🙂

Watching my avian water friends along the shore was confirmation of this.

Synchronously, a solo female mallard duck and a seagull who I felt was also a female, were the ones who were drawn into my frequency zone.

They spoke to me of my own native essence as a Pisces who satiates in my watery world as a form of both revitalization and constant recreation from within the womb of consciousness. They remind me that although I am often on my own, I’m never alone, and in many ways I thrive standing in my frequency.

Nature always reflects everything for me and is constant support in my life during all ebbs and flows.

I’ve always loved how Nature embodies so many seeming opposites together that work beautifully as a unit – much like I know myself to be a walking dichotomy of opposites merged into one.

There is a natural cycle, structure, inherent wisdom, sacred geometry, and symbiotic relationship that abides by certain unspoken universal ground rules, but there is also incredible variety, unusual evolutions, surprising mutations and resilient behaviors, and freedom to be wildly you that she speaks to so beautifully.

When I face frustrations in my process or feel restricted in some way, while I teach myself new, more freeing ways, I’m reminded of how Nature doesn’t complain, but simply discovers new ways to thrive or renew. She reminds me of the resiliency inherent within and that sticking to my commitments will see me through and the balanced way to that is by remaining flexible, yet committed, and focused, but open to change.

I always note the things that show up around me and that draw my attention at different points in life or during specific time periods. I’ve been seeing a lot of really deep Earthy, base energies, rich inner worlds, mysterious dimensions, and the mushroom realms, roots of trees, lush moss and lichen strewn dark Fae realms, and grounding, magickal, and protective stones and crystals calling out. And alongside that, stones that bridge Above and Below, are unconditionally love, expansive, and humanity/Earth healing focused along with light codes and incoming messages from star systems of the beyond are streaming through. It’s a mix of Middle Earth combined with Cosmos beaming a helping hand of coded communication to help navigate alignment.

Yesterday’s hike unveiled a tiny, maybe three foot area just off the path down a slope where sparkly gems felt to literally pop out of the Earth.

I’ve never seen so many little raw quartz like these and never on this trail, but it was as if these stones had unveiled themselves because they know the time is now and there’s work they can, and want to, assist with. The unusual aspect to them was how clear they were. Whether full clear or stones with pockets of crystalline gemmy areas encrusted on top, their clarity spoke to something needed right now more than ever.

And the fact that there were quite a few smoky quartz – something I never find – was again that deep Earthy energy speaking loudly. In fact, there were a few full crystal smokies that were like little gems.

One in particular was super dark…nearly black, but golden amber clarity when held to the light.

I received the message these will assist in the days ahead, the inner and outer realm work, and gridding the new into creation.

Needless to say, things are taking me on a rich journey within both the seen and unseen realms within and without. And this continues to deepen my relationship with all of consciousness, Nature, and the worlds that dreams are made of and myth and lore speak of.

Because of my connection with Terra – our ever-giving Earth Mother – nearly all of my work, creations, and way of life are inspired by my relationship with her. I’m sure you’ve noticed that and it’s also no wonder that rabbits are my copartners in life – beings of the liminal times that move between above and below Earth.

And so, I’ve created a mini collection that will be the last creations for 2021, due to debut this Friday, December 3rd.

I’ll be updating the Ready-Made Items to Invite Your Magick Out page that day. I plan to have items hop on at 8 am PST and 11 am EST.

This update will be my Enchanted Realms Collection and will include the Cosmic Egg Blossom Mandala portal painting I shared in a previous post. The collection will of course be Nature-based with magickal infusions from inner and other realms.

I love that their birthing is on the morning of the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse that will ignite just before midnight that day, here in Pacific Time zone land – early morning Saturday 12/4 for Eastern Time folks.

Until then, I have updated that same page with only the items that remain. I deleted all the sold ones to make it easy to see what’s available, and I also removed all pre-order items, as I can’t take anymore commissions right now.

What IS available:

About half of the Forest Witch Magick Broomsticks went to new homes, so we have just 6 remaining. Something I CAN take a custom order on, is adding faery dust to your broom (or broom for a friend) upon request. If you’d like it sprinkled with a little golden sparkle on the broom bristles, please let me know when you order.

There’s also just 1 Magick Smudge Fan remaining, which is an absolute beauty. Because it always felt regal to me, it’s received an upgrade addition of genuine topaz and sapphire stones – now it feels complete – and I took new photos to share its opulence. The colors and energy are so Autumn and Earthy rich.

The Magick Wands and Cosmic Egg Blossom Mandala you find at the bottom of the page are place holders for now. As I make wands I will post them there for purchase and on Friday, the painting will become available as a very special offering.

Please keep shipping time in mind if there is anything you purchase as a holiday gift. I am going to be shipping all items up until December 9th, but after the 9th I will not be able to ship anything as I am taking some personal time away and off through Christmas. So any orders after the 9th will go out after Christmas.

And if you didn’t know, every order receives surprise gifts. 🙂

Browse current items available here: Ready-Made Items to Invite Your Magick Out

And a last reminder that I’ll be removing the Reiki and Phone/Email Support page after this Friday, 12/3 which features highly discounted specials on any of these support systems. So, if you’re interested or want to gift one of these to someone, please register before then here:

Reiki & Phone/Email Support

I really enjoyed our first Collective Energy Dynamics Forum session for November 2021. Thank you everyone for all your great feedback and thoughtful questions. I look forward to December’s questions so I can get your recorded session out in the next week or so.

Until Friday, sending you all some deep-rooted energies to anchor your journey with greater solidity and sense of clarity even if you don’t know where the path is headed.

Ashes to Art ~ Reflections & Wishes from the Heart

As Autumn winds down, days sing of crunchy pine needles and the last melodies of birds enjoying warmth on their beaks. Evenings then roll in with whispers of violet skies and rose gold rays, put to bed in blankets of starlight diamonds woven across black silken dreams.

Landscapes may be drenched in brisk chilly air, darkened afternoons, and early Christmas-lit streets, but there’s still this warmth it evokes, as if your heart fire is being stoked by the nostalgic comforts it all conjures up.

It’s a beautiful time of year and it’s also a sullen time for some. An extra reason to reach in deep and extend hands of kindness around every corner.

There is opportunity in every moment to see with eyes of compassion and ponder the possibility that there just may be a different way to navigate than our years have mapped out for us thus far….the sacred wholly experienced.

We only think things are separate – like light and dark – because our minds have erected boundaries between them. The only reason we know each exists is because of the other. The line we’ve drawn to separate them is also the place they merge and share common ground.

Just like life and death are both part of creation. And just like ashes can provide a rush of nutrients for new plants to emerge.

With time moving forward quickly, many of the forest trails have reopened that were closed due to the fires and potentially hazardous ground conditions. Two days ago we got to hike one of these behind a friend’s home, whose house literally was twenty feet from the fire line.

And although much of the forest was blackened and covered in ash, I didn’t feel any heaviness when walking amongst the trees still standing. While there is a mix of bitter and sweet in all the ways I don’t need to explain, I still found much beauty and felt life stirring.

There was a mix of life and death blended together; one tree untouched next to another fully disintegrated or cloaked in black and others literally exhibiting half and half on their trunks of light and dark merged together.

Deep holes in the ground whispered of ancient ones whose life force could still be felt in the hollowed soil and ashes; where once their massive roots extended, now the tunnels mirrored that of a rabbit warren with holes reaching into Earth’s womb.

We came upon a couple of forest service workers who were assessing trees and taking down those extensively damaged with potential of falling on the trails, and learned more of the long recovery haul ahead.

At one of the sites of a beautiful large tree they needed to remove, I found this slice of its bark that spoke to me.

One side was dusted in dark ash and the other smelled so fresh and alive.

I plan to let it dry out and sand it, but I can hear the story it wants to share of how energy and consciousness still goes on. This will be my homage to the forests here and a way to recycle that life force into art.

Ashes to art.

Lately I’ve been hearing the song of the chickadees filling the air and bouncing from limb to limb above our heads. I know that melody…it blends in harmony with Jack Frost’s whistle.

Winter is near.

While the streets and shadowed corners hold Jack’s kiss long into the evening hours, I find the shortened daylight hours still drenched in richness.

And what light does reach through day adventures we take, is full of coded messages and inviting presence.

Days have been full and continue to move along rapidly, bringing us yet again to another holiday season.

Today we head to mom and dad’s for a warm feastive gathering and before so doing I wanted to wish you each a happy holiday, however you celebrate this day.

The one thing that always stands out is the reminder of how valuable gratitude is to extend to every single day, as you never know if it might be your last or if it might be the last time you see someone or get to experience any part of life as you know it now.

With a pause and a breath, I recognize the micro and macro of blessings – some of which may make sense and others that have yet to.

Astrid and I have been busy little bee-ings buzzing around doing and creating much these days. That includes a lot of artsy inspirations added to what remains, of which we hope to have one last bunch to share with you in the next week or so in time for Christmas.

Our connection deepens with each passing day and merges in ways its difficult to explain.

But one thing I know for sure is the depth of love and gratitude we share for each other, this Earth experience, and for every being that shares it with us – near and far.

We love and are so grateful for you!

Prepare Your Broomstick Forest Witch ~ Riding the Taurus Full Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse

Early morning of today, November 19th, sensual Taurus boldly joined the cosmic line-up in the sky. You may have felt drawn these days, leading up and descending out, to reflect on what you value most in life and what makes you feel secure in times of change and potential chaos. As this moon is named after the beavers who seek shelter at this time of year and prepare for the colder months ahead, we too can nurture the things worth our energy and that foster a sense of grounded comfort in extreme times. It’s also sometimes called a Frost, Frosty, or Snow Moon due to frosts and early snow that can happen at this time of year.

Although only small patches of snow are still present at our elevation here, the mountain peaks still wear powdered white blankets, and the short, dark days speak of Winter hiding behind the barren aspen trees who’s leaves now create a colored mosaic path along the forest ground.

Although not quite full, a couple of days ago our late afternoon hike up the canyon steps along a waterfall, graced us with a mystical November Moonscape. In person, the moon was golden with a soft halo glow emanating.

We felt Winter stirring in the brisk air, while the silence of only those who enjoy an adventure was the music filling our hearts.

During the transition from the 18th to the 19th, we experienced the longest lasting partial lunar eclipse (although it was near-total at 97%) in nearly 600 years and won’t again take place for over 600 more. This is the longest event like this in a stretch of about a 1000 years.

When we went to bed last night, it was just at the beginning of the Moon passing into Earth’s shadow, so the sky and forest were fully illuminated. I went out on the back deck, as we had full view of it. I asked Dave if he wanted to see, but he was already tucked in warm for bed and said it was okay, he’ll feel it. I joined him and he joked to wake him for the eclipse. I said, “If I’m meant to see this once in a 1000 or so year event, something will wake me up.”

And so I guess I was, as nearly at the precise minute of the eclipse peak, something woke me up. I went into the living room to find Astrid laying there and then I stepped out on the back deck just a couple of feet and there it was – the Earth covering 97% of the Moon in a red veil, with a sliver of gold at the bottom left, and the sky and forest draped in darkness.

The stillness and unusual appearance felt surreal and as if anything is possible.

This November Moon in Taurus provides grounding support during unpredictable lunar eclipse energies to assist you in discovering your balance and peace anchor while things get stirred up.

We so often want to control and know, but we keep being asked to let go and trust…this is how we gain back our power. Look at how holding so tightly to any area of your life has held you back from starting something new and more fulfilling.

What is so scary about surrendering and opening to the new?

No matter how hard those voices say, you’re not worth it, you’re a failure, people will laugh at or judge you, you have to prove something, you can’t change your mind, you have to see it through, it’s too scary, etc., they are only whispers of your past…shadows of an old you…stories of a lineage that awaits you to break the cycle….

Energies during eclipses can be like a snow globe, shaking up all that sparkly mischief in whacky or wondrous ways, but if you can find ways to ground yourself while allowing things to take shape, everything will settle again in perhaps even more interesting, supportive, or nurturing ways than you imagined. This is a time of resetting old, unsustainable emotional baggage and anchoring in new core foundations that have longevity and sustainability.

Self worth, strong sense of purpose, security, balancing needs and wants and home and work, building something new with greater value, and deepening into more sensual, earthy experiences and connections with the natural world are all the guiding lights during the eclipsing and seasonal darkness.

And while energetic shifts are a-brewing you can get your own witchy brew on to ride these energetic waves with some broomstick magick!


I thought I’d lighten up this post, all those transitions you’re riding, and these eclipse energies with a little creative fun.

While I was out in nature this week it was like a lightning bolt zapped me from a fly-by witch…and instantly I found all the pieces she wanted me to use to create these Full Moon Eclipse broomsticks. I was literally in awe at how it all came together so seamlessly. A way to bring a little mischief, magick, and elemental alchemy into your daily life, while unapologetically letting your inner witch out.

These are great for your altar space, for ritual and ceremony, to create intention with, and simply to invite a bit of magick into your life. Perhaps you might even sweep away all that old stuff, clear the air for the new, or swish a portal open with a little swirl of your broom. 🙂

Whether for yourself or as a gift, these sweet broomsticks are sure to bring a smile and tickle your inner witch into a silly cackle.

Each one is completely unique, like you! All created from nature and organic items…some have mini crystals, pinecones, putka pod mini pumpkins, tiny feathers, dried flowers, and plant dyed organic material, ribbon, and twine. These elements making them the perfect Earthy essence adorned in Taurus beauty – just perfect for this November Moon’s energy. The mini pumpkins even remind me of the Full Moon Eclipse in their shape and coloring.

I completed them late afternoon yesterday, just hours before the eclipse.

I ended up with 11 – gotta love that master number, unplanned alignment – that I’m making available to any of you forest witches at heart, or perhaps for the beloved nature-loving witch in your life. I also had one left over that I made for myself because I love these so much!

So prepare your broomstick, forest witch, as you’re in for a wild, wonderly, ride!

You can order yours at the same link from before:

Pre-Order & Ready-Made Items to Invite Your Magick Out

There are just two ready-made Magick Smudge Fans remaining – beautiful ones too!

I sold out of the mini mushroom kingdom ornament, half of the fans, and the moonstone point options for the Magick Wands. Some crystal point options now only have 1 remaining.

The only item that is available for pre-order is the Magick Wands. I removed the pre-order option on the fans, as I feel guided to just make the remaining that I have whenever I have free time to, and when they’re completed I’ll make them available on the same page.

And just a little reminder that I’ll be removing the Reiki, email and support, special discounted session page after December 3rd. So, if you were interested or feel like the shifting energies are a bit challenging, there’s a couple of weeks left for these.

For those of you who are part of the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, I’ll be getting your recorded link session out soon. There was a delay with gathering everyone’s questions, but the Universe always has a way of aligning things. I imagine the Full Moon Eclipse has a little hand in what’s coming through. That said, please get your questions in by end of November for December’s session, as I want to get it out to everyone no later than the 12th.

What ever energy wave you’re riding right now, please know that we’re riding this together. It’s a wild ride these days and however you can find a way to invite a little more humor, curiosity, softening, and surrender, you will likely experience the shifts more gently. You may even come to know magick more intimately.

Multi-Dimensionality Opens Doors for More Possibilities

Coming off the beautiful energy of our live, intimate Collective Energy Dynamics Forum gathering on Friday evening, which happened to also be on the fringes of 11/11’s portal energy, I felt an increased opening take place that filled my breath with greater expanse. This was experienced also as another layer of integrated embodiment and not just something sensed or felt to be percolating.

There were several themes that showed up in our sacred circle discussions, but in essence they all pointed to our multi-dimensionality and how we are journeying deeper into this experience with the rapid, collective vibrational changes taking place on Earth.

I love discussions that take us beyond boundaries and also help us to understand the purpose of boundaries, simultaneously.

After a week of hikes, we decided to kayak yesterday and take advantage of the perfect conditions of a stunning day.

In my opinion, kayaking in the off-seasons offers the best of everything. So, although one might think Summer is ideal – and it is gorgeous! – it is in fact ultra-gratifying in times like these….those times when no one is around, stillness envelopes the lake without wakes from boats or beaches full of people, and the weather is crisp and deeply tangible to all of the senses.

I love going places and doing things when others wouldn’t because they are outside of the ideals people wait for.

I create my own ideal and hiking in rain, snow shoeing in a snow storm, or traveling to a destination at the time of year others don’t normally, has always provided me with immense gifts.

It’s no surprise it’s the in between times that can be so satisfying, which mirrors that even the in between times of our individual soul journeys, processes, and evolution, can be so full of gifts if we are open to them. And of course even the in between realms are quite full of mystical wonder to explore.

Opening up to the possibilities within all realms of experience, we can find the hidden treasures that defy what we’ve come to believe. Opening to our multi-dimensionality provides unlimited possibility to become a reality.

That greater expanse I mentioned at start, felt reflected in our surroundings while kayaking.

The photos I’m sharing here are from yesterday’s experience, so that you can perhaps feel what I’m expressing, and because to me they also embody a glimpse of that multi-dimensional, boundlessness that is becoming more and more available to swim in.

May all possibilities be open to you.

To Create Is Your Power ~ Intentional Creations to Invite Your Magick Out

When you’re feeling blocked, challenged, or frustrated, creativity has a power to shift everything. Many chronic experiences and even depression can be alleviated through creative expression and moving energy in ways that share your unique essence. Why? Because it moves that stifled and unused energy, transforming feelings of disconnection back into connection and passionate desire.

And if you don’t see things you like in the world, creating is a way to put more of what you do like out there.

If you are not creating in some way, it may feel as if you are dying and in fact you are diminishing your life force because you are inherently a creative being.

I know I go through spurts of creativity from small doses to larger ones, depending on my energetic needs and what’s going on in my life and around me. It’s kind of like the seasons of Tania, just like Nature has her seasons.

I also discovered along the way that having different outlets of creativity truly helped activate more parts of my brain, but also of my heart, and definitely more of the latent parts of my DNA to come alive and awaken from their slumber.

Even the fact that having rabbits – the ultimate abundant, fertile, creativity spirit animals – are more resonant to me and have been with me through the most important years of my life, speaks to how vital this creative energy is to my well being. So much so, that I have a constant daily reminder right there staring into my heart and leading my heart daily.

The more you engage creativity, the more life force, overall well-being, expansion, and flow is available to you.

Creativity also helps you tap into your multi-dimensional self, which opens a plethora of possibilities.

When you feel trapped or there’s no way out, creativity unlocks a new door for you that was sitting silently closed down the dark hall.

To create is your power – a superpower in fact – and no matter which way you choose to bring through your creative spirit, your body, heart, mind, and soul will thank you.

That said, I’ve been enjoying one of my bigger spurts of creativity recently and the rainy days have added to endless rabbit hole creative projects here in the Wonderland imaginarium.

Whether a mandala portal to transform and awaken…

A mini world for your faery heart to take flight in…

Avian medicine to create ritual, cleanse, purify, draw in supportive energy, or carry prayers and intentions to the Universe/Great Spirit…

Or elemental wands that unapologetically speak for the wondrous being you really are…

There’s an intentional creation awaiting that invites your magick out.

I invite you to explore some of these heart-filled creations that are available to bring home, gift to others, and even pre-order – a fun, new option you can explore at this new page link:

Pre-Order & Ready-Made Items to Invite Your Magick Out

Wishing you a magickal 11/11!

New Moon Rainbow Magick ~ Live in the Moment

On yesterday’s New Moon we seized the moment and went on one of our favorite bike rides, which we missed doing this summer, due to the smoke and fires.

Despite forecasts of 40% showers where we were headed, the morning sunshine welcomed us and we decided that even a little bit of rain would be refreshing and not worth dropping our inspiration to enjoy the day anyway, and get some fresh air and healthy exercise in.

We modified our 43 mile ride to a 24 mile ride and the above and below photos were just as we approached our starting point.

We were gifted a gorgeous day, no rain, the trails mostly deserted with the least number of people we’ve ever seen here, and a couple of rainbows at each end of the lake.

The first one, near the start of the drive to our destination, was just a prelude hint to the full one we saw later. By the time we snapped a photo though, its full color range had already faded. Not to worry, because the other end of the lake had the full surprise awaiting us!

It was obvious that the rain forecast had come earlier than predicted, leaving us with rainbows, autumn splendor, and sunshiny serenity.

We enjoyed lake and river vistas, small rolling cascades, fall colors, bridges and sweeping mountain landscapes all along our ride.

And the best part was the peace and silence, with only nature music to accompany us.

The message always seems to be clear.

Don’t put off what you can do today, as tomorrow isn’t promised.

Bigger. Brighter. Bolder. Braver.

While the New Supermoon in Scorpio may have you digging deeper or feeling all the feels, you likely might find yourself shedding more layers of old skin to reveal a new and even more potent version of yourself. That’s because what’s been lurking in the shadows may be knocking louder at your door.

Stuff wants up and out.

No part of life will be left unturned as the transformational energies continue to sweep through.

How we harness that energy in our own lives is the question.

And how we mindfully respond to that energy outside of us, will be key.

Bigger. Brighter. Bolder. Braver.

That was one of the general messages that came in just a few days ago beyond just this New Moon energy.

Where in your life might you feel drawn to go a little bit further, take some calculated risks, or simply invite more into your life because, gosh dang it you deserve it!?

Don’t be afraid to share how you feel, ask for what you want, write in your journal your biggest dream without shame or apology, wear that bright red scarf or pair of canary yellow rainboots, say “no” or “yes” and mean it, start a new business or put your skills out there for a more aligned job, make that move you’ve been talking about for ages, start that new project or program, plant some bright flower seeds for the season to come or pick up a bright flower arrangement for your space, paint your room a new color, maybe even get a fresh hair cut or mini makeover, or bring out the bling you’ve been saving to wear for that moment that never seems to come.

If you have a longing or tug deep within, explore that.

Not all of our deep hidden stuff is about the more challenging or traumatic emotions and aspects of life….some of it is plain ol’ desire on a very long winter’s nap awaiting an invite to your waking world.

While this New Moon may highlight making self-worth and self-love a priority, as we release, shed, and navigate change, in general the energy dynamics keep pointing us to look at how we sacrifice our joy.

What reality do you want to create and live in?

Happy November!

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Halloween/Samhain energies, however you chose to celebrate.

These are couple of the fun sides of the day I had that included Halloween inner child fun in the faery kitchen making these giant vegan pumpkin spice pancakes (no molds, just pure imagination) while listening to Monster Mash and Thriller playing in the background.

And witchy time with Boojum our black cat.

The rest involved nature immersion where I was gifted a sparkly raw quartz Samhain gift just after a large hawk flew across the trail, a sweet Samhain gift exchange, soft evening ritual after setting up a sacred Egyptian altar, and night cake baking.

The landscape around us continues to have that in between, seasonal energy just like the feeling of being in between times, dimensions, or crossing veils that are increasingly being experienced.

I hope you enjoy this sweet little montage of Autumn nature art from Saturday’s bike ride, along with an inspiring quote for the month:

“Autumn whispered to the wind,” I fall; but always rise again.” ~Angie Weiland-Crosby

And while you enjoy Lee’s Energy Update for November below, I’m behind the scenes here preparing the first Collective Energy Dynamics Forum recorded session for those of you who registered for this 6 month immersion. Please remember to get in questions to me – I’ll send out an email reminder in the next day or two. I’ll also reach out to the small group participating in the live session to set up our meetup date. If you still want to be a part of the live session, please reach out to me today – I left up registration for it just through today, while I’m preparing emails to our two groups here: CEDF. We are open to one more person tops to keep this intimate, so, if you feel the connection to this group energy please let me know.

I also have a fun pre-order offering upcoming in the next few weeks. I’m working on the details, but you’ll have the ability to customize a couple of items I’m working on as example. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s another very resonating message from Lee for the month and aligned with many of the messages I’ve been receiving as well.

Themes include: rising energy and allowing the old to go in order to bring power through in new ways, body healing, confusion being a part of your journey to sovereignty, things continuing to surface that will change past narratives, electric storm energy activating and purging surprises and delights, and higher consciousness messaging increasing.

Happy November!

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